Spiritual discipline is the declaration, not just of intent but of all of your parts, that nothing is more important than your spiritual journey home, than your service to the Mother/Father/One. If you are in a spiritual discipline, the spiritual exhaustion will not only diminish but evaporate.

We welcome Ascended Master Serapis Bey as he speaks to Spiritual Discipline…

So, let’s begin today, okay, let’s do it, let’s begin by taking ourselves to the 13th Octave… click… click…click…and a 4th click to anchor us deep in the heart of Gaia…click…and feel yourself anchor right into your heart…deeper…going through that pin-prick of light into your interior chambers and seeing those walls of gold and everything that you have written upon them to remind yourself of the beauty, the magnificence and the truth of who you are.

Now, let’s ignite our tri-flame, let’s bring up those flames so that they’re burning brightly for everybody to see. And start with the Blue Diamond of the Mother and breathe in Blue Diamond, that sapphire, twilight, midnight blue with a million sparkles and go to the other side, to the brilliant Yellow Diamond, to the Canary Diamond, and breathe in that Divine Masculine of the Father and feel that strength and wisdom and support and nurturing. Go to your center and see, feel, and breathe the Pink Diamond of who you are, of that spectacular sparkling (?), and let all three flames be equal.

And throw open those French doors to your heart and feel Archangel Michael’s Blue Breeze of Peace, his exhale, passing through you like the gentlest summer breeze. Let it come and feel it make your flames dance and grow taller and brighter as it gently passes through, flowing out your back as it moves on out of your house to your neighbors, to your neighborhood, to your community, to your town, to your state, to your province, to your country, to Gaia, to the kingdoms, to everybody on planet. And feel yourself expanding.

When you look at Serapis Bey, he always also has a turban on with an incredible yellow, rich yellow topaz in his turban, that rich gold that almost looks orangey at times. And he’s asking us to breathe that energy in, his gold, for that is his ray. And feel yourself anchored and floating, and as we float let’s all go together to the Ascension Chamber in Luxor, to that magnificent chamber where the Alpha and Omega will transform us.

Serapis Bey: Greetings, I am Serapis Bey, welcome!

Yes, I am strict, I am strict in terms of spiritual discipline, and yet I am gentle, I caress you, I beckon to you, I hold you. And yes, I have asked to come and to address you this day, in this era of ‘new times’ that the Mother has not only created as part of her Plan, as part of her enfoldment, but she has created this framework of ‘new time’, beloved ones, for you, for Gaia, for Earth, for this Universe.

And we would do well to fall down with our faces on the floor and give homage and honor to the Mother who takes care of us and who creates All, for the Mother that nurtures us, tends to us, feeds and clothes us, and provides all that is required, above and below, for each and every being throughout the Omniverse. Such magnificence cannot go disregarded or unhonored. And I know your hearts, and I know your tender and outrageous love of the Mother.

I come this day to proffer to each of you and to all who are on this Ascension journey my mentorship, my tutelage. And I do it, yes, for each of you, but I do it in honor of the Mother and I do this in concert with Archangel Michael, Bringer of Peace, Anchor of Love, Holder of Truth, I do this for Gabrielle, and I do this for my beloved friend, Sanat Kumara.

We include Michael but let us tell you this day, the Golden Radiance is upon you. So I ask you to steep yourself, not in the hard gold, but in the golden light of wisdom, of joy, of the stillness of the Father and the nurturing of the Mother.

Why do I ask and beseech you to speak of this matter of Spiritual Discipline this day, particularly on the heels of Sanat Kumara speaking to you of Spiritual Exhaustion? Well, he has not particularly addressed this aspect but it is completely related, coupled, linked, and conjoined, however you wish to think of this. If you are in a spiritual discipline, the spiritual exhaustion will not only diminish but evaporate.

So, what do I mean by spiritual discipline? I mean, sweet angels, not merely staying the course, for you have proven yourselves, committed yourselves, been diligent and consistent. But too often humanity and yes my beloveds, you, move from one flower, to the next flower, to the next flower, to the next event, to the next event. Now, I am never suggesting to thee to not enjoy the entire garden; that is what you are here for. But, are you paying full attention, are you truly embracing what each flower, each situation, what each task at hand has to offer before you move on…the texture, the color, the scent, the petal?

Now, why do I say this? Your work, your undertaking with Archangel Michael for the anchoring of Peace upon sweet Gaia, within and without, every single flower, tree, and human being, has need to continue in a disciplined, spiritually aware, and consistent manner. You have need to bring the totality of your focus to this undertaking; it is the precursor to Ascension, and I am in Luxor and have been for a very long time awaiting your arrival, and you haven’t shown up quite yet so that is why I am coming to you.

Spiritual discipline is the declaration not just of intent but of all of your parts that nothing is more important than your spiritual journey home, than your service to the Mother/Father/One. Nothing is more important than your unfoldment within the grander unfoldment of this spectacular Divine Plan. Everything else is window dressing. Now, it is beautiful window dressing, it is that sacred garden that you are inhabiting. But the truth of why you are here, why you have come to Gaia at this time, for this incarnation, why you have brought back and integrated/anchored every speck and aspect, every talent, capacity and dimension within thee?

The only reason is the re-anchoring of Love and the fulfillment of Ascension, which is the Mother’s Plan. She has waited long enough and you, long ago and yesterday and today and tomorrow, have said ‘yes’. But how is this accomplished? It is accomplished through Spiritual Discipline, not merely maintenance, not merely attention here or there.

Now, I am not saying that spiritual discipline is devoid of joy, of grandeur, of spectacular outcome; quite the contrary. And each person’s discipline, each person’s focus, each person’s prayer ritual and meditation is unique to you. And I honor that, I bow to that because you are clear. You have incorporated not only your clarity but the Mother’s Clarity, her Purity, the Tsunami of Love and Grace, above or below, and it doesn’t get much better.

So, am I a rigorous taskmaster? Well, some might say ‘yes’ but I wish you to think and to embrace me as your mentor, as your tutor, that I can assist you if you sway, if you veer, that you will allow me to refocus, redirect and bring you back to the center and the perfect center of balance of your truth, because in ‘new times’ the time of scenic detour is over. And I hear your laughter and the cheers because you have been awaiting this.

I work with the Golden Ray and the White of Maha Chohan, yes, yet another one that you will come to know and love. Our circle expands because you expand, and sweet angels, brothers, sisters, you are ready.

So I stand here at your service. Go in Peace, anchor in Peace, create the Peace, and love your sweet self and the path that you have chosen. All you have need to do is whisper or beckon my name… “Serapis Bey, please help”… and I will be there, not to push but to gently guide.

Go with my love and my honoring. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon