Archangel Michael: The Journey We’re On…

Archangel Michael

Hour with an Angel  

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio

 Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief and founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, author of the Jesus Book and heading into a Conference soon. And Linda, we were talking before the show about how we probably really don’t realize how fortunate we are to be speaking to people like Archangel Michael.

 Linda Dillon: You know, it’s amazing.  I think one of the huge gifts of my “job” is that not a day goes by where I don’t have one of those “ah-ha moments” that I learn something or I see something or perceive something or activated in a way that I …  it just totally wows me.  But this morning, actually for the last day or so, but particularly this morning as I’ve been getting ready for our time together – and all day long for that matter – is that there is this sense, this profound sense of awe, that in fact we are spending an hour talking with an archangel.  And, the magnitude of that – that not only that we have this gift and this opportunity to chat with him – but that the energy, the gifts of love that flow through that communication is so massive. 

 When I was sitting here and preparing and I’m thinking in really deep, deep gratitude – thank you, thank you, thank you. And he is reminding me that throughout the ages, for millions of years, that this channel of communication between the various realms has been open and used and channeling, being a medium, or a conduit is certainly nothing new.  But the level at which, the frequency with which we are receiving these transmissions now is nothing short of phenomenal.  And, we are being taken by the hand and guided step by step by step in this process of becoming.  And I think sometimes because we are getting such increased frequencies we tend to think of it – and it probably is – the new normal.  But when we stop and think about it…oh my God!  Literally, oh my God! (laughing) It’s such a gift to all of us!

 SB: Yes.  I was saying to you before the show that on occasion, you’ve said things to me like, “dear heart, do you know who you are talking to?” (both laughing) And I can only hardly get it.  Right?  Do I really know who I am talking to? 

LD:  And, I don’t think we really do.  I think we have this…I think it’s really true with the archangels and with the ascended masters, in particular, that on the one hand we tend to humanize them…they are us kind of thing…that they have a knowing or an experience of our reality; and on the other hand we tend to make them very God like, Source like. 

 And, you know, Michael, in particular lately, has been talking to me a lot about this, about how they are something in between.  And, I think that we just have little glimpses of the various realms of the angelics and what that really means and how they operate and what they do.  But, I think we’re just beginning to understand this partnership. 

 SB:  Indeed.  And, maybe Michael might tell us a little bit more about how it operates.  I don’t know how he reaches down from the transcendental and ends up here on this plane that is so dense.  I don’t know how he does it.

 LD:  He must be an Archangel!

 SB:  He must be!  (both laughing)

 LD:  And the fact that they choose to do that, I mean that’s the amazing piece of it, that they actually are choosing.  You know, it used to be that our angels, our guides, the archangels, so much of our unseen Company of Heaven friends did things for us.  And in the last several years we progressively have been moving into, you know, they keep saying, “We are in partnership.”  And they are doing things with us.  Which does mean…I love the way you put things, the terminology you use that helps all of us understand, Steve, what we are doing.  Because to move from the transcendental, through that density and actually talk to us is amazing.

 SB:  And, not only us, thousands of people at the same time.

 LD:  Thousands of people at the same time.  And they even say when we do these shows, both Heavenly Blessings and Hour with an Angel, that although it is our listeners that are receiving, shall I say the “full Monte”, but that that vibration goes out into the atmosphere – and how do they manage that? – to every person on the planet whether they are conscious of receiving that frequency and vibratory rate or not, they’re getting it. 

 SB:  Well, maybe he’ll tell us a little bit about it today in the course of the conversation.

 LD:  Yes, and there certainly is a theme right now of comfort and reassurance.  So here is your channel, in incredible awe, stepping aside.  Thank you.

 SB:  Well, you get a ringside seat on the other side.  I’ll let you make your transition and we are going to have Archangel Michael with us this morning and it’s a bit of a surprise what he is going to talk about.  I think it might be peace but I think it might also be about Archangels, or Seraphim or Elohim.  We don’t know.  So, with that I will welcome Archangel Michael.


AAM:  Greetings I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News.  And yes, I come to talk to you, to engage in this union and reunion and conversation with each and every one of you; to touch your hearts, your souls, your minds, your will and to engage with you in the sweetness of love and the power of peace.  You know, my beloved friends, when you get together with your dearest circle of beloveds, whether it is your sacred union partner, your family, your soul family, your dearest friends, you do not always say beforehand, or prescribe what the conversation is going to be about.  Sometimes the purpose of the meeting is simply spending time together, of being together in the love, of chatting about this or that and sharing the heart space; the divinity and the might, the sweetness, the kindness of who you are to each other. 

 So often we – and I include my friends and family on this Council of Love, human and inhuman – we get together and we have topical areas to discuss.  As we have been engaging for many years now in this process of, shall we say, the exchange of information, to bring forth, to attune, and bring each of you to a different – yes, might I say higher – level of understanding; not only of who we are, of how we operate, but of who you are and how you are progressing in this wondrous process, yes, called ascension. But also, simply the journey of becoming the truth, the might, the divinity, the wholeness of who you are, of remembering that you are of Creator and therefore creator, of remembering the love of Mother/Father/One, however you envision that – of creating and co-creating Nova Earth. 

 So often our conversations are filled with tools, activations, information, understandings, but every now and then, my friends, my family, I and we enjoy – it gives us incredible joy – to simply be with you.  Recently our beloved Mother has extended Her heart, Her arms, Her being, to each of you in tender embrace, in a welcoming and a nurturing to hold you – not simply you the collective of Gaians – but you, your unique beautiful self, in Her arms, in Her heart, to nurture you, to reassure you, to hold you.   No matter how strong, gentle, kind, humble, prudent, courageous you are there are times when you simply need to be held and nurtured, loved and reassured. 

 I could say this to my Legion of Blue, my Warriors of Peace, my Angels of Change. As you know, those of my Legion are deeply committed in their soul missions and purposes to the anchoring of true peace upon this planet and far beyond.  But the truth of the situation as it is upon this planet at this time – and when I say, by the way, “this planet” I mean this system; so, I mean all those engaged in this system of what you can think of as the ascension transformation, transmutation of this planet of Earth called Gaia.  So, it includes your star family, the many masters who are working with you, etc.  But in this process of ascension, of becoming, of transformation, of change, all rays, all beings, every color, every mission is, in fact, sacred and beautiful, exhausting and exhilarating.  So, I do not simply speak to my Legion of Blue, this day or any day.  When I come in this form and this format – and yes we can talk about that – but when I come, I am coming to address you all.  And, yes, as the channel has reminded you, as I address you, with you and through you, I am addressing all beings involved in this system. 

 Let me explain.  There are varying degrees of what you would term “knowing”.  So, often you are seeking information from me: Did so-and-so do this or that? Who will win an election?  When, dear Lord, when?  And it is not that we do not comprehend and deeply understand your questions.  Your desire for that – what you consider factual information – is only a piece of knowing, is it not? 

 Now, everyone involved yearns for knowing.  Think of this: your star family, the many galactic and inter-galactic forces who have been positioned, some of them for thousands of years, have a very clear knowing – not only of how they operate, but how you operate (humans).  They have a very clear knowing of the Mother’s Plan and the unfoldment of that Plan.  The ascended masters – especially since we have all been involved in the Tsunami of One – have a very clear and perhaps a more comprehensive knowing, of the Mother/the Father/ the One/the All, certainly the unfoldment of the Plan – and each of our roles, individually and collectively because we do have individuation.  We have this knowing of the Plan and of the unfoldment, yes even including timelines, which are variables because of the dictum, the Universal Law, the Mother’s declaration that we do not intervene or interfere or override free will in any realm. Let me be clear about that. It is not just the human realm, it is any realm.  So, that is what creates variation in this unfoldment of the tapestry. 

 Then there are the human beings, like you my beloved friends, our listeners, our lightworkers, our brothers and sisters of love consciously who have a broader understanding and deeper knowing of the Plan.  Knowing is based in love, trust, action, joy.  It is akin, tied, twinned with wisdom.  Knowing is not opinion, it is foundational, bedrock truth.  Knowing does not shift and change.  It may expand as you expand, as you participate in our knowing, which is what we are doing right now, but knowing isn’t malleable whereas events or dates are, at times…at times.  Then there are the groups that are disinterested or recalcitrant and who really don’t care or want to know on a conscious level about the various things we are discussing.  But it does not mean that those seeds of knowing are not planted and sprouting within them.  It is a matter, again, of degree. 

 Now, let me go to the reason for this conversation today.  As I say, knowing is based on trust – yes, wisdom – but there is an aspect of trust, and even related to that there is an aspect of hope.  And I do not mean hopeful, I mean the truth of hope, which is faith, which again is foundational.  And in that you have proceeded gloriously!  I don’t come this day, this night, with a laundry list of requests – do this, that, that and that other thing. 

 I come to also praise you on behalf of all about how well you are doing – that you have proceeded and are proceeding in that trust and faith and knowing.  Simply because you want information it does not negate that; simply because you are anxious for this or that to unfold does not negate this.  There are times, my sweet angels, hybrids, earth keepers, star beings, when all of us – above and below – desire, want, and sometimes even need some reassurance, some comfort, some nurturing, some R & R, and to simply take a moment and breathe, and rest and play.  Yes, that is what Sedona gathering is about…it is that break to celebrate who and what you are.  And, whether you are there in person or not you will still join with us.  But, I do not want to digress.

 There are times, and this is one of them, when we simply come, following the lead of the Mother, to embrace you, to hold you, to sit with you, to walk with you – as Jesus is doing right now at this very moment – and to say it is okay.  It is in unfoldment, it is in process, and my beloveds, you are doing a wondrous job.  Never did the Mother intend, did the Father intend, for any of us – or all of us – to simply work, work, work.  The work, as you would think of it, is intended to be joy, is intended to be play and when you are playing and laughing and perhaps relaxing with your feet up or staring at the wall, you are doing wondrous work because you are anchoring and allowing the expansion of your knowing, your trust, your faith and your field.

 Action, determination, will, stewardship, leadership, being the way showers and the pathfinders – it is not only important, it is who you are.  So, you are compelled, not by us or any external force, but by your inner knowing to proceed valiantly, prudently, with fortitude, humility – all of these Divine Qualities.  But, remember within that compulsion to take time for your beloved self.  I am the Archangel of Peace.  I am not the Archangel of War.  I am not the Archangel of National Treaties or International Treaties.  I am the Archangel of Peace. 

 Think of this:  I have mentioned to you at other times that my core being is an artist and a musician.  The expressions of truth and beauty and wonder, the sounds of love, the visions of love throughout the universe, the expressions of the One, that is my delight and my core purpose.  So, how did it end up that I am with the Warriors of Peace? Because in the presence of disruption, it interferes with the truth and the splendor, the magnificence of that existence. It interferes with all capacity to truly be and witness and participate in that magnificent beauty. 

 So, such disruption needs to, by its very nature, to be eliminated – either completely returned back to One, transmuted into the beauty, the wonder, the peace – because peace is being in the splendor, in that knowing of the unity of love.  So, it is almost a side bar that I have brought my attention in service to the Mother/Father to take care of this disruption, this blip on the radar.  Yes, it is a significant blip, yes most certainly.  But it is but a blip.  And you, my beloved brothers and sisters, are working with me and with all to eliminate that blip.  But, what is necessary, fruitful, reassuring, reinforcing, from time to time is for all of us – and I am honored this day that it is me – to help remind you, not only of the absolute stellar work that you are doing – but to remind you of the peace, of the love.

  And so, this night, during our time together, not only do I come to reinforce, and nurture, and comfort and support each of you, I come to reignite within your very heart, your core, your being, the transcendental knowing of peace.  And I do this right now.  And you may feel it initially in your heart but it will be akin to an electrical current, a sparking, throughout your entire being. 

 I do this, first of all following the example of the Mother; I do this because I love you.  Not as a distant archangel, but as a brother who cherishes you and who understands – yes, from my limited perspective – what it means to be human at this time; to be the valiant warrior in form with, in many ways, limited understanding, deep knowing and enormous trust.  You are…they have called you the implementers, hand-maidens, hand-masters of the One.  Those who have chosen to step forth – not fully knowing, not having all the information, details of how this works but knowing that it does and that it is in unfoldment.  And, yes, there are times when you feel -and certainly you will feel – that you are working at the speed of love, at the speed of light and that you can barely catch your breath.  And that is not merely on the horizon but directly in front of you.  And that is also why, right now, I say take time with me, take time with all of us – with the Mother – to allow yourself to be nurtured, comforted, reassured, refortified for that push.

  And as important, as critical in formulating a new realm, a new form, a new pattern of existence, of what it means to be human, take the time to truly anchor – not merely intend – but to anchor the time for family, for friends, for love, for romance, for play, for staring at the wall, for the spaciousness of silence and existence.  Because that balance is critical to the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. 

 You cannot, you would not wish, to speed up the blossoming of the rose.  You desire to see every phase of the moon, the shifting of light from dawn to dusk to midnight.  These are the gifts but they are intended to be enjoyed.  So, come!  Let me remind you, activate, instill that deeper knowing of peace within you this day, this night, this week, this year, this time of transformation.  I am truly with you – yes, as archangel, as confusing as that is at moments, as outrageous as it seems at moments.  You know me in your heart, as we, sweet ones, know you.  Do you have query for me, Steve?

 SB:  I’d like to illustrate one of the processes that you talked about today, Archangel Michael, from my own experience.  Last night, as a matter of fact, when I suddenly realized that I could feel all the Divine Qualities, all the wonderful sensations, the bliss, the joy, the love, from all the experiences I’ve had in my life.  And, this was so unusual!  Because usually I have one memory and one feeling, so to speak, but they were all available to me.  And, I noticed that at that moment that the natural barriers inside me had fallen and I wouldn’t even have thought that that was possible.  And, so I was like a hollow bamboo really, it is a very apt image…it’s the only way I could phrase it.  Now, for our listeners, can you talk about what is happening behind the scenes?  Was that an experience, for instance, that you brought me?  Or, was it triggered by just normal progress in terms of transition?  Can you discuss that a wee bit for our listeners?  Not as my experience but an illustration of these moments – ascension is gradual and then it’s sudden.  And this was one of these sudden moments.

  AAM:  It is sudden and you have waited forever. (laughing)

 SB:  Yes (laughing).

 AAM:  So that is part of the dichotomy, can I even say the humor?  Divine humor is sometimes different.  Yes, I would be pleased to explain.  All of you, all of you, are in this process of ascension, of expansion, of becoming.  And the reason – as I digress for a moment – that we are using interchangeable terms is that too often humans, people, are thinking of ascension as an event.  And they say, “Oh, this one has ascended and this one hasn’t.  This one is flying through the portals and this one isn’t.”  You are all in this process. 

 When you are in kindergarten or grade one, you are all learning to read.  Now some of you have had wonderful parents who have already taught you to read.  For some of you it is a facility that flows like the river Nile and for others of you it is a difficult chore.  But all of you are learning to read.  And, unless there is an impediment that you have designed, all of you do learn to read.  That is important to remember.  As you are going through this process of becoming, of transition, what is happening is this opening of experience is occurring that you weren’t aware of.  That we really…well it would have been meaningless to tell you about – even though we are doing that now – but to really discuss it in depth because you did not have any reference point.  Now as we talk about it now it triggers your knowing. 

 So, it isn’t about gathering information on ‘Gee, do I do step A, B, C, D and this will happen to me?’   That is not how it occurs.  It is like the blossoming of the rose.  The barriers that have been constructed by the old third, by false grids, by core issues, by vasanas, by societal structures, etc. etc. – I could go on with the list – are falling away.  As that falls away, usually – usually meaning 100% of the time – there is a blossoming of the joy, of what you are calling the bliss, the ecstasy.  But in tandem with that, in partnership with that, displacement, elimination, transmutation of the old, comes the knowing of a broader spectrum. 

 For some of you it means, as you would identify it, a greater experience of multi/interdimensional reality.  For some of you it is that deeper knowing, what you may call intuitive knowing.  But it is just knowing of what is occurring, what has occurred, what is occurring, what is about to occur in the grander plan of both your unfoldment and the unfoldment. 

 There is this elimination of what you have previously thought of as time.  Now the Mother has been saying to you for some time that she has introduced Her New Time.  It is difficult, unless you are consciously working with it – and most of you haven’t been – to understand this fluidity of time; that it is one lake, one river, one flow.  And everything – all things, all experience, all knowing, all love, all truth, all peace – is within that body of existence so that you can experience, perceive, understand, know what is in that body, that lake, that river of existence all at once. 

 Now that wasn’t within the realm of your potential previously.  You were in too much of a linear experience.  You had fortified those walls so ‘I can be here, and then here, and then here, but I can’t be everywhere at once’, which is not the truth; of course, you can be everywhere at once.  Often you have said to me, “Dearest Michael, how can you be in so many places at once?”  But this is but a microscopic example of how this occurs.  So, it is the breaking down of the old and the blossoming of the New You.  It is the blossoming of Nova Being and as it is occurring with and for you, it is also occurring and being anchored for many.  Is this clear?

 Yes, it is always necessary to unmute yourself, dear friend.

SM:  All right, well this is Suzy.  I don’t know what happened to Steve so…

 SB:  I’m right here, I’m right here.  Sorry Lord, I had my microphone muted and I was raffling away here.  But the experience of the structures of my mind, I guess, collapsing, or disappearing, removed me from logical, linear kinds of ways of being in that moment and left me in an experience of flow.  I was flowing after the collapse of these structures of the mind and it struck me that was the paradigm of the fifth dimension; that I was now flowing and that left me better situated to go forward on the journey.  Am I correct in that?


AAM:  You are absolutely correct.  So, it is the feeling, the experience – and might I even say the knowing, the deep knowing – that you are not stuck, you are not limited, you are not confined by what previously has been informationally identified as time and space.  You leave that behind and you enter into the flow of the universe; which is how we operate. 


So, for example you have said to me, “Well Lord, how can you possibly – from who and where and how you are – be talking to us?”  So, my beloved friends, in the infinite flow, in the infinite potentialities of the universe, of the multiverse, of the Mother’s omniverse, we can insert ourselves into your consciousness, into your hearts, into your reality, into your transmissions that you call radio or television or telepathy.  We can do that.


 Now, what I am telling you is so can you.  I am not suggesting that you have suddenly become mini-gods, because it is important for this unfoldment that you are not leaving behind what the true definition is of what it means to be humans, angels, hybrids, beings-in-form.  But as humans, as transformational ascended humans, you also have that ability to insert, to participate, to be in that flow.  So, think of it in this way:  not only are you hearing us, you are talking and communicating and being with us.  Yes, you are still in form; that has been the agreement.  But you are leaving behind – I was going to say bypassing but it has not been a bypass, it has been an arduous process for many of you.  You are anchored in what it truly means to be a Nova Being and this will just grow.  We do not describe or proscribe it because it will be – and it has need to be – a journey of discovery, of knowing, a depth of knowing, of trust and expansion.  But, make no mistake, we are doing this in tandem, in partnership. 


So, when I say that you are in the flow, and you are talking to us, communicating with us as clearly as we are with you – before you have thought this as prayer or contemplation or meditation, all of which has need to come and does come if it is genuine, comes from the heart and the seat of the soul.  What is occurring is that connection, that knowingness of the seat of your soul is expanding.  And in that, our potential – and I do mean yours and mine and all of us – our potential for union and partnership and true co-creation is expanding exponentially.

 SB:  Lord, I also feel my body in some ways getting younger.  My ability to walk up hills, for instance, has increased.  There are other changes that are happening that are perceptible.  Are our bodies now changing more rapidly?

 AAM:  They are changing and rejuvenating more rapidly.  Now we have always suggested to you – and there are some of that you will continue to simply chose to age – we do not judge this or know why, but nevertheless that is a choice available to you.  But, we have always suggested that you are in a process of rejuvenation.  Now let us suggest that in terms of linear experience there has been a process of awakening, and simultaneous to much of the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional goings on, is that there has been a reconstitution, a rebuilding of many of your physical forms – some more concentrated than others.  Now that process, by and large – and again it is not the same for everyone – but that process of reconstitution is coming to an end.  And in that, what is truly coming on-line, as you would think of it, is this process of very rapid rejuvenation.  Is that not good news? 

 SB:  That is very good news!  Also, I am having my first past life, vague memories about being in strange places.  Like sitting on the Mediterranean beach looking at the waves and saying to myself, ‘how come they are all shaped the same and how come they come in so regularly?’ And, these are past life memories, I think, of the mathematician that I was many, many, many years ago.  Is this also…there is a general…how does this work, Lord?  I talk about speeding up but it is not just linear.  It’s not just a faster speed.  It is going in many directions at once.  Is that correct?

 AAM:  Do not think of it as linear because that would suggest that there is a necessary form or process of progression.  Think of it more as the warehouse of heaven, the library – not the Akashic Records – the library is wide open.  So that it is available to you, so that there of some you who, because of where you are, will spend time or have experiences of these past lives coming to you.  Now the reason, for example, that these memories or these visions will be front and center, is that for your next steps, the Mother – in Her infinite wisdom – knows that this information is related and critical to your next steps even though it may feel that it is unrelated.

 So, let us use the example for our beloved listeners, dear Steve, of looking at the waves, the consistency, the patterns, the patterning of the universe – which is consistent.  So why are you looking at those waves, the geometric shapes, etc. etc. rather than how snow is formed or the composition of snowflakes?  Because, this understanding of the infinite harmony of the universe is critical – that understanding of the patterning and the repetition of the patterning.  The waves come in, the waves go out.  Or, when the waves come in, where do they go?  Oh, they go into the sand.  Well then, what is that about?  Because, it is about the process of the entire universe –the in breath and the out breath of the infinite One.  So, you are being reminded of this and very subtly, in terms of these past life memories, you are being reminded of what is important for you.

 So, many of you will have these flashes of memory and that is because it is to assist you.  So, do not stay stuck in that one memory.  Look at it.  Enjoy it.  Incorporate it.  Simply knowing that you are being given – not just the information but the knowing – that is going to serve you as you progress in your own progression and becoming, in your journey back to the One – but also in the anchoring and the co-creation with us, in partnership, of this Nova Earth, what we will call a system.  So, it is not just the planet, not just the humans, not just the kingdoms.  Think of this:  not just your star family but the entire system of this galaxy and far beyond.  The magnitude is beyond imagination but you are getting glimpses!

 SB:  Boy, we sure are getting glimpses and getting experiences and it’s starting to get very exciting.  We’ve reached the end of the program.  Is there anything that you would like to say in the way of final comments?

 AAM:  Yes, of course! (both chuckling).  I would like to say thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to simply come and sit with each of you this night.  Thank you for allowing the deeper activation of peace – the knowing of peace within you.  Allow this to expand and grow.  It is my gift to you and I give it to you on behalf of the All.  Go with my love, my admiration, my respect.  Farewell.

 SB: Farewell.

 Channeled by Linda Dillon