I come this day as your beloved Mother to gather you close to me for what you think of as family gathering… Why?…The Mother explains on our Saturday Conference Call today…


Let’s all put our fingers together into the 13th Octave mudra, anchor in your heart, deeper, feel your tri-flame…the beautiful Blue Diamond, the Universal Divine Mother, the beautiful yellow Canary Diamond of our beloved Divine Father, and in the middle, the beautiful, soft Pink Diamond, burning brightly, of our sacred self. Feel that tri-flame and let it glow and let’s turn it up like a gas jet and allow it to spread all through your body, that this energy of the Pink and the Blue and the Gold Diamonds are just filling you. And together as one sacred circle…click, click, click…and a fourth click to make sure that our feet, our bodies, our beautiful vessels are anchored here on sweet Gaia…click.

Now, really feel that Blue Diamond. This is the essence of the Mother, the essence from which all creation emanates. And really feel, not see or taste, but let’s feel that Yellow-Gold Diamond of Father God; let it burn brightly, that strength, that support, that wisdom. And in the center, the prettiest, gentle pink rose color, clear quartz of rose kunzite, sparkling pink, and this is the sparkling pink of who you are and it’s the color of gentleness and it’s the color of Joy. Feel it…feel how bright you are…and all those sparkles are part of your soul design and the anchoring in your body of the totality, the magnificence of who you are.


Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of the ancients and Mother of the new. Welcome, welcome beloved angels, sweet starseeds, intergalactics, Earth-keepers, hybrids, pathfinders, wayshowers, pillars, portals, gatekeepers. Welcome to all of you and understand the truth of who you are, my beloved children, my sweet angels of strength, of purity, of clarity, of grace. I have given you all these gifts and continue to bestow these qualities with my Tsunami of Love, not now and then, but every single moment of every single day, and I give this to each of you in perfect measure, but I also bestow it upon the entire planet and upon each and every being upon this planet. So, yes, the waves and the winds of change are upon you.

I come this day as your beloved Mother to gather you close to me for what you think of as family gathering…and yes, we will urge you on to Sedona…but there is a time right now when we have need to gather you. So, come my children and rest in the purview of my arms.

There are times in every family when there is grief and sorrow and pain and suffering and feelings of loss and desperation. As your Mother I do not pretend that these emotions, that these injuries and this wounding have not occurred upon the planet and within the heart and mind and beingness of each of you. I have felt your sorrow and grief. I have felt your yearning and your loss and the feelings that what you have dreamed and yearned for is not coming forth and I comfort you. I have said to you before that I do not wish, desire, or like being called the Mother of Sorrow, but my beloveds, I most certainly will be called the Mother of Comfort, the Mother of Nurture, the Mother of Restoration.

Now, why do I speak to you in this manner, in this day, this time? Why do I call you to a family gathering and have you come around me as if I am the mother hen and you are my chicks? I call unto thee to heal the wounding, to heal the injuries, to mend your hearts yet again…yes with my gentle pink thread…and to cauterize it with my Blue Diamond and to fill you with golden Joy. It is time, and as I gather you and as we, in this very moment, heal these wounds of war…because if it is war within, if it is war within your family, your community, your nation, your planet…all injury, all wounding is war and there is no place for it. And so often in your stalwart self you said, “Oh, it’s okay, it’s nothing” and you have put your head down and continued on, in my name, in the name of Yeshua, the name of the Father, the name of the Mighty Ones, and we honor this, we commend you for this, but it is not adequate.

So, we come together much in the way a family will come together when a loved one has died, and we express our sorrow, and we express our loss, and we cherish the memories, and we nurture one another, and we heal the grief, and we heal the wounds, and we heal the sorrow as only family can. Your tears are precious diamonds to me and it does not matter whether they are shed alone, or in the darkness of the night, or the darkness of your deepest hour. Your tears shed in the sunshine glisten the same way your tears of Joy do, the same way your smile lights up the entire planet, your enthusiasm, your awe, your willingness to endure, but also to create and co-create with us.

As the Father has said many times, “This is a family business and dear heart, you are invited each and every hour of every day to take your place in the family business and that business is Love.” That business is taking these precious diamonds, this currency of Love, and utilizing it to transform the entire planet into Nova Earth, into the unfoldment, the beauty, the majesty of my plan and your plan; these are not separate plans, they never have been. But as we do this I do not ask you to set forth for your first day at work in the new business, or your first day at school, without nurturing you, without healing you, without reassuring you of what lies ahead; that you will like it, that it will be fun, that it is far greater and more fun and more joy than you could possibly imagine; that this is the fulfillment of your dreams and your preparation and all you have endured.

So come my beloveds. As your Mother let me, once again, dry your eyes and pat your hair and hold you close and heal your heart right now. I am with you, I am always with you, but especially in this time, in my ‘new time’ and in your time. Give your pain, your sorrow, your loss to me.


Channeled by Linda Dillon