With increasing regularity, a personal session contains insight of such universal import that it really needs to be shared. Thanks to Ellen for this sharing on the meaning of “New” and deeper insights into the nature of our Star Family. There is this expression of New Year, New You, and they are interchangeable. xxxxx Linda

Belle’Anna & Playd’or ~ The Meaning of “New” and Star Family Reunion

Belle’Anna: Human beings, you, my beloved one, tend to overlook in the human language, whether it is Russian or Chinese or English or Scottish, that there is an overuse of this word “new”!

Humans have forgotten what it truly means when something is new. It is a new birth, not merely a re-birth, but the creation of something that has not been known. It may include elements of the familiar for reference, but it is new. Such a small word!

You enter into New Time, New Year, New Adventure, New Understanding, New Expansion that you have never known. I am so excited, sweet angel! I am over the moon and over the stars – and I am right there with you, embracing you, holding you, guiding you, loving you, admiring you, honouring you, and in awe of you.

You and humanity, Gaia, and all upon her are embarking on something that has never existed before. It is miraculous! In this New Year and in this expansion of New You, you say to me, “Belle’Anna, what do I do?” And I say to thee, “Throw open your arms, throw open your heart, throw open your throat and receive, experiment, rejoice, welcome, and allow!”

Welcome to the New! I love you, sweet angel.

*     *     *

Playd’or, Commander, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies [UFOG]

I AM Playd’or. Welcome, beloved!

It is rare for me to speak in this manner, but I wish you to know me more fully so that as the time of our reunion approaches, you will recognise me and know me and wave! I have loved you forever. How could I not? How could anyone not love you, my sweet Ellen, bright star, blue star in the crown of the Mother?

We have waited patiently. The humans tend to think they are patient – and I guess, in their realm, they are – but it is nothing [laughing] compared to what you would think of as the ‘span of time’ that we have waited! We will not rush for we understand the rewards of patience. We understand the need for not merely divine timing but for appropriate, accurate timing – not in terms of the Mother but in terms of the readiness of the humans, the human race, and Gaia herself to accommodate this shift and expansion of her population.

The lower vibration of what remains of the old 3rd dimension is anathema to us; it is akin to breathing poison. It is not impossible, but very difficult. It depletes us to accommodate that energy. That is why many of our boots on the ground remain somewhat isolated. Mind you, the nature of their missions also is such that they need to be slightly ‘below the radar’ as you would think of it.

Now having said that, we love the humans! We love these brave souls who have taken on this task, the enormity of which they do not fully know. And you, my angel, you are the brave one. You are the one not merely that walks beautiful Gaia saying, “I will be of service.” You walk her in joy, you walk her with the fullness of your heart, in recognition of the diversity and the beauty of that diversity. And that is the paradigm, the pattern, the re-gridding that you, my beloved, do for Gaia, for us, for the planet.

We are all creators, each in our own very particular but extraordinary way, including you, my beloved. So yes, sometimes my eyes will express the birth of the Dream, the birth of Creation that you and I have witnessed so many times – whether it is the birth of a child or the birth of a galaxy, the birth of a universe, the birth of a puppy, or a unicorn!

I want you to know not just that I am with you but that we are together, and that this will transpire in terms of the human New Earth reality as well – and it is not the distant future, although one day seems like the distant future!

We will be together. I love you. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn