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Title: An invitation to the Gift of the 13th Octave
Being: Archangel Gabrielle
Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love



Well, in deference to our wonderful Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle/Gabby, our Archangel of Joy, Central Administrator of the Mother’s Universe, the Messenger. Let’s all begin this beautiful, wonderful sunny day, even if it’s raining, and let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of sunshine. Open your mouth and let the sun shine into your mouth, into your tongue, into your teeth and your tonsils.

When we receive that energy from our sun and the great central sun it just enlivens us and you get a better dose of it if you open your mouth and just breathe in sunshine and let that sparkly golden radiance, the warmth of joy and love, fill you, fill your heart, sparkle it into your bloodstream, onto your skin. Feel that sensation of when you lift your face up to the sun, whether it’s a sunny day in the winter and you’re so glad to feel it, or an early spring, or in the height of summer, or the golden hues of fall, feel that gold. And it’s the gold of Yahweh. It’s the gold of sunflowers and daffodils and buttercups and citrine. It’s rose gold and white gold and gold gold and old gold, Florentine gold. Bring in the gold.

Let’s together open our crown, wider, and feel that crown of amethyst flames and right down the center of it let Gabrielle pour into you your wonderful gift, your wonderful gift, of her golden elixir. It’s like a very fine, fine olive oil and it’s filled with sunlight and this gift of her golden elixir if perfect. If you have digestive issues, if you have lung issues bring it into your lungs. If you have heart issues bring it into your heart. If you have any issues with your joints, with gout or arthritis or rheumatism or just plain old stiffness, bring that golden elixir, that olive oil sunshine, and let it fill you from the tips of your toes, the bottom of your feet, all the way up.

Bring it into your kidneys and your liver, your tummy. Juice up your solar plexus with the gold. This is the seat of our will, our hara, and this is part of creation. Feel your golden heart today and feel the joy no matter what is going on in your life, upon the planet. Our birthright is joy so let it flow and cover and fill you. And this elixir is warm, so let it relax you; bring your shoulders down and release your jaw. Bring it into your ear canals heightening your auditory capacity.

Now, let’s make full the central column around your spine. Fill it with the gold from the tip of your tailbone, as if there is a cylinder around your spine, and let’s fill it up. And while we’re doing this let us ask Archangel Gabrielle: If there are any DNA markers in our central column that it is for our highest good in this moment of the Mother’s New Time to be activated, will she please raise those markers now and activate them fully and keep them fully activated?

So this is your chance, take a minute…is there something mental, emotional, spiritual, causal, it matters not, that you’ve been working on that it is time to raise your DNA marker? So, if you’re working on anger, for example, or fear…anger sits in your liver…so we raise the marker that assists with the processing, the cleansing, the purity – the gifts that the Mother has already given us of purity and clarity and grace – to process anger. Or your heart…is your heart operating perfectly? Is it filled with love? Have you been broken hearted? Are you grieving? You have markers to deal with this. So, Gabrielle can you raise those flags? Whatever you want, whatever you’re choosing to co-create, this is your golden opportunity! Ask Gabrielle and then allow…



Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome my beloved family, welcome my beloved friends. And I hold each and every one of you to my heart of joy and I share this freely, in the name of the Mother, in the name of the Father, in the name of the One, for this is the gift that I carry…joy on their behalf.

So, my message to you this day, and I am pleased to help you with your DNA markers, but my message to you is… ‘claim your birthright’ …it is already within you but I come to reinforce it, to polish you up. I am delighted, pleased, overjoyed, that you are accepting and heeding, finely, my invitation to join me in the 13th Octave which has had a frequency of great, of such enormous proportions, that you would not understand if I tried to explain it and I do not need to…all I need my beloved friends is for you to show up. That is all we have ever asked, yes, with open hearts, open minds.

It is a gift given freely from the heart of One and I am pleased, overjoyed, once again to be asked to be the delivery agent, the archangel deliverer. I will hold you close. I will tend to you. I will make you feel safe and secure like never before. I will wrap you in my wings. I will tend to thee and yes, I will shine you up that you will be the truth of your magnificence as you return home.

On our side we are deeply blessed and lucky…yes, you don’t hear us talk about luck that often do you?…but we are lucky, not merely fortunate, we are lucky because we connect in that way of Divine Union all the time. Never has it been a case of being birthed from the heart of the Mother/Father/One and never going home again. Why would anybody do that? Yes, it used to be the paradigm, the reality within which humanity operated. And that is often why you have been called the bravest because you came to Earth and were not fully engaged in the union until you returned home. But that sense, that disbelief of isolation, of separation, became not only too hard for you to bear, for us to bear, but the Mother and Father to bear. Hence the gift of the 13th Octave, beyond measure and time, beyond what you know in your realm of existence, was gleefully, joyfully, wondrously extended to you.

Beloved angels, I am holding out my arms, we all are, and inviting you…come home, come home and play with us, join in angelic chorus with us, come remember and renew the truth of who you are. We are waiting. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon