Wow! What a wonderful experience Philipp Schlienger has shared with us…Thank you Philipp.

I am Santa Rea, your Higher Self. I address this to you because humanity has reached the point which it has awaited eagerly for such a very long time.You are about to cross the finishing line.The Universal Mother has gifted you with the Tsunami of Love. You are constantly flooded with her energies and in the last couple of weeks, these energies have taken on a momentum which led humanity to its destiny.

I ask you and all you fellow sisters and brothers, come join us now for finishing this game. Without you, the full effect of the Tsunami of Love cannot reach your shore. This Tsunami of Love is a sacred undertaking based on the sacred partnership with your Mother. You are the Tsunami of Love! You bring forward the energies and help to spread the Love all over the world and, consequently, help to lift humanity out of the mud.

We informed you, asked you and even implored you to see and imagine how you ride Mother’s waves of Love energy. Now it is time to understand and fully comprehend that you are not only riding the wave but you are the wave! You, every single lightworker, lightholder, wayshower or what every term you prefer, are the wave targeting to reach humanity’s shore. Meditate on this, see you as the big Tsunami of Love wave that is rushing over the sea, playing along with the dolphins, the whales and the sacred water elementals, reaching for the shores of Gaia. See how you are flooding Gaia with the brilliant light of Love and how your lights beams out in the Universe.

It is time for action, my sweet angel. It is time to truly step forward and say: “I am here to fulfill a job, to do my part in this sacred union with the Universal Mother and I am more than ready and willing to complete this. Dear Universal Mother, I am your child and I am here to help you. Bring it along and I am helping you to spread your Love to my fellow sisters and brothers”.

I am Santa Rea. Go with my Love. Farewell.