This beautiful channel is the welcome at the recent Joy workshop. “I am the voice of Stillness, I am the voice of One, I am the voice and the energy of the Divine Masculine.”

Greetings, I am Yahweh, and I come to you, my beloved family, children of Grace, angels of Joy, humans of Oneness, and might I declare, of balance. I come to you not as thundering God so I will speak softly, as much as I can.

I come to you as Grandfather and as you well know, I am the voice of Stillness, I am the voice of One, I am the voice and the energy of the Divine Masculine. And so I extend a special welcome to you, my beloved brothers, who step forward in the modeling, the anchoring, the embodiment of the Divine Masculine that has been ignored so studiously upon this planet for eons.

And I welcome the Divine Masculine in each of you, my beloved women…womb-man… You are all precious. I have invited you to my knee, to my heart, to the family business. I am not merely some distant deity to be shelved and ignored. I am your Father. And like many of you, as mothers and fathers of humanity, I welcome the responsibility to tend to each of you, to ensure that you are safe and secure; fed, clothed and sheltered.

But more importantly I come to remind you to not forget your heritage, your birthright. You are born into existence, all existence everywhere, from the Mother and I. And the Mother agrees with me when I say she does not have a monopoly on nurturing. Our ways are different, but they are complimentary.

Let me be clear that when I say to you that you are part of the family business, I say this with a smile and yes, with a Father’s pride. You inherit the business on this planet at this time of becoming and being, and physically embodying Love. Love is our family business; I have given you my son and what was his message to you? Love yourself! It was not about ritual, fish or death; it was about Love.

I want you to know, in every cell of your being, the magnitude of my Love. Not only is my Love infinite and eternal but personal. It is not blanket coverage, it is directly from my beingness, from my heart to your heart, to your soul, and when you allow, to your mind, to your will, to your body.

I never seek to override, but with a Father’s pride I invite you into the Warehouse of Heaven, I invite you into my home, into the Temple of Love. I invite you, as a Father to his grown children. You who are fathers and those of you who are not (it matters not) understand that when your children are grown you do not want to interfere with their independence, but you want so deeply to participate with them, to share with them, to be with them. And so you quietly say, “Do you want to share a meal? Can we go to Temple together? Can we walk in the woods? Can we play golf? Let me help you fix that radiator.” It doesn’t matter… so, this is just me, quietly in the silence, pleading to be included.

I will not overshadow you, but I will over-light you every time you want, every time you ask, and that can be blanket coverage.

You, my beloved ones, are the microcosm, the disparate group, from every nook, cranny and corner of the planet. And we have beckoned to you as microcosm, to finish the repatterning that has already begun, and, to which I choose to be included.

It is the balance of the masculine and the feminine; the Father and the Mother and you, each of you my beloved children. Without the balance there is no Joy and when you are Joy, you are the balance.

So, welcome my beloveds, my children. Come and sit with me and walk with me, for we are one. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon