…when you are feeling this sense of exhaustion it is a signal, on every level… Back up, go into your cave… Take the time to replenish, not merely your spirit, take time to replenish your physical self… in this time of your evolution and the unfoldment of your Ascension process, spiritual exhaustion is accompanied by exhaustion of every realm, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. There can not be separation…

GD: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World That Works For Everyone. Our guest today is Sanat Kumara.

But before we bring on our guest, Steve, we had quite a big show here just the other day on the Peace Initiative…how are you doing?

Steve Beckow: Well, I’m doing fine, Graham, actually, I feel joyful, I feel peaceful and I’m surprised, the number of people I’ve talked to who said, ‘gee, I feel peaceful’ and as one said, ‘well you know, I haven’t led a peaceful life and yet I feel peaceful.’ So I feel great, but I also feel quiet tired, I mean, it was an intense build-up, an intense initiative that we took on and so that by the end of it, when the show that you’re referring to occurred I began to feel a little tired. So, I’m going to be taking a little bit off next week, just putting my feet up and enjoying life and enjoying this Peace. That’s how I feel, how do you feel? How does Linda feel?

GD: Well Linda, go ahead…

Linda Dillon: Well, you know Steve, I think in some ways I could echo your emotions that the intensity and the level of excitement and the push, the work load, because even when we’re doing something that’s incredible and joyous and we’re on purpose and mission, the after-effect, as the adrenalin starts to cool, can be this sense of spiritual exhaustion. And I’m really glad that we’re taking time today to talk about spiritual exhaustion or just plain old exhaustion and what we do about it. You know, personally, today I did something really unusual which was I rescheduled, other than our time together right now, I rescheduled my clients because I knew that I was at a point where I just needed that time to re-gather myself, re-gather my energies, fill-up, and that I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors after the intensity of Hour With An Angel to be channeling for any individual. So, it also comes to that honoring of ourselves.

GD: I agree, Linda.

SB: How about you?

GD: Yes, thanks Steve. The road that we’ve been on, and I say ‘we’, the ‘collective we’, all of us that are holding in our hearts the vision of a world that we know is available to us, a world that works for everyone, where Peace and Love and unity consciousness is the theme, and what we do, each of us and collectively to that end can feel challenging at times, can feel real hard at times. I know for me, the gap between knowing what I know is available and what I see around me at times, it can feel really discouraging. And these exciting opportunities to hold in our hearts what’s available to us, the potential that we have, like what we did with this Peace Initiative here recently, it’s all very exciting, the build-up, the experience of it, and if we look around and say, ‘gees, there’s still evidence in my mind, the way I see it, that suggests that we’re not there yet’, it can feel disappointing.

So, how do we stay the course, how do we keep on going? And I really like what you’re saying, Linda, and also how do we take care of ourselves in that process? And so, taking time to be gentle with ourselves and to take a rest when we need it; Steve, you’re taking a well deserved, needed vacation and Linda, you’ve pulled back a little bit, I’ve noticed I’m doing that as well. We do need to take care of ourselves and I know sometimes we can get caught up in doing the big splashes and really going for it and really advancing this whole initiative and I also want to honor and recognize that everything we do, even though it may not feel like a big splash is huge…holding the intent, holding the vision within our hearts, carrying that out in our day, in our world, being the change, living that which we wish to see in the world and of course, we’ve been talking about Peace, being peaceful, embodying that. Of course, we’ve talked about as within, so without, that’s where it all starts, that’s where it’s really the central focus here and the objective is the internal work and shining it out. So, I’m really glad we’re having this discussion and we’re having this show today. Steve…

SB: Well, just before we leave what also occurs to me, Graham is just the amount of skill that’s involved here. We’re talking earlier today about the fact that I find myself feeling tired, for instance, I can go along for a long long time if the road is smooth and straight, but if we hit a bump in our lives, if we have some personal tragedy or something like that, then there’s this bump in the road, there’s this resistance, there’s this problem that’s come up that we can’t talk over the top of it and unless we take some time out and resolve situations like this you just can’t go forward. So, we’re learning to manage both, say, personal lives or our own reaction to things while still needing to continue with our work. And so that kind of skill is needed and another skill, Andrea pointed it out to me, is not to lose sight of all we’ve gained because you didn’t get exactly what you wanted and in my case that would be some very big splashy thing like swords disappearing or disintegrating. Okay, you didn’t get swords disintegrating but you got terrific impetus towards World Peace and we actually have visible signs like the Russians pulling back in the Ukraine. So it is actually happening and don’t lose sight of that. So there is actually…you know, we all of us are in the process of growing up, right, spiritually we’re becoming mature, we’re remembering our mastery and…what’s the phrase…not perfect…we’re in the process of perfection, but we all need to remember we are in this process of becoming world leaders and in the process of building Nova Earth and we’re just learning, we’re learning the ropes here…

GD: We’re getting closer and closer all the time. I really appreciate what you said, it’s important to reflect and celebrate everything that we’ve accomplished and I feel, I see how we’ve expanded and the vibrational frequencies have raised on the planet and things are happening quicker. The human aspect of me, so many of us can relate to this; we want it now! And when it doesn’t happen all those human parts come up…

SB: Yes. Linda, any…

LD: I think you really raise a good point, Graham, when you talk about how the human stuff comes up and I know, as I was preparing, meditating, this morning especially, knowing that we were going to have this conversation about ‘what do we do when spiritual exhaustion hits?’ and I’m sure that many of our listeners can relate to this, but one of the things that Sanat Kumara and actually Jesus…and a quick aside, because I might forget, is that in that meditation in preparation, I know we’re channeling and chatting today with Sanat Kumara, but St. Germaine came in and he said, “Well you know, this is really my bailiwick, so even as we’re talking today and even as Sanat Kumara will be channeling, St. Germaine is with all of us, listening and participating and igniting his Violet Flame once again to really help us with this issue of spiritual exhaustion.

You know the key to this, regardless of the reason, is compassion, sweet compassion for ourselves and I’m guided to say that when this issue arises we need to really simply ask our ourselves ‘what’s wrong, like what’s going wrong?’ and because there’s a couple of reason why we feel spiritually exhausted and sometimes we feel like ‘oh my god, I’ve been at this for years, I’ve been at this for decades, I’m not seeing anything, I’m not getting what I want’ and we go on and on, but that disappointment, disillusionment, that feeling of disconnection, ‘nobody loves me, I’m separated, I’m all alone, I’m doing this by myself’, like a lot of that can be core issues or vasanas, false grids, and when we discover that that’s the issue then we need to go in the direction of working with Archangel Michael or the Divine Mother or whomever your guides or your circle is and work on dissolving and letting go of those false grids.

But then there’s the flip side that it’s not that we’re in a core issue, we’re simply tired. And, you know, we’ve seen this in our, can I say, our physical life where we’ve just been working too many hours and we’re exhausted and especially as the frequencies and the vibration in our physical body’s holding all this energy and on the planet, our bodies are talking to us more and more clearly. And so, if they’re saying to us, ‘you’re exhausted and you’re exhausted spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically’, we have to listen and take that time to rebalance.

You know, it’s like I know that Archangel Michael has used the analogy of the fulcrum or the see-saw, at least he has with me, and if you’re at one end then you’re really out of balance. It’s like it’s finding that teeter-totter and going to the center point of balance and some practical things like what do I do when I feel this way? Well I do, I take some time for myself, I go to the 13th Octave. The Mother Mary has said to us time and time and time again, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, come to the 13th Octave and heal, go to the heart of One. But I also just say…I sit down or lie down and I say to my guides and to the Council, and you would say to your circle, ‘fill me up…just fill me up’ and I flip open my crown charka as if you know, we go to an old fashion gas station and I let my guides put their energy in and fill me with this liquid, different colors, different rays, whatever I need and just let them do it for me. Or I hand it over to them and say, “You know what? I’m too tired. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know how to do this.” So often as lightworkers we feel like we have to do everything, even though we know we’re in unity consciousness, even though we know we’re part of the community, we feel it’s our responsibility and we have to do it all.

So, when I get to this point I just hand it over and usually my ‘hand over’ person, my ‘go to gal’ is Archangel Gabrielle and I just say, “Look, I can’t do it, I don’t even know how to do it, I don’t even know where to begin because I feel completely cooked, I’m empty, I’m a little teary, I’m a little frustrated. So, could you just take care of this for me?” And we have this endless array of tools and what happens when we’re feeling in this place of ‘I’m trying and I’m trying or I’ve been in this real high and now I’m like in the backwash, is that we stay there and we forget to ask for help or to have enough compassion for ourselves to just say, “Time out.”

SB: We should make a list of all these techniques, Linda, because you’ve really given us a large number of them and I found myself the other day saying, “What did Linda recommend? Oh, okay, what do I do here, what do I do there?” (Laughter)

Can I just add to what you said, Linda? A lot of people, when a core issue…especially when a core issue comes up, but even when a vasana, which is…core issues and vasanas are the same, it’s just that a core issue is total emergency, all lights on, etcetera, etcetera. But when it comes up people think ‘oh my god, I failed’, you know, ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this way, oh what am I going to do?’ and they think that something has gone wrong. But I would like to remind them that it’s only when the core issue or vasana comes up that it can be worked with; it’s only when a core issue comes up, as far as I’m aware, I may be wrong here, but that the Company of Heaven can take it away from us. So really, if you’re in the midst of a vasana going off or a core issue or something, you could if you want say, “Halleluiah! Here it is, I can work on it now, I can have the Company of Heaven take it away from me” or whatever. So, please don’t be upset when a core issue or vasana comes up, just don’t project it onto others and don’t interject it into yourself.

LD: I completely agree with you, Steve because when someone will call and say, ‘I’m basically at that point of ‘I don’t feel loved, I don’t feel worthy, I don’t think I can go on’, I say, “Halleluiah!” because it means that you’ve hit that core issue, that core key motivator that you need to let come up and out because it’s the trap door, you think it’s the bottom of the well but there is a trap door right there and once you open that trap door you’re just falling into the hands and the arms of the Mother.

SB: Right. Yeah. Graham, anything you want to say before we transition?

GD: Yeah, I really liked, Steve, how you were saying that we’re learning as we go here. Let’s remember that we’re experiencing times on the planet that has never happen before this way and so we’re learning as we go here and I think it’s important to remember that…we’re all learning. And I really liked the discussion on our last show about the focus and the emphasis on what’s going on inside of us, how we’re sharing about how we’ve been feeling more Peace within. And it’s interesting, it’s really easy, again getting back to the human part of us, which I hold with compassion, we want proof, we want benchmarks, we want to see tangible evidence of things happening, shifts, and it’s easy to go to things like ‘is Peace on Earth happening?’ and ‘how has that happened?’ and talk about ISIS and talk about the rv and talk about Ascension and Disclosure and what I really liked about last week is that we’re emphasizing it all happens within, that’s were it starts and that’s really where the focus needs to be because if we have Peace within, we have harmony within and if we’re embodying unity consciousness, those all feed into this ultimate vision that we are holding so near and dear in our hearts; just a world that works for everyone, right, a world that has Love and compassion and unity consciousness as the theme. So, it’s good to remember that; I’m underscoring that for myself, that that’s where the emphasis and the opportunity is, it’s really internal work and everything else moves from there. So, that’s it for now.

SB: Yes. Well, and it’s surprising too, how much we have to learn about doing the internal work, working the internal aspect of ourselves, it’s…there’s so many things that aren’t taught in school, right, like marriage, parenting, and working with yourself also is not really taught very much in school, so we’ll change all that, right?

LD: Yes we will.

GD: In our own way, in our own time, and it’s not all on us…

SB: And we don’t have to do it tomorrow…Linda, are you…

LD: I have one last comment though…it’s not all on us…but it is incumbent on each of us and it isn’t something that we, most families did not focus on and certainly our education system didn’t focus on it, but in terms of our spiritual, which is not removed from our physical path or our emotional path, is that what is our spiritual hygiene practice? What is your time of meditation and refilling and prayer and ritual? Are you maintaining your spiritual hygiene? Because that’s the key for that within; it’s not ‘I’ll meditate when I get an extra 10 minutes’ or ‘I can’t meditate because I have to work and I have to take the kids to soccer’ and we can have a million excuses, but each of us are responsible for taking care of that spiritual part of ourselves. And when we do, the spiritual exhaustion, that sense of overwhelm, becomes less and less and less. That’s it…I’m done.

SB: Okay, well why don’t you relax and make your transition and while you’re doing that I’ll just introduce Sanat Kumara for any who don’t know him, the only reason that would be the case would be new listeners so Sanat Kumara, I think, remains our Planetary Logos, the position I think is going to be transitioning to the master Kuthumi at some point. He’s known to all the world’s religions as the Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Skandha, Subramanya, the lamp lighter Buddha and so on. Today we will be discussing with Raj, as he prefers to be called, the topic of spiritual exhaustion, of people who’ve been going a long, long time with this and may be feeling that their jets are dragging somewhat and we’ll also be discussing the topic of transparency into what’s going on behind the scenes with the major events; what information do we need to know to feel as if we’re really making progress here? So, that’s what we will be talking to Raj about and with that I welcome Raj to the show.

Sanat Kumara: And greetings to you. Yes, I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, Planetary Logos, and yes dear hearts and friends, you may call me Raj, you may call me SK, you may call me whatever you wish as long as it begins and ends with ‘friend’.

SB: Thank you.

SK: Welcome, welcome sweet angels of change, not masters in the making, but exemplary human beings, starseeds, hybrids, Earth-keepers, all of you wayshowers, all of you angels and agents of change. Yes, I know there are many who claim you and particularly Archangel Michael and St. Germaine and not to forget my golden sister, Archangel Gabrielle; they love to claim you. But let me also say you are all part of this anchoring and the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, for this planet and for each and every one of you, you are responsible and part of your plan within The Plan. I remind you of that not to highlight what has or has not been done, and yes we will discuss this, but simply to remind you who you are and the magnitude of what each of you, in your own unique, beautiful way, have chosen and volunteered to do, not merely to hold space for, not merely to observe, but to do in the action of transition, of becoming, of unfolding, and being the entirety of your divine self. This is no small feat. And I say this on behalf of all of us.

We do not sit on some distant cloud and simply observe and say, “What are those humans up to? Why don’t they get on with it?” We understand your feelings, your process, your process of becoming, your anchoring, the rising of the vibrations and frequencies, the gifts… I could go on and on. Part of our sacred partnership, our sacred union…which is why I am glad to speak today…is mutuality. It is that unity and unification of energy, not merely what you think of as consciousness but of every aspect of your being, the kingdoms, and of Gaia. So, it is important, in the evolution of this sacred union that we are now sharing, that you understand us as much as we say we understand you.

So, spiritual exhaustion, I think we know something about this and we certainly have been in this for the long haul.

SB: Millions of years…

SK: Yes, millions of years. Now, I do not say this in a dismissive way and I know that when you are in human form that a single year, oh, sometimes a single day, can feel like a thousand years.

Let us begin this conversation, in which I will refer to Universal Law and the unfoldment of The Plan, but let us begin with compassion. Let us begin with the understanding that when you are feeling this way, we are not asking you to expand and engage even more, it is that establishment, and this is Nova Being, this is Nova Earth, this is New You, it is the cognizance, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional, of holding and giving and receiving adequate compassion for your beloved self to know when to approach, when to avoid, when to withdraw, when to engage. And when you are feeling this sense of exhaustion it is a signal, on every level… Back up, go into your cave, spiritual, mental, emotional. Take the time to replenish, not merely your spirit, but of course we will help you in each of these realms, take time to replenish your physical self.

Most times, and when I say ‘most’ I mean about 99% of the time particularly in this time of your evolution and the unfoldment of your Ascension process, spiritual exhaustion is accompanied by exhaustion of every realm, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. There can not be separation. So, that is an illusion, so you say, “Well, I am spiritually exhausted but I have enough energy to do one more thing, one more task, oh, I don’t want to let Raj down, I don’t want to let the Mother down.” Do you think we are that cruel? Do you think we are that unfeeling and unkind? When you are feeling this way it is the Mother telling you, “Come and rest in my arms, let me wrap you in my cloak, let me hold you.”

It is a time when your physical body needs to be nourished with good food, good water, supplementation if that is necessary; you need to be nourished by rest. And rest is different…for some of you it is play, for some of you it is simply being outdoors, whether it is sitting on a bench at the park or hiking a mountain or staring at the ocean, playing with the birds, putting your hands in the dirt and absorbing the energy from sweet Gaia, for some of you it is simply staring at the wall. All of this is good; all of this is worthwhile because what you are doing is you are halting, you are entering into the pause…let me be clear, when I say the pause — in this sense I am not talking about moving into inertia, that is a different phase of spiritual unfoldment — but you enter into the pause to receive, to receive, not only from Gaia, from the kingdoms, from your guides, from us, but from your sweet self. It is you in this new partnership saying, “Not only am I responsible but I am worthy, so I give this consideration, this tender, gentle kindness, this nourishing energy to myself because I am worthy, I deserve it, and yes, I am committed for the long run.” Not the long run of drudgery and feeling that nothing ever happens…and we will speak of this… but the long run in terms of your return to the Source/God/One/Mother/Father essence. And when you are depleted you forget that. So, we do not say this in any form of criticism or judgment.

If we wish to keep it very simple, I would say to you my beloved friends, angels of light, angels of being, invoke the Law of Unification and Unity; this is where Compassion and Charity and Love live, it is the 7th dimension where you can bask in the Christ Consciousness of Love and Unity. Simply relax into it as if you are easing into a warm bath, just declare it, go there and allow yourself to be restored. We do not ask, desire, want you, ever, not a million years ago and not a million years hence, we do not request in our sacred union that you continue when you are feeling exhausted, when you are feeling diminished, when you feel ‘I need to receive’. So, turn to us but turn, sweet angel, to your sweet self.

Sacred union, the beginning even before you’re in sacred union with us or the divine or a physical person upon the planet, the sacred union is with yourself, with the totality of your being. So, when you’re informed of your exhaustion, please allow yourself to take the action of doing nothing.

SB: Raj, thank you very much for that, I’m probably going to listen to that repeatedly. Can we take the discussion into the other dimension that you referred to in passing and that’s that, I think, many of us are talking about spiritual exhaustion in the sense of our spirits being exhausted. In other words, we’ve waited for…some of us decades, others many years, and the events that are talked about don’t seem to actually occur, like October 14, 2008, December 21, 2012, more recently we obviously achieved a great deal in our Peace Initiative, but we just didn’t get the whole thing, and maybe we can’t get the whole thing because maybe it’s silly for some to say ‘Peace has been achieved on Earth’ and then something breaks out in Nigeria and they’re questions. So, maybe we can’t say absolutely we’ve achieved Peace on Earth but there’s this feeling that the events just don’t arrive, the reval’s another example, pre-NESERA funds were another example. So what do you say to people who are…they feel that they have just about lost the ability to carry on in the face of things that just don’t seem to happen or don’t arrive, don’t get there? What do you say in that case, Raj?

SK: Now I am going to be very forthright in this discussion because you are at a level of maturity, spiritual and emotional, where you can truly engage in the discussion, not the soliloquy, but the discussion of ‘what does this mean? How does this occur?’

Now, there are two aspects in which I am going to speak and one is directly, of course, to the lightworkers, love-holders who feel ‘I have held the flame, I have held the candle of light I have beamed, but I don’t feel I am getting enough tangible evidence’ and a great deal of my discussion, fortunately and unfortunately, is to the people of the world, to the 8 billion people on the planet. And you say ‘but they aren’t listening.’ Well, might I suggest that they can’t help but hear me; it may not be auditory in this sense but let me be very clear, when you give any of us this platform, the energy, the message, the actual sound is in the air and therefore it is heard on a subtle, unconscious, energetic, physical level. Like dogs hear higher frequencies, so do human beings.

So, let us begin. You have given me a wonderful list of events. Now I really wish you had started with the parting of the Red Sea.

SB: (Laughter) Okay.

SK: And I think you can laugh because you can understand what I am saying because humans love events but you are in a process of unfoldment. Let me just speak to the events…what you expected, and what you were guided, what you anticipated, did not always unfold or come to the fullness of fruition of what you thought would be; but it would be erroneous, it would be akin to your term ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ to say that nothing occurred. So we need to start there.

The evolutionary jump, the growth of human consciousness, of unity, heart consciousness, of inter-dimensionality of the anchoring of Nova Earth, dear Steve, the anchoring of the Cities of Light, the anchoring of Nova Beings, the interplay between the kingdoms, has been more significant in the last 5 years than in the last 50,000.

SB: Wow!

SK: So, let us start there and that is why I have begun today by saying, “Well no wonder you’re pooped, you have been working hard and you feel exhausted.” And I do say rest, but I also say, “Is there further yet to go?” Yes. Now, some of you may take this the wrong way, but I am your Planetary Logos, and so I speak to you, my beloved cadre of Love-holders, of repatterners, regridders, the gifts that have been given and bestowed upon each and every one of you, particularly the lightworkers, because in the acknowledgement and in the embrace of such energies, there is an implosion/explosion in terms of the creative energy that becomes present in your field. You have received, let us go back to pre-2012 and the diligence with which so many of you approached your Ascension process. You cleared, you anchored, you prepared, you followed, might I even say in the generic term, religiously, the ritual and the process recommended to you, not merely by Michael, MiKaEL, but by all of us, and you expanded and you expanded to such a degree that you were able to make a collective decision.

Now, let us talk about this…collective decision making had mostly, other than small groups here and there, but as the human collective, collective decision making had been absent upon the planet since the inception of the Creator Race. When there was a deviation from that original group, when the deviation to greed, control, lust, power in terms of force, when all of that was born, collective decision making was aborted, it died. Now, did Love die? No. Did the desire for connection die? No. The memory, the knowing, internal and external, within and without continued on. But the ability to come together, what you think of as esoterically, etherically, spiritually, it matters not the terminology – these are your words, not ours… but you decided that you cared enough and you loved enough to do it as a group and to take as many beings upon the planet, to take them by the hand and go through the portal as one. And that included the most outrageous, atrocious, darkest energies on Gaia at that time and still to this day – we always called them the reluctance, the recalcitrant, and so on. But you have looked at…so I am leading you through this scenario… but you have looked at that event and said, ‘we didn’t get the jump that we are conscious of’ even though Gaia herself has told you that she jumped, she ascended and you are on her and therefore you are exposed to this wide variety of inter-dimensional energies. Your conscious has expanded but you said, “I didn’t get what we thought we were going to get and therefore I am heartbroken.”

Now, to your absolute credit, did you stay withdrawn, spiritually exhausted and heartbroken? Well some did. But the majority went within, felt the Love, chose to stay the path and continue on to build community, to build Love, to hold heart, to come to more deeply understand, and to keep their eye, collectively and individually, on Ascension, on Shift, on growth, on unity.

That has been phenomenal and because of that, in many ways, we have been feeding you, we use the example of the Mother’s gifts, first of Clarity, of Purity, of the Tsunami of Love, of Grace. Now, some have embraced it, but many…and I speak to the human tendencies that are shifting and have need to shift, this is the expansion of the within that we are speaking of. Many have said, “Well, that’s nice” and like a two year old with a new toy, threw it aside and have never played with it or put it on a shelf as an icon and never brought it into their life, into their practice, into their being. Now, have they been affected, because when the Mother blesses you with something it shifts you, but the incorporation of that energy into the conscious living? It’s been about 50/50, if that.

So the gifts that have been intangible have not always been grasped and loved for what they are.
If this sense of Clarity and of Peace is not present on my planet, for the moment Gaia, although I come from Venus, if it is not present, how do we then translate the spiritual qualities into the physical realm? How does that happen if it is not embodied in the physical form by humans, by you my beloved ones, how does that not activate what is to come? It is a precursor.

So, why have many of these events, as you call them and as we call them, have they not come? We have been having continual events and we will talk about what is going on behind the scenes, but we have been having these continual events, continual downloads, continual expansions and some of you said ‘yes’, some of you have said ‘later’, some of you have said ‘no thank you’. Do we take umbrage? No, we keep going.

Now, as I say, this message is also for the 8 billion because many of you who are spiritually exhausted you would say to me, “SK, Raj, I have kept going, but what do I do now? I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m sick.” Understand when you are tired, when you are sick, when you are in dis-ease, when you are in lack…of money, or health or Love or support, including from this side…
that is not the real issue, that is a symptom of what is transpiring, that is a symptom of you, your very soul saying, “I need more, I want more, I demand and command more” and it is a very small step from saying, “I create more, I accept more, I invoke more.” And it is in that that you begin to see tangible results.

Globally there have been events, but human interest, including lightworkers, human interest is very rapid to dissipate. It is as if your level of attention, which we have been working on, by the way with you, your attention is akin to a news cycle and you constantly want the news, the tangible, seeable, touchable. Now, we do not say that this is wrong or erroneous but what I am saying and what we are saying is ‘could you also give equal credence to the intangible, [in]tangible results?’ You have created a modicum of Peace within and without, upon the planet that is stellar and I use that word very specifically to refer to how this is bringing you closer, in sacred union and partnership with your star brothers and sisters. You have done this.

Is it possible to declare Peace on Earth today? I will answer out of both sides of my mouth; I will say ‘yes’ and I will say ‘no’. And let me tell you why: I would say ‘no’ because there is still this filament, this wispier, what Michael would call the echo of doubt about whether it is possible, whether you my beloved cadre, have the power to do this. And in that power, how do you override, because that is what it is, how do you override those upon the planet who still want to maim, hurt, kill, and create general mayhem and chaos? But you do it by anchoring greater and greater Peace within.

So, this initiative has not stopped and it is already spreading like wildfire. So do not underestimate what you have achieved; that is like a child having a report card that is straight A’s or 100% and he brings it home and his parents say, ‘that’s nice’ and they toss it on the sideboard. Do not do that to yourself. Give credit where credit is due. See what you have accomplished and yes, track, in tangible form. But look also to your lives, look to your lives, and now I speak especially to the lightworkers…you have said, many of you, feel more peaceful without external cause, perhaps there is still disruption or lack of what we have discussed in your life. But for some reason you are feeling more peaceful; and that reason is that you, with Michael, with all of us actually, have allowed this energy to come within, to anchor it and are translating it into who you are and in terms, practicality, of creating Peace on Earth and in your life.

Are you transmitting this in your eye contact, in your smile, in your interactions with every being you meet? Because that is how Nova Earth is truly anchored, it is community after community, city after city coming to a place of saying ‘we can do better’. These financial institutions, these societal institutions, these institutions, these ways of doing things, these processes that are of greed and cruelty and lack and limitation and hatred don’t work. And is it storming City Hall? No. It is creating that ripple effect that what people vote for, who runs for office, who is fulfilling their mission by taking that office, is of Peace; so that it is not really a choice, the choice is already Peace/Harmony and they are not being influenced, for example, the way Obama was influenced during an early part of his tenure, they’re not being influenced in that way to deviate from the path they have chosen.

So, you are strengthening that collective belief; you have made another collective decision, the magnitude of which is enormous. You’ve made a decision that there will be Peace on Earth and we are certainly in agreement with that, you know that! So, do not think there are not tangible results, but would you please, with me, engage in creating more tangible results in this way and also utilizing the intangible?

SB: I fully agree. I have no problem representing the people of Earth in saying ‘yes’ to your request.

SK: Halleluiah!

SB: (Laughter) Thank you. I would also like to add Raj; I think there’s a great desire to have more transparency into what’s happening behind the scene, so to speak, behind the veil. Is there any way that we, down here walking around in these heavy, tiring physical bodies with our memories impaired and all the rest of it, is there any way that we can know more about what’s happening with the Company of Heaven? When is a kind of liaison going to begin? When are people here going to be able to go up to the ships? We have one editor who’s dying to go aboard the Neptune; when are we going to be able to establish whatever contact we can?

SK: It is already underway. Let us talk about this. First of all let us talk about the ships and the galactics and inter-galactics and even the human range of participation in what you think of as this human and starseed and actual star-being families. Many of you are already on-board ship, most of you at night but some of you are in the full engagement because really you’re first mission is on-board ship, so what you are really saying to me is ‘when and yes I know exactly who you speak of, when will I consciously be on-board ship?’ And for those of you who are very engaged and that part of your mission is acting as emissaries, ambassadors, translators, beacons, anchors for your star brothers and sisters, you say, “Well when will that begin? When will I be doing and engaging in the fullness of my mission?”

The vibration, the compatibility quotient, think of it that way, the compatibility, energetic quotient, match, compliment, is much closer than it has been. Now, for a long time there has been back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and the quotient of fear, even though there has been acknowledgment by the general populous that the majority know and accept the presence of star beings or the life on other planets or realities, dimensions, the fear factor has still been very strong. And as you know, your star family is never, never going to engage in the situation where it becomes so fearful that there is panic in the streets. Now, it is not a matter of any of the various nations involved, shooting arms or bombs at your star brothers and sisters because they would be like pillow-down and so that is not an issue at all. But the fact that nations would send bombs or arms is an issue because that would create fear and mayhem, and therefore it would not be a Welcome Party.

Now, there are many, many, in positions of leadership that are already fully aware and in very close contact with the star beings. And it is the public secret, and I would suggest that even to most lightworkers that public secret is well known. But your question is, “When do we get to the place?” Right now it is still at the place…and the Peace Initiative is having a huge impact on this…your star brothers and sisters are cheering you. Think of a child putting their hand on a hot burner; energetically that is often what the contact between your star brothers and sisters and the general populous of humanity is like, only it is spiritually and emotionally, yes they do have emotion, it is just in a very different way. So, the energetic grids need to come a little closer and that is why it is individuals, increasingly, who are back and forth to the ships, consciously and not, but it is getting much closer.

There is so much intervention by your star brothers and sisters in creating Peace; they are assisting you and it is not just Michael and his legion and the Company of Heaven. Now you say you want transparency. When will you see us? When will we be more present? When will that veil be lifted?

SB: When will we know more about the way decisions are made behind the veil? When will we know how decisions are made? We’re intensively curious but we’re also affected by these things and if there were more transparency I think it would be easy for us to ride the wave, so to speak.

SK: If you wanted to know a way in which you can understand how decisions…we wouldn’t use that term… but decisions are made on this side, you can look to your physicians and your healing practitioners and use that phrase, ‘First do no harm’. So when we look at a situation the assessment, and I am attempting to use your terminology, the assessment is…Will it help or hinder? Are they ready? Have they incorporated into their beings, their lives, their hearts, their treatment with each other, the qualities that will allow them to take the next step or not? And which pieces of, say, what you would think of as an event, which pieces can be allowed to be seen or viewed or participated in, which is what the sacred union that we are in right now is about, what pieces will lead them to the place where they are fully cognizant, consciously, heart consciously, but also mental consciousness, emotional consciousness, that they can participate and not be reactive?

The unfoldment you have talked, and this is part of transparency, tell us about divine timelines? Tell us about the unfoldment of the Plan? If ever a Plan had been put into slow motion in order to allow humanity to catch up, it has been this Plan of collective Ascension. Many of you, and we keep saying this, have been in and out of the Ascension process, portal, however you conceive of that, for years now and each time you do that you are bringing back the higher frequency, the higher energy, the inter-dimensionality, and you are anchoring it, in form, for the collective. Those who are going through the portal back and forth, if you stop…just stop! And perhaps this is part of why we are talking this day about spiritual exhaustion. Peace is also has an element of quietude about it. Stop, go into your heart and say, “Let me have a peek, let me understand, let me at least have the vision or the visitation so that I feel that I am, not only part of this unfoldment but that I’m part of the team, that I have been briefed and clued in.”

So, it is not merely collectively listening, it is individual listening because many of you, and now I do speak again to the Love-holders, many of you are already at a point where you can listen, hear, see, receive and understand, comprehend and translate that into the bigger picture and your own life. So, for many of you it is that process of the meditation, it is…and if you call it listening or being still, it is the same thing…Stop and Listen. And ask your questions.

SB: Well, that’s very helpful what you said, and I have to tell you, in all honesty, one of the things you said struck home with me in a very particular way and that you said, “Will you be able to be non-reactive?” And I looked at myself and I said, “You know Steve, you know darn well that if you see something that you don’t like you do react and often times when you do other considerations go out the door, out the window, and you stand on principle and all the rest of it and never at any point do you see that you’re just being reactive. So, I acknowledge that I may not be ready because I’m probably somewhat still reactive…

SK: But, can you see the humor in it, my beloved friend?

SB: Always…(Laughter)…but please, tell me what is particularly humorous here…

SK: The fact that you see that you are reactive is beautiful and it is reflective of the expansion that you have gone to and through. The humor is that you continue to be reactive.

SB: (Laughter) In the face of it…

SK: So, I say to you, when we…for example let us use Disclosure or mass landings or an awakening of the entire populous of humanity that the star beings are among them…now, are you at a stage, and I’m talking now of humanity not particular individuals, are you at a stage where you are reactive or is it neutral, is it investigative, is it an opening, is it an excitement–let us see–or is it ‘us or them’, is it they are superior, they are bringing superior technology therefore we are going to be enslaved, or is it reactive that they are better than us, we better protect ourself? That has been some of the thinking, if you want to call it that, that has gone into the divine decision making process. Is the collective going to be reactive in a negative way?

SB: Hum, okay, well that’s very helpful, thank you, that’s exactly the kind of discussion that we’ve wanted to have. I think we have about 8 more minutes to go and perhaps I could just ask you to give us a very short summation of what might be happening with a couple of events. I’m not going to ask you about Ascension, because I think we all know that that’s a gradual process and it’s happening and I think we know about that. But we don’t know about (1) the reval and (2) Disclosure. Can you just tell us, give us in very short form, a synopsis of what is happening on those two fronts?

SK: There was a decision conjunct with your star brothers and sisters and what you can think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, this side, that was undertaken, oh in your time probably about a couple of years ago, that the wide display that you see in your night skies of all the ships, and some of you see them in the daytime as well, that there would not be what you can think of as a ‘grand event’, there would not be a parade of spaceships down Main Street or on the White House lawn or on the Kremlin lawn; that there would be an integration of what we have termed ‘boots on the ground’ of star beings who have come to the planet and who are integrating into your societal framework, and very diligently, for you especially Steve, this is good news, working on the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being. They are high being transmitters, communicators, and anchors for this energy so that there becomes, what you can think of as a new normal. So, Disclosure as a main event? No. The quiet awakening to Disclosure that we are not alone. Yes. And that is already well underway.

SB: It is a change isn’t it? Because you flew over Lima in great numbers and over Mexico City and over London and over New York, but after that you abandoned that, is that correct?

SK: Because of the reactive nature, not so much of the populous who were by and large excited, but about the National Guard reactions.

SB: Right. I see that you regularly park a light ship over Vancouver International Airport. Can you tell me, are you hoping the pilots see it or…?

SK: Oh, the pilots see us all the time…

SB: So, they come in every day and see a flying ship…

SK: Yes, this is what we mean by the public secret…there are very few pilots that you would talk to, in casual conversation, that would not say that they had seen an ‘unexplained flying object’ that is either accompanying them or zooming by them or that they had seen on a night approach or a day approach. So, we are visible, it is just not overly visible. So, this is part of the quiet Disclosure until it becomes second nature.

SB: Yes. And then the pilots will say, ‘oh, we’ve been seeing this for years’.

SK: That is correct, that is correct. So, there are certain groups of people that are being honed to be the voice of quiet and calm and the pilots are one of them and the entire staff that work on,particularly on airlines. So, that is the divine decision regarding Disclosure. But I encourage you my brothers and sisters, go quiet, call your star brothers in, meet with them, talk to them, visit the ships one by one, but your time is close.

SB: Okay, you make that editor first because he wants to get up there in the worst way. So, you know who I’m talking about…

SK: We hear you.

SB: Okay, now the reval…one prominent channel said to me, “Are you seriously thinking there will be a reval because things don’t work that way” and other lightworkers have said, “Oh, no, no, there’s not going to be a reval, it’s going to come in in drips and drabs, it’s going to come in small amounts and build up over quite a while.” Is there, in fact, going to be a reval or not, Raj?

SK: Let us…lightworkers sometimes have exclusive tunnel vision. Review your history dear hearts. And the…what you call this reval and what we call the reevaluation of financial systems of which what you call the rv or the reval is a small part, but never-the-less I am answering your question, was originally designed to assist veterans, to assist those who were the warriors and those who were harmed by war. And it was also a political promise that when there was a cessation of war and an establishment of what political nations call Peace, which is not the same as our Peace, that then there would be the carrot that your currency will be reexamined in light of your economy and your resources.

And the reason why many of the veterans were included in this was the understanding, above and below, that these beings had paid dearly by engaging in war. So, it is not merely a blessing from heaven for being a lightworker; that is not the case. Now, is it a blessing for lightworkers? Yes. But is it exclusionary? No. It has been, not simply the Company of Heaven running this; this is why we always say to you, “Look to your spiritual currency, look to your own ability to create within and then without.”

Will there be a reassessment, what you call a reevaluation of a number of currencies worldwide? Yes. Now, let us take you back to this reactive business…not merely is this going to occur when those who would be the recipients of great wealth use it to enforce control, power, greed, death, mayhem, chaos, that is why the Peace Initiative is so important. But it is also, even for the lightworkers…it is not simply a blessing so that you are an exclusive group or that you are retiring, although many of you will, it is monies that can be used to create, to anchor in a physical reality the institutions, the rework, the reengineering for Nova Earth. And so, again I say to you, “Are the human beings ready? Are that 8 billion ready?” No. “Are many segments ready?” Yes. “Is it in process?” It is not a drips and drab, this is a political move, this is an economic move. “Does it herald a shift in the consciousness of what is fair and equal?” Yes. “Will it come forth?” Yes. “Are we going to give you a date?” The channel will not allow such a thing.

SB: Yes, no, we don’t want to go there either. We understand that it’s a matter of frequency, of vibration, we understand it’s a matter of the expansion of our hearts, and we understand that it’s not only a matter with the reval but with Disclosure and Ascension and Peace and everything else, but am I to take away from our discussion today that we should, all of us, just say ‘hey, this is going to be months if not years from now, let’s get on to thinking about something else this reval is just not going to happen very soon, so…you know, face it, suck it up and let’s get on with something else?

SK: This is my guidance…

SB: Raj, Raj, please before you start…I do have to emphasize that when I say this, about the reval for instance, I’m talking about building Nova Earth, I’m talking about having the resources to end gender persecution on the planet, to rescue the poor people from Darfur from everything that besets them, to bring Peace to other areas of the world, to rescue so many women from sexual slavery around the world that’s supported by multinational corporations, you know, to right some of the wrongs in the world, to get the world back on kilter…so, it’s not a case, when I’m speaking anyway, it’s not a case of wanting to retire to Florida, but it’s a desire to get to work and building Nova Earth.

SK: And many of you are there. Now, should you abandon this and say, ‘well, tough luck’? You can if you wish. What I will end with is something, dear heart, that I have had and heard many of you say, ‘proceed as if’ and when I say this, let me be clear, “Proceed as if it is not going to happen and therefore I better get to work and create with my community and my resources everything I can possibly do and proceed as if it is going to happen and that I am putting in place everything that is going to transpire when it does.” So, proceed ‘as if’, use the fullness of your creative potential in partnership with us, with the usage of Universal Law.

You know how powerful you are. If you focus simply on the money will it occur? No. But if you focus on what you are wishing to do, that is an entirely different scenario.

SB: Uhh, okay, alright. I think we’re going to have to allow Linda to come back and relax after our discussion with you…

SK: Then I will give you my goodbyes, I will give you my farewells, but know that I am with you, as is St. Germaine. Beloveds, rest, bathe in the Peace and give it to everyone you meet but most importantly, your sweet self.

SB: Thank you very much, Raj. Thank you for coming.

SK: Go in Peace. You are welcome. Farewell.

SB: Farewell. Okay, well I think we’ll give Linda just a minute to make her transition and come back, but Graham do you want to discuss what you’ve heard from Sanat Kumara today?

GD: Well, I think the emphasis is really good and important. The focus is not the money, the focus is proceed as if we have it available to us to build that world that works for everyone, to create that world, that vision that we have in our hearts. I think that can’t be underscored enough and like you said Steve, it’s about the frequency within, it’s about opening our hearts and I think the less focus we put on these big events like the rv and like Disclosure, I think that’s healthy. We have it within ourselves, as Raj was saying, we are powerful co-creators…don’t stop, keep going and everyone can play a part and needs to play a part as powerful co-creators to build this world. But it starts with the heart.

SB: Right, I also think that the point he made about ‘as if’ is very important; the higher dimensions work on the basis of creative imagination, right, what you think about you create in the higher dimensions. And since we’re gradually moving into those higher dimensions, the closest terrestrial match-up we have to that is this, what one author called “The Philosophy of As If”; if we operate ‘as if’ what we want to have happen has already happened, we operate in this case ‘as if’ the reval isn’t going to happen and then it does at some point and we’re not creating a barrier against it happening, but we’re just shelving that for the moment and then using the same ‘as if’ in areas of lightwork like gender equality or the relief of hunger in the world or the relief of homelessness. It’s a way of entering into this whole domain of creating with our imagination, which there by the Law of Attraction draw something to us and have something materialize.

I wonder if Linda is back enough to chat? You might be tired, Linda, you might be a little ‘out there’…

LD: I am a little ‘out there’ but you know, one of the things that I bring away, not just from today’s conversation but from the repeated messages is…and it does relate to what you were just saying Steve and thanks for the reminder ‘as if’…I see everything is there, like on the table, and I proceed ‘as if’ what we choose to create is entirely possible, otherwise we wouldn’t have the idea, we wouldn’t have the inclination, we wouldn’t have the desire. I don’t think that we’re set up that way, so I proceed ‘as if’ it is possible and we can bring this into form with focus and it’s heart focus. So, I try and this is where our full circle back to spiritual exhaustion comes, I try and be really gentle and kind and considerate and compassionate with myself and with everybody else when something with the main event or something doesn’t come to pass, I still proceed ‘as if’ it will. I may not know the timeframe…you know me and my issue with time frames, but I do proceed ‘as if’ it will come to pass because that’s, to me, holding the vision.

SB: Right. Go ahead, Graham.

GD: inaudible

SB: Okay. Well, we have been conditioned since earliest days to be a stimulus-response machine and also to think in terms of cause and effect, you know, cause and result and which we don’t even realize, then sort of orients us to expecting some big event or to always wait for the conclusion of something or the culmination of something…what happened, what resulted with the tangible results? And I’m the worst offender in that whole area but we’ve got to break this stimulus-response circle that we’re in of reasoning and thinking and one of the easiest ways is to use this function of the creative imagination to see the result as actually having happened and orient towards it as it does. You were talking about this Linda, and if you don’t do it that way I’d add on to it that even if the result happened you wouldn’t see it, because you’ve already decided the result’s not going to happen and so you wouldn’t even notice it.

LD: That’s right.

SB: And if somebody offered it to you, you’d say ‘well, no, no, no, no I don’t believe you, it hasn’t happened’ and so we just walked by the opportunity. So, seeing it ‘as if’ it has happened or seeing it ‘as if’ it will happen, or whatever, opens us to it happening in this other way as well. Sorry Graham, go ahead.

GD: Well, I’m thinking about my internal process and to add a little bit more of what I was speaking to earlier, the focus for me is not about a specific event or around Ascension, like December 21, 2012, I admit I got caught up in that and the build-up of it, the focus for me is not Disclosure, the focus for me is not the abundance programs or the abundance economy, the focus for me is when I really get to my heart space and when I really connect to my grandest vision and dream and what brings me joy, the focus is creating a world that works for everyone, the focus is a world of Peace, of unity consciousness. These items are not the focus and I think we can get lost in that too much sometimes. So, I’m feeling just the need to underscore again…it starts with us, it’s the internal work within that effects everything else in our outer world.

SB: Right.

LD: Amen.

SB: Linda, anything further before we wrap things up?

LD: I think we stay the course, be gentle with ourselves, breathe the Blue Breeze of Peace, and keep going!

SB: Very good. I agree. Graham, anything in last words from you?

GD: No. Thank you very much.

SB: Okay, alright, well, thank you both. What a wonderful show and thank you and thank you to the Company of Heaven, we’re grateful to them…

Channeled by Linda Dillon