On February 15th in a private channeling Linda brought forth Archangel Michael discussing  and reminding us about Purity…purity of water, purity of air, purity of Gaia, and purity of our very souls…


Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael. Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloved brother of Blue. Welcome, my dear friend and ally. Welcome to this Council, this Circle, to this time of Union and Reunion as we go forth in the harmony of One, in the harmony of Union, as you and we anchor this Nova Earth into form in the fullness of the wonder of what the Mother has dreamed. And as you well know my friend, the Mother has spectacular dreams, for it is far grander than any of us – including the Archangels – would imagine! And yet there it is, directly in front of us, a planet that lives in love – sister to Venus in so many ways – harmonious, and might I say, pure.


Purity is something that has been overlooked, underestimated and almost forgotten upon this beautiful planet, my sister Gaia. There are times when human beings will raise their heads and say, “Well, wait a minute – we need pure air and pure water”, forgetting momentarily that the pure air and pure water is but a reflection of what is lying within the individual heart and the heart of the collective.


You know, as Physician, as Healer, as Man, as Star Being, that the quotient of water in your body is primary. And so, if the water within the body is not of a pure nature then it is difficult to get it from the outside for it is sullied – and it is sullied not just by what you think of as pollution, detritus, it is sullied by emotional belief systems. And so, this is one of the areas that we are all working on – it is the purification, the clarification, of what lies within the physical form particularly now as the Porlana C is pushing that detritus to the surface, and pushing what needs to be removed and relinquished to the surface.


The natural essential self is by its very nature perfectly pure – divinely pure – in every way, shape or form. So, in this, it is the human experience and the beliefs that reality – as you have termed it – can be less than pure that has, in fact, created the impurities. Now the good news of that is it is a vital demonstration, a wondrous demonstration, of the power of each human and the collective to create.


So, I share this perspective with you, and you will share it with many, so that you can begin to think and feel and know that the water within you is blessed, that the air that you breathe is blessed, that both are sanctified and cleansed by your brothers and sisters of the Stars – and us. So, let go of this feeling of struggle, that there is so much to be done. Come at it from a perspective that it is already done, because it is in the ‘doing’ that it is done.


So, I offer this to you in ways of opening, but I also welcome you, sweet friend, and suggest to you, my beloved, that you are truly beginning to see and more deeply embrace the beauty, the purity, the wonder of who you are. Yes, there are issues of doubt, of some frustration, of patience and impatience – all of this matters not and we will get to it. What matters is that you are growing, you are expanding, you are accepting the opportunities that are presented to you – your love is pure, dearest, your heart is pure, and what you are seeking in the daily realm and in the larger picture of the universe is more opportunity to express that and to be the love.


But let us also say to you that whether you are coddling Sophie or Mustard – or the entire human race – they’re basically one and the same. Yes, you have come and you choose to work on a broader plane, shall we say. There are human beings who confuse a broader playing field with a grander playing field – and it is not. It is simply a matter of direction, choice, and what you have agreed to in the larger form of your mission. And you are anxious for this broader mission to get underway. But what I also suggest to you my friend, is that it is already underway and you will see the physicality of that very quickly.


And you have been brought together – yes, in this small group of brothers and one who carries the Divine Feminine, so it is that balance. No, it is not distinct ‘either/or’ for you all carry, of course, that balance but you’ve been brought together for great purpose. Not for me to dictate, but most certainly for me to confirm, and for you – the four of you, and many more – to go forward with. And it is not that this relationship, this group – and yes, you have all known each other before – it is not that it has been written in the skies or the stars, yes some of it has, but it is also for you, each of you and collectively for this is a practice run in many ways, that you are practicing and bringing to the forefront what your dreams are, what your desires are, how you function as bright Angels of Light, independently and as complements to one another.


I am proud of you my beloved friend, and you go forth now…


Personal channeling by Linda Dillon on February 15, 2017.