This is an energy that is penetrating the entire planet, but it is also an energy you can choose to build on, receive more of, and allow the activations to be more rapid. So, open your heart, feel that connection to your star family…this is their life-force, their love-force…


Title: Porlana C: A New Life Force Energy

Being: Archangel Michael

Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call/012117

Linda Dillon     Channel for the Council of Love





So, let’s begin by working with and taking a nice deep breath of this Porlana C energy. And it’s not something you need to go searching for, it’s in the very air that’s surrounding you; it’s moving in a circular motion around the entire planet. And it’s very high frequency, life-force energy of your star family.


The color of Porlana C is like a beautiful brilliant florescent blue, part of the Halion ray, part of Michael, of course part of the Mother. But see this beautiful blue flame, like the blue that comes out of a gas jet or a welding torch, the blue that you see in your third eye right now. And breathe in this blue. Feel your shoulders throw back, pull them back, open up your chest. Relax but feel that ribcage entirely open and your central channel from your crown, from above your crown, from about the 16th chakra on up, down past your root, wide open to Gaia herself…that beautiful central column of your being, crack it wide open.


Now breathe and receive this beautiful florescent blue. Feel it coming down through your higher chakras, through the roof of your head, the roof of your mouth, your throat, your high heart, your heart, your ribcage. Feel it explode and jerk into your halion center, your solar plexus, your belly button, your beautiful tummy, your pubic, your root. Shoot it on down like a gas flame, down towards Gaia and let’s open up this stream and just fill yourself. And feel each and every one of your chakras being activated, brought to a more rapid pulse, a higher frequency that you feel you got your hand in the electrical socket, that you’re humming. Bring it on!


Now, feel yourself connecting to our beautiful Earth Mother Gaia, to this ancient wondrous being, and pulling up that ruby red, that rich red, that life-force red and it’s blending with the Porlana C and it’s a beautiful rich magenta amethyst. Pull it up, up through your root, through your pubic…don’t forget these are your areas for creation on Earth…into your tummy, into your sacral, into your umbilical, into your solar, into your heart. And feel these intertwining, caressing and dancing, like that gas jet, with your beautiful tri-flame, with your perfect pink, with the infinite gold of the Father, and the infinite blue of the Mother. Feel them juiced up, dancing more brightly, more vitally, more exuberantly. Breathe it in and open and receive.


This is an energy that is penetrating the entire planet, but it is also an energy you can choose to build on, receive more of, and allow the activations to be more rapid. So, open your heart, feel that connection to your star family…this is their life-force, their love-force. And anchor it, anchor it in each chakra, anchor it from your crown down…crown, third eye, fourth eye, throat, lower throat, high heart, heart, halion, solar, umbilical, sacral, pubic, root. Feel it all the way down to the arches of your feet. Feel it fill your bones like an electrical impulse passing through your entire body. It is invigorating (?), energizing but not exhausting, and let it flow.





Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome my beloved family, my family and warriors of peace, and warriors of love, and peace-makers because that is the greatest war of all. It is not the assumption of violence or the picking up of weapons, it is allowing the blossoming of truth and righteousness, of love, to come forth in the hearts, the minds, the bodies, in every aspect of what it means to be human, and what it means to be Gaian, and what it means to be starseed, and what it means to be galactic and intergalactic, and angelic and archangelic and seraphim, and on and on and on.


There is only one truth and that is the truth of love. And with that truth comes ultimate, penultimate peace. And it does not entail struggle; it does not entail resistance; it does not entail exertion over another or even over your sweet beloved self. It is like being in a warm bath at the end of a tiring day. It is like a cool dip in refreshing water in a hot summer’s day. It is sleeping on a feather cloud and resting in the arms of the Mother and walking with the Father and chatting with Yesu and all of us.


Love does not need to prove evidence, to bring forth. Proof…it is self-evident. And when you are in the love, when you are the peace, then everything becomes clear. You do not need to seek because it is all within you, it already is, it always has been, and it always will be.


So, do not feel, my friends, my family, that you have need to seek externally for what is of truth, what is of love, what is peace. Simply look in the mirror, gaze at the brilliance and the might of who you are and accept what you know to be true, without reservation, without test, without the need for acceptance by others, to others.


You have claimed your creator self and you are being assisted far and wide to bring forth, right now, the rebirth of Nova Earth and the reanchoring of our Mother’s Plan. It is in unfoldment, it is underway. So, trust yourselves, trust those you know to be true – like-minded, like-hearted, like-purposed. Follow the inner guideposts and ignore that which is not of love. Send it love, send it peace, send it truth, and then let it unfold in its own way, shape, and form…do not participate…and continue on and know that I am with you, I always have been as well.


Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.