An inspiring snippet lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Elle: I feel some of what both you and Archangel Gabrielle have shared with me would be lovely to share with others, yes?

Belle’Anna: Yes, it would be, but it is always your choice and decision. But yes, share the good news – and it would be the nature of your generous heart. That is the light that you send through those windows, dear heart.

E: We receive such beautiful, inspiring messages of love in so many forms that I feel it’s a shame to shut them away just for oneself.

B: Thank you! And let us be clear: our love for you is up close and personal but, yes, love is intended always to be shared far and wide and far beyond.

And so, yes, you are correct in your understanding and in the brilliance of your inspiration to share these words of encouragement.