The incredible diversity that is available upon your planet is remarkable, for the human beings, this wondrous race, is remembering, recalling, reintegrating the gentleness – the gentleness of Creation, the gentleness of Love, the gentleness that is your birthright…

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ June 30, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Communications Officer Galea is with us again today for another of our fascinating discussions. I have no idea what we’ll be covering but I’m pretty sure it’ll be interesting. I don’t even have language for what’s been going on with me lately, but what I can say is that the most noticeable shifting of my reality has been internal.

For years now, I’ve been saying how much more effective we could be if we were just able to invoke memories and skills from past incarnations to effect change now; if we can only claim our superpowers, then everything will fall into place I thought. Well, it feels like that’s exactly what’s going on now in stages, what used to be periodic incoming energies during triple portal dates and celestial events and things.

It feels now like a steadily increasing, non-stop influx of Light codes and information. And this might be what makes it possible for the integration and awareness of things that live in our DNA on an individual and collective level. There’s so much going on. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! And I think you’ve summed it up really well. There is tons going on, but most of it is internal. That’s who we are and most of our life is the internal life, and then we manifest and create it into the external. But really the Ascension process, the embodiment of Light is within.

Every time we allow those adjustments, those attunements, that expansion of more Light and the recognition of that Light within us, then we are Nova Earth, we are the Creators of Nova Earth. So yes, there is a lot going on – and even from the wilds of New Hampshire and the quiet of the lake, there’s a lot going on!

Suzi: Oh yes, there’s no escape! [Laughter] I feel like manifestation is becoming a far more instantaneous thing, so we’re in training to be really responsible with our thoughts. But it seems like things that we want and might even just have a few passing thoughts about, are like, “Hey, look, I asked for that and here it is – how cool is that!” And so you say, “Thank you and more please!”

Linda: Yeah! There are two ways to create and one is to really hold that vision and hold the intention. But just like you, another way I find works really well for me is when I have that passing thought and I allow it to come and I allow it to go. I acknowledge it and I embrace it, and then it flies out the door so that it can bring exactly what we want. And I think a lot of people are seeing more of that instantaneous manifestation in all kinds of ways, from a cup of coffee to finding a dollar to finding the Love of your life.

Suzi: Yeah, exactly. Lots of things are happening on the public stage and some things look really good and some look really bad. I think that from my own peace of mind, I just can’t pay too much attention to any of the outer things, but just really really, really focus, laser-like focus right now.

Linda: One of the things that’s been really good for me and as I think our listeners know, I have been away on my serenity-sanity retreat for two weeks at a friend’s cottage. And I have been completely unplugged – no TV, no radio, no computer… Probably you and Steve are the rare persons I have spoken to, to do the shows.

But having that disconnect… The biggest drama I’ve had was when one of our chairs flew into the lake during a storm, so we had to go diving! [Laughter] That’s been my biggest drama! And watching the mother ducks with all their chicks has just put things back in perspective – to stand back, be the observer, and let Mother Nature heal you.

Suzi: Yeah, and pay attention to those things. I was lying on the hammock yesterday thinking… I had brought my bird outside; he doesn’t fly although I’ve never clipped his wings. I had brought him outside to sit with me on the hammock in the sun and I thought to myself, “Why would I pay any attention to anything besides the beautiful blue of the sky, the beautiful colour of the green leaves with the sun on them in the foreground, and this beautiful bird on my chest? Why would I pay attention to anything else because all those things are exquisite?”

Linda: Those are the gifts; those are the prizes that sometimes in the busyness of our lives we forget. It’s that kind of thing that really restores us and keeps us going – and fills us with more Light!

Suzi: Yes, oh absolutely. The appreciation of the natural beauty…

Linda: I’d say Mother and Gaia have really got it together! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh yeah, really. And what we were speaking to before about expressing appreciation for what we do have and what we do notice, the information that comes in and the synchronicities and all that sort of thing – it really opens up the way for more to happen. You are showing the universe, “Yes, this is what I like, thank you. I’ll have more please!”

Linda: Exactly! It’s like when you are raising children. It’s that positive reinforcement, and when you praise and say thank you and give kudos, then children react and behave – and so do we. We sometimes forget that that’s the way things work if we come from a place of Love and Gratitude and Joy, regardless of what is going on in that movie we call life – that things will shift.

Suzi: Yes, exactly. I have found this to be true. And if you haven’t found it to be true yet, you listeners, you will! [Laughter]

Linda: You will! And practice it – practice both ways. Practice letting what you want to create to just come in and to come out. Practice with the Universal Laws of which we have had umpteen shows that you can go back and listen to, and choose what Laws work for you – whether it’s the Law of Attraction or Change or whatever – and just allow. This is really a time of surrender and allow and receive.

Suzi: Yes yes yes, absolutely. So, in light of that, are we ready for a beautiful fuchsia and gold meditation?

[Meditation from 9:00 to 14:30]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer: Conversations Part 3 ~ Gaia, Planet of Love and Play!

Galea: I am Galea, welcome to all of you! Yes, Communications Officer, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies [UFOG], I claim sister of your hearts, for I am pleased and honoured and excited as always to speak to you this day. This is my favourite assignment, and there are many!

And yes, you are correct, for the human beings, this wondrous race, is remembering, recalling, reintegrating the gentleness – the gentleness of Creation, the gentleness of Love, the gentleness that is your birthright and the way of being throughout the Multiverse. There is a misunderstanding often upon sweet Gaia that confuses gentleness with an absence, shall we say, of strength, and that is completely wrong for the gentleness is one of the strongest aspects, the strongest qualities, and it embodies sincerity, gratitude, trust, humility, love. It is a sister and it is the part of you that lives and breathes and exists – and has always existed – in grace.

We tend to work a great deal as you know with vibration, and in that, sound and colour. And certainly, many of you who frequent our healing chambers and have lain on the crystal beds know that we penetrate you with these waves of colour that your body and your adjustment, your attunement, requires in that moment – not merely to heal but to expand, to anchor, to reawaken, to reinvigorate. For our definition of healing is more comprehensive than currently the definition upon your planet, although that is changing and there is much awakening on that score.

Inside the light is the sound. Inside the sound is the light.

Now, one of the things I wish to speak to you about this day is how we work, how we play, and how we are united in heart with many, many species. When we have spoken of our being, you know that we are primarily of a humanoid form, and that was important for the humans to understand because it reduced the fear factor in terms of familiarity and the ability to conjoin and to be in Sacred Partnership with you.

We do not have that level of concern or dissonance with other forms of existence. I do not necessarily say ‘”life forms” – although you may interpret it that way – but they are more energy forms as well, and there are many, many, many different civilisations that take different forms.

And of course, most, if not all, but most have the ability to morph or transmute – what you would think of as shape-shifting – and so, often they will even assume a humanoid form in terms of interaction with the human race. But that fear of the unknown has greatly, greatly diminished, not only in you, sweet listeners, brothers and sisters, but in the collective as well. And so that is why I bring this forth today for further discussion.

You, sweet Suzie, and many of you, increasingly many of you, often witness what you have termed “orbs” – bubbles/movements of light – and you have often wondered what they are. There are many, many different manifestations – orbs, bubbles, etc. – and often, even your guardians will come to you and hover as an orb because it is something that you can relate to, communicate with, identify.

You even see us in our ships in the night sky often as moving spots of light or orbs of a distant nature. But there are various species very present upon sweet Gaia, and elsewhere, that we work with very clearly and constantly, that take that form of simply being what we would refer to as “sheer energy”.

Now, in other situations, you have heard us speak of the Halion Engineers and the Healers of Tralana, but those are but two of the species – yes, we call them “species”; that is how we identify them – that come to assist humanity. Often you say, “Where are our Star Families?” But you should get used to thinking about the beings that travel the Multiverse as sheer energy because they are highly accessible.

Suzi: Oh yes, sometimes, well mostly in visions, it just is energy. But I have to say that I have one guide in particular that looks like a large mantis, and the love that I feel from this being is just amazing.

Galea: Yes, and that is a different species from a different what you would think of as Universe. And so there are several of you who listen this day who do have guides that will come in various physical forms as well. And yes, there is a reason they are called “praying mantis”!

So what you are learning, and why we are engaging in this conversation today, is for you to come to understand that you have been looking for us and, in many ways, we are all around you as orbs, as streams of light, what you would call “streamers of light”, as various, yes, humanoids, but also as various what you think of as animal forms, as devas, as fairies.

We often play and try on different forms because it is exciting to us. The incredible diversity that is available upon your planet is remarkable! Now think of this. You always want to come to us, you are excited to come on board ship, and we invite you. And many of you visit every single night – especially this channel who lives here! You come to us and we have diverse, what you would think of as environments in which to live or experience various things, but it is nothing compared to the splendour of your planet!

Now, one of the reasons we are not fully anchored… Well, there has been the fear factor but also the differences in vibration and frequency, and we have talked about that. Our Commander, Lord Ashira, has talked about that in terms of the difficulty in adjusting. But in terms of the reams of choices that you have open to you in terms of experiencing physicality, it is beyond imagination. So often when we come to Earth, even if it is a brief visit, we will assume various forms and play – this is our idea of playing. It gives a whole new meaning to dress-up, does it not?

Suzi: It does and it’s a wonderful idea! Is it a matter of us growing our perceptions to understand that we can do this now? Or are there still things happening that bring us closer to being able to do that?

Galea: Now, I speak in overall generalities and not specifically to you, sweet listeners and lightworkers/loveholders. The biggest challenge – I am not a Communications Officer that likes to use euphemisms, so I do not say, “Your biggest opportunity,” I say, “Your biggest challenge, your hurdle, as a human race is actually remaining in your human form and holding the quotients of light that are completely necessary for the transformation of the planet.”

So we don’t – as a blanket statement – encourage everybody to begin to morph into their various aspects and forms that are fully and always have been fully open to you. Some of you already know this. You may be in human form, but you know full well that you are more fairy than anything, that you are more bird, or bear, or wolf than anything.

Many of you have had the experience of shape-shifting into your preferred form, or a form that you wish to occupy for an hour, a day, a week, it matters not… or a moment, for that matter. Are you capable of doing that? Yes. Now, what prevents you from doing that? And now I am speaking to you, beloved lightworkers.

What prevents you is your belief system that you don’t think you can, or your belief system to think: “Oh, my life is so miserable that if I leave I may not come back,” which is ridiculous! You have many challenges. I understand and recognise that in many ways I come from a privileged position and that there are many aspects of your life that have never crossed my mind or heart in terms of concern or worry. But having said that, what is open to you by being on Earth, by lying in your hammock, sitting in your chair, or walking by the lake is beyond imagination!

You can be the dragonfly; you can be the bird; you can be the minnow or the fish; you can be the whale; you can be the antelope or the deer, the giraffe; you can be the leprechaun or the dwarf; you can be the tree or the mountain! This is a planet – yes, as we bow to the Mother – created for love. But it is also what has been forgotten – it is a planet of play!

Gaia was not created as a planet of struggle; that has been created by humans. But the majority of humans have already decided they don’t want that struggle or control of their liberation, their freedom, any longer. This is exciting news to us and it is a quantum leap!

Suzi: Yes. Sort of unrelated but not really, could you speak to the animals that are leaving the Earth now in mass quantities?

Galea: Well, many are leaving simply because they have other assignments, other choices, other options. And what you perhaps do not fully understand is that there are also many species returning. Many species that have been what you have called “extinct” will be returning and many new species will also be arriving.

Think about the beginning when so many of what you think of as Earth’s inhabitants in terms of the animal kingdom – the whale, the dolphin, the bear, the dog, the wolf, and so on – came via the various migrations. So they came to Earth in your terminology as “extraterrestrial”. So many are returning, just as many of you are wanting to return. So many are returning, but there is a cycle that is going on, so think of it as a revolving door.

Now, I also wish to speak, not in a way ever of judgement, but it is appalling the number of animals that are slaughtered, abused, killed, and killed both consciously and because of pollution or oil spills…

Suzi: Or horrible tradition…

Galea: Yes. That is a lack of reverence for life. When we speak of all the species that we not only love but that are endearing to us – that is why so often we will land in remote areas – the animals, the plants, the trees, the rocks, they all welcome us. They do not have fear, they do not interfere, they welcome us.

When you have a culture – and I am talking about a global culture – that in some ways finds it acceptable or shall we say “an acceptable loss” to lose a species, to lose animals, to kill, to maim, to harm, to ignore, to starve – then it is not really surprising that you think it is alright to kill one another as well. It is simply an extension of the same belief pattern that is truly abhorrent. Now, we do not say that in a way of judgement: “We are going to put you in Galactic jail!” But what we say is that it is a barbaric pattern.

Suzi: May I ask you if you would have any estimate of the ratio of the human collective of those of us who do have reverence for life as opposed to a disregard? And I just feel that the disregard for life is a result of terrible, terrible wounding. So do you have any estimate of what the human population is in terms of a ratio?

Galea: You are about 50:50.

Suzi: Really…

Galea: And it is growing in favour. Now, you have said something, sweet angel, dearest friend, that is very significant and that is why I have prefaced this by saying, “We never judge.” We have learned the hard way not to judge; it is a very slippery slope.

People who act in ways of violence to each other, to themselves, to an animal, to a tree, it matters not because it is simply a matter of degrees of separation, is it not? But it comes from this what you have called “deep wounding”. Even those who have been in containment have been placed in containment not only to restrict their movements, not only to remove them from the collective thrust for Ascension, but because they have also been so deeply harmed, wounded, injured that they cannot see clearly who they are.

The question isn’t – for us and for you – for them to see others clearly. The question has always been “to see themselves clearly” because when they do, when they heal, then the vision they have externally is completely different; it is harmonious. And when people are treated [without judgement] and interactions become harmonious, then the work is done and it is complete.

You have difficulty – you yearn for completion, and yet you have difficulty envisioning completion. But completion is what we are all diligently applying ourselves to, because this completion is truly the new beginning. It is The Great Awakening. It is the new tomorrow. It is what you have come here for.

Suzi: Yes. And I think one of the greatest challenges is letting go of the ‘how’ because there’s so much about this particular process that’s well beyond my imagination even, that I just have to let go of it all, and let go of the ‘how’ and just trust: “Yes, it’s going to happen; yes, we’re all going to get healed; yes, we are all going to move into higher dimensions; yes, this body is going to be refreshed and renewed, and I have no idea ‘how’ so I’m just going to stop thinking about it.”

Galea: The number of variables that are in interaction, interplay, at any given moment is beyond human comprehension. And it is a sign, sweet one, of wisdom and trust and truth and hope to simply know. It isn’t just, “I hope it’s a sunny day.” It is the knowing that it will come to pass – and in that, you create the situation where it comes to pass.

When you are too busy picking away and trying to control – which was the human downfall to start with – but trying to control various variables that are beyond your control, then what you are doing is depleting your energy, your life force, and it becomes a distraction rather than an integration. So think of it. When you are trying to control, you are putting your energy, giving it away, putting it out there, letting it drain away. Whereas when you are in the trust and the wisdom, you are bringing the energy in, holding it, expanding it, and within your sphere, you are creating. That is what we do.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Galea: And it is fun!

Suzi: It is becoming fun.

Galea: Yes, it is intended to be fun! That is why I talk about this assignment as being my favourite. I get to speak about the play! I get to invite you to play and engage with the orbs, with the fairies, with the skunks, with the snails… because the energy will support you.

Suzi: And the fox…

Galea: Yes, especially the sweet babies!

Suzi: [Laughter] They are still coming around. I saw one just trotting through the woods yesterday. They come up on the deck. They are just wonderful. So, would you be able to offer any kind of estimate of what effects the solstice energies have been having on the human collective? I just feel like the information is coming in fast and it is just amazing the lightness. Can you say anything about that?

Galea: It is because you are ready. You see, the energies adjust according to human readiness. Yes, you are being bombarded by… and it is very, very gentle and light; it is rapid, it is deep penetration. You have already been penetrated by the Third Wave of the Tsunami, so you are cleansed and ready to receive more and more and more and more rapidly than ever. And that is why we are encouraging you to speak, to engage with all species, not only the species that you know or believe are of Earth, but all the visitors that are flooding your planet.

Suzi: Dragons!

Galea: Most certainly dragons! The magic is with you!

Suzi: Yes! And so this brings us to the idea of relationships and something that I wonder… for you guys, in particular, I understand that you have the same equipment as we do but you use it in a different way in terms of intimacy. Do you have, are you primarily in one-on-one relationships? Does everybody love everybody else? How does that work up there? [Laughter]

Galea: [Laughter] We are in relationship, what you think of as one-on-one. When we conjoin – when we, yes, commit our heart, our being, our mind into a union – it is permanent and we are what you can think of as “soul-linked”, and that is for hundreds and hundreds of years. Yes, we have different missions, different talents, different ways but to our being, partnership and family are sacred. And because that is held true amongst all of us, it is regarded and protected and supported in that way, so it is not interfered with.

There is consideration given, active consideration, which is not part of most of your cultures. Yes, there is a commitment that it is legal and binding, a responsibility, but we are not talking about any of those things. There is consideration given to what will support and nurture relationships, and that is given very high priority in terms of our structures and our way of being.

Now, not everyone chooses to or is engaged in relationship. But also, our sense of community is not exclusive, so there is a sense of “of course, we love everybody”. How could you not?

Suzi: Exactly. So I am just wondering, connections of hundreds of years brings me to feel that as an individual – but an individual with many aspects – would I not be in relationship with others already at this time and just not have awareness of it?

Galea: But there is only… yes, you would have other interactions, let us put it that way, other very meaningful relationships, but you are aware of what your first and foremost primary relationship is, and that does not shift. So it is not that you, for example, think ‘less than’ of your other relationships, but there is a depth of connection that overrides anything else.

Suzi: Can we look forward to a reunion with that upon Ascension, or shortly afterward?

Galea: You can look forward to that as soon as you awaken and claim it for your own. This is not dependent upon Ascension.

Suzi: Wow! I don’t really understand that, but I think I’m just going to let it be! [Laughter]

Galea: Yes, because when you sit with it and say, “Bring me, show me, allow me to engage and to understand,” then it will emerge like from a cloud. Often you will look at a tree or a cloud, or close your eyes and see a face, and there is a consistency to that face. Very often, that is your beloved one.

Suzi: Okay. Moving on – is there anything that you particularly would like to bring to today, unless we want to go on to questions. You might have something else… you wanted to talk about Partnership last time and we didn’t get to it.

Galea: But we are getting to it today, are we not?!

Suzi: We are! Is there more?

Galea: Yes. We have said that the wounding, etc, comes to you… and the healing of that is when you come to love yourself. You cannot be in Sacred Partnership truly – not at the level we are speaking of – until such time as you have done that inner work, that inner acceptance, and surrender. But then what happens is you find “your other”.

When I speak of our sense of Union and what it means, dearest ones, your sense of Union is exactly the same. It does not need to be this or that, restricted, unrestricted, open, closed, exclusive – it does not matter. What matters is the bond, the depth of the commitment, the love, and the joy that you share. As you are rising collectively and individually in your frequency, the ability – yes, the ability, the capacity, to truly engage in partnership also is rising.

What you will also find – as you become what you will term “lighter” but what we would term “more yourself” – is that a relationship that is not respectful, admitting, reflective, and engaging of that quantity of Light and Love is unacceptable because it will never fill your heart. It will never fill that piece of you that wants so deeply to connect.

Your DNA – spiritual, physical, every level – is based upon Community and Partnership of Love. It is why you are in a physical form. It is to have the experience of love in form, not only of yourself but with others – and with your sacred other.

Suzi: With “sacred others” I think many of us make the choice to stay in a bad relationship because we feel it’s better than being alone. And to me that speaks to exactly what you were saying about self-love coming first, otherwise a really good, true, and beautiful relationship is not possible until you have that with yourself.

Galea: When you stay in an unsatisfactory relationship, it is because you do not think you are worthy of love. And what it does is it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are not worthy of love, and you will never get it because you have barred yourself, jailed yourself, into a situation where you are tied to someone who is not reflective of your heart’s desire, of what you are capable of.

And in so doing, not only are you being completely selfish and unfair to yourself, but you are also being unfair and selfish to that individual. So it is very peculiar behaviour. It is like us saying, “You have wings, why do you not fly?” You say, “Oh no, no, no, I don’t want to fly, I don’t deserve to fly,” and then you let your wings wilt and dry up and fall away. That is very sad.

Suzie: It is very sad. Okay, so those of us who are doing the work and are awake, and witness others who seem so terribly wounded and are living in a life situation where it doesn’t seem like they would have any access to even be able to accept Divine Grace – we can pray for them, we can flood the world with light and hope that some kind of clearing happens for them – and I guess it’s another opportunity to release the ‘how’.

Galea: That is correct because there is not one being on your planet or throughout the Multiverse that does not have the capacity to accept Divine Grace. Do they choose not to? Yes, and that is peculiar again, puzzling, baffling. But every being, even the most wounded, has the capacity in that moment of desperation to say “Yes!”

And dearest, they are saying “Yes!” Increasingly, by the hundreds of thousands, they are saying “Yes!”

Suzi: I feel that. I just have peace and calm, not that my life circumstances have really changed very much but it’s just all okay. I just feel like it’s all okay.

Galea: And when you hold that knowing of rightness, then what you are doing is you are holding it for the one who is distraught, in disarray, in dissatisfaction, in despair, and you are saying, “No, no, I will hold this, I will steady your wobble so that you can choose to shift as well.” And that is what we are doing with you, for you, and for us! Because we are just as anxious, sweet angel, as you are. Perhaps even more so!

Suzi: Well, you’ve been aware for longer than I have, that’s for sure! [Laughter]

Galea: It has never been a contest. Has it been an exercise in patience at times? Yes. That is why we are so excited! That is why we are so elated!

Suzi: Because we are close?

Galea: You are very close! You are far closer than you think.

Suzi: Yes, yes yes yes! I’m very excited, I really am. I will express my appreciation for all that you do – and when I say ‘you’, clearly it’s the collective of extraterrestrials who are really working on behalf of humanity. Any time I feel weary and impatient, I just realise we’re not the only ones doing this work and that there are plenty, plenty, plenty of other beings doing this as well to help the shift along. So I am in gratitude and I’m so happy to have these conversations, and I look forward to more.

Galea: As are we, sweet one! As are we. Keep going! And I will see you again.

Suzi: Okay, thank you.

Galea/Suzi: Farewell.