At this time of re-birth and resurrection, of Easter and Passover, take a moment to hear with your heart this wonderful message from our beloved master, Jesus Sananda.  Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua. I am Yeshua, brother of magenta, brother of peridot, I will be whatever ray or color you desire. But I share my magenta of passion and compassion with each and every one of you this day. And I come this time not to speak of death or destruction, yes, but of resurrection, of rebirth and of new beginnings, of descension and ascension and how you find your balance right in the middle.

I come to you as brother and friend and I come to you as Master of Love, as bringer of Love; I wish to bathe you in Love. Beloved friends, you have done miraculous work and you have been tried and true, you have been honest and honorable. Have you had your dark nights of the soul just as I have? Yes. But you also awaken to a bright new day.

I simply wish to touch on one thing: Did you ever wonder what it was I did between my physical death… and make no mistake about it, there have been many mythologies that have said that I did not die upon the cross…and I can assure you, my friends, it was not fast, but I most certainly died. In your reality, in physical terms, my life came to an end. Now, does my soul die? Does my spirit die? Not ever! But that is not what I wish to discuss because this is not a time of mourning, it is a time of exceptional joy and fulfillment.

But did you ever wonder what I did between Friday and Sunday? Did I just sort of lie there waiting? I know what you feel like when you are in the pause, but that was not what I did. During that time I was present and I was lifted up (what you may think of as initial Ascension) and was bathed, completely returned into the Love. I had the joy, the experience of returning and being the Love.

As human man I was fortunate insofar as the veil did not exist for me. I knew who I was, and I knew the carrying of Love, the sharing of Love, that I was loved and lovable, and my mission and purpose for the Mother, for my Mother, for your Mother, was the re-anchoring of Love. But that did not mean that I was not human, that I did not have moments of fear or angst or anger or frustration or joy or happiness, which is different than joy. I did. But during that hiatus, on sweet Saturday as you think of it, I simply became, once again, one with Love.

So often you think of Love but you do not think of what it truly is. You describe it through an attribution of the Divine Qualities: Love is joy; Love is peace; Love is compassion; Love is truth. All this is true. Or you describe it as you love somebody, that you are loved, that you have experienced Love, that you love God, that God loves you, the Mother loves you, I love you. So, there is a lot of back and forthing in this Love, isn’t there?

But, what is Love? What is it? When I say that I re-entered the Love, I re-entered, I re-merged with Mother/Father/One/Source, Allah, Yahweh, whatever you think of as the One. What is Love? It is Source, it is the essence, the All of the Mother/Father/One. Now, I died to achieve that reunion and you, my beloved ones, have been given this gift of Love in the gift of the 13th Octave. I remind you of that. Yes, there has been a great deal of discussion this day about the 7th dimension of Love, what I think of sometimes as ‘home base’. But if you truly want to be reunited to be the Love, take my hand and come with me to the 13th Octave.

Now, why do I speak of this, of what I was up to on that infamous Saturday? Because, my beloved ones, it is very parallel to what you have and are doing. Yes, you have cleared, you have been washed, cleaned, and filled with the Mother’s Love, with her essence, with the experience of Love. And she has planted that very Love within you. She has germinated it, that is what is going on now, but the seed was planted eons ago.

You have done your Ascension into the Love. You have done your descension in the anchoring, the integration of Love, the allowing of the flowering, the germination of the seed, the anchoring of the Divine Qualities, the anchoring of the experience of Love. Now you are ready to truly anchor and descend into form like I have in returning to that body lying in that tomb, in the sepulcher?

Why would I be able to ascend into heaven? Because I was the son of One? No, not exactly. I could ascend because I was rejoined,filled,completed and reunited. I became the purity of Love yet again.The Mother has given you the gift of the purity. So like me, you are ready to ascend, not to leave this beloved planet that I so dearly cherish. Frankly I can’t wait to return, to walk with you, break bread with you, and laugh with you.

Your Ascension does not mean that you have to leave, that you have to take your body and go home; the Mother is not calling you the same way she has called me home. Your Ascension, your resurrection, your rebirth, in so many ways, is more miraculous than mine because you remain on sweet Gaia as the Love, as the divinity of who you are, of the totality of all your aspects, all your talents, awakened.

When I return I will choose to have a similar although updated look so that you will recognize me as Yeshua, as your Yeshi. But, I will not be that same man that lived thousands of years ago. You have the opportunity, the invitation, the energy, the entire realm of the Love to be in form, to continue on. You may die when you choose, but that was a construct as well. Popping in and out is the truth of who you are; that is why you find it increasingly more simple to jump from dimension to dimension. This popping in and out, of being where you choose, it is the substance of who you are, it is part of your spiritual and physical DNA.

So, I come this day as brother and friend, as one who loves you so deeply; I come to invite you to your resurrection. Will you please join me? Not next year, not next week. Oh, I will take you when I can get you, but the invitation is for right now, to bathe yourself, to join with the Love, and awaken tomorrow reborn. I love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon