On our Saturday Conference Call, Universal Mother Mary said to us: This is my request of each and every one of you…Ride the wave and ride it with me. The Tsunami is my essence and my essence is love…

Being: Universal Mother Mary

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

Conversation before the channeling:

Linda: As you know, May is the month of Mary and it has gotten off on an amazing start. On the May 2, 2017 Heavenly Blessings show, Mother Mary came on and gave an update and one of the most significant things She had to say is that She is renewing Her Tsunami of Love. The original Tsunami of Love started in February 2014 and has continued on since then. In tandem with that, the second layer of that, came the Tsunami of One which is the life-force energy, the love-force energy of all the ascended masters and all the archangels and Her legions. And in January 2017 we had the addition of the Porlana C which is the love energy and the life-force energy of our star brothers and sisters. The energy of the Porlana C is very physical and many of us are feeling great exhilaration or great exhaustion, or the combination of both.

Now Mother Mary is saying that with the renewal of Her Tsunami of Love She is closing the bracket…what is shown to me is that the opening of the bracket was the beginning of Her Tsunami of Love and the closing of the bracket is what She is doing with us right now. I see it as this big wave of water washing over us and in the middle is a huge geyser going all the way up to the 13th Octave with us riding on top of it.

If you are feeling exhausted and want to lay down, do so and allow this energy to pass through you… this integration is massive … it’s like the final push, not only in our ascension process but for a lot of things that are coming into unfoldment.

A question…when will this energy stop?

Linda: It’s going to stop when you let go of everything that’s old and debris and garbage. We are learning that if we hold on to it and assess it and process it in a pro-active way, then we are stopping the flow. Remember what the Tsunami is…this massive wave comes in and fills us with the Mother’s love, with Her hope, with Her reassurance, with Her nurturing, and then it recedes and pulls out all that debris, all that garbage, all that chaos, all the ‘stuff’ that isn’t serving us…and then the real Tsunami wave is coming in and engulfing us in this blissful love in the truth of who we really are!

If you find yourself dizzy and spinning, that vertigo, the spinning is an indicator that we are travelling interdimensionally…so make sure you are dropping that red cord coming from your root chakra way down into the heart of Gaia, make sure you are getting enough of that grounding energy.


So, let’s begin this beautiful, sunny first Saturday in May…May, the month of our beloved Mother Mary…by embracing and welcoming Her Tsunami of Love. Relax sweet angels. Yes, this may feel intense and you may feel like crying, and if you do let it come and if you feel like giggling and laughing, let it come. This is our circle and we’re here heart to heart, hand to hand…what happens on Saturday Conference Call stays on Saturday Conference Call.

So begin, sink into your chair or wherever you are and sink into your heart, sink into your soul, sink into your tri-flame, sink into the truth of who you are. And feel that tri-flame, that beautiful Blue Diamond of our sacred Mother on the right-hand side burning brightly. And the beautiful golden yellow tri-flame of our beloved Father on the left-hand side glowing and burning brightly. And our sweet Pink Diamond right in the middle surrounded by strength and wisdom, comfort and nurturing, and absolutely everything we need, burning brightly in the middle. And this is the essence and the truth and the beauty of who you are. Make sure they are all even and go deeper.

Come with me, come with the entire Council of Love down to the edge of Jensen Beach, down by the Atlantic Ocean in this beautiful City of Light, this city of restored Atlantis, and the city of healing. It’s a perfect summer day here and the sky is like a blue dome, like Michael’s blue, that royal blue, and they’re only a few puff balls of clouds. And there’s a breeze in the air and the birds are singing. Come along. The Mother has beckoned to us as She renews Her resurgence of the Tsunami of Love, as She bathes us yet again in Her infinite love, in Her infinite presence, in Her infinite nurturing and comfort.

So, whether you are feeling like you need a little TLC and you can just curl up next to Her on a towel, or whether you’re feeling playful like your innocent child and you just want to rush along the shore, jump in the waves, or whether you want a quiet walk leaving your footprints in the sand, it matters not because this is your time, this is your time to be with the Mother.

Take a nice deep breath of that deep Atlantic blue. There’s nothing like it. If you’ve never had the chance to be out in the deep water of the Atlantic and smelling that fresh salt air, think of a deep blue sapphire that’s so clear and wonderful that you can see and it feels like a rippled carpet of love. Breathe in that beautiful blue of our Mother. Breathe in that Atlantic blue and then if you feel like it, temper it to the softest blue of the Caribbean, to the deepest blue of the Pacific, to the deepest blue of the midnight sky…it’s all Her.

I want you to jump in that water. Oh, don’t worry, you can swim. If you want some reassurance grab a surfboard, or a tube, or a rubber ducky, but get in the water. We’re with you and you are safe and you are secure.

Breathe in the Mother’s blue; breathe it in deeply through your nose, as deeply as you possibly can. Expand it and anchor deep within your heart. Bring in the Mother’s Tsunami right now and on your exhale, blow out anything that you want to get rid of…anger or angst, disappointment, despair, lack, or just plain feeling alone and incomplete. So, breathe it in, hold into your heart, and blow it out. Let Her energy cleans you right now. Again. Feel the fluidity as that beautiful Atlantic water fills you, your pores, your skin, your blood, your lymph, your organs, your bones, and blow out anything that is not of the highest nature, the truth of who you are. Let it go. And just for good measure, one more time, breathe in the Mother’s Tsunami, welcome it, throw your arms wide open right now…and float, float in Her infinite love and Her infinite understanding.

There is nothing that we can think or feel or believe that the Mother doesn’t understand, that the Mother can’t take care of. So, don’t resist, go with Her flow…

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, and my love for you, for each and every one of you sweet angels of light, sweet angels of love, is constant, never ending, always changing because it grows. You sweet angels are shifting into a higher dimensional reality…and you may call it a shift, you may call it ascension, I call it ‘being’ and it is the being of who you are and who you have always been without the various disguises that you have adopted. Your essence does not change. Does it expand and grow? Yes. Just as you live in an ever-expanding universe, multiverse, omniverse, you would have it no other way.

Beloveds, I wish to bring you back, even before we speak of my Tsunami of Love, I wish to bring you back to what I have spoken of in our last Annual Gathering and the last Annual Gathering in Sedona when I have tasked you, blessed you, invited you to carry, to be responsible, to process for 144,000,000 people. Now, some of you say, “But Mother, I was not there. I did not have the where-with-all or the opportunity to travel to the southwest.” Sweet angels of light, there were far more of you who were only present in spirit, it matters not, the room, the grounds, the town was full and you were there. And if by chance you happened to sleep through it, it matters not, I am here this day to remind you. And I do not do so to burden you, let me be very clear about that. I do so in a way of praise and empowerment; this is a part of your divine authority. You would not be asked to be the steward, the faithful steward for 144,000,000 people if you were not entirely capable. And I mean this, sweet ones, in everything you do.

So, think of this when you smile and radiate warmth and love and acceptance to a stranger, whether it is on the street or the street car; whether it is at the subway stop or in the bank; whether it is buying fish or choosing fruit. What you are doing is you are extending that warmth, that love, that acceptance, not merely to that individual or the entire green area, you are sending it to 144,000,000 people, beings, those in need, those who may be either struggling, those who may be unaware, those who may actively be recalcitrant, and even at moments, to some in your own circle who is in need. You trade places all the time, you know.

Similarly, if you frown or you scowl or are dismissive or unacknowledging, you are doing so to 144,000,000 people. The magnitude of that strikes you deeply, does it not? You are unique and beautiful. You are the child of my heart, my being, my soul, the Father and I, and yet you are also part of a beautiful, unified whole. There can be no separation. That has been an illusion and it is the fragments and whispers of these illusions that I bring my Tsunami of Love to at this moment. And yes, I am closing the brackets because it is marking an end to this phase and this realm of existence in the best and most joyous of ways.

This is about completion but it is also about resurrection and rebirth and living your heart’s desires. That is the only thing I wish for thee because when you live, sweet angels, your heart’s desires, you are living mine as well. When you are living in hope and trust and faith and joy, you are living in physical form, expressing my Dream in form. But I don’t ask you just to do it for me, I beg you, I plead with you, I encourage you, and I support you, do it for you, for your own sweet beautiful self and do it for your 144,000,000 and let them do it for you.

You are circles within circles within circles and they all belong to me, and I belong to you. Come sweet angels of light and ride the waves of my Tsunami. Get out your surfboard. Languish on the waves and let me wash you, let me pull from you what you may not even know you have. Your job is to allow and in the allowing is the fulfillment.

So, this is my request of each and every one of you…Ride the wave and ride it with me. The Tsunami is my essence and my essence is love. I am with you and I love you. Farewell.