The Mother’s welcome to the Joy workshop belongs to all of us. “I say to thee that this is the time of fulfillment.”

I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love, and yes, the Mother of each of you. Welcome.

Welcome, welcome, and bless you, bless you my sweet angels for answering my call; it is a call to Joy, it is a call to Love, it is a call to change, it is a call to the fulfillment of my dream and promise, your dreams, your promise.

There are millions right outside this door hovering and waiting for what they call the fulfillment. In some ways it is puzzling, and it is puzzling because in some ways they are waiting for the sky to open and the chariots of gold to cross the sky, dropping gold coins as we go, and to hear Gabrielle’s trumpet announcing the end of the world.

While that may be a wonderful movie…it is not my dream. My dream is not calling you all home…oh that day will come and it will not be as described…my dream is for all of you to step forward, claiming, living your potential in concert with the support, beyond measure, of the Father and I, of this Council of Love, of your guides and guardians, and the legions of angels, free agents at your beck and call.

You, each of you, know this. Each of you are fully familiar with why you are here and the compliment of my plan with your plan. These are not separate plans, they are completely…and always have been by the way, even the scenic detours are completely interwoven. And this interweaving, this tapestry, is strong, it cannot be frayed or torn apart or broken.

So, when I say to thee that this is the time of fulfillment, I do not selfishly say “it is my plan”…I do not know the meaning of that word. I have observed selfishness upon this planet for far too long. But that is not you.

We are in the harmony of balance, of unity, of cooperation, of Joy, of Love, of Peace, of One. And that is the meaning of Joy! It is the light within burning brightly, meeting and engaging the light in everybody else in my name, in the Father’s name, in the Son’s name, in your name.

You have anchored the knowingness of sacred union; otherwise you would not be here. So, let us frolic and play and skip and jump for Joy; for that is the purpose of this reunion. I bet you have never thought of the Father and I jumping for Joy…but we have good lift!

So, let us begin. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon