Dolphins-WaveThank You’s for the Tsunami of Love Webcast

On June 8th Universal Mother Mary, Gaia, the Council of Love and Linda Dillon broadcast the Tsunami of Love Livestream webcast. Letters of gratitude and their accompanying experiences have been flowing into the Council of Love and the Golden Age of Gaia inboxes. Enjoy!

June 8  DC 

I had this dream in the wee hours of May 29th. I signed up for the Tsunami of Love Webcast on June 4th!

I was awakened about 2: 30am ‘with a start’ to find you (Linda) hovering over me.  I had been startled awake within a dream, but was still … dreaming (?) It was as if I was about to experience a MAJOR Kundalini awakening, but was holding back …. You knew what was about to happen & apparently came to tell me it would be ok…. that you had this same kinda trepidation/apprehension just before your ‘first experience’.

As you held the space for me, I began vibrating as if I had been plugged into some sort of ‘cosmic electrical outlet’.  My body became ‘Light’. All I can remember beyond that was that depth of love that always seems to beam from your eyes… like a Super Proud Mother!  You were wearing a turquoise blouse & matching pants. I remember thinking how beautiful you looked…. brilliant & bright! I felt so very safe & secure.

So today as I was walking into the back entrance of the hospital (I work there giving massage to the staff now), there were 5 or 6 employees coming & going down the hallway. Every single one of them were wearing turquoise scrubs. Immediately I remembered every detail of my dream. Until today, I have never seen/noticed the turquoise scrubs in the hospital.

I went to pick up some sheets & towels in the laundry department (which I do every week), and what to my surprise, there are several men sitting in the corner dressed in turquoise. So I asked, “does each department have color coded scrubs?”, to which the answer was ‘’’yes”. “So which department are you all?”, I asked… and of course they said “laundry”.  Well Thank God you are not cardiology, or Cancer or Mental Ward, I replied!  “Laundry”??? , ….. makes me wonder……!   lol

While going through the meditation today, I did not consider this dream at all until the ‘turquoise wave’ hovered in STILLNESS over me! I got it!! I burst out laughing like you would not believe!!  Laundry Scrubs??? What a HEAVEN of a CLEANSING it was!!! Whoa! I’m sure more will come to me as I process, but I wanted to write everything down quickly before I distract mySelf with other tasks that I need to tackle today.

June 8, 2014 Tsunami of Love Webcast

There is no mistaking THE MOTHER beaming forth from Linda’s eyes! I ‘caught the wave’ immediately upon her looking into our (my) eyes!

As I sat listening to the webcast, I began to experience a feeling of coolness & goose (truth) bumps on my back & neck. How can that be when I was so hot and sweaty from cleaning my house just before it started? (Still haven’t turned on the AC here in Tallahassee… but very soon now : )

I quickly became aware that I was in fact experiencing a change in the energy all around me, in me & moving through me. Tears were welling up, trickling down my cheeks and then subsiding. Welling up…. subsiding….. Welling up …. Subsiding.  AHA… like ‘waves on the beach’.  Ok can I truly be experiencing the Tsunami Energy??? Me? Little Ole Me??????

Relaxed on my sofa, eyes closed… I am now imagining I am on a beach…, white powdery sand squeaking beneath my feet…. I can hear the waves softly rolling in… breaking, then out again. A tear rolls down my cheek and into my mouth. Ahhh salty water… I could smell the fish, the seaweed, the salty air…. I AM THERE.

I am remembering now how I have always been fearful of swimming in the Ocean! Growing up between 2 brothers who played on my fear, did everything they could to encourage it, like swimming under the water to grab at my feet when I least expected it, pulling me under the water just long enough to scare the bejeebers out of me. I have always been afraid of drowning. Uhmmm…. I’m not so sure about this Tsunami thing….

Well… I thought, “It’s NOW or NEVER!! I MUST GO ALL THE WAY with MOTHER.”  I begin walking out to meet the waves. Slowly I am getting ever so slightly deeper and deeper. I feel something grabbing at my feet. I look down; it is an Octopus! “I am not here to frighten you Child”, she said, “I am here to Guide you to Our Mother!”

Shocking… I was not at all afraid. I walked still slowly, but surely, out a little farther. The water is rising to my knees, my waist…. now my breast… yikes, to my throat. I could feel myself beginning to hold my breath.

“Breathe”, She Said… “I have you Sweetheart”. I felt my face turn toward Her breast; my arms were already wrapped around My Mother’s neck. I am safe. (At this very moment I heard Linda say “Reach out and take the Mother’s hand”.. oops I thought… my arms are already wrapped around her neck and I’m not letting go for anything in the world!) At that exact moment I heard “or around her shoulders”. Whew.

As the meditation progressed, I felt mySelf slipping deeper and deeper into the darkness of the Ocean. I KNEW Mother was still holding me, so I am feeling more adventurous than fearful. I went to take a breath or gulp as I (still) slightly expected that I may accidentally inhale the entire Ocean, however,  I instantly understood that there was no need for Air. I was, in the STILLNESS, simply ‘free falling’ to the very depths of the Ocean. As I observed, I began to see what was total darkness begin to become Brilliant Light! Was I falling deeper or Was I falling Higher? I felt as though I was Free Falling up in to the Sky… not down to the Ocean Floor! So Beautiful…. Another World …. NOVA GAIA??!

Now an Enormous TURQUOISE WAVE hovers over me! I Am more relaxed and open than I’ve ever known. My body felt as though it were writhing in Full Blown Orgasm! I looked down at my body on the sofa… arms and legs spread wide.  I looked up again and In the Wave, I could see in to the Far Reaches of The Mother’s Eyes.  “Let Go”, She said. “I AM With You!  What you are experiencing is LOVE. It is the same way I experience it. It’s OK.  Let Go Now…. Completely, Child…. Let Go!”

I let go….now without question, free falling in LOVE. Mother still hovering over me, Her Eyes Sparkling like Turquoise diamonds…. “I Love You” she whispered… “and I am so very proud of you.”…

…And then I heard Her say “YOU My Child…ARE A TSUNAMI OF MY LOVE.  Share My Love with  ALL…. I Am Always with you and you with Me…. No more ‘Farewells’!!”

I’m not sure where this came in now as I am typing quickly on the heels of this Experience. But I do remember seeing my Black Cat ‘ Veda’ dressed in polka swimming trunks, balancing on a yellow surf board.* I burst out laughing and realized that my body was posturing on the sofa as if I were the one Surfing! Veda actually does love playing in water so I wasn’t too shocked to see her riding waves… but still, the outfit she was wearing was hysterical!

Having laughed mySelf back into the room, I turned and looked at the computer screen only to see Linda blowing a kiss.

“I love you too Sis,” I said and smooches to you.

(*Yesterday I cut a 4 year old child’s hair..  the cutting cape was turquoise and on it were pictures of Penguins riding surf boards.  LOL)

June 10  AC         

Hello Linda and Brothers and Sisters of the Light,

I was able to listen yesterday and it was wonderful. Here is what I shared and another huge thank you to the Divine Mother, to sweet sweet Linda and all the team for their love and service!!!! All the best and miracles too!

While I know the Divine Mother knows I am in service to her unfolding Plan, stepping up and taking the time to listen in and do the meditation was really miraculous. I have chills, tears rolling down my face. The energy is totally off the charts.

I will not share the process with you because I would love for you each to do it, but I will say at the end there is a meditation and even though I could FEEL the energy pouring into me, even rocking me back and forth which is a memory from childhood, being on our sail boat and being rocked by the waves… an old and beloved memory… there were a number of confirmations that this was actually happening in the real time for me, even though the group had gone through it on Sunday.

While I was deep in meditation, I saw things — not just once or twice but repeatedly. Then Linda would guide the meditation exactly to that vision and action. I was feeling happy, smiling. Close to the end she mentions cats and at that exact second my cat comes and touches my hand with her nose and sits with me the rest of the session.

I started laughing and then as I was sitting upright in one of my dining room chairs and a little stiff, I started to roll my head down, forward to stretch my spine and I imagined myself as a Fibonacci spiral. Then for some reason with my eyes closed, I leaned over my computer and extended my head and felt like I was going to go through the screen and at exactly that moment Linda says — feel it coming through your screen! LMAO — I lost it with hilarious peels of laughter and acceptance and OK OK! LOL! I get that this is actually happening…

Very powerful. Thank you again and I hope you all get a chance if your heart leads you to listen in. I took a break after the portion where she brought Sophia-Gaia in because I was so moved, I had to integrate that and sit with my divine guardian tree for a few moments… the webcast is long but goes by in a flash.

Again thanks to everyone who facilitated this — Linda is a darling and the whole program is wonderful! I am again guided with deep gratitude that we are able to clear a lot of stuff around issues that hold us back and then open to receive the abundance to be in this moment and ultimately to join in this call in dedication to the Divine Mother’s plan and the Tsunami of Love!

Hugs and BLISS!!!!

June 10  ST

Dear Linda!

… “words don´t come easy” to express my experiences but I really want to share them with you, because so much is going on…

Before June 8, I went through all the Universal Laws and for me, a great transition began. After working on the first 3 Laws one evening, I was sitting on my terrace and from one moment to the next, I felt my recent past really behind me. The struggle of the last 5 years but also the heaviness of my entire way, were taken from my system and I was free!!!

Wow, I didn’t doubt, I just watched, smiling, snuffling and went carefully on. There was this great knowing that I had broken through…

I felt now I could really resolve what has still to be resolved because I finally could make this step out and this gives me the possibility to act, I’m no longer “captured” inside…

The next days presented challenges and great magnificent gifts. As I continued on, working with the Laws, the feeling, the security and the knowing grew and is still growing… like climbing up stairways as a bride… and at the top “waiting” the Wave of the Tsunami, the Universal Mother and more….

The days before June 8, I felt the wave coming, sometimes challenging, sometimes a great joy and easiness, and of course Gaia dancing inside me…

On June 8, I woke up missing my twin flame very deeply but felt being with him at the same time. Our beings were one this day while simultaneously I missed his physical presence enormously – it was as good as it gets.

The meditation started here at 7 p.m. Some hours before, the Universal Mother told me to take him in my arms and from that moment he was resting in my arms, his head on my breast. I never felt this way before… It was magnificent…

During the meditation I dived deep into the ocean and then came up with the wave, riding it, hand in hand with my Beloved, laughing… even Othello (my cat) was with us, joking :)… I can´t describe my feelings, they are still within me… What a gift…

More and more I became the wave and as totally as I could do at this moment, I dedicated myself into the arms of the Universal Mother…

and there was Love, only LOVE…

What I also experienced for the first time and is such a magnificent gift, is the presence of the Council of Fire. My beloved friends of the Council took my feet and held my soles directly to the flame. I saw the energy of the Mother and the others who do this work together with Her, flow into the flame… there are no words to describe what happened…. a SACRED MOMENT for Gaia and all of us throughout the galaxies…

I’m spending the time now very calmly, the energy still with me and with everything that is, letting the wave reach everything inside and outside of me… I’m not able to do much at this time (but I’m used to this state already :)), to let nature, all of it soak in like a sponge, the LOVE…

What I feel very deeply since Sunday is that my inner core has changed enormously. There is light, ease, joy, spaciousness, a smile coming from the depth of my very being… yes, there are all the things, challenges I have to deal with but I feel lifted up to see them from a new perspective, to walk through them with more ease and joy…

Previously I did pottery and have built many figures of Gaia. A big one of them is in my living room and as words can’t express my gratitude for your work, I just send you a picture of it, expressing my love…

I send you my love and joy

June 8  JJ


I am feeling so much emotional gratitude to you, the Divine Mother and Gaia for the beautiful Tsunami of Love webcast. It was incredibly moving, profound and heart-expanding! The cleansing felt like being in a cool misty spray of ocean waves.

I felt an infusion of love which penetrated and expanded my heart. Such a beautiful experience! It made me feel like we’re all one family — all of humanity plus the Council of Love, our galactic family, etc.

Now, several hours later, I feel an overall peacefulness permeating my being. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and namaste.

Sending you much love

June 10  TP    

I started using the Tsunami of Love meditation few months ago. At the beginning it was fine but after a while I started to get discouraged, I didn’t feel any change in me and I stopped using it. But when I heard the call from the Mother to participate in the Tsunami webcast I didn’t hesitate for a second. On the 8th I was so excited!!

Listening to the message from Gaia was just amazing, an instant recognition of her energy and I cried in joy. Listening to the Mother’s message was even more powerful, tears where coming down my cheeks and the Love that I felt was, IS indescribable.

Then the meditation began and it was so powerful that I could not move any part of my body. I’ve never felt so relaxed and so deeply in my heart. I’ve realized that, maybe when I was doing the Tsunami meditation before I wasn’t able to drop into my heart, to let go, to surrender, maybe I was resisting even if I wasn’t aware of it.

The Tsunami of Love webcast really helped me to have faith, not only in the Divine Mother, but faith in myself, and it was so comforting knowing that I was (I am) sharing this unique experience with so many brothers and sisters from around the world, I really felt all of us holding hands and I thank you all for this.

The Mother’s energy can not be denied and I find it easy to recognize it now, the Energy of the Mother in me, IN ME. There is no way that I can deny myself any longer, enough with that, I AM PART OF THE TSUNAMI OF LOVE, I AM PART OF GOD’S HEART AND SO ARE YOU ALL.

I was a bit skeptical because I have used many meditations and tools in the last 20 years, I have a great respect for all of it but I’ve never, ever felt so close to the Mother and to myself before. Maybe this time I AM ready.

It was a really moving and powerful experience and I am really grateful especially to the Mother and Linda, for her respect, her open heart, her Love, her grace, her sweetness and her dedication.

THANK YOU with all the love that I can emanate

PS: English is not my first language, so I apologies for any mistakes 🙂