WaveSteve Beckow asked Archangel Michael his perspective on the tsunami livestream. Lord can you tell us what the results of it were and to answer the question “have all people shared in those results, not only those who listened to the livestream?”

AAM: This tsunami has gained momentum and strength and yes, you cannot have a tsunami wave that is not felt, particularly when it is of the Mother, yes, the Divine Mother whom we all bow to. You cannot have this magnitude of an event whether it is spiritual leaking or waving into the physical and not have it effect the entire population of the planet. That is the entire idea; that is the very plan of the Mother. Those who have participated, not merely in the livestream but previously and since that time whether they have done it consciously or whether they have simply subconsciously or unconsciously volunteered are creating and anchoring of this energy and that energy is rippling out to the entire population. But at the same time the tsunami, think of it, the term has been used very specifically by our Mother; this wave is engulfing, covering, drenching the entire planet. That is her intent.

Now, the more that the human beings consciously choose to step forward and engage in the energy, the more firmly and consciously it is anchored. But it would be an error to think or to believe that it is not effecting and influencing and penetrating and cleansing and lifting up the entire population. It has begun my dear hearts, it is underway.

So what do you feel? Now, as this channel has conveyed from the Mother, there are various aspects to this energy penetration from the Mother and they are not necessarily sequential…stop…start…stop…because they ebb and flow like the tides and there is the aspect, the element, of cleansing. Now, not only the individual cleansing for all lifetimes, all aspects, what you think of as timelines and dimensionality, there is also upliftment and penetration into your very core, in what you are referring to as your physical body and we would call your entire field of this energy of love.

Now, what does this really mean? What it means sweet angels is that the cellular memory, the DNA imprint, your soul design is being reactivated to that memory of love, to the truth of who you are. Now you know I love to speak about truth…and so this is a joyous part, this penetration, and you are like a sponge. And when a sponge, no not a sponge in the depths of the ocean, think of a sponge that has been placed in the driest part of the desert, in the most arid climate and it is hard and it is brittle and when there is a drop of rain or a drop of tsunami it is absorbed, but still there is a quality of brittleness, but eventually you become completely moisturized but you continue to absorb and absorb. And that is what you are doing, that is what humanity is doing in this very moment that we speak.

In many ways this is my favorite part of the tsunami, for many of us, because it is what you can think of as very deep restoration. If you recall, Yeshua has said that this is a year for recovery and then rediscovery; this is recovery at the deepest levels of your body, your mind, your spirit, your being. Then, of course, there is the elevation, the upliftment, the buoyancy. The Mother is the wave and when she lifts you there is nothing like it.

Now this wave that she has termed the Tsunami of Love is the strongest and yet the gentlest; there may be moments where you are feeling as if you are swept away, but it is swept away in ecstasy and bliss and to come into this place of rediscovery.

But let me share something that has not been talked about: When the Mother has fully activated this tsunami, do you truly think that you, of humanity, of Gaia, which it is intended for you, we do not claim ownership but we are most certainly sharing in the joy. We are riding these waves with you, no we do not need to go to the clearing or to the absorption, but we are most certainly riding these waves, as are your star brothers and sisters and those from many galaxies, the kingdoms. It is quite interesting to watch some of the mountains and trees riding these waves and might I say, laughing and playing with us and that is where we are inviting you.

Yes, we know there is a process and that the collective has need to go through this but truly we are quite excited…Come and join us. And if you are fearful in any moment know that you can call on any of us because we are very close at hand.

Many months ago when you and I, yes your brother, have discussed the event, we have suggested to thee that this was a series of events and there have been many different elements and aspects and stand-alone events, significant in your terms and in ours. And this is one of those events; it is part of the collective events that culminate in the Ascension. We know your hearts and perhaps we know the purity of your heart. Each of you, each of you who listen this night and each of you who listen thereafter, we know the purity of your heart perhaps even more than you do. We know your longing for love, your longing for change, for the Shift, for the Ascension, for a world that works, dear Steve. What we see with this tsunami, with humanity, is that they also begin to see the purity of their hearts and that purity is love, it is joy, it is grace.

Do the lightworkers lead the way, the pillars, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers? Of course you do, that is why you have come. But there is not a single being upon the planet who has not originally intended to come to Gaia at this time to have this experience of transformation and Ascension. And therefore, our gracious Mother gives this equally to all. Now, do all accept and embrace it equally at the same time? No. But it doesn’t matter. You cannot stop the penetration of the Mother; it is not possible. Her essence that is within you beckons to her essence that is outside of you and the two, my beloved friends, are colliding! And it is time.

So, what do you think? Is the collective ready?

SB: Well, I’m ready. I think the collective is ready.

AAM: And so do we!