On Heavenly Blessings, 04-19-16, a beautiful meditation takes you to meet your guides and guardian angels…Be sure to listen! “Their mission and purpose is to assist in ways that are wondrous and caring and appropriate. They will literally move heaven and earth, and other planets as well, in order to communicate and reach us…”

Title: Guides and Guardians
Being: Archangel Gabrielle
Program/Date: Heavenly Blessings/04-19-16

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Host: Suzanne Maresca

Start of meditation on meeting your guides and guardians: 25 minutes


I am Gabrielle, welcome to you beloveds, and yes, I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, but messenger of One and I step forward also, not as Central Administrator, but as messenger. And I speak to you, all of you, on behalf of your beautiful guardians and the whole array of forms, of scents, of colors, of animals, of totems that they take, in order to communicate with you, in order to approach and accompany you in this walk in human form.

All of us are at your beck and call because all of us are involved and fully committed to the anchoring and fulfillment of the Plan of the Mother. But sweet angels of light, sweet angels of love, you have your team and your guides and guardian angels appear to you in ways that are in keeping with your pathway and the expression of what you deem as sacred, holy, personal.

They speak to you in ways that allow you to build the relationship and to acquire the guidance that is helpful to you; this is their sole/soul responsibility and delight. It is what they have committed to eons ago and that commitment has never wavered or changed.

Now, often I have said to thee that I do not wish to be an underemployed archangel; well, this is also true of your guides. This is their mission and purpose – it is to assist you in ways that are wondrous and caring and appropriate. And they will literally move heaven and earth, and other planets as well, in order to communicate and reach you.

You are at a crucial period in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, we all are, in the unfoldment of Terra Gaia, of the New You, of Nova Being. And in that shift is the conscious communication, participation, revelry and fun, with your circle of guardians. It would be crazy, child, for you not to take full advantage of those who love you so deeply and dearly.

So, on behalf of the legions of guardians I ask of you to invite them in to participate, that you do not feel that you walk alone, that clarity is an ever-present situation and way of being, that the guidance that you so desperately seek, for the help that you need during this earth walk, is fully available to you.

Do not forget the circle that has been your family forever. We are with you and go in peace.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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