Let the rain gently fall upon your beloved Gaia. Let it caress and kiss the earth, particularly beginning with California but not ending.

Hi there, I’m Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love. I’m honored and pleased to be asked to assist with this global meditation on drought today.

Archangel Michael has told us that the drought in California is actually the golden opportunity to heal and eliminate the entire issue of lack and limitation upon the planet. St. Germaine also tells us that this is us stepping forward to co-create Nova Earth not only with the Company of Heaven and our Star Brothers and Sisters but with Gaia herself, with the elements and the elementals and the kingdoms.

One of the best parts is that as we do this, as we heal the physical drought, we are also healing and eliminating the spiritual drought of humanity and we are doing this not merely for California but for the entire planet, for the Middle East, for Australia, for India, for every continent.

As I prepared for today, Archangel Uriel stepped forward and claimed oversight so while everyone is present from Archangel Michael to Archangel Raphael, the Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara, it’s Archangel Uriel in his glistening, sparkling, rainy grayelsha silver self who has offered to guide us.

This is a rare treat and an honor so as we begin, we start with a prayer to declare our sacred intention and purpose so take a deep breath, close your eyes and anchor in your heart.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, all angels and archangels, ascended masters and enlightened beings, Council of Love, we join this day in sacred purpose to bring forth a soothing, gentle rains of renewal, to bring forth the restoration of balance upon our beloved Gaia and within the hearts of each and every being upon this planet.

We pray this day for infinite assistance, from above and below, from the Company of Heaven, from our Star Family, the kingdoms, and from our beloved sweet Gaia.

We call forth the devas and the elements of Gaia, earth, air, wind, and fire. We call forth all the Gods and Goddesses of all traditions to assist us in this elimination of the illusion of lack and limitation and the restoration of balance of all elements upon Gaia, in California and far beyond.

We pray for the divine qualities, a quality of peace, of clarity, of grace, of purity, of patience, of fortitude. We seek the protection, always, of Sanat Kumara in the application of Universal Law, especially the Laws of Change, Balance and Elimination. We further seek his guidance and protection in the anchoring of Nova Earth, right here and right now.

We pray to be the instruments of Joy, of wholeness, of fairness, and equality. We relinquish our struggles and open our hearts to the wonder of our divinity. We choose the perfect alignment of Love, with the mind, the heart, and the will of One.

Please grant our prayer for rain in California, in the blessed sweetness of a gentle caress. We give thanks and gratitude for this gift and all our gifts, always and forever.

Amen, amen and amen.

Now I’d like to step aside for Archangel Uriel so anchor in your hearts, listen with your hearts and step forward as the full Ascended Beings that you already are.

Greetings, I am Archangel Uriel, Bringer of the Future, and my beloved friends, my allies, my dear hearts, the future is Now. And yes, I bring you the gift of my ray, my power, my truth, my anchoring of the grayelsha ray, the silver ray tinged with ruby, tinged with violet, tinged with blue. I come this day as primary spokes-being but make no mistake, my beloved ones, I speak and I bring you greetings not only on behalf of the Divine Mother but all who treasure this sweet Gaia and, with equal measure, treasure each of you.

Often I have been known as the rather silent archangel, the bringer of the future. That time of silence is over and yes, I am overjoyed to accompany you in your mission and purpose, in this elimination of the old quality, of the old paradigm, of the false grid of the old third dimension, of lack and limitation.

You are mighty creators. You have come to this planet as Ascended Masters, in and of yourself. This is not egoic, this is the truth of who you are and you have come in fulfillment of your promise, your mission, your purpose, in alignment with all of us, in service to the Divine Mother as we journey as One to the divine perfection and ascension and anchoring of this planet Gaia in the higher realms.

Think, feel, breathe my energy of grayelsha. What is grayelsha? You may visualize it as when you have seen gasoline on water. It emanates many colors, many rays, different energies, swirling as One unified force.

Now it is rather sad that the vision that I share with you is gasoline on water. That was never intended to be and that is of the old earth.

You, with us, with your Star Family, with the Ascended Masters, with the Enlightened Ones come in partnership, united in heart, not merely hand to hand but heart to heart with this silver ray to gather the codes, the energies, the molecules, the atoms of water, of the life-blood of Gaia to bring the gentle restoring rains to California and far beyond and to wash away the debris, the illusions that have barred you from your Joy and Truth.

Come with me to the center of your beautiful heart, to your Pink Diamond Flame, and feel the beauty of that flame as it dances brightly in companionship and unity with the Blue Diamond Flame of the Mother and the Golden gorgeous Flame of the Father.

Be the brightness of your pink. It does not matter, my beloved, whether you are blue or magenta, golden or green, your totality, the essence of who you are, the love, is held in that Pink Diamond flame, so anchor.

Now drop your cord and this day I ask for this cord to be coming from above and going through below to the heart of Gaia, two cords and they are of my silver ray and they are sparkling with dampness and dew. They are sparkling and glistening with the radiance of moisture.

Feel the connection to the heart of your beloved Gaia, my Sister, in many ways my best friend. Feel her willingness, our willingness to create the restoration. Yes, Nova Earth is intended and will always be the splendid diversity of Gaia herself.

The mountains and the oceans, the plains, the trees, the kingdoms, the animals, but the places that are and have been sacrificed on Nova Earth are restored. Temperate climates, temperate climates that enfold and embrace not only humanity but each of you, personally as well as every flower, every blade of grass, every pebble, every grain of sand. All of it!

It is held in the balance and that is the balance, not only of the elements, of earth and air, and fire and water, it is the balance of what those elements as they came together, atomic, sub-atomic fibers, molecules — what they were intended to be. And they were intended to be the expression of Love.

Drought — spiritual, emotional, physical, mental — is not of Love so, my friends, with me I ask each of you:

Throw out your arms and gather unto you every molecule of moisture, of water that is upon this planet and that is designed in its sacred purpose to be the gentle rain of renewal. Feel this gentle water come within your core, within your heart, and let it fill you!

Let this moisture embrace you — become the silver bubble! And become in this moment of right now, with me not merely as big as Gaia but an orb that can encircle and embrace your beloved planet, my beloved Sister. Allow. Expand. Let me help you become the wonder of who you are, your creator self.

Feel yourself encircling Gaia, holding her, in gentle embrace, in this silver bubble of the purest water, the gentlest energy of Love. You may take some of the energy from the Mother’s Tsunami of Love but we do not create this day torrential downpours, we create always lovingly, gentle restoration.

We open the floodgates of the heart, but not the floodgates of storm and destruction. We are in the phase, you and we are stepping forward as the re-constructors, the restorers of Earth, of Nova Earth, of Gaia, and how all beings… all beings… experience life upon this sacred Archangel.

Feel yourself being joined in your beautiful silver orb by the Healers of Tralana, sister planet of long ago. Feel yourself being joined by Archangel Raphael, by Sanat Kumara, by the Halion Engineers to reconstruct and to aid you in this mission and purpose.

Allow the energy to grow. Do not hurry this and anchor in your heart. I am with you. I always have been but now you come to know it.

Now let us begin the gentle rain from your orb of glistening silver, of shades of pewter, and a tinge of storm cloud. Let the rain gently fall upon your beloved Gaia. Let it caress and kiss the earth and particularly beginning with California but not ending.

Feel the devas, Mother Maree in India, feel them welcoming the water sprites, welcoming, assisting you with this gentle rain of Love. Feel it not only restore the very ground quenching the thirst of Gaia but washing away not merely the physical dust and debris but the lack and illusion.

You are invoking and we have supplied the alignment with Universal Law. You have claimed your role as our partners in this creation of Love, in this creation of Joy. Let the rain fall and come and dance with the fairies and the sprites and the rocks and the trees and the flowers and the archangels and the Mother.

Come and dance with us in this gentle silver rain! Let us run between the raindrops together! And let us know, you and I and all, that dear heart this is the beginning! This is where we start! You are mighty and you are strong and you are gentle and you are Joy.

Go with my Love, always, and do this meditation as we refresh and renew our beloved Gaia. Farewell.