An exquisitely encouraging channelled gem shared by Maree from a personal reading with Archangel Michael, channelled by Linda Dillon on January 24, 2017

“Can you imagine, my sweet sister, a universe, a multiverse, an omniverse where All is in accordance and a reflection – a living, breathing, etheric, astral, infinite, spiritual reflection of the Mother/Father/One in the harmony of All? Now that is the Plan and that is a plan that is worth working for, playing for, waiting for, and pushing forward for.”

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News – welcome, welcome, sweet angel of blue, blue on blue on blue, daughter of the Mother, ally of this legion. Welcome to this Council and to this circle of One. Welcome home!

During this time of such rapid, energising, exuberant change, you do feel and you are feeling how quickly things are coming to pass. And let me emphasise, my dearest heart, that they are coming to pass, not pass-by.

There is this tenderness in your beloved heart that sometimes hesitates or worries. We would not say it holds the full intensity of fear, but it is the whisper of concern, and you say, “What if? What if this or that has come and gone? We know the unfoldment of the Plan adjusts to many variables, but what if I’ve missed it? What if I haven’t done or have done something that has altered this?”

I come this day – yes, with your entire circle – to assure and to reassure that you are on track. It is hard, it is challenging, it is difficult, and we know this during this time of such upheaval. And we say this not only for your country, but for every corner of the planet where things are unfolding in tangible and unseen ways; that it is easy to feel that you are caught on a conveyer belt or in a revolving door. But there is nothing repetitive about what is transpiring.

What I say to you – and what I say to everybody upon this planet this day – is, sweet angels of light, you are in the sacred spiral. You are in the spiral, coming up to the 13th Octave and back down to the heart of Gaia, and there is nothing repetitive about it. It is not spinning your wheels; it is moving forth at the speed of light and the speed of love. And it is ascension and it is descension into physicality as you have never known it before upon this planet.

You had glimmers of what it could be in the early days when you were Creator Race, before what is so infamously thought of or conceived of as ‘The Fall’ – which was what? An embrace of ego, a false belief in your own authority and your own ability to control.

The Mother has allowed that deviation, that exploration to go on and on, not interfering with free choice or free will until you, individually and collectively, are at this point where you are saying, “We choose love.”

And with every breath where you are choosing love, where you are making that heart-conscious decision, you are going up the spiral. And at the same time as you are going up the spiral into unity with us – with All – you are also deepening and descending, drilling down into your own divinity more deeply, into the collective divinity, into the heart of Gaia, into physicality.

Because what you and so many – and what you are holding for the collective, beloved – is this stalwart determination to go forth, not only in the fulfilment of the Plan but in the physical creation and fulfilment of that Plan.

You see, let me put it this way. The Mother’s Plan in all its glory, in all its infinite peace and wisdom and truth, already exists on our plane. So it is not that we are tinkering with variables. We have been in that fulfilment and alignment for a very, very long time. So our work – if you can even call it that, because to us it is joy and delight – is in working with you in this other element of the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, anchoring it not in the ethers but in physicality.

Can you imagine, my sweet sister, a universe, a multiverse, an omniverse where All is in accordance and a reflection – a living, breathing, etheric, astral, infinite, spiritual reflection of the Mother/Father/One in the harmony of All?

Now that is the Plan and that is a plan that is worth working for, playing for, waiting for, and pushing forward for. So ultimately, bringing this element, this planet and this collective into alignment with that Plan, with that realm of existence and the ripple effect that has throughout the omniverse, is sublime.

I speak of this, this day, this night, so that so many will come to understand the truth and the magnitude of what is truly at hand, what is truly unfolding. It is not simply… yes, it includes personal fulfilment, group fulfilment, community fulfilment… but it is fulfilment on such a grand level that seldom do the human beings stop to truly consider what they are really doing – not just for us but with us, and we with you – that the scope of this is so far beyond one person’s financial situation or one person’s relationship or a community’s issues with gender or violence.

Now, I am not naysaying and saying all of those things are important because they are pivotal to the grander scheme. But I am sharing with you the magnitude of what you are truly bringing forth, because I want you to understand just how amazing, incredible, magnificent, brilliant you are – you, sweet one, and All.

Now, there are so many who still turn away, who refuse for a variety of reasons – all egoic – because even when you feel disenfranchised or rejected or abandoned, those come from experience, yes, but they also come from ego, of not looking beyond oneself. So there are groups who do not wish to hear or see or conceive of the magnitude of this undertaking.

But for those of you who do – to understand what you are doing, yes, for yourselves, for your family, for your beloved, for those you work with, for those you treat, for those Cities of Light, for the entire planet and so far beyond – just glimpse with me for a moment how truly amazing you are! And then, when you look at the specifics of what you are doing, whether it is curing a disease for the collective – and yes, processing it through your body, whether it is herpes or AIDS or MS or cancer or depression or anxiety – then you see the scope.

Now we know, and we have never tried to pretend that we somehow don’t understand at times how challenging this is and has been, and how stalwart and vigilant and diligent that you’ve had to be – but it is phenomenal what you have taken on.

And that not just that you have a fantasy or an ideation or an egoic construct of “Oh, I am capable of curing cancer,” but that you are actually doing it. And not only are you doing it, you are doing it after many years in microcosm of preparation, because everything in your life – in this particular life, let alone the multitudes of life that you have had – but everything in this life has brought you to this place, to this time, not where you are hesitantly saying, “Well, maybe I can do it,” but that you are stepping forward with that exuberance and excitement that the channel is so fixated on and saying, “I will, I can, I AM!”

So even before we have gotten to any of your questions, I have wanted to step forth on behalf of many, and on behalf of the Mother, and say “Thank you,” and to give you the support and the encouragement and the recognition that you so richly deserve.

Recognition is not based on co-dependence or being needy; it is being seen as who you are, in the same way that you want to be seen and we want to be seen in our relationship, in our mutuality. It is critical that we truly see and love and cherish one another, because in that – in that truth of relationship – there can be no missteps, there are no accidents, and the detours are gone!