What I wish to speak of today is: Where do we meet? I have used the term that we have “dropped three of our ships into your atmosphere” but what does that really mean? Where do we meet, frequency, vibration?

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ July 28, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Communications Officer and friend, Galea, is joining us again today to talk about what’s going on here on Earth while we navigate through these uncharted waters. The two weeks between shows fly by, I must say. It feels all at once both like swimming in a sea of uncertainty and having the most exquisite serenity and consistency ever. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! What a wonderful introduction and boy, did you capture it! [Laughter] Yeah, it does feel like there is so much happening and so quickly. And, at the same time, I, like you probably, have this sense of inner knowing, inner peace that everything is in Divine Order, even if externally it looks like mayhem and chaos.

Suzi: Absolutely true, and in personal situations as well. If something happens a particular way, an issue coming up, for example – oh, and I hope my daughter forgives me. I’ll just talk about this a little bit. She had something come up: it was an event triggered by someone else’s behaviour, but it speaks to something that’s going on for her that she understands is her issue; but it’s still something that’s a little bit beyond her.

I just understand the Divine orchestration of the whole thing; that everything falls into place like a puzzle piece. We are all just playing our roles, and these things that come up are really coming up right now for a reason.

There’s so much support around us to be able to release these things, and all it takes at this point, instead of years of therapy, is intention – the sincere, sincere, deep desire to let the thing go and to participate in that process. I don’t think there’s a lot more required than that. And then, of course, to ask for help.

Linda: And ask for help and to be really honest, really honest with yourself and be willing to do the digging – to dig, what I call ‘dig deep’, and what the Council calls ‘dig deep’.

It’s funny, because this morning as I was walking my little dog, Eliza – and thinking about the show, obviously – there were two things that really came up.

One is the Universal theme that we have been talking about on both An Hour with an Angel and with Galea on this show. It’s a theme that has been repeated again and again, but right now it feels very intense. And that is how we communicate, and how communication is really tied to the building of all relationships.

The second thing the Council was talking to me about was the Core Issue stuff, because at the same time as we are entering into a new form of communication – perhaps a kinder, gentler, more loving form of communication – we also have very much on the personal level these Core Issues smacking us [laughing] in the face!

And they are doing so because they are: they are lies and they are untruths that we have told ourselves, or we have been acculturated to. But they also reflect the bigger, global Core Issues of those old false grids, false paradigms.

So they are coming up and if we are willing to really look at it, and not put… what’s the expression, ‘lipstick on a pig’, and really figure out what’s going on – and really with clear intention and yeah, a little bit of work – let it go! Then we are free to fly. We are much further along than we think we are, especially the lightworkers/loveholders. So it’s important.

If anything that our Galea and our Star Family is teaching us, it’s how they operate: great discernment but no judgement. I’ve always wondered because we’re all confronted with issues and things that go awry, and we just say, “Oh no, that’s wrong.”

And I’m always worried [laughter], “Am I being judgemental?” But there’s a world of difference between discerning and not putting on the blinkers, and pretending you are Pollyanna and really not being judgemental.

Suzi: Yes, there’s a difference between observation and judgement. I think judgement is basically making a self-determination that something should be a different way when we have really no idea what’s right for someone else.

Linda: No, we don’t, because we don’t have access to all that information and all the variables, and their life contract and their soul contract… Noo! [Laughter]

Suzi: It’s just love; it just comes down to love – Love, Love, Love! [Laughter]

Linda: It just comes down to love. Gosh, we’re boring, eh! It’s always about love. There’s only one topic on this show!

Suzi: Yeah… and in my life! I mean, every time my focus strays, I just want to get back to love. That’s all. It feels so much better.

Linda: It does. Whenever I tip my toe in that chaos, it’s like I want to run home to my little nest and just be in the Love; I don’t want to engage in it. And maybe that’s putting my head in the sand, but I also know that when I stay in the higher vibration, just like you do Suzi, we hold that Light and it emanates out – and we are doing our work.

Suzi: Absolutely. I think sometimes, just by our existence and willingness to be here and be love – if there wasn’t another single thing I did, I think that would be a huge contribution.

Linda: Boy, at the end of the day, if they put love on your tombstone, that’d be okay! [Laughter]

Suzi: I’m cool. I don’t want a tombstone and I’m not going to need one, because I’m taking this body with me! [Laughter]

Linda: Okay! [Laughter]

Suzi: So, are we ready for a fabulous meditation?

Linda: Yes, we are.

Suzi: Lovely, thank you.

Linda: You are welcome. You are all welcome. And both Suzi and I and the whole InLight team really, really appreciate you – not simply as a listening audience but for who you are, and for your stamina and your truth and your work and your gratitude.

[Meditation from 11:10 to 19:40]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer, Conversations Part 5

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, sweet sister. And yes, we are grateful. We are grateful for this opportunity, for this platform, for this vibration, to speak to you and to speak to all of you, the brothers and sisters of our soul, of our journey, for our missions and purpose, our soul design, are completely intertwined.

And as you go forth in your Ascension process – and I mean the process of humanity – it is not simply humanity that benefits, it is all of us. And when I say “all of us” I mean your brothers and sisters from twelve galaxies away. We are One. And that, for many of you, is why, at times, it is so difficult to not have clear, more constant, more consistent action and interaction between us.

It is the longing of your hearts – and ours – that this not simply be an occasional sighting, but that it be the truth of an ongoing, fully anchored, constant communication and relationship. That is why, when last we visited, we spoke so fully about this issue of communication and why we have delved into how we operate in relationship.

I want to preface and back-preface everything I say to you by saying it is not that I am suggesting to you as Communications Officer – an honour; this assignment has been far above and beyond –  but I do not place myself in any form of hierarchy. I do not tell you or suggest or mean to suggest that our way is correct and yours isn’t.

What I am desiring, what I am wanting – deeply – is to share who we are, how we operate, how we think, what our lives are like. So that is why, when we speak of communication, for example, and we tell you it is heart-to-heart, love-to-love, it is so you may understand. Do we hope – desperately – that you will emulate this model, this model that is true for many galaxies? Yes, of course, we do.

But never, never are we here either as critical judge or jury. It is our passionate desire to create levels of genuine relationship and communication so that we can – whether it is aboard a ship or in Hawaii – that we can have, always, this level of true communication. For us, it is a form of union, of conjoining, so we are not laying out the syllabus.

In a true relationship, in a love affair, you innately want to – if it is a true love affair – you want to be vulnerable. It is part of the trust factor where you begin to establish, show, demonstrate, not with facile words but with the truth of your being, who you are, what you are about, what your heart’s desires are about, where you wish to go, what you want to do with this segment, this fragment of your existence or your life.

We have mentioned to you on prior occasions how many of our “boots on the ground” are having to travel back and forth because the frequency of the human collective can be so chaotic, abrasive – not intentionally, but it is like sandpaper on our souls – so that we are finding ourselves having to go back and forth more than originally anticipated.

Now, that “back and forthing” was not part of our original plan. We – and yes, it is important that you realise – we can overestimate and underestimate and have to adjust our plan as well. And yes, I have had permission from Lord Ashira, our Commander, and from the Intergalactic Council, to talk of these things because we never wish to hold ourselves out as some form of advanced species that always gets everything right!

We are in this evolving unfoldment with you. Do we have different frequencies? And that is what I wish to speak of this day. Yes, we do have different frequencies, but there are times when we have to adjust our plans as well.

So to finish, my point was that originally we felt that we would have more and more of our people, if you wish to call them that, upon the ground: science people, healing people, teaching people, what you would think of as technology or science people. We had a whole array; it is not simply one segment of our fleets that we send to Earth. But there has been adjustment and more back and forth than originally anticipated.

But we are not settling for that. Our goal – and that is why I speak of this, this day – is for us to be able to be upon beloved Gaia, and for you to be able to visit with us on board many, many ships on a regular basis. Is there adjustment, attunement, modification that has need to take place? Yes.

Now the good news is those modifications are not of technology or science. We are fully capable of engaging in what you think of as Earth’s atmosphere, your reality, without a problem. In fact, in the past week, we have dropped over three ships plus support teams into Earth’s atmosphere. So we would suggest that you keep your eyes and ears open, because what we are doing is a bit of a test-run.

Now, there are many times and many sightings of you, beloved lightworkers/loveholders, where you see us, but this is a general ‘unveiling’ if you would of some of our ships. And so we are observing what the reaction of the populous, and of the very military/political forces, are to our visible presence.

So, I simply give you that as a backdrop, so do not be surprised if there are many pictures and sightings in the upcoming weeks. We will be sad or disheartened if this information is hidden – but even that is an indicator and a piece of information for us, and it is not a piece of information that will halt our work to make our presence known.

What I wish to speak of today is: Where do we meet? I have used the term that we have “dropped three of our ships into your atmosphere” but what does that really mean? Where do we meet, frequency, vibration?

Now, you know that most of your old third is gone. But there is still a beautiful, vibrant, vital reality in the third realm of physicality. Where we tend to meet is in the 5th dimension – and many of you are already there. And that is why it is so confusing when you observe the fragments of the old third because it is not where you live.

We tend to anchor in the 7th dimension of reality, which is the Love frequency. We move throughout many dimensions. That is how we jump time, jump space, but that is a technical discussion that we won’t get into today, although we will get into it.

But our frequencies have need to align. And we – I have need to emphasise – we are not suggesting that there is anything inadequate or wrong with your frequencies, especially you who listen this day. But the question is not about you, is it? So often, it is about, “Why can you not be here more clearly, more constantly?”

So I speak to you as wayshowers, and I also speak to the people of Gaia who, whether they are conscious or not, do receive this broadcast. And that is one of the reasons – well, aside from the Mother’s directive which overrides all [laughing] – but one of the reasons we have truly wished to engage in this conversation, not instead of with the Mother, ever, or the Ascended Masters, or the Archangels, but because in so many ways we are the closest to you vibrationally, frequency, form, substance, ideation, etcetera.

[Static interruption of approx. 15 seconds]

Galea: Dear hearts, I am Galea. And think of this ‘static’ that you have experienced in the middle of a conversation as what we feel so often when we are trying to have open, honest, loving conversation with some kind of human being! So you have a very up-close and personal understanding of what transpires.

But what I wish to talk to you about today is truly about vibration and frequency, because we know – for those of you who are listening or who will listen or who have listened – that this is the truth of your heart: that you wish your frequency, your vibratory rate to be higher and higher and higher, not merely so you can commune and be in partnership with us – which for us would be delightful – but also because it is part of your journey.

And it is part of your journey, not merely for this life or for this Ascension, or for this magnificent shift in what Suzi calls the “Golden Age of Time”. It is part of your journey back to the One/Source.

And it is already programmed within your spiritual and your physical DNA. There are things that you call “instinct”, “fight or flight”, but there are many things that are within your DNA that we would term “instinctual” – and the drive to raise your frequency is one of them.

Now, let me speak of what we do. We have talked about our work day, and how there is always time and space and support built in for us to be able to pray, meditate, socialise, be alone, follow the rituals of our own heart, and have time which you may think of as ‘seeking’.

Now, we have also shared with you that we have been – all of us in the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies and the other Commands – have been on high alert for some time now. And yes, many of us, most of us, all of us [laughing] have been working what you would term ‘flat-out’ for some time.

When we are in that kind of situation – which is very parallel and akin to the situation you find during this time of mayhem, of chaos, of breakthrough, breakdown – we are given, commanded, ordered, benefitted – think of the variety of words you can use – we are given more time to simply meditate and to ensure, given the tensions and the workload, that we are in our balance.

You say to me, “Galea, that sounds wonderful, but I have a 9 to 5 job and it is really demanding.” Or “I have a dawn till dusk till midnight job taking care of my family, and it is really demanding.” Beloved ones, I understand. We all do.

Let me give you another example. When someone is new… think of it as a new recruit; oh yes, we do get circulation through our Forces. We are not simply operating within the planetary sphere of Gaia or even your galactic sphere. We have many fleets throughout various galaxies. So there is circulation.

But when we have someone perhaps that is new to the fleet, they are given more time to socialise, more time to acclimatise, more time to meditate, more time to stare at the wall, to stare at the stars, to stare at whatever they want, because they are adjusting their frequencies.

Even within one singular ship, big or small, they are becoming attuned to everybody’s frequency on the ship, and then so on throughout the Forces, because if there is not an attunement… We are not talking about identical – we have no desire to be identical to each other or to you – but there has need to be a synchronicity, a meeting, a symphony of our frequencies and vibrations so that it operates harmoniously.

So what I share with you is what we do to modulate, to increase our frequencies, because we believe in the sharing and in your adopting more fully these practices. It would help you. You would be surprised, amazed – and perhaps not at all – that one of our most basic practices, at least once a day and usually several times, is the balancing of our chakra systems.

Our chakra systems are slightly different than yours, but you have been given the 13 chakras and the 3 lines/meridians with which to operate. If your energy system, if your energy body, if your lightbody is not open, if it is not filled with the frequency of light – whether it is white or purple, grayelsha, or anything – then what you are doing is not experiencing the joy, the bliss, the nurturing that you are entitled to.

And in that, you are not communicating as much as you could to each other – both to us and to your fellow humans – the level of frequency and vibration that is possible. When you do not bring in the love to your heart, to your body, to your chakras, to your meridians, to your speech, to your actions – if there is not an absolute, identical match within all your bodies and all your areas – then you are not influencing or penetrating or giving to those who surround you, the best and highest of who you are.

Now you say to me, “Galea, I try.” Of course, you try, beloved ones. We could not be having this conversation if you were not already enmeshed in the practice of love. What I am asking you, or suggesting – yes, perhaps this is self-serving – we are asking you to maintain this vibration 100% so that there is no such thing as a ‘bad day’.

And you say, “Oh, I don’t know if I can do that. [Laughing] I don’t know. There are times when I feel down or disappointed or disconnected, or I feel that my anger or my fear or some of my lesser human qualities come to the forefront.”

My brothers and sisters, I would not be requesting or suggesting this if it was not fully and completely possible. You have been given so many gifts, so many tools – and some you like, and some you let go by the wayside. That does not matter. What matters is the patience, the determination, the consistency, the stamina, the certainty – the full embrace of the certainty that you are kind and loving.

You say, “I am kind, I am loving, but maybe in my day I’m at 70%.” I’m inviting you, I’m asking, I’m suggesting, because we cannot really reduce, otherwise, we would give it a try, but it is not workable for us. So can you work on increasing your vibration and frequency with the myriad of tools, with the 13th Octave, with meditation, with chakras, with meridians, with actions? You have a saying on your planet, “Actions speak louder than words.” Action is just another form of communication; it is just another form of relationship.

Now, I know I have given you a lot to chew on. Dearest Suzi, what questions do you have for me?

Suzi: Well, I would just start by commenting and saying, I love your ways and hearing about how you live your lives. I have faith that more and more humans will naturally turn to these kinds of practices and that the power of the collective shift will nudge others into joining. It’s always a challenge for me to let go of how long it’s going to take to bring us all there.

So, one of the things that have occurred to me as you are speaking is that I’ve had this understanding that sometimes in meditation, any time during my day, driving in the car, I have these wonderful, great insights – and I actually bought a voice recorder so that I could record these things. But what I also really got is that just by virtue of my having a personal realisation, it somehow gets sent out into the collective.

So I’m just feeling like the more we can focus on ourselves and our own behaviour, always turning to love whenever we start to feel we’re going off track or whatever, that that’s going to have a greater effect than probably we realise. So would you speak to that?

Galea: You are absolutely right. Now, one of the things that I spoke of when we began today was that we need to be very clear with you – and I speak for all of us. We have no desire, no plan, nothing.

We do not operate from a place of control; that is a foundation of war and not the foundation of peace. We come in fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan for us, and for you, of establishing lasting peace. One of the most challenging shifts in the human race has been – good, bad, indifferent, however you wish to term it – this desire to control timing, outcome, action in between.

What you are saying, beloved, is that when you have these moments where you are filled and overflowing with inspiration, with insight, with love – of course we encourage you to share it because the more it is shared, in verbal and in non-verbal ways, it is expanding the human capacity for love.

But let us also be clear. When you simply have that understanding, that momentary flash or the hours upon hours of transformative love, of heart-centred consciousness, it is transmitted at the speed of love to the entire human race. So that is you increasing your frequency and not wishing to control anybody, but just sending out the vibration and saying, “Wow, doesn’t this feel incredibly wonderful!”

When we have, for example, a new recruit on board, we don’t go knocking at their door and say, “Here, take some of my frequency.” [Laughing] We leave them alone and we let them attune and adjust at their speed, at their rate. And that is exactly what you are doing too.

And that is what we are asking each of you to do. So when you move from say 50 or 70% and you say, “Oh my gosh, I had an 88% week,” cheer for yourself, give yourself gratitude and thanksgiving, and keep going!

Suzi: Woo-hoo!

Galea: Woo-hoo! It excites us to the extreme because, as that happens, we are more capable, literally, of being with you.

Suzi: Alright. So, that brings me to… It is a collective thing. It’s not necessarily about how many lightworkers have the frequency to be able to match yours, or be with you in a more physical way. It’s a collective thing, so it doesn’t really matter at this point that there’s a lot of us that are ready; there are still lots of us that are not.

Galea: Many of you are ready, particularly the lightworker community. And unbeknownst to you often, you are encountering us in your daily events, whether it is in a Starbucks or a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods. We tend to position ourselves in situations where lightworkers gather because the frequency is easier on our very souls.

Now, you also encounter us often in the Cities of Light, both unfolding and unveiling. And what we say, what we mean by that – for there are some Cities of Light where the portals are open and that we are there, helping to anchor the future into what you conceive of as the Now – so we are present in many of the Cities of Light. We tend to position ourselves in places where it is easier on us and where we are welcomed.

So many of you see us – look to our eyes especially and perhaps our different behaviour. Sometimes it appears as if we are distracted or literally in another universe, and we are trying to adapt to that as well. So the lightworker vibration is there.

Now, fortunately or unfortunately, even when we go to places, let us say Sedona, for example, we use the portals in Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock as many of our landing spots and our entry points – and it is because this is a situation, like several upon the planet, where the frequency is firmly anchored in the 7th dimension. Even in that, there are human beings that are still acting or behaving or clinging to the old third. So, although we are in a community that has a high vibration, encounters with those ‘old humans’ is difficult on us.

But are we getting there? Absolutely! And that is why I am going on the air today with you and Linda to communicate this. She is one of us; she knows whereof we speak and the difficulties of attunement. So yes, we are so eager!

Think of it in this way. You think sometimes we are distant. We are your family that you have known for ever. We are the ones that held you on our knees and played with you as children, and that you may not have seen in 20 years.

But we are so excited for the family reunion. That is why we have done this experiment of dropping some of our ships into your atmosphere. We can’t wait!

Suzi: Oh my gosh, I can tell you that so many of us can’t wait either. There’s just one more thing I want to say, if I may. My heart circle is primarily global and internet-based at this point; I’ll not say ‘based’ but that’s how we connect. And I’m so, so fortunate to have my daughter in my life; we are travelling partners and I am so fortunate that way.

But so many of us lightworkers are really feeling lonely, because we don’t have an in-person, physical companion whom we can share all these things with. So, in that way, we are very much longing for the reunion as well, just to be able to be surrounded with people that fit with our hearts.

Galea: The loneliness is devastating. And yes, we don’t experience it in the same way. But are we aware of it? Most certainly. And yes, you have used our star technology that has been planted and given, shared joyously with the planet – what you think of as ‘the internet’ which really is the ethers, dear heart. That is how you are communicating.

But the next step is community – physical community – because you are not intended to live alone. You are blessed with your beloved daughter, star being as well. But yes, it is intended for all of us to be able to gather, to sing, to dance, to laugh, to play, to converse – even us, we will eat with you!

Suzi: I could pass on the eating thing, but the singing and dancing – I am totally there!

Galea: So are we! And to simply sit in silence staring at a campfire would be our greatest joy.

Suzi: Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking before! I want to throw a big, outdoor party and invite you guys, and we’ll all have this big bonfire and sing and dance together. I just really want that.

Galea: We accept your invitation!

Suzi: Fabulous! Let’s do it!

Galea: It is a plan, is it not!

Suzi: It is a plan. Of course, I have more things to talk to you about, so I hope you’ll join us again.

Galea: Oh, I would be delighted to! Everyone on ship, and far beyond, is really excited about this conversation. I am so lucky! I am so honoured to be your guest and would gladly return.

Suzi: Do you know what? I just had this vision of a bunch of people sitting around a radio back when radio was the medium of communication, with rapt faces, just sitting – and I could see all of you guys up on the ship… That’s just a vision that I have. I’m sure it’s different for you [laughter]…

Galea: It is not as different as you think.

Suzi: [Laughter] Wow! I am so happy to be doing this and I feel extremely fortunate as well. So we are so blessed together.

Galea: Thank you, and thank all of you. I send you the love of all your brothers and sisters. Farewell.

Suzi: I love you. Farewell.