Channelled Gem ~ Joy & Archangel Michael

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloved friend of joy. Welcome, my beloved friend of peace and anchor of wonder and anchor of love.

Yes, there is great chaos upon your planet and it has come to the surface for recognition, for elimination, for reworking, regridding, reformation. It matters not what you call it, sweet one. It is simply a matter of change of form and it is a necessary change of form, change of energy, change of substance so that humanity goes forth in heart, as love, as One.

It sounds so simple and yet, of course, it is not. And never is the aspect of free will, of self-determination, of choice ever interfered with from this side or this realm. Do we attempt and influence? Yes, we do. Do we guide and protect? Of course we do.

But the ultimate wisdom, the ultimate love, the ultimate knowing in the recognition of self-divinity is always ever present, omnipresent, and it will not be overridden. The challenge, of course – and this has never changed throughout time and space as you think of it – the challenge has always been the awakening of that omnipresent wisdom, the omnipresence of love within each and every heart.

To us, it is strange and yes, sometimes sad that this love, this power, this life-force, this love-force is not fully acknowledged, activated and allowed free reign. Any witnesses… you observe this and at times you struggle with this in your community, in the understanding and the lack of understanding of how people proceed.

It is confusing on the most elemental level when beings do not choose love. To us, it is the choice beyond choice, it is the alignment beyond alignment, it is the decision beyond decision because nothing else in any realm makes sense.

There are those upon your planet who wish to reclaim, reconstruct, recreate the old third and that is what they are attempting to do. But, sweet angel of love, you know and those who are the loveholders know that this simply will not occur. The old third no longer exists. It is that simple.

So while there are efforts to reclaim what they view as a lost kingdom. It is a time, in many ways, where you are stepping back and becoming more the observer then the participant then the observer? Yes, but that is alright. There are billions upon billions upon billions of variables, adjustments, attunements to and within our Divine Mother’s Plan. But let us be clear – the broader Plan, and the broader Plan of the restoration of love upon this planet of sweet Gaia, has never changed and it is not about to.

Now, is the Mother infinitely patient? Yes. And is our reference of time and space very different than yours? Yes. But let us suggest to you… no, let us just flat out tell you – the Mother’s Plan is in unfoldment. The restoration of peace on Earth is in unfoldment.

So while it may look messy and chaotic, the Mother has not backed away from her Plan and neither have we. It will be done, and it will be done timely. And when I say “timely”, I do not mean the infamous “soon”. What I mean, sweet angel, is within a very near framework in your time and ours.

Personal reading channelled by Linda Dillon on December 2, 2016