On our Saturday Conference Call today, Universal Mother re-gifted us with her Blue Diamond along with more Clarity, Purity, and Grace. Listen in or read below her message to you and feel her anchor her gifts into your sacred heart…


We are going to begin our meditation this morning by bringing forth a gift, once again, from the Divine Mother, from Universal Mother Mary. So, for this I want you to put out both of your hands, palms up so that you are in a position of receiving.

And into your right hand the Mother is placing a beautiful blue topaz, clear, clear crystal, the softest, gentlest, clear blue; like the blue water of the Atlantic, of the Caribbean. Feel the weight of that beautiful crystal in your hand and breathe in that pure sky blue, blue topaz, forget-me-not blue, and breathe it into your heart, into your tri-flame.

And in your left hand, feel the most beautiful, clear, sparkling diamond that is glittering and sending rainbows all over the room you’re sitting in, and into your heart, and its brilliance is almost making you blind. Now breathe in the beauty of that diamond, the beauty of that sparkling radiance, of that purity and clarity, and the diamond which is strong enough to cut through anything including our resistance, including the chaos, including the collective recalcitrant’s resistance to Peace and resistance to Love. This is a powerful diamond, so breathe that into your heart.

Now, take your hands and put them together blending the Mother’s clear blue with the pure diamond, bringing forth the Blue Diamond…the essence of the Mother, the healing of the Mother, the expansion of the Mother, the beauty of the Mother. Now open your hands and bring that right into your heart; put your hands on your heart chakra and breathe in that beautiful Blue Diamond. And it will be different for each and every one of you…for some it will be the pale blue, sparkly, topaz diamond, for others it will be the sapphire, the tanzanite; let it be what it needs to be for you. And breathe it in and sink it in, place it in the center of your heart.

Receive this gift, once again, of the Mother’s Blue Diamond, of her very essence into your very essence, and give thanks and gratitude.


Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, yes Mare’, the color of the oceans, the color of the sea, the color of the immense ocean of the sky. I am Universal Mother; I am Mother of Constancy and I am Mother of Change; I am Mother of all and I am Mother, sweet angel, to each of thee.

And yes, I bring my gift, yet again, of the Blue Diamond to renew your very core, to reassure you during this time of magnificent change, during this time of creative chaos, during this time of anchoring in the 7th dimension of Christ Consciousness and Love, that I am with you.

I am not merely with you now and then, in and out, distant deity; I am with you in all ways, in all forms, as Mother. And sweet angels, hybrid, star-seed, Earth-keepers, beloved Gaians, you are with and of me.

Yes, my delightful Albert Einstein has shared with you the composition, the patterning of my omniverse, then restricted it so that you may understand, in practical terms, this planet, this universe and your beloved self.

I bring you this day the gift of increased Clarity; increased, expanded Purity; increased, expanded Grace. I have not halted my Tsunami of Love, and I have no intention of halting this wave until such time as you have ridden it to the heights and depths of your being, conjoined with my being, and conjoined with each other, in the sacred union of family because that is what I come to speak to you of this day…of family, of the sacred nature of family, which utilizes your expanded gifts of Clarity and Purity and Grace and the knowingness, the beingness of Love.

Far too often I have heard others speak of my beloved Joseph and Yeshua…they seem to ignore the six other children…and they refer to us as ‘the Holy Family’. Beloved ones, all families, all families are holy, all families are sacred, all families are a blessing of Love. That is the purpose of family!

Now, I can hear many of you saying, in this very moment, “Well Mother that certainly hasn’t been my experience”, while others of you cocoon yourselves and say, “Yes, there is no one more dear than my family.” So, it is both ends of the spectrum, beloved ones. But, let me be as crystal clear as the Blue Diamond that I bequeath you with this day: All families are created for Love, for nurturing, for support, for expansion, for adventure, for growth; right back to the nurturing, the Love, the support.

Have the desires…and might I even say…the mis-desires, the mis-choices, that design of free will…has it resulted, in times, as a flat refusal of this very Love and nurturing and support that each of you are? Yes, sadly, pathetically, yes, but that does not change what the sacred nature and purpose of family is. And it is to nourish, to assist, to support, to glory in each others achievements, to share the victories and cry together at what seems like defeat, to grieve together, to soar together, to grow together. And I do not mean now, simply biological family, for even as I speak to you this day, you are more than soul circle, you are soul family; you are sisters and brothers to one another. You are not merely spiritual children to me, you are my beloved children…the children of my heart…not merely spirit children but actual children, yes, emotionally, spiritually mature.

And do you think I do not revel and celebrate in your victories, in your growth, in your expansion, in your extraordinary being? Do you think I do not, myself, stand at that Ascension portal beckoning to you, guiding you through, welcoming you home? I do! Yes there are many; there are gate-keepers, there are angelics, there are seraphim, but I am there awaiting you.

And when you say to me, “Mother, I must go back because there are still millions waiting” and I fill you with my strength, I equip you with my clarity, I fortify you with my prudence and patience and I send you back on wings of sapphire. You do not go alone, you never have. That is why I, I have birthed and created your guides, your guardian angels, not simply ‘legions at large’ but your guardians, your protectors, your advisors, your assistants.

This is part of my gift to you; that you know you never travel alone.

Might I suggest that all…and this is a sorry statement…all of your guardian angels, and I speak to the entire planet, are underutilized. Ask for more help, more insight; they are there for you.

I am here for you. We are family, united in sacred purpose, in sacred heart, in sacred union; we are one. Turn to me, turn to me, my beloved, and when you feel dull and tarnished, let me shine the Blue Diamond that rests within your heart; let me fill you with energy, with fortitude, with valor, with courage, but most of all, let me fill you with Joy.

Go with my Love and go in Peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon