On today’s conference call the beautiful Archangel Uriel came through to share the future with us: “There is no fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan if you are not the fulfillment of your dream, of your mission and purpose…”

Title: The Fulfillment of Your Hearts Desire is Right Now

Being: Archangel Uriel

Program Saturday Conference Call

 Linda Dillon     Channel for the Council of Love



Let’s begin our meditation together by working and playing and embracing and breathing in Archangel Uriel’s silver. It’s that full range of the color of silver to gray. And let’s begin by simply, in our mind’s eye and our heart, looking at our beloved archangel with his hair of silver and his eyes of gray. This very eternally youthful face, and tall and lilth and dressed in gray and silver, with the most beautiful sword, the kind of sword you would expect St. Germaine to be carrying, with a great deal of filigree…the handle, the shield.

 The sword is etched with all kinds of symbols; the pi and the infinity, triangle and circle, there’s writing as well. Breathe in the flashing silver of that sword as the sun glints on it. It’s that high shine. It’s the same silver as a glint on a skate blade on a beautiful sunny day in winter.

 Breathe in that pure bright silver and feel it coming down through your crown, igniting your pituitary and your pineal as if it’s liquid mercury that’s just running through your body…it’s fast, it’s electric, it works well with the Porlana C. Bring it into your bloodstream, into your organs and your bones, into your heart, your tummy and your root.

 Now, take another deep breath of the storm clouds that gather on the horizon, those huge cumulous clouds with a million shades of gray. And breathe in the gray, and breathe in the gray of a silver lake or the distant ocean. Breathe it in and feel the element of water inside that gray and how it comes in and it cleanses your emotional body and it cleanses your mental body. Bring it in.

 Taste the pewter, the iron, the steel, the strength of the Silver Ray. Now, bring in titanium, that beautiful blue-gray and that shield of protection. And feel it seal and mend your Seal of Solomon, your outer seal of all your bodies, as if you are inside a huge, beautiful titanium egg…only it’s perfectly transparent. In all this chaos, sometimes our Seals of Solomon get slight tears or rents or wrinkles. Let the titanium heal them, mend them, so there you are shining and you’re beaming out the love. And only love can enter into your beautiful, sacred space. And in this sacred space you can go anywhere; you can travel interdimensionally, you can travel to other universes, or you can stay in the safety and security of your home. The choice is yours; it always has been.

 Expand yourself. Feel that brilliant silver as you grow out, still sealed, the size of a cloud, the entire sky, the deepest ocean, or as tiny as a rain drop. Again, the choice is yours. Play with it, have fun with it. Embrace the silver!



 Greetings, I am Uriel. Yes, Archangel of Silver, bringer of the future, and yes, the future is now. And I come to address you, to embrace you, and to talk briefly this day about change. And you say to me, “But Uriel, change is blue.” And I would suggest to you that how the change gets to you is through the movement of energy, of sheer energy, throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, into what you think of as your realm. I also do not want to suggest that we bring forth all changes for humanity and humankind and each and every one of you, regardless of ray, are also anchors and bringers and creators of the future.

 And this is the sacred partnership that we have engaged in and entered into long ago…long ago…knowing full well that the time of ascension up your silver cord to return home to the One, to the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, is written in silver and it shines brightly like a beckoning path.

 No energy is perfectly static or perfectly still; the nature of energy is movement. The nature of all creation is patterned on the Mother, on the breath, which is your closest identification to that pattern, but what you inhale and exhale is love. And when it is not of love then it is not of purity and it is not of creation; it is a discordant energy that creates only mayhem and chaos and you have seen a great deal of that of late upon your planet.

 And you would say, “Why? Why is this all coming to the forefront?” Because it is being dispelled, disposed of…because the energy of fulfillment, the anchoring in physicality of the Mother’s Plan of Nova Being and Nova Earth, Nova Reality, Cities of Light, action, yes, based on inspiration not necessity, is coming to the forefront…so there is no room. And what you are doing is you are moving from the declaration that there is no room for the chaos or that which is not of love, to the actions that are required…yes, we will speak of those…in order to make this a physical reality.

 The changes that are taking place upon your planet, as lightworkers, love holders, as Gaians, is very rapid. You will say, “But we have been waiting and waiting and waiting.” What I say to you is that these changes are truly moving at the speed of love and they are anchoring in physicality very quickly. And so, you have need, my beloved friends, to be in a place of great clarity. And that is why, in preparation for this time of change, of radical change, that the Mother continues to send you Her gifts, imbedded in the Tsunami of Love, of clarity and purity and grace…because these are the cornerstones of your future which is your now.

 Out of that falls, of course, wonder and awe and fortitude and joy and all the other Blessings and Virtues that you have been blessed with quite literally. But the Mother Herself, in preparation for this time of fulfillment, has fortified you with clarity and purity and grace. These are the essentials as you are moving forward and as I am moving forward with you.

 You may have thought, for a very long time, that I have waited in the wings…I would say patiently…awaiting this time of fulfillment. And you are correct in that! But I have not been an idle archangel; for your dream of the future, of course, is birthed by you but I am very involved in the delivery of those dreams, in the ignition of your inspiration, in your integration and your bringing forth what is necessary…yes, for the collective…but mostly, beloved ones, for yourself.

 There is no fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan if you are not the fulfillment of your dream, of your mission and purpose, if you do bring forth, in form, anchored, in body, what you desire, what you wish to experience…not in ways that are unkind or abrasive or forceful or aggressive, because rolling over somebody never solved anything. And humanity has learned that and certainly continue to learn it, but you are in the forefront, you are the wayshowers. So, the fulfillment of your hearts desires…yes, with all you need, because that is part of it, is it not…is right now.

 So, I urge you, I ask you, I beg you, I plead with you…Do Not Delay! Be in the state of clarity and readiness, preparedness, active creation, for the future is now. And I am with you and I am leading you and I am walking with you and I have your back.

 Go with my love. Farewell.

 Channeled by Linda Dillon