In a reading with Linda on 2-18-17. EBSS shares Zalishia of the Pleiades and her perspective with us on the current state of politics in the US, disclosure and the RV.

Go forth bright one in the anchoring of truth, in the anchoring of love, and the anchoring of peace, and act as anchor and beacon, transmitter and bridge…the old has faded away and there are those who wish and grab at the vapors of what no longer exists.

They do not have the wherewithal to recreate that old paradigm. Yes, they may be trying, difficultly, to do that, but it will not succeed. It is not that they do not have the creative energy, it is simply that it is not in accordance with the will of the Mother.

It is not that She overrides free-will, but the free-will of the collective is of the nature that collectively is over riding the desire of those who wish to pull humankind back into the old 3rd – and it is simply not going to happen.

So, is there a great deal upon your planet that is at the surface, at this moment in time, in what you think of as time, and what we know as time? And of course the answer is yes. But it is necessary. Whether it is of hatred, or greed, or control – it has need to be seen.

Now, not every particle of that has to be seen, but can we say the broad strokes have need to come to the surface. And they have need to come to the surface not only for healing and elimination, but for reconfirmation by the collective that this way of the old strategy, the old way of being, is not what they choose. It is not what they desire and it is not what they bring forth in their daily creations.

It is good that you have prayed and called forth a wondrous sense of humor, because seldom has the human experience contained more hilarity. Yes, it is tragedy and comedy all mixed into one. And it is important, beloved one, that the sense of humor, to see the ridiculous nature of much of what is in front of you, and to just be able to smile and shake your head. You know, and have always known, the value of a good laugh. So, enjoy what you are witnessing. And then, let it go for it is not of love and it has no place upon restored Gaia.

The things that are near and dear to your heart such as, can we say, public disclosure and the public… ah… re-evaluation of financial systems, is much closer than you think. So, do not even pay much attention to much of the dis-information that is being circulated.

(Regarding Disclosure:) The current lay of the land, shall we say, is that it will be a group disclosure, that it will be a number of world leaders, both former politicians, but also people who are in positions of power… and we mean financial power, political power, institutional power…will come together in what used to be called a synod (a noun / def./ An assembly of the clergy and sometimes also the laity in a diocese or other division of a particular church.)


They will come together to make some very public decrees – or disclosures – as you would call them. And this is very likely to happen in the next couple of months. In this way this plan has been altered and adjusted many times, as you well know.

But part of the going forth in a unified manner is not only because this is the way of Nova Earth, it is the new paradigm. But it is also more difficult to those who have, shall we say, vested interests in maintaining the old myths, when several who have great credibility come together. So, they can’t say ‘so and so is delusional, or so and so is revealing state secrets, or so and so is out of his mind’ because it will be a number of people – ALL who are well respected.

When might we see the RV?

It is all tied…when we say that things are literally under way, we mean exactly THAT. That things are WELL under way. There will be very little of what you think of as public disclosure, or discussion about the shift in wealth management, but it has already begun.

The conversation between Zalishia and EBSS regarding updated plans for disclosure and the RV ended, and continued with personal topics.