Part of my mission and my purpose in these conversations is that you come to know us more clearly as friends and family. You have taken as Lightworkers, as Loveholders, one of the most challenging, difficult, onerous – you name it – missions. Did you come in the Mastery of your Being? Yes. Have you fully discovered it? Well, dearest, when you say, “I will only return to the Love; I will hold it, no matter what,” – that is Mastery; that is Creation at its finest. Do not underestimate what you are doing.

Galea, Communications Officer~ Part 2
Heavenly Blessings ~ June 16, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Communications Officer, Galea, is joining us again today for another look at our current situation and to continue our fascinating conversation. We are in the solstice gateway right now, and I am looking forward to hearing what that means from a Galactic perspective. Good morning, Linda.

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everybody. Welcome to our Galactic, Intergalactic, Star Family extravaganza! [Laughter]

Suzi: [Laughter] Extravaganza, yes! I am not feeling very extravagant lately but we’re just going with the flow, holding steady.

Linda: Exactly, and we need to go with the flow. And maybe it’s important sometimes to share with our listeners that we all have these periods of up and down, and some days we’re feeling more connected and more enthusiastic than others. And then we have days where we’re more quiet or reflective or just plain bombed out. It’s all part of the process and it’s okay.

Suzi: It is okay, and we all need to know actually that what we do is making a difference and it matters. We don’t often get to see it or feel it. We’ve had this discussion just now and recently – just keep the head down, keep the faith, keep doing what we’re doing, and that we all have our moments shifting in and out.

I’ll just share that yesterday in meditation I got that if anything pulls my attention away from the good, true and beautiful, to just focus on Love; to just let those thoughts evaporate into air like smoke and focus on Love. And to me, the Love is knowing the connection of all things and that everything is sacred, and that it’s all going to be okay.

Linda: It’s really important that we do that. I know that in various situations, people have asked Universal Mother Mary how to know which way to proceed or do I have to proceed. And the thing that she consistently says is that “If it feels like Love, if it feels warm and tender in your heart and that the knowing is there, then go for it and proceed.”

She also says that if it doesn’t feel like Love, absolutely stop. And it doesn’t mean that in every moment we are doing something, it is going to feel completely joyful. But if we look at the bigger picture, “Does it feel like joy; does it feel like Love?” And if it doesn’t, then back up, stop, be the observer, look at it – and maybe it’s time to redirect.

It doesn’t mean that you’ve misstepped or that you’ve been misdirected. But there are times in our lives where we really do have to redirect, where we’re sort of being nudged along – not a 360, but perhaps a 45 degree redirection. So it’s important that we give ourselves permission to do that.

Suzi: Yeah, just a little bit of a shift. And here we are, Linda and Suzi, being real with our listeners to say, “Hey, we feel it too!”

Linda: Of course we do. Oh yes, the joys of being human! [Laughter]

Suzi: Exactly. Really I am wanting my lightbody pretty much now!

Linda: Me too! And you know what? I think too that it will be interesting to hear what Galea has to say as someone who has certainly… well, we all have spanned the galaxies. It’s also the joy of being Intergalactic because sometimes we think that our Star Family doesn’t feel moments of, shall we say, disenchantment.

Now they are in a higher vibration, in a different dimensional reality, but it doesn’t mean, just like the Archangels… boy, when I feel their dismay, it feels massive and makes what we feel not even that big. So it’s not like we’re the only beings in the Universe that have these moments of “What the heck is going on? And why am I doing this?” [Laughter]

I used to joke with a friend – and Suzi, you can really relate to this – is that once you’re on this path… if they had only told us beforehand that there really is no turning back! [Laughter]

It’s not like you can rewind and say, “Okay, I’m just going to pretend that I don’t have this awareness, I don’t have this knowingness, I don’t have this yearning for Love. I’m just going to go back to the old way.” There’s no turning back! So maybe a little redirect, but there’s no turning back.

Suzi: No, and thank you for that reminder, because there is no other choice. No, there is a choice – but it’s not what I want. I want to move forward, I want to do this, this is my mission and that’s what I’m here for. Sometimes we just need to get a little altitude of whatever our situation is.

Linda: We tend to think that the Angels and the Archangels don’t have free choice. And what they always say – and the Masters as well – what they’re always saying is, “It’s not that we don’t have free choice, but what our choice is, is to be in alignment with the mind, the heart, the will of Mother/Father/One.”

And so when you say that, Suzi, I get this big happy feeling in my chest because we’re getting to that point where it’s not that we don’t have a choice; but really the choice is we want to be in alignment, we want to be going forward – we just want it to be faster! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh my God, it’s all I want. It’s my entire focus, it’s all I want. And yes, I do want it to be faster. I’m sure all of our listeners are pretty bone tired and everybody is weary. This is not news for anybody.

Linda: No. We have just completed the Core Issues webinar series and our mantra – and I think it’s how we all feel which is why I’m mentioning it – is “Bring it on!”

Suzi: Yeah, really. Ready or not…

Linda: Oh, and we are ready. Or we think we’re ready!

Suzi: Well, what I’ve been getting to is that as the tip of the spear, so to speak, of what’s happening for humanity… we really are laying the path, paving the road for others to step onto this. At some point I’m thinking that the next wave is going to be taking over the heavy lifting. That would be really nice and then we could just hang out.

But I don’t think that there’s any hanging out because if there’s an event coming that is going to do the final clearing of human consciousness – is that the way it’s going to happen? I don’t know, but there are going to be people needing help, and I guess that’s where our work is going to shift and new tasks will come to light; and everything is going to change anyway. We don’t even know.

Linda: It’s the one thing we can count on is the change. We may not be doing exactly the same thing, but this transition period – which I believe we are already in – is that what we do and how we do it.

What I think will be delightful – rather than feeling like we are really working, you know really working to try and penetrate that density of the collective, of those old third dimensional belief systems – is that we will be surrounded by people who are saying, “Please teach me, please show me, I want to learn.” And that just changes the tenor and the lightness of doing our work, our mission. So I don’t think that the heavy lifting will continue indefinitely, I really don’t.

Suzi: No, but at this time we have been swimming in a sea of uncertainty with no footing. And so I just had this vision of… say we are standing on this big disc and between the disc and the floor is a cylinder, a ball. So the disc requires a huge amount of balancing on our part to be able to do it, and it feels like there’s nothing underneath us. And then what we really need to realise is that we are free of gravity and we could just float up in the air, and the balancing is not even necessary. I guess it’s all a perceptual thing.

Linda: It’s all a perceptual thing, and the term the Council has been using is “Refined Balance”. The feeling that I get is of the difference between trying to balance on one of those balls or that disc you are talking about, and rather than doing the wobble, you just reach this place where you are the acrobat on the high wire and you are in that perfect balance – you feel light as air and it’s just fun.

What do you say? Want to do it? Let’s go! And I can say to our listeners that that’s a big invitation to all of us: Do you want to do it? Let’s go!

[Meditation from 11:26 to 17:30]

Galea: I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you. It is my honour, my pleasure, my sacred duty – and I do not mean that in the way of drudgery, dearest. It is my joy to be here again and to speak to you, not in an official way, but as brother and sister, as friend of our hearts, of my heart. This is the best assignment I have ever had! So thank you for inviting me.

Suzi: Thank you for coming.

Galea: I have heard your hearts and I have heard your pleas, and it is not that we eavesdrop or that we spy upon you. And I mean all of you. And we do not observe you in the way of specimens. We observe you as a mother or a brother or a sister or a friend observes the ones that they Love.

And you say, “But Galea, how can you Love us when you don’t even know us?” My friends, we know you more than you think. And part of my mission and my purpose in these conversations is that you come to know us more clearly – not as distant beings, not as officers, as science officers or communications officers or healing physicians or technology people, but as friends and family. Because it is in the mutuality, it is in the sharing, it is in the Unity that our hearts and our vibrations, our frequencies truly come into alignment.

Part of what you have asked for purposes of discussion this day is, “Where is humanity? Where are we in our journey? How close are we to Ascension?” And you ask this not only as Lightworkers and Loveholders; you ask this in terms of the collective and what is going on upon your planet.

And as observers and participants – yes, you do not always realise that we participate a great deal in your reality – but we will offer our perspective. Now, you may not wish to hear this…

Suzi: Oh oh…

Galea: No, it is not bad news. Humanity – and now we speak of the collective, the billions – are learning and breaking through the density of energy that has surrounded… and when we say ‘the density of energy’, what we mean is the illusion because we use this term very specifically.

When we talk about energy – and when you talk about energy – it is not something that is necessarily tangible, and that is the biggest obstacle. Yes, you have examples that you point to: the financial system, social systems, institutions, banking structures and so on, but those are reflections of the illusions that collectively have been integrated as some form of truth, which you know as Lightworkers and Loveholders is absurd.

From our perspective, this has been an extraordinarily long period of breaking through. In the first and the second world wars, and particularly the atrocities that were committed on many levels in the second world war – we thought that humanity would learn, would choose to be sick of, to abort the notion that in fact war solves anything.

Yes, there are situations – and we have witnessed them elsewhere as well as Earth – when there is a cloud of darkness that needs to be engaged with by the peaceful warriors. But we have learned a different way. What is shocking in many ways to us is that the continuity of war which – make no mistake about it – is about hatred. It is about greed, it is about bloodlust, it is about ultimately control.

And many of the wars – especially that have waged recently and do right now – are about money, are about this illusion of financial gain and control. It is couched in terms of patriotism, loyalty, just causes, but it is nothing other than hatred and cruelty and greed.

And we are taken aback that humanity – and is that not a curious term – that ‘humanity’ has not learned humanity. And so that is part… Now we understand – and I use war as an example of what is being broken through; and make no mistake about it, it is being broken through.

Suzi: Can I interrupt for a second?

Galea: Yes.

Suzi: We are pretty much told that we are going to war, and protest and activism and even lightwork don’t seem to be able to stop it. This and then our government is where we really need help because no matter what the people really want – especially in this country – we’re pretty much told how it’s going to be. The governor of my state is a criminal; I just can’t believe he is still the governor. What do I do about it?

Galea: And that is why I have prefaced what I am saying by speaking of the collective, because the collective… and we insert a great deal of energy – make no mistake about it. But it is beyond imagination that the collective has not learned, or has not exercised the power of ‘No’ and the power of ‘Yes’ – the power of creation.

You are outraged, and as sister of the heart, I would say “rightly so”. Because we, we don’t experience outrage in the same way, but we are shaking our heads. So we do not… we are patient. Some would say patient to a fault, but we have also learned the lessons of where impatience can lead. And so we are exceptionally cautious about where we intervene.

But we cannot comprehend, because we have the knowing and the knowledge – and so do you – of how such injustice… what it results in. And it only results in further enslavement. So it is puzzling that the people – not merely the Lightworkers. Yes, you are the wayshowers – make no mistake about it. Yes, you are breaking through these very dense issues, the core issues of deservingness, of worthiness, of betrayal, of lust, of greed. All of this is correct.

We have waited, we have observed, and it is… The path you are on with no hiatus – none – in the engagement of war… And I say this to many people all over your globe, all over beloved Gaia who has tolerated such rape and pillage. It is phenomenal that she has not shrugged you off! But she loves you so deeply. Her level of tolerance and patience and trust in humanity and in their going forward is amazing.

But this path that you are on is so similar to what occurred in the Intergalactic wars. And that is one of the reasons why we have intervened – why we have stopped missiles, why we have disarmed missiles, why we have interjected defence systems, why we have held Gaia in protective shields.

There is enough mayhem. And when we use the example of war, there is financial war, there is emotional war, there is gender war. I do not tell you anything that you do not know. Now is the collective breaking through? Yes. Are they being infused by the Mother, by the Company of Heaven, by us, by you, beloved ones? The answer is yes.

Suzi: Is it part of the Plan for an event to take place that will complete the clearing of humanity’s false grids, like in an instant kind of thing?

Galea: No. It is a series of events and many of them are already underway. But it is the choice – this has been the hiccup, bugbear in this entire process. It is the choice to say “No more”. So it isn’t just having an event that in a moment of need or panic or surrender in the negative sense would cause people to say, “We surrender and we will choose the path of Light,” because that would be a form of interference and manipulation.

And so we cannot, we will not manipulate. Do we intervene enough that you can see what is happening? Do we offer our healing ships, our technology in gradations that are acceptable for the human race? Yes, we most certainly do.

But is there a singular event? No, because whether it is us or the Mother herself, it would be manipulating. And the entire point of this is you have been manipulated enough; the entire paradigm of being in the darkness has been manipulation. So it is not to manipulate further that you will choose to follow a certain path. It is that deep yearning and recognition that you deserve more.

Suzi: So is it a matter of enough of the collective getting so disgusted and so beat-down that they surrender, and that’s what we have to wait for?

Galea: No. It is enough of the collective being disgusted enough. Yes, there is a modicum of feeling beat-down in this, but in fact it is the rising up. It is the revolution, evolution; it is the waking up. And we suggest… ‘suggest’ it’s not that events don’t take place, but that there are enough of the events – that is why we say ‘plural’; that the collective wakes up in the space of about – in your time – a week to a month and says, “Now we’ve had enough!”

So it is not being beaten down to the point of surrender. It is in fact being beaten down to the point of saying, “We are rebelling. We are taking back what has always been ours to start with.”

Suzi: So how does that look then? Protests in the street don’t really do it… I’m not really sure how that actually looks, that would get the attention that it requires.

Galea: It is as the Archangels have engaged and as we engage. It is, for example, armies saying, “No, we aren’t doing this anymore.” It is generals and leaders saying, “It is more important to feed our people than to allow those who have enough to last twenty generations to continue to hoard.”

It is waking up and saying, “I am going to do something different today. I’m going to stop paying my taxes. I am not going to engage in the war. I am going to take every dime I have out of the bank. I am going to stop allowing unjust laws.”

So, is it rebellion? It is rebellion, but it is not violent rebellion.

Suzi: It is unplugging.

Galea: It is a complete unplugging and saying, “Look, I have supported you and given you all this time, and you have done nothing but quash every dream I have ever had. I choose to be in partnership, in true partnership with my fellow Gaians, with my fellow Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Africans…” It matters not.

But it is the realisation that what is happening in New Jersey has the effect in Zimbabwe. And what is happening in Australia has immediate effect in Austria. And it is the realisation, as a collective. So it is somewhat of a switch-effect. And it is not because there is a threat – it is because there is not enough.

We – for lack of a better way to put it – we are on a different frequency. But our frequency is close enough that we are probably the closest to you as brothers and sisters. But even Commander Ashira has said to you about having to have greater R&R for our troops on the ground, because we know how difficult it is.

So even you, dear Suzi, as your frequency is rising, as you are assuming your infamous lightbody, what is also happening is that the density of the old is becoming more and more intolerable. And that is really what the Mother’s Third Wave of the Tsunami is doing. It is creating a situation where it is becoming intolerable.

So does it feel uncomfortable? Yes, it does. But it is like feeling uncomfortable – it is like putting on a pair of pants that is three sizes too small and you can’t wait to get them off! And so that is what is happening. The collective are bursting at the seams. And what we are doing is, yes, intervening in dangerous situations, but there is enough mayhem to go around. So it is not that there is not enough to make it intolerable.

But there is also this realisation that is growing that the humans have the ability to make the change – not because you know exactly what to do, but because the existing situation is intolerable. You are like children or spouses that are in abusive situations, and what you are saying is, “No, I cannot do this any longer.”

Suzi: Well, exactly. I’ve been doing everything I know how to do. And at this point there’s so much that I don’t know that I’m just really focused on bringing the Light and bringing the Love. I was guided yesterday that whenever my attention waivers, to just let it go and bring it back to Love. I don’t really know what more I can do; and yes, it continues to get more and more uncomfortable. So I really want to know when we are going to catch a break, and I know you can’t say it, but OMG…

Galea: But do you also know the magnitude of always bringing it back to Love? What that does? When you refuse, when you actively make the choice to be the Love instead of the insanity, it is as if a pillar of Light that ignites the whole eastern seaboard goes up. You have those lights that in special events will light up the sky at night. That is who you are.

And it is the most significant work you can do because you are the pillar, you are the beacon, you are the anchor. Will this continue indefinitely? The answer is “No”. Will this continue even for a short period? The answer is “No”.

You see, even we are operating within the Mother’s Plan, and that unfoldment inside… When the Mother talks about her ‘New Times’, it is inside your understanding and measurement of time – and it is outside of your understanding and measurement of time. Now what does that mean?

It is as if this laser-light comes through all the spectrums of time and space – dimensional and otherwise – think of it as black holes, wormholes, white holes; it comes right through and it pinpoints into what you are thinking of as your ‘time’.

So whether it is a moment or a week, this solstice is a very important time. You have been in the spring of the year and we have all been very busy. Think of it in your organic terms: planting, watering, nourishing, fertilising. And you are coming into the time of not only the blossoming but the richness of the crops growing and coming to yield.

So yes, it is within your time and it comes from the Universal Time. So when you, for example, change time zones – that’s what we do. So we convert when we are intervening, for example, with a nuclear missile. We don’t just operate within our time; we send it through and operate in your time, right down to the millisecond because the timing is critical – and the timing right now for humanity is critical.

Now, I say this not at all in the way of warning but in the way of good news and encouragement, because the groundwork that the humans, that the Lightworkers, that the Loveholders are doing in breaking up the old is having more effect than you can possibly imagine.

Suzi: Oh, that’s good to know.

Galea: You need to know.

Suzi: Yes. It’s very disheartening because it’s hard to see.

Galea: Yes. Because if you were seeing not only the devastation that I have remarked upon, but if you could see the growing quantity of Light upon Gaia, you would be so encouraged. What happens is that so much that is transpiring is behind the scenes. But it is also not just hidden behind the scenes – it is because it is individual.

It is those individual choices throughout what you think of as your day – that no, you will not engage in nasty behaviour, that you will be kind and loving and supportive. And if it is even just noticing a butterfly or a bunny or a kit fox – that you will take that joy and you will hold it.

So, so much of the action is individual, but it doesn’t get reported on the news. Your propensity of your media – and it is a Universal, global effect – is to look to the negative. It is a most peculiar practice that is, if anything, reflective of the density that the collective has engaged in. It is your news media that wants to do nothing but report what is very sad.

And we are not saying to put your head in the sand and ignore it. But the points of Light are never reported upon.

Suzi: We need a Light Media…

Galea: Yes, and that is part of the purpose, sweet angel, of Inlight Universal. We participate fully in this! And do not be discouraged, because millions upon millions will hear this message, will receive the energy of the Light and Love that you transmit. It does not simply come from the Angels or the Archangels or the Mother or from us – it comes from you.

Suzi: Oh, it does, thank you.

Galea: We thank you.

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: You have taken as Lightworkers, as Loveholders, one of the most challenging, difficult, onerous – you name it – missions. Did you come in the Mastery of your Being? Yes. Have you fully discovered it? Well, dearest, when you say, “I will only return to the Love; I will hold it, no matter what,” – that is Mastery; that is Creation at its finest. Do not underestimate what you are doing.

And if you are wondering, “Am I supported, am I loved?” Dearest, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of us cheering you on.

Suzi: Oh, thank you.

Galea: Do not underestimate it. And do not think or feel – and I am not trying to direct how you feel or think – but I am offering our perspective. The war that we speak of, the war that is worth waging is the war for Love. And how that war is waged and won is through Love.

Now, it took us a long time. And that is why we – after the devastation of many beings and many planets – realised that we could do that until we destroyed that entire Universe that the Mother had so generously created. And the more we destroyed, the further away we got from knowing our Truth and knowing Her Love.

It is not that we haven’t been through the process you are experiencing. And so we invented Perro so that we could at least talk to each other. But I do not speak to you in Perro; I do not discard all emotion and closeness and Love.

You – and I say all of you, including the collective – are evolved to a point that you know Love. You yearn for Love but you also know it. You know it when you see it, when you feel it. And the only response you have is, “I want more of it”. And that is what you are doing. You are bringing it forth more and more and more – and so are we.

We are in Sacred Partnership. We have been in Love with you and in that form of partnership for a long time. Certainly Gaia and the Kingdoms have been aware, but now the human beings are becoming aware. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a Sacred Partnership and having your partner not know that you are in a Sacred Partnership!

Suzi: Oh yeah, I know that one!

Galea: Yes you do – many of you do! But now the awareness is growing. And when I return, I would like to talk more about Partnership. But this day I wanted to say, “Yes, it has been dense; it has been atrocious. But the humans and the work that you are doing is the Mother/Father’s work.”

Suzi: I really appreciate that acknowledgement. I think that a lot of us are kind of in the same place of wondering if it really all matters what we do, because it doesn’t seem to sometimes. So thank you for that. I appreciate it a lot.

Galea: You needed to hear, you needed to know, and you need to know not only how deeply you are Loved and cherished but that you are invaluable. We cannot – under Universal Law, we were not even permitted to do this without you.

Suzi: Well, I really love doing this co-creation with you and having this conversation. I look forward to more. Today’s show went in a direction I was not expecting and it’s just all good.

Galea: Thank you, sweet angel, and I thank all of you. And so look for this awakening; look to your neighbours and speak. For example, sweet Suzi, when you say, “What are we doing with this governor who is less than forthright, that does not carry justice in his heart?” That is a conversation worth having.

Yes, there are some who say “Oh, what can we do?” It is time for the revolution, and we are with you.

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: Go with all of our Love. I speak on behalf, as honorary spokeswoman, for many. Farewell, my beloved.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.