On today’s conference call, Archangel Gabrielle delivers a very important message from the Universal Mother…I bring you glad tidings of great joy yet again, for the Mother amplifies, opens the floodgates even further, for the anchoring of this union, this state of being in complete unity of One, of Mother/Father/You
…Feel the expanded energy of the 13th Octave now and every day…

cc 08-15-15 Archangel Gabrielle


Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved ones, welcome beloved angels, sweet Annas, angels of the Lord.

And yes, I bring you glad tidings of great joy yet again, for the Mother amplifies, opens the floodgates even further, for the anchoring of this union, of this situation, this state of being in complete unity of One, of Mother/Father/You; to anchor it more fully in your beloved self, in your life, in your breath, in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, in your field, in your core, in your heart.

This doorway has been open, available, beckoning, at times even seeking, all of you. And I have been waiting, and child, at times I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to bring you home to the heart of One. Now, I understand that you like to dawdle, and that you are having a grand time with James, with your guides, with your circle, receiving the gifts from the Ascended Ones from your own Circle of 13, but I wish to remind you that I am waiting at the foot of the spiral to bring you Home.

I will wait forever if that is what is required, but I cannot fathom, or possibly imagine…none of us can…that the offer of this union is on the table, that the present is under the tree, that the birthday gift is under your pillow and that you are not taking it, opening it, tearing it apart, grabbing it and running. No child, I do not say this in any form of judgment or criticism, I am simply saying this as an impatient Archangel. Oh yes, there are times upon this side were impatience is just as much a virtue as it is for you.

I have given you multiple gifts, all of them of truth, of Love, of joy. You have been prepared for this state of union for a very long time, and it is a gift to assist you in the final Ascension. For what do you think it is other than simply coming and uniting totally and completely within the heart of One and remaining within your physical form, within your physical reality, the interdimensional Love beings that you are?

This is the truth of the Mother and more importantly, in many respects, it is the truth of your birthright, it is the truth of why you have come, it is what your heart has yearned for…to be Home and yet to still complete your mission, to complete the promise and what you have said you will do for the Mother and to experience the joy of co-creation, the joy of literally being in form. It was never intended to be drudgery; it was never intended to be difficult.

Many of you seek and seek and seek and seek, but that is because you are yearning for this sense of completion; completion of your beloved sacred self; completion of the union back Home; completion of your mission; completion with the old.

Prior to this we have told you there are fragments, whispers of the old 3rd dimension still hiding, and certainly resting in many people’s hearts. But we tell you, this is the completion of the old 3rd; it does not exist!

Many of you have claimed that you wish to be the fullness of yourself, that you will fly, you will recover your wings, repattern your sacred selves, and see the anchoring of this wondrous Golden Age; to participate and be the portals and the anchors of the Cities of Light; that you will speak and communicate and laugh and play with all the kingdoms; that you will fly with the angels and sit with the Masters and know the full beauty of Gaia.

This is not a dream. This is not a pipe dream. You are not living in a movie called “The Matrix”. You are living in the fulfillment of what you and we had designed so long ago!

If we have, together, but one desire, it is not only to know the Mother’s Love, but to BE the Mother’s Love. It is not only to learn how to co-create, but to BE the creation. It is not just to live the dream, but to BE the dream. This is what I offer you on behalf of the Mother and the entire Council of Love. The Mother has flown open the doors!

I await you, yes, as messenger, as delivery agent, as servant. I call to you, I call to your heart, I call to your mind, I call to your soul: Come and join me that I may bring you Home, for this is also part of my mission. And when I speak of joy, what greater joy can there possibly be than the union with One? And in that you will anchor it, and you will communicate this to every being upon your planet…and far beyond!

Within the Mother’s time, the “new time”, within what you have framed as time, and far beyond any measure of time, our Love awaits you. It is our offering, it is our gift. Please come…I am waiting, I am waiting to lift you up, to bring you Home and then to bring you back to your sacred vessel.

Blessings. I give you my Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.