You are ready and beloveds, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, ‘Spend it wisely.’ Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is love.

Heavenly Blessings ~ October 6, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: It looks like our friends on the Neptune have some encouraging things to share with us, and I for one am in need of that. Actually, many of the Council are lining up to have a word. Linda and I have been sharing our griping and ranting stories for half an hour now, and finally, Universal Mother Mary Herself is stepping forward to speak. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning to everybody out there listening, and those who are going to listen and those who are listening and don’t even know they’re listening! [Laughter] So good morning everybody. Welcome world!

Suzi: Welcome world, exactly! So our theme today seems to be “Waaaaa!”

Linda: Well, it seems to be “Waaaaa!” and it seems to be “When?”… that eternal question of “When?” And as you well know, Suzi, because you have been listening to me for the last half an hour or so, we’ve had all these incredible channellings and gifts of late that have been gifted, not only to us and to our listeners and to this circle, but to humanity.

I think our question is, “Why hasn’t the shift, or what we are sensing as the shift, not only on the spiritual level but in what we would call the tangible or the 3D level – why aren’t we seeing more?”

We had this amazing channelling from Albert Einstein during the recent Joy! workshop at my house a few weeks ago which, to me, is like a piece of seminal work. I haven’t had this sense of an “Aha!” moment of brilliance since he came in years ago and explained what the dimensions were all about. Rather than time and space, he defined them in terms of qualities and what happens in those dimensions and why we have those dimensions.

Well, he gave a very long channelling which is on video – a really pretty video done by Chris Mariotti which is just gorgeous! This channelling talks about how everything, not just us and Gaia and this planet and this galaxy, but how absolutely everything is patterned on the Divine Mother. And that is like a huge “Aha!”

And then he tied it in to chakras and white holes and black holes and the functionality of various dimensions. It’s an amazing piece of work and if you haven’t listened to it, I would really encourage you to do so because it’s one of those “Aha!” moments.

So we’ve had that, and also on last Saturday’s Conference Call the Mother came back again and re-gifted us with her Blue Diamond – and maybe we’ll do that this morning as part of the meditation because that seems to be part of the theme.

But it just feels like even though we see very encouraging signs… so I can’t be grumpy – oh, but I want to! [Laughter] No, I really don’t, but it’s like I’m waiting for that… I don’t know… the 100th Monkey. I’m waiting for it to click in and I’m looking around and I’m still seeing the absurdity.

I can’t call it anything else… the absurdity of politics, that there’s still war and mayhem raging in the Middle East; I’m seeing Syrian refugees running for their lives and people closing down borders rather than welcoming them with compassion, although we’re also seeing the flip side of people welcoming these refugees with compassion.

So I think we’re sort of in that “pause moment”. The energy has been very intense, and in some ways it feels smoother, like it’s not the rough seas but it’s still a really big sea. It’s a feeling like waiting… And I’m not sort of waiting for Christmas morning; in some ways it feels more like “Waiting for Godot,” [laughter] not knowing “if/when/how” things are going to evolve.

And I also know that we don’t need to know. This is our human obsession: “We want to know; we want to know.” We are info-maniacs wanting to know everything. But I’m just saying I’d like to know a little bit more; I want to do it, I want to witness it and be part of it more in the human realm.

Whereas I think, Suzi – I’m going to invite you to rant and rave – you’re on the other end. While I’m saying I’m waiting for the humans to take all the gifts, all the energies, all the frequencies and for us to implode-explode and really be Gaians, you’re at the other end feeling like, “Where’s the Company of Heaven in all of this?”

Suzi: Well yes, I am. Honestly, there’s been so many times when I felt before, “How much more of a squeeze can we take? We’ve got to be close. It’s so difficult,” but it just keeps getting more intense.

My m.o. [modus operandi] has been to just keep doing what I do and not to worry about the details. I really don’t need to know, and I really have been doing my utmost to change this world, to raise frequency, to be love. I’m very happy with where I am right now.

I’m just tired. It would be so much easier to do what we’re here to do with resources to do it. Obviously you don’t need money to meditate, but unfortunately we need money to do the rest of our things in our world. It can be really stressful trying to navigate this and keep the faith. I mean, gosh, faith… this is just totally a trust walk and I really am in, but we really need some help.

Linda: It’s interesting that even as you’re saying this, what I’m hearing from the Council and the prep that I had done for today was to have Galea, the Communications Officer on the Neptune, and Ashira of Neptune, the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and then Grener of Ashira of Neptune who is the President of the Intergalactic Council come and talk to us about their plans of full engagement with us.

To me that was really exciting stuff. It was going to be a marathon of channelling, that’s for sure! But I am also feeling that there’s a piece missing here, and it’s our human readiness.

We are told – and I think many of us know this and have felt it, and are having huge interdimensional experiences. We know we’re flying through the Ascension portal, back and forth; we feel the changes in our own vibratory rate, our own frequency, our own abilities to create and bring forth.

But there is still this missing piece – and as I put it to you earlier, “What is it that is stopping us?” We are Divine, the Divine is Divine; the Angelics, the Archangelics, the Elohim, the Seraphim, the Masters, the Mother, they know they’re Divine. So what is it that is stopping the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of her promise, of her dream, because we know it’s a given?

Now, I think what we’re saying is, “Are there any helpful hints? Please Mother, are there some helpful hints? I know you’ve given us a gazillion tools, but are there some helpful hints that can tell us, ‘What is it we need to do or break through to be on the other side of this wall?’”

Because it doesn’t feel like a veil; it feels too often, to too many of us… and I’m talking to too many people every day who are really, either mentally or emotionally or physically, suffering, and I know we’re not here to live in pain. So what is it? What do we need to do to break through?

Suzi: Yeah, my coping mechanism for a few weeks now has been that I know I’m not here to suffer.

Linda: And the Mother keeps telling us that she did not create or birth us to suffer. She is really clear. Gaia, this Earth, this gorgeous planet, was created or morphed from an archangelic form into a planet so that the angels would have a place to play.

Well, I don’t consider a lot of what’s going on – this is me, my opinion – what’s going on upon the planet as either angelic or as play. So what’s the breakthrough? What’s that golden key? What’s the combination to the safe?

Suzi: Well, that’ll be very interesting. So we get the direct word from Mom! “Mom, what’s going on?”

Linda: When all else fails, go to Mom!

Suzi: Go to Mom! That’s good. Alright, so are we ready for a meditation?

Linda: I’m going to repeat the meditation that we did on last Saturday’s Conference Call because She’s asking me to! So, away we go.

And I want to say before we get started, Suzi and I were talking – again in our “rant and rave” session – about how much we miss having the opportunity or the technology to be able to have the call-in show; maybe not every single time, but that we really miss talking to you guys and having you call in with your questions.

So it’s not that we’ve said that’s not something we want to do any more. It’s just something we’re working on and we really want to hear from you. So if you have questions, if you have statements, if you want to communicate to us, then please send those cards and letters to InLight Universal, send them to the Golden Age of Gaia, send them to the Council of Love. We really like talking to you!

Suzi: Oh, we turned off comments on the InLight Universal site because we were getting so much spam!

Linda: Okay, so send them to the Golden Age of Gaia or contact us at the Council of Love. We would still like to talk to you. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

[Meditation from 14:35 to 23:42]

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings. Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Ancients and Mother of New.

Suzi: Welcome.

UMM: Welcome, my beloved children, sweet Gaians. And yes, as always, I speak to all of you for that is the delight and the purpose of this platform. And I bring you, yet again, my gift of Blue Diamond. It is my essence and, beloved ones, it is your essence.

And I bring this gift forth yet again to remind you, to awaken you, to heal you, to activate you, to attune you, to move you into co-creation with each other, with this Council, with the Realms, with the Masters and with Me.

You are born of my heart, of my being, of the Father’s being and the Unity of One. As Einstein has so eloquently explained, I did not differentiate in the patterning or the quality of what I have created. You, because of your acculturation, your history – your bloody history – your hierarchies, have come to think in terms of hierarchies and gradations. This is not so.

So I did not create, I did not birth races that were less-than, kingdoms that were more-than. Are they diverse? Incredibly. That is my joy; that is my expression of joy. It is my pleasure, it is my Plan, that there be millions upon millions upon millions of faces of the Divine, in this galaxy and throughout the Omniverse.

But I am here this day as your Mother to speak about this human reality, about this Gaian reality which, by the way, is fully participated in by what you think of as the Angelic Realm, as all the Kingdoms, as the Ascended Masters, as your Galactic and Intergalactic Star Family. The Gaian experience is not limited or defined merely by the human collective. It is much, much broader than that.

And that is why there is excitement on the part of your Star Family to discuss with you their next steps. But I am pre-empting them because I want you to know; not merely think, not merely pray, not merely hope or trust – it is time for action.

So I am wanting you to know of your divinity; of my essence, of the Father’s essence, of the essence of One and of All that rests within you and that I have just reactivated yet again. I am attuning you; I am increasing your, what you call your vibratory frequency.

I have washed you and continue to wash you with my Tsunami of Love. It does not go away. I am not a start and stop Mother. It is an unfoldment of a Plan; and I might say, it is a grand Plan and it is a Plan of Fulfilment and it is a Plan of Love. And it is not merely my fulfilment; I am quite fulfilled. It is your fulfilment. It is our fulfilment.

Galea has spoken to you of eliminating the thought pattern, the heart pattern of “mine” and “yours” to “ours”, and that is what I am repeating this day. It is not merely my Plan and your piece within my Plan – it is our Plan. Since the moment, for most of you who heed this message, eons ago, from the moment you emerged from our being, it has been our Plan.

You have birthed, you have what you would think of as ‘diversified’ as angelic, as starseed – you have done it all. But you have chosen differentiation, uniqueness, expression of your core with the genetic matter – if you want to be scientific about it – of divinity and your expression of that divinity, but never different, never separated, never abandoned.

As the channel, Linda and Suzanne have spoken of prior to being on air – you have spoken of the greatest challenge and the greatest gift is family. It is a unique blessing and it is a choice. It is the choices that each of you have constructed and fulfilled in incarnation after incarnation. What I say to thee is that we are family, we are One.

I do not bar my door; I do not bar you from creating. We have given you quite literally the Warehouse of Heaven. We have given you tools, energetic and actual. We do not interfere because you are spiritually evolving and mature. Do we assist? Do we support? Yes, we do, but in ways that so often you decide are not meaningful. Now that is your choice.

Have you ever given a present – a gift for a birthday or a Christmas or an anniversary, an occasion that you put a lot of thought and love into – and the person opened it with flat affect and said, “Oh, thank you,” and put it aside? And how deeply that hurt you, not because of monetary value, but because the person did not see the thought and love that you had put into the gift; that it was a gift from your heart to their heart?

And then you have just shrugged or shaken your head and said, “Well, they didn’t get it.” And you bury the hurt or you let it go and you move on. Generally you do not say, “Well, I’m never giving them a present again.” And sometimes, for a couple of years, you don’t put as much thought into it or you try even harder. It matters not.

So we do not stop gifting you. But in addition to gifting – which has become very misunderstood in the human realm – we are your everyday support. I don’t tend to forget that I have children, beings, angels, starseed, that not only do I love but that I am crazy about, living on Gaia, some thriving, some struggling.

So I do not simply gift you here and there. We, your guides, your Guardian Angels, the Masters, the legions of Mi-cha-el and Gabrielle and Uriel and Jophiel, Raphael, all these legions, Melchizedek, are working – they are your everyday support team. They are not, not even close, to fully utilised. The offer is there. It is a standing invitation.

But very often it is not conceived as a partnership. We have been saying and talking to thee about this realm of Sacred Partnership for years now; that you are of an age – and past – where we do for you, but we most certainly do with you.

And so that is why I reinsert, literally, into your core, into your being this very moment, my gift of my essence which is Blue Diamond. It is who I am and it is who you are.

Now, I could go on to answer the questions that your beautiful hosts have asked, “What is the barrier?” And I can hear you all screaming, “Mother, whatever you do, don’t turn it back on us.”

I am pleading as only a mother can plead to join with us more fully in this Sacred Partnership of creating Nova Earth. We cannot – let us re-phrase that – we cannot because I have deemed it so, so we will not until there is a significant shift, come back down and reorganise, for example, your political systems, your social systems, your monetary systems, your systems of governance.

But will we support you in our everyday support? Will we inspire you? Will we gift you with the tools necessary? Yes. But you – you are Me on the ground. It is that simple. I am you on this side, all of you.

I have more faith, more trust, more confidence, more knowing of what you are capable of than many of you assume or believe. Are you in a time not of spiritual evolution but of spiritual awakening and revolution? Yes, you are. It is not intended to be a bloody war. That has nothing to do with love. That is an abomination that must come to a halt.

And Michael and the Archangels have been tasked with this directly by Me. And that is why I say to many of you, “Do not bother going to Syria or Iraq. We are taking care of this.” And given our choices, we would evacuate all warring troops, but we do not interfere with this human choice.

But let me stop there, dear Suzanne, and turn the floor, the entire dome of the sky, the entire water of Earth, let me turn it over to you!

Suzi: Wow, that is quite the … (inaudible)

UMM: I do not hear you, sweet angel.

Suzi: How about now? Good?

UMM: Now you are allowing yourself to be heard by the entire planet, including the dolphins and the whales!

Suzi: Thank you so much for the reminder of the union that we enjoy with the Ascended Ones and the Angels and with you, Mother, because that has been my work. In my meditation now, when I’m doing my breathing and my work, I really have merged with everyone. We are just one big happy family joining altogether, even with the people that we’re working on. It’s a beautiful thing and I so appreciate that.

I have to step into being somewhat politically incorrect and in some ways I resist doing this. But why does it have to drag on for so long? It would be so much more enjoyable to complete our missions and be the Bodhisattva with the resources that remove concern over paying bills and sometimes even having a safe place to sleep. It’s really hard.

UMM: Yes, it is really hard, and let us talk about this. And I can talk about it from your perspective, but that is not why you have invited me. It is very hard as a mother, and many of you that I speak to this day are mothers, and all of you have been mothers. So there is none that I address this day that have not had the experience, the knowing and the tenderness – and the angst – of being a mother.

When I use the word “abomination”, it is an ancient word that is emotionally charged and so I have used it very specifically. When I see – yes, of course the war and mayhem, it is horrific – but when I see a woman or a child beaten black and blue or senseless until their limbs are broken and their spirit is broken by someone who claims to love, that – because it is family – is very hard for me to witness.

You tend to think that we are beyond emotion. It is not that we do not have emotion like your Star Family, but our experience of what you would term as emotion is very different. And if anything, the intensity is far greater. Yes, the understanding of the unfoldment is present. That does not mean that it is not felt. And because we are completely in a unified grid, we feel it completely.

So when there is someone in a land of plenty that sits on the sidewalk begging for money so they can have food from a fast-food chain which is terrible for them, that is abomination. When children are raped and sold as sexual toys, that is abomination. When there is not enough money to pay for shelter or food, that is abomination.

When there is a family… Now I speak of biological family, and I will expand this to the human family. When there is family and one is wealthy and one is poor, and one is struggling and can’t pay the rent and the other is living in the lap of luxury ‘because they’ve earned it’, is that of Love? Not in our understanding.

And we extend this. When the human family, when the collective has such a wide gap between the haves and the have-nots, and the haves don’t care if those who do not have go hungry or drink infected water… That is not only abomination, it is beyond imagination.

So your question to me truly is, “Then why, Mother? You have the power to come down, to intervene and to basically smite those that are behaving egregiously,” because it is egregious behaviour… But that would not be of love.

Suzi: Oh, I don’t want you to smite anyone…

UMM: But what I am trying to do is to equip you, to remind you: you have everything I have to give you.

So what is that “wall” that Linda was talking about? I tremble at your reaction, but dear hearts, it is denial. You don’t believe, you don’t recognise, you don’t believe that we are going to help you as much as we are willing to help you.

And you float in and out and you think, “Now I’m doing my spiritual work; now I’m making supper; now I’m having time with friends”. And we are telling you, all of these activities are important. We beg you to have the balance, but all of it is spiritual. All of it! None of it can be delineated. The diversification was not to say, “Well, this is of the Mother and this is not, this is just maintenance and this is sublime.”

So what I am asking today as I approach you is to take this Blue Diamond, to take it, to meld it with your field and to create everything, from the practical to the sublime, to what feels undoable to what is readily doable, and to start doing it all.

It was an extraordinary, mature, loving decision when the populous of Gaia chose to ascend as One.

Suzi: So may I ask then and confirm: Does this mean that no-one moves until more of us or most of us get on board?

UMM: You are already moving. Now, let us talk about that. You are already moving. You have been dipping your toes, your hands, your head; you have been swimming, flying, walking, strolling through the higher realms, the Ascension Portal, the interdimensional reality – you are there.

And you know you are there, and every now and then you say, “Oh, I am so sick of this old third.” And what is a joke is that it does not even exist! So, is it a tipping point? Yes. And as we have been saying to you for some time now, is that that tipping point has actually pretty much been reached. So it is the doing; it is the action.

Think of it in this way. If we had a boat and we had… oh, let us use the infamous 144,000 people on this wonderful cruise line – that have a tendency to not work, but that is but another aside – and we say to everybody, “We’re changing the way this ship works. We actually want it to run on its side. It will be more efficient. So we want all of you, 144,000 of you, to come all of you onto this side.”

Now, even those of you who have chosen to get on the ship, have declared yourself as wayshowers, as leaders of the way, would say, “Well Mother, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The rudders are going to be in the air. The boat is going to tip. It’s going to be unstable.” Hence the trust factor, the feeling that you want us to help, but in some ways you don’t think we know what we’re doing! Is it not so?

Suzi: I can only speak for myself and I have to disagree. I completely trust. I really do.

UMM: You are coming from a place of trust, but that 144,000 or 12 people, they aren’t so willing to move to the other side of the boat, to take the action to walk from one side of the boat to the other side of the boat so that we can have the tipping effect.

Now, your Star brother and sisters are all prepared. They are at the tipping point as well. They are ready, eager and prepared to engage fully.

So why I have intervened, why I have stepped forward this day to have yet another gifting session, to remind you: we are not divided. There is no division in this undertaking. It is us. It is ours… yours, mine, ours. And there cannot be this hot and cold relationship.

Suzi: May I just give a little story here to demonstrate hopefully what you are talking about?

UMM: Yes, dear heart, please do.

Suzi: Thank you. I was working at the Renaissance Faire last weekend and I could feel the really tired energy of one of the girls working in the booths. I know what it’s like to be in that booth knowing that you have another five hours on your feet and wondering how you will do it.

So as she went about her business, I just stood there and put my fingers together, closed my eyes and called on the Archangels, posted them all around her and asked them to help her get through her day, bring her energy and do whatever it was that she needed in the moment. I continued to do this for a little while and when I opened my eyes, she was standing right in front of me. She said, “Thank you for that. I felt it!” [Laughter]

I thought this was really cool and just a really good demonstration of exactly what you are speaking of – that we are joined with you, all of you, and that any time we ask, it will be given; it will come through us, and if that’s our intention, if it’s in the name of the Light, there’s no way it’s not going to happen.

UMM: That is absolutely correct. She came to the side of the boat because you were there, with the legions, as One, and she knew it.

What we are asking this day you may think is miraculous, but it is not. Is it a gift? Yes. But what we are really talking about today, in this moment of your and my eternal Now, is the everyday support.

We have been on a higher grade, shall we say a frequency of assistance, in the last two years than for a very very very long time. Your Star Family has been on high alert, much to their chagrin at times, for over two years as well.

Everything, absolutely everything, is in readiness. That is why you have had so many channels citing various dates. The feeling that there is something huge taking place is dawning on every single lightworker/loveholder on the planet. So keep going.

Suzi: Yes. So meeting with Star Family is imminent?

UMM: Yes, it is. And I will not steal Grener’s thunder, but he will be coming to speak to you as the entire crew is… They truly want a more formal announcement and a more formal invitation for each of you to join the Intergalactic Council. So they are in preparedness right now.

Suzi: Yeah, alright. I am ready too! Thank you so much.

UMM: You are ready and, beloved, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, “Spend it wisely.” Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is love.

Go with my love and go in peace.

Suzi: Thank you, Mother. My heart is yours.

UMM: Yes. And my heart is yours, all of yours. Farewell.

Suzi: Beautiful, farewell.