Heart- Centered Leadership for A New Time

5th -9th July 2017, Skålsjögården – Sweden

  • Do you feel the waves of transformation washing over our beloved planet?
  • Do you feel inspired to contribute to the well being of our Earth by sharing more of the truth of who you are?
  • Are you ready to look within yourself to find more clarity, passion and purpose for being alive?
  • Are you ready to take heart-centered living to the next level?

Then why not join us as we support each other to realize we are not alone, we are so much more than we have been lead to believe and we truly have the power to change our world!

You are warmly invited into the heart of the Swedish wilderness to take part in an immersive four-day journey that beckons you on an adventure of deep self-discovery and transformation towards honoring the truth of who you are and what you feel called to do with your time here on Earth.


Our world is in the throws of transformation! As old structures continue to fall away, both inside and out, many are waking up to the realization that we are so much more than we have been led to believe. In these times of accelerating change we are being asked by the very circumstances in which we find ourselves to make a choice: Do we continue to perpetuate the all too familiar cycles of wounding, fear and limitation we see playing out in our world? Or do we move through these layers of protection within ourselves, reunite with the heart of our true nature and co-create our world from this place of revolutionary love in action

“The Eagles Gift” by Carola Splettstoesser

We know one thing for sure: We cannot co-create a new world from old patterns of dysfunction. Living in a world that has rejected sensitivity and vulnerability at the hands of projected pain and mechanisms of defense has caused many to become stuck in old patterns of wounding. This collective hardening has caused isolation from our true nature and the power of our full potential, as many unconsciously perpetuate cycles of inner and outer violence in a confused attempt to avoid pain and find safety. Behind this context is an internal dynamic that withholds love conditionally, while exclusively seeking out this love and validation from the external world.

When we choose to provide ourselves with the love we have been so desperately seeking outside of ourselves, we cultivate an internal climate which supports the truth of who we are, rather than contradicting it. From this place of internal safety, our heart is able to relax its defenses, shed its layers of wounding and begin to resume its natural position at the forefront of our expression, as a new way of being and relating to others compassionately starts to naturally flow through our embodiment. Upon this solid foundation of love we can begin to take back our power from all that has held us in limitation and align our physical reality with that of our deepest truth.

Each one of us has such beauty and potential to share with our world! However, we often do not trust ourselves enough to nurture it into reality, keeping it hidden underneath layers of doubt, inferiority and fear. When we choose to evolve out of limitation and reclaim our power with the support of our community, we allow deeper contact with our passion and purpose for being here on Earth. From this place of freedom, love and empowerment we can better understand our dreams and how to manifest them into tangible form in our lives. As we open to the possibility that our future will far exceed the experiences of our past, we can begin to move into inspired action in our world through a kind of leadership that aligns with our true nature and serves our collective well-being.

Art by Anette Vester

Program Content

Our four-day retreat will provide a truly holistic experience designed to facilitate and support deeper contact with our authentic selves, what we have to share with the world and how we can bring it into reality in our lives. It will encompass the combination of personal and group work with nature connection, intuitive art sessions & music. Our process content will synthesize heart-centered spirituality with self-healing, creative expression, personal empowerment & sustainable leadership development.


Each full day will begin with a meditation or yoga practice before breakfast, and conclude with an intuitive art session and fireside sharing after dinner. Participants will have access to sauna facilities every evening and a wood-fired hot tub on the last night.

5th July: Arrival Night- Connecting

  • Arrival will be between 16:00 & 18:00, with dinner served at 18:30.

We will begin our journey together with an evening session where we will get to know each other through games, song and sharing.

6th July: Day 1 – Honoring

Our first day will begin by setting the stage of our world situation as we clarify where we stand in regard to human and planetary evolution. Once we have looked into our collective cultural conditioning we will honor the significance of our personal life stories through the lens of self-love, sensitivity and gratitude.

Themes: Self- Love, Vulnerability and Self-Healing

7th July: Day 2 – Transforming

On our second day we will enter a process of transforming our wounds into our gifts. As we gain a deeper understanding of the potential we have to share here, we will assert our personal power by demystifying some of the patterns of fear and limitation that hold us back as we move beyond them.

Themes: Self-worth, Personal Power and Potential

8th July: Day 3 – Co-Creating

On our third day we will support each other to move our potential out into the world through inspired action and heart-centered leadership. As we clarify our purpose here, we will gain a deeper understanding of where we feel called to share our potential and what we need to do to make our dreams a reality.

Themes: Personal Responsibility, Clarity & Inspired Action

9th July: Day 4 / Departure Day – Celebrating

Our last day will focus on concluding our time together. As we prepare to move forward on our new and exciting journeys, we will take the time to share our experiences while celebrating our time together.

Your Facilitators

Our time together will be held and supported by an experienced and inter-disciplinary team of facilitators.

Anette Vester

As an established Artist and Energy Work Practitioner, Anette is inspired to facilitate the marriage of body and soul in order to catalyze real healing and inspiration in the lives of others. With over ten years experience in facilitating and practicing art in locations such as the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, Anette brings both sensitivity and open-mindedness to her creative work with Intuitive Art and Mandala Painting. Through the power of her own healing journey, Anette is particularly passionate about integrating self-healing and creativity in personal development work.

Robert Pic.jpeg

Dorian De Nobrega

As a Community Development Practitioner and Facilitator, Dorian is inspired to contribute to the building of sincere communities and cultures that nurture the innocence of our hearts whilst serving the well-being of life as a whole. With over five years experience between pre-hospital health-care, youth work and refugee protection; and with education and training in Regenerative Community Development, Multi-dimensional Healing, Health-Psychology and leadership, Dorian is passionate about bringing a heart-centered approach to facilitating personal and community well-being, especially among young people.


Marie Söderberg

As a Gestalt practitioner, Leadership trainer, Zencoach and Yoga Teacher, Marie is passionate about holding space for people to understand and embody their highest truth into the world. With a background in organizational and leadership development from a Gestalt and systems perspective, Marie possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to facilitate personal and collective development. Being on the journey of letting go of old limitations herself, she has a great commitment to her own personal growth and is inspired to support others in their journey towards greater harmony with themselves and mother Gaia.

Robert Pic.jpeg

Robert Lindberg

With over five years experience as a certified Energy Work Practitioner, Robert Lindberg understands the true nature of healing. With a deep passion to support and empower people to live their highest potential into the world, Robert balances sensitivity and power through his sometimes miraculous work of energy medicine and intuitive guidance. As a father of three with a wealth of life experience, Robert holds a deep compassion for people and nature that makes him a warm friend and trusted professional to many.


Forrest light.jpg

Central Sun is based on the property of Skålsjögården, Viksjöfors – on the border ofHälsingland and Dalarna in Sweden.



Nestled in the breath-taking beauty of Central Sweden, Skålsjögården is set in a location surrounded by forest. In a part of the world where there are far more trees than humans, our venue provides the perfect location to relax and connect to nature. In this magical environment we can easily sink below the layers of human drama into the calm acceptance of our inter-connectedness to all of life everywhere. Skålsjögården is equipped with several accommodation houses that cater to over 40 guests, full restaurant and dining facilities as well as sauna and hot-tub amenities for your enjoyment. Our location also boasts exclusive access to spring water directly from the source, as well as multiple marked walking and hiking trails that provide a doorway into the surrounding wilderness. Skålsjögården is a venue that truly exists outside of the time and stress of modern existence, facilitating guests into the refreshing truth of what truly matters in life.


We have four accommodation houses that host guests during their stay with us. Each house is equipped with shared bathroom and shower facilities and common spaces for socializing. Included in our program is a bed in a shared room (with two single beds). If you would like to book a private room, please select this option in the registration process (at an additional charge of 100SEK extra per room/ per night).


Under the care of our experienced chef Percy Kindgren, Guests will receive three vegetarian meals per day as well as (fika) breaks- with coffee, tea and light snacks. Our menu is designed with your health and well-being in mind and is therefore prepared with the utmost love and care. We also endeavor to use organic produce wherever possible and provide gluten free, lactose free and vegan options with all meals.

Getting to us


Public transport to our location is quite limited during the summer months! We therefore offer a shuttle service to and from the closest public transport destinations.

Arriving by bus from Stockholm

  • The most suitable way to get to us is by a bus service that runs between Stockholm and Borlänge, arriving at Borlänge Resecentrum at 15:55 on the 5th of July.
  • We will therefore arrange a shuttle service to pick guests up at 16:00 from Borlänge Resecentrum.
  • Please indicate whether you will utilize this shuttle service on your registration form and book your own bus ticket at httpss://masexpressen.se/ after your registration on the course has been confirmed.

Departing by train to Stockholm

  • On your return trip to Stockholm on the 9th of July, we recommend you travel by train on the 15:57 service from Borlänge Centrum (SJ, InterCity, Tåg 23). Please book your own train ticket at httpss://www.sj.se
  • There will be a shuttle departing Skålsjögården at 14:30, please indicate whether you will utilize this shuttle service on your registration form.

Arriving and departing by car

If you intend to drive, we encourage you to car-pool! If you are driving to our venue and would enjoy some company, please post a comment on the Facebook event page offering your ride and detailing your journey!


6,000 SEK (including VAT) (all inclusive with a shared/double room)

6,400 SEK (including VAT) (all inclusive with a private room) Please note: Private rooms are limited, so they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Important! The payment of a 500 SEK non-refundable deposit is required directly after registration to secure your place on the course. See registration form for cancellation policy.

The above price includes the following:

• A fully-equipped bed in a shared room and facilities for 4 nights

• A shuttle to and from the outlined public transport locations

• All meals during your stay

• All program/ journey content

Registration & Contact

Registration closes and full payment is due by the latest the 28th of June. Places are limited so please register ASAP – See registration form for cancellation policy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to discuss alternate payment options.

With Love,
Anette, Dorian, Marie, Percy & Robert.

Central Sun Courses & Retreats