CHANNELLED GEM ~ Bonnie & Zomandia, June 1, 2016

Working with the Creation Formula and strengthening the paradigm through Sacred Partnership

Zomandia: Your first universal assignment from the Mother is to reach a place and to be consistently anchored in the state of being that is of love, acceptance, surrender and bringing forth into form, because that is the root and the energy of Creation. What you have been thinking of – and we use ‘thinking’ – what you have been thinking of is you have need to wait for the entire collective of humanity to shift. That is not so.

Now let us explain. First of all, the Mother has increased the energy that is flowing to your planet. All her legions, all kingdoms, all of us are sending the totality of our being to the planet. Her timeline, which has previously been very static, is now fluid and She has determined that this ascension process is already underway for individuals and for the collective.

Now, there are too many, yourself included, who think that you must wait. But in claiming and anchoring and living, as you are, your divinity, what you are doing in bringing forth that which you wish to create in the highest possible vibration is you are assisting and putting in place the reality that you want Nova Being, Nova Earth to be. So you are being a pathfinder, a wayshower, and you are demonstrating in terms that humanity can understand what the Mother’s Plan for Earth and the collective – all the collectives – is to be.

So we are here this day… yes, you wondered why you were having this session. So you are here this day to be encouraged, supported, guided to start bringing forth working with Universal Law, working with the Creation Formula, working with us who treasure you more than anything, to bring forth, to demonstrate, in the practical reality that many human beings still look to, what is possible.

Now, you would never create that which was not for the benefit, the highest benefit of both yourself, your beloved ones, and for the entirety of humanity. It is not your nature. That is what we had started to say, is that there is still – and we wish to eliminate this, this day – is that there is still this whisper within thee that is reluctant and reticent to begin to create and bring, through the use of energy of love into form, that which you desire.

Bonnie: I thought I was learning patience?

Z: You have and are learning patience. We are not saying that this is simply a snap decision and it appears like a genie out of a bottle!

B: Oh, I would like that!

Z: Yes, and that is where you are moving to, but that is not where you are at yet! And sweet angel, that has been part of what your broken foot has been about. It has been about slow down, sit down, listen to your heart and to our hearts and from there begin this process of stillness that brings forth Creation.

What you are doing and have been doing… Let us back up a little. When you feel – and it was enormously difficult, even though you have made peace with this situation and you recognise all that you have done; when this situation of imprisonment occurred, and everything that surrounded that – you felt and still feel, not in the same way but in a diminished way, that you lost your life.

B: Yes, I did. It didn’t feel like I existed any more.

Z: And of course that is not true. But we would be remiss if we did not say to you, acknowledge, we know how you have felt and you have done remarkable service both within the prison and since, activating people’s soul contracts, assisting in the way of humility and service that is the truth of your being. But it is not the totality of your being.

In your life, both as a bringer of birthing new energy and as the bright angel you are, you have always known that you are powerful creator, that when you envision something, that it came to pass. Now there is this ‘whisper’ that we have referred to that you are slightly… we would not say fearful; it is on the borderline of fear and concern – that you sometimes question your deepest heart’s desires and what you want to bring forth.

You say, “Oh no, maybe that will get me in trouble; maybe that is stepping off my path; maybe that is not in alignment.” What I say to you this day, bright angel, beloved of the Mother, is that those desires of your heart are not about death or destruction or control or greed or lust. They are about the desires of your heart; they are pure, they are clear. It is not that you are willing in any way to sacrifice your path but rather, to fulfil your path.

There have been many chapters to your journey, and that is as you and we and the Mother have designed it and it is as it has need to be. Not because God has demanded, but because we have formulated it in this way. So when we speak to you of stepping fully, consciously… because you create all the time from the subconscious and unconscious… but when you are stepping forward consciously into Creation, then you are declaring your reflection of the Mother’s Divinity, your embodiment of Her Divine Pattern, the importance of having the life with all of its adventures and accoutrements that you want.

Now, why do you want this? It is not for selfish reasons. It is simply to have the life where you get to experience the many varied faces of love. It is that simple. So you are ready to begin, and that is part also of the restlessness, the feeling that there is something about to happen and you’re not quite sure what it is. That is what it is!

So I say to you this day, our beloved charge, “What do you want? What do you choose? What do you decide out of the infinite realm of possibilities? What is unique to thee?” And this is what we begin, sequentially; not everything at once. We begin because this is your next step bringing you, utilising your innate Creator Self that you have buried a little but refuses to stay asleep, so bringing this to the forefront. And so we begin – and we begin right now. No more waiting.

B: Okay. That was what I felt was that I had to wait until after the shift because it wasn’t possible to have an unconditional loving relationship before that. Because when I thought other people were going to come into my life – and really I didn’t care if it was male or female – and the fact that I just wanted a friend and somebody I could share things with.

Z: What is occurring upon your planet: There was a joint decision on the part of humanity that you would all ascend together. It is beyond the Mother’s wildest dream and yet, of course, it was her dream! So what you have… there were several, well, there were an infinite number of potentialities for this to come to pass. One which has been commonly held has been that you would all go together, instantaneously, in a blink of an eye as it were, that the gate would open and everybody would simultaneously flow through.

Well, it has been far too slow! And those who have been indifferent or recalcitrant have created, in the human understanding of time, delays. But there have also been many of you – not enough to create the complete opening – but many of you who have said, “I want to go,” and so you have been, as we have said, you have been flying and drifting, sometimes walking, sometimes crawling through that ascension portal. Now you keep coming back each time with a higher frequency to grab humanity and say, “Come on, let’s go!”

Now, in that, in that pool of people who have been flowing in and out of the portal, who are anchoring in a higher dimensionality of heart consciousness – there are those who are living, breathing, existing in unconditional love. Now, is the pool from which you would be able to select infinitely smaller than all of humanity? But what we are suggesting to thee is that it is large enough to find soulmates and soul friends and to bring forth this first and foremost desire of your heart.

And also to begin to create in physicality, anchoring the higher dimensional realities in physicality, of what people think of as the 3rd dimension – because physicality can exhibit in all of the dimensions, but that is a lot for your mind to grapple with. So you can begin to create the situations, the business opportunities, the friendships, the laughter, the joy, the strength that you are desiring.

And that is why we are saying, “Begin your creation work right now!” Because what you are doing is showing those remaining in the, can we say “unknowing quadrant” of humanity that is still at the back of the line. You are showing them how it works, and what they look for is things that are in the more tangible realm. So when you exhibit that, they say, “Oh, well maybe it is worth it,” and they start to move forward.

B: Okay. My mind is reeling as you can tell, but I assume there is nothing for me to do other than…

Z: This is what you do. Yes, you may ask the channel for more information, and it is all over the place. But what you do is you begin with a stillness of your heart and the clarity of your intention. Now, when we say “clarity of intention”, we want to praise you, commend you, hug you, because your clarity of intention in this matter of a divine partner is perfect.

You did not say, “It has to be male, it has to be 5’10, full head of hair, perfect body, good job, good sense of humour!” No, what you have said, “It can be male or female, someone who honours the body; it may or may not look perfect but it is an honouring of the essence of spirit and of form, and it is the desire to unite in love and heart.”

And guess what, dear heart, “to create together, to create closeness, laughter, family, kinship, to bring forth the Home” – and we use that not just in the physical sense, but the heart sense that you have been desiring. You have not said, “Oh, I have to meet them at the corner of 5th and Main on Tuesday the 21st at 5pm.” You have opened the doors and said, “Simply bring them to me!”

B: Right! I didn’t want to go meet them…

Z: You don’t need to. That part is our job! That part is the energy of Creation, when you use the energy of love, the molecules of love and you pull the energy of that person to you, so that you are not doing hunt-and-peck; you are not on a search mission that can be enormously frustrating.

So the first piece of this – and we want to be practical this day, because we are teaching you and it is our greatest joy! So you are sitting in your chair, on your couch, on your bed, it matters not. But what does matter is the quiet time – you are wondering what to do with the time? This is it! The quiet time – so that there is no distraction, that you bring the fullness of your attention – like when you speak to me! – the fullness of your attention to your intention.

So “attention-intention” and you, from the deepest part of your heart, you feel, you think, you imagine, and you call from the far reaches of Heaven and the universe that which you desire – with enough flexibility that it can be delivered quickly, efficiently and lovingly.

Then you bring it to “stillpoint” – the place of no breath, no movement, no nothing – and this is where the fertilisation of your reality and our reality come into conjoining and the explosion into physicality takes place.

The third element is “action” – and we have never had any difficulty with you taking action!

B: It’s the idiom I know how to do the easiest! [Laughter]

Z: But it is the willingness to keep your heart wide open so that when that person appears in front of you, when a friend says, “Why don’t you join us for dinner?” or someone says, “I am going to an event, why don’t you come along?” that you say, “Yes!”

B: … I am trying to be more open for those things.

Z: That is what we are talking about! That ‘whisper of reticence’ that we had spoken about, that is what had made you turn down these invitations and this feeling of…

B: I don’t fit in.

Z: “I don’t fit in,” and even worse, “I don’t fit in any longer.” Dearest heart, there are two answers to this. First of all, we don’t want you to ‘fit in’! Now let us explain what we mean. In that ‘fitting in’, that is the pool of people that you are reaching out to at the back of the line. Of course you don’t fit in! But your love, the love that you are, the light that you carry is obvious to all. That’s why they keep inviting you!

So what you are bringing to this situation where in the old human terms you feel like, “Oh, I’m too embarrassed, I’m too ashamed, I don’t fit in,” – let go of that, because what you are bringing is the brilliance of who you are, and that is what humanity is yearning for. You are giving them a glimpse of what the Mother looks like, of what ascension looks like, of what is the potential for humanity. And when you meet your beloved, they will see that and you will see it in them!

B: So we won’t miss each other?

Z: No. So let us be even more clear. So then when you meet that person and you think, “I don’t know why but I am feeling the butterflies and the sparks,” and then they say, “Let’s go out on Tuesday and have coffee or something,” and you say, “Oh no, I can’t, I’m too busy.” Do not do that!

Accept the invitations that are extended to thee, and know in this you are doing many things: you are opening to receive love, you are opening to receive your heart’s desires, you are beginning to practice creation in a very practical way that leads to bigger projects and to the Creation of Nova Earth, you are helping the ascension process, and thereby you are living and fulfilling your mission and purpose.

It is not, in this time, that you have to wait. What you are doing is being a flag bearer, a pathfinder; you are showing the way so that everybody will follow you.

Think of it in this way. Long ago, in the parting of the Red Sea, not everybody went at once. It was like an opening of a tunnel; there were some at the front of the line who were very brave and thought, “This is a miracle and an opening and I will go through; I will follow our beloved prophet.”

And then there were those at the end of the line who said, “Well, I guess if everybody’s going, I don’t want to be left behind, I guess it’s safe,” uncertain yet terrified of being left behind. Well, you are at the front of the line! But you are showing those who are at the end of the line that it’s okay.

B: Yeah, I can get that.

Z: You understand this completely, and we are excited about this new chapter.

B: Me too! I really just thought that it wasn’t the right time, that I had to be patient.

Z: You have been patient, you are patient, you will be patient. And now we are saying, “Please – go for it!”

B: Okay, alright, I will do that. I don’t think there’s anything on the agenda right now but perhaps the phone will ring and there will be.

Z: In saying yes, what you are doing is relinquishing those hard obstacles, those feelings of insufficiency that you have carried, and you are saying, “Yeah, the past is over and I’m starting anew.”

B: Yes. I feel like from time to time you want me to talk about the past or is that just me wanting to unload it, I’m not really sure?

Z: No, it is not just you wanting to unload it, although there is some benefit in that at times. But it is both, because what it is also doing… you know, you are very discerning! So what you are doing is you are saying to people, “I’ve been at the very top, at what everybody thinks and dreams of; I misstepped; I have been at the very bottom and known the power of forgiveness and self-love; so I have known the entire spectrum; so you can’t tell me.”

What you are doing is sharing that whatever they feel about themselves, about their greatest dreams or their worst nightmare – you’ve been there and here you are starting anew, that people start anew every day. …….

But first, when we have said to you, “What do you want?” It is partnership! So let us begin there. And allow your passion, your excitement to fuel this creation. You have the expression of “putting a fire under something”. Well, dear heart, put a fire under this!

B: [Laughter] Okay. Is there anything else that I can do to serve you or anyone else, Zomandia? I feel like I’m… well, I guess now I do have something to work toward, or to think about and plan…

Z: Not only that. In this we have said to you how you are fulfilling your mission and purpose in doing this. But what we also say to thee, there are so many upon this beloved planet of Gaia who yearn, dream, cry out in the night for their sacred partner. It is one of the primary desires of humanity and becomes more intense, not less intense, as ascension proceeds because the knowing of love, the importance of love, the fact that love is all there is, is making it more desirable, not less desirable.

B: Exactly, I see it over and over, the longing…

Z: Yes. So when you are doing this work, you are strengthening the paradigm, not only of the yearning… that is not what we wish to strengthen – it is the delivery, the bringing forth. And so you are showing and again being a wayshower in how this can come to fruition. So you are doing it for yourself and you are doing it for many. So you are serving. Never underestimate the truth and the might of who you are. You are the daughter of the Mother, you are our beloved and you are true, you are stellar – you are the love.