On our first Saturday channeling of the New Year, Universal Mother Mary says, “You have no idea as yet of the fullness of your power. And as we enter into this new season of new time, outside of time, inside of time, and beyond time, we travel together as one.<“/em>

Greetings I am Mary. Universal Mother. Mother of hope and Mother of love, Mother, my beloved legion of angels, sweet children of my heart, daughters and sons, starseed, earth keepers, path-keepers, way showers, portals, gatekeepers. Welcome, welcome to new time. Sanat Kumara and I and Michael and many of my council have spoken to you about the conjunctions that are still in effect. And as my final wave of tsunami rolls over you, and as you turn to the shore to embrace your brothers and sisters who have forgotten who they are, look deeply into their eyes, into their hearts, into their beings. And as you gaze upon them see yourself, see the truth of who you are and radiate that truth both within them and within yourself.

Remember the times of despair, of disillusionment, of disappointment that they live in; that they have forgotten the wonder of who they are. Reach out to them and embrace the truth of who they are, and in so doing, embrace the truth of who you are.

Many times we have said we are in sacred partnership, we are in sacred union, we are in one love. What does this mean my beloved ones? There is no separation. There can be no separation. As you gaze upon each other, as you hold hands as one circle, as you bring these ones who are reluctant and afraid, recalcitrant, bring them within your circle and then remind them of the love and the joy, and the happiness and the miracles, and what you have thought of as coincidence, or serendipity. Remind them of the morning smile and the morning sun. Remind them of the evening moon and the stars that are really ships. Remind them that your brothers and sisters of the stars have landed upon the earth and walk with you regardless of peril; regardless because they care about your Ascension, not merely their advancement, but your Ascension as one.

This decision to go forth as one family of humanity has been one of the most miraculous gifts that has ever been given to us. You do not fully understand, not merely the evolution but the quantum leap that you took together in that decision. Will there be some who choose to depart rather than risk being made to feel foolish? Yes, but dear hearts, that will be their choice and their decision. And in the meanwhile each of you are my stewards, my hands, my voice, my love, my heart upon sweet Gaia.

Do we attend to you? Like you cannot even fathom! Do we address your physical needs? Yes. But you are the ones that are in form; you are the ones that are mighty enough to be in form. We attend to you as you attend to us. This is not a matter of the tide turning back, it is a matter of the tide completing what we have begun six and a half million years ago and we do this as one, as one family, one love, one heart, one being.

And I will be with you every step of the way. Why? Why you say? Why is this so important? It is important because it is the fulfillment of the plan. Not merely a plan formulated to please myself or others; Mother/ Father/ One, it is a plan of the fulfillment and the return to the promise of who you are, in conjunction with all.

You have no idea as yet of the fullness of your power. Many of you have shied away, with good cause and with no cause, it matters not, the time is nigh. And as we enter into this new season of new time, outside of time, inside of time, and beyond time, we travel together as one.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in peace. Farewell.