Another delightful gem shared by Maree from her personal reading with Archangel Michael, channelled by Linda Dillon on January 24, 2017


Archangel Michael: And while we are talking about the Mother, let us talk about this merger, let us talk about this “becoming” in form, not returning home but bringing home to the planet.

This is not a minor undertaking that you have chosen, beloved. It is a massive undertaking, and yet you are about a hair’s breath away. You say, “Well Michael, how can that be when I still have bad eating habits, and I’d love to yuck it up and go out of control, and do not take care of everything and have disease in my body?”

To which I say, “Elimination can happen in a breath! It can happen in that final breath where you inhale the absolute divinity and exhale anything that is not… Is it an extended big breath? Yes. Stop judging yourself!

Yes, we know, you say, “I do not mean to naysay myself.” Sweet angel of light, we adore you! From our perspective, you are already in, you already are, you always have been the most persistent but divinely perfect! So did you pick up some hitchhikers, some habits along the way? Yes, you did! Might I exaggerate in a brotherly way and say, “So what!”

You will remember long ago we have talked about going through the etheric soft white light, milk light, car wash, CAT scan. Begin yet again, as you lie down to sleep at night, to put yourself through that cat scan, that car wash, whatever you think of it. It is the softest light. It is not you taking harsh detergent and a scrub brush and scrubbing this away. It is allowing it gently to ease from your body.

We have talked about magnesium leaching. Let it leach from your body. Let these things that do not enhance your life, your joy, leach from your body. Not the enjoyment of having a treat – that is part of being in form. That would be like denying me my aurora borealis. I would be miserable without it! But it does not do me harm, it does not hurt me. In fact, when I join in that energy and paint the midnight sky, I am in bliss!

So allow to leach from yourself that which is not of wholeness, and that which you judge is not of wholeness. The Mother never declared that this or that was not of wholeness. What you are doing, yes, you are allowing the leaching, the moving away out of your sphere, for example, these diseases – not because they cannot be transmuted into sparkling white light but simply because they hurt you. So when you let them go, there is room for more sparkling white light. It is as simple as that.

Do not make it complex; do not overthink it. And we beg you, what we want you to do, what we guide you to do is to focus, not on some distant future but on what is possible right now in your body, in your life, in your form, and to welcome it in every day, every moment. And what is not of love and light to simply push it away, dismissing it the way you would swat at an errant fly – not trying to kill it and have blood all over your hands, but just to ‘shoo it away’ and to allow it to pass out of your sphere as gently as that.

And in that, to allow what is right in front of you to come in and to be savoured – not simply in bliss, because that is also a state of being in which you are really in between worlds. You are learning now how to anchor the bliss in everyday reality, but when we use the word “savour”, we mean we want you to taste it, to smell it, to touch it as if it is the finest silk, the softest velvet, the most fragrant flowers, the Mother’s roses. Savour it! Not only etherically or spiritually but in form.

What we are asking you is to become spiritually sensual in your body, in this brilliance of being in form. Angel, you are the Mother in form. How can you be anything but perfection?

So it is the acceptance of this, the acknowledgement; not in a braggart way – that is not who you are. It is in the deepest humility. It is not of ego we talk about this. It is because we have need of you in the fullness of this existence upon the planet right now. This energy is needed and you are part of that, and it is a very small cadre.

We are infinitely available to you. We are by your side with you morning, noon, night.