In light of our phenomenal undertaking this weekend to fully embrace the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love, I am guided to re-post this message from Yeshua on the ‘agenda’ for 2014.”Don’t wait, because the energy, the Tsunami — it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic. It is not a tsunami of destruction. The only thing it washes away is the old that no longer serves. And it is refreshing. The water is clean and pure. It is restored. When the Mother has said this is a time of recovery, of restitution, of restoration, she does not simply speak flowery. This is not simply a channel to make you feel better.”

I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua. And that is the form that I come in this day, and that I so often come in to speak to humanity. And yes, I bring you a Christmas greeting, a holiday greeting and a message of peace.

I came to Earth, I came to join with all of you on this beloved Gaia for one reason and one reason alone. Oh, there were many sub-reasons and many things that I learned, experienced, enjoyed. But I came to be the teacher, the vessel, the conduit of love. That is the only message and the only mission I have ever really had. And, my beloved friends, my family, my fellow journeyers, my fellow wayshowers, it is truly the only journey and the only mission and purpose that you have ever had.

This mission of love, this gift, this experience, this opportunity to embody love is a gift. Yes, at times it is a hardship, because you make it so. At times it is ecstasy, because you allow it to be truth. It has many faces and each and every one of you have a unique expression, individual to your design and core, of how that comes forward.

But there is no difference and there never has been between your mission and my mission, my journey and your journey, my undertaking and your undertaking.

The experience of that life as Yeshua, as Yeshi to most of you, is somewhat different from yours simply because of time and space, culture…. But when you scratch the surface, it is basically the same. It is incarnating and having the experience, yes, of connection and knowing of One and most particularly of the Mother, but certainly the Father as well, because they cannot and will not be separated.

And it is having the human experiences of family, of friendship, of finding the mission, the path, the service, the expression of it, of the pitfalls, of the blessings within that. I had never, nor had the Mother, ever designed my life to be viewed as one of suffering and pain, loss, sacrifice, devastation. That was not the message that I came to bring. It was not what I came in form to share. It was about love.

And it seemed so simple, and yet it has turned out, then and now, to be the most complex message to truly incorporate, understand and embody. Sometimes I hear you as you speak to me, as you plead to me, as you scream at me, and you say, “Love, love, love, love! That is all you ever speak about! That is all the Council ever speaks about! That is all you care about!” And you know what, dear hearts? You are absolutely right.

But that does not mean that I do not understand about the journey of being in form, about life, and the intricacies of what is contained within that simple word of ‘love’, within those simple words of ‘love yourself’ and ‘love your neighbor’.

This, my friends, is a time of Ascension, of new beginnings, of interdimensional reality, of the shift in consciousness, not only of the planet and the kingdoms, but of the entire collective. And what is this based on?

Well, I can assure you it is not based on the old paradigms of the third. Have those desolate qualities — of greed and control, and pain and suffering, lack of love, lack of worth, lack of knowing — have they acted and acted well as a springboard for each of you in your hearts to say, “Enough! I can tolerate this no longer!” in your time and in our time? You are declaring not only that you desire love! And look how so many of you are engaging not only in the sacred partnership with us, with your sacred self, but with your divine partners, with your family, with your parents, with your children, with your siblings, with your soul family.

You are declaring yourself, and what you are doing is monumental. And you are saying, “I choose a world, a reality, which is the full experience available to humanity.” And the construct — the fibers, the molecules, the subatomic particles, all of it that we have spoken of time and time again — the building blocks are love. And you are declaring that and you are saying, “I deserve, I welcome, and I am love.”

It has never been completely sufficient to believe that you love another or that you love yourself. It is being and embodying and acknowledging that who you are, your core essence, that spark of what you call light and I call divinity, is love. In that surrender, in that deep surrender, you open the floodgates to the totality of who you are, to the meaning, not only of this life, but of all lives, your entire journey, and to the journey and the meaning of every other being on Gaia and far beyond, far, far beyond.

It opens the floodgates for you to truly see, to know, not to simply hypothesize, not to think, not even simply to feel, but to know the truth of existence. In that opening, what you are really doing is jumping through the portal.

Now, some of you would say to me, “But Yeshua, we have been waiting for the tsunami of love. We have been waiting for this or that event. We have been waiting for the opening….” Well, I am here this day to open those floodgates, heart to heart to heart to heart.

The darkness has reigned too long. It has given magnificent detail to the light, but there is truly, simply, no room for what has been known on Earth, on Gaia, as the darkness. Because what that does — and just about the only thing it does — is, yes, highlight and give definition. But it hinders, it hinders not only the Mother’s plan, but your plan.

When I have walked the Earth, I have known, very clearly, not always cheerfully but certainly clearly, of my plan and my promise to the Mother. And you do as well. And in that plan, in your life, have there been deviations? Have you been sidetracked from time to time? Perhaps. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You are released from that and you are free.

That declaration, for all beings of Earth to re-anchor their purity, is a decree of the Mother. In various teachings, the Council has spoken and guided you through karmic dispensation, and that is a gift that I have brought to the planet. But listen to what I say to you this night on behalf of the Mother. When she sends you — and it continues and it is stronger than a tsunami — as she continues to send you her purity and clarity, she has decreed, through the desire of her being and her infinite creation, the restoration of purity, grace.

And what are these except attributes of love? Purity, and might I say the debate of purity, the absence of purity, the perceived absence of purity on Gaia in the human race, has been a grand debate for a long time and rather futile, because it is filled with judgment and hatred.

But when the Mother decrees, when the Father/Mother/One create, and what you think of as speak — though it is not really what you think of as language — but when they speak of this restoration, that is why I say to you, if you have wandered off track, it matters not. The only thing that is required is not forgiveness from above, or below, not even from Gaia, for she has forgiven as well; the only thing remaining is forgiveness of your beloved self and your beloveds.

And when you accept, as you are, and anchoring this energy, this gift, this gift that is beyond naming, then you shift. Your consciousness elevates, your term, not ours, but we want you to understand it.
This is happening even as I speak with you this night. It has been happening as you have been subtly and actually following the Mother’s suggestion to fall in love with each other.

You cannot do that, not truly, not fully, until you have become the love. And that, my friends, is what Ascension is about; it is what it has always been about. It has had many labels and tags hooked on to assist in the understanding, the comprehension, the understanding of what your Nova Earth and Nova Being look like; your Cities of Light; how you operate; how you feel. But it is all about love.

I know you feel still, in what you think of as human time, and that a year — or for some of you, decades — has felt like inordinately long. It has not been a pause; it has felt like millennia. But let me also say to thee, I know what millennia feel like. And this is rapid! No, I am not setting you up to say to you, “You have to wait longer.” If anything, I repeat what the channel has been saying to thee — the waiting is over. Stop waiting. “Well,” you say, “of course, Lord, that’s exactly what I will do. Just show me.” Don’t even do that.

You say, “Well, what should I do, then?” And what I suggest to you, as your brother, is to go into your heart and simply explode with love. Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami — it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic. It is not a tsunami of destruction. The only thing it washes away is the old that no longer serves. And it is refreshing. The water is clean and pure. It is restored. When the Mother has said this is a time of recovery, of restitution, of restoration, she does not simply speak flowery. This is not simply a channel to make you feel better.

The reason I come to stay on the eve of solstice, which is why they really chose this date to say I was born, is that it is an eve of rebirth. It is an eve where I tell you that you are reborn… into human form, into physicality. I left my form behind. But you do not need to.

Michael has spoken to you, and he has said, “None of you are junior carpenters.” And understand. I have played that role. It was primarily to learn humility, for there were times when I was full of myself. You are not here to play any insignificant role. You are here in your mastery, not subservient, please, but with me, with all of us, to come back and to live the fullness of what you came here for.

We have waited, whether it is St. Germaine or Raj or the Buddha or El Morya, the Magdalena, we have waited, sometimes patiently and sometimes not, for this time of reunion. Now, some of you may have forgotten that, but before you came, even when you traveled from distant star systems, you were fully aware that this was the time of reunion, not merely Ascension; it makes it sound like graduation. So, might we say reunion? And you say, “Well, Lord, how is that? Because we know that you do not necessarily reside in the fifth, the sixth, the seventh.” No. But when you are in your fullness, do you think that we are not free to come and to be with you? To apparate, to embody even, and to walk with you, to talk with you, and to continue to lift you up? Of course we can. And that is the plan.

More and more has come to light, thank goodness, about my life and my family. Let me begin by saying this. I loved, I adored my family. It was arranged, as you all know. And my family, because it was a culture and a time where there was adherence and understanding in a different way to prophecy and to lineage, I was born into, what you can think of in your terminology, a favored or even a privileged position, what many would think of as a privileged family.

But even what you would think of as, today, as a privileged family was not necessarily the way that we lived. Because there was also agreement. But I lived in a very extended — as a child, and in teaching — in a very extended family setting.

You know about my mother and father — an aspect of the Mother and an aspect of Archangel Jophiel, but in human form. And I wish to emphasize that. My life was not sublime. My life was not a human, physical journey of ecstasy. Now, was I — well, more than fortunate — blessed, in the truest sense of the word about how I came and who I was parented by? And even my grandparents, Anna, my grandmother — I loved her dearly. I had seven siblings. Everybody gets confused on this issue of virgin birth — again, understanding and misunderstanding of what purity truly means, and what impurity means.

We would spend many hours discussing this, would we not? There could never be any question about the purity of my mother. But following my birth, there were many children. And that was powerful, and that was right, because from a very early age all of us — I was not always singled out as the special one. I had to learn to behave, to adhere to what you would think of as family structure, and strictures, and behaviors and customs — yes, there was a great deal of study, but there always was in families of our nature. Did I receive a great deal of instruction? Yes, I did, particularly with the Wise Ones. So my schooling, as you would think of it, was not simply restricted to Judaism. It was very broad. And I also tell you that Joseph taught me how to be a young man, and then a man. It was Joseph, my father, who taught me patience and silence.

My nature, particularly as a young man, an adolescent and a young man, even a child, I always wanted to tell everybody what I perceived, what I already knew. So he taught me this balance and the importance of balance because I could not have healed, I could not have taught, I could not have stayed the path if I had not used and learned and remembered and embodied the divine qualities my parents taught me and my siblings reinforced.

What you think of, who you think of as Mary Magdalene, the Magdalena, my beloved wife, in so many ways my other half — you know because you have all been working on divine partnership with your sacred other. The Bible contains many stories of my life, but you also know that it has been severely edited, and particularly those…. There were two streams of thought: One that wanted to simply maintain power and exclude women. That has been a theme throughout human history, has it not? And those who wanted to keep me in the divine realm and not to show me as a man, a prophet, a teacher as well.

It would have gone contrary, significantly contrary to custom for me not to marry. But I was completely — your expression would be madly — in love with my Magdalena. From the very first moment I saw her, we both knew. And we both knew of our mission and purpose together, and we both knew the path that lay ahead. But that did not stop us from having our life together in great joy and passion and love.
Part of what we were doing is the paradigm for that sacred partnership.

The Magdalena had her own training, which was extensive, particularly with the Essenes. She had… she was the one who brought ritual. She was a channel long before she met me. And she continued to do that and to perform ritual and sacred ceremony. That is what she brought to our partnership.

But what she also brought was joy and the creation of family. We had two children — a little boy, Samuel Thomas James, sometimes called David. You know we had many names in those days. Everybody had need to be included and honored. Our son died. He died when he was three. He was the brightest light. He was the gift that we had been given. In many ways he was our hope and the continuity, because we also knew that my life would not be long.

We had a daughter, very much like her mother, our beloved Sarah and she became our lineage, our vessel, our hope; bright and beautiful. When we knew that my time was coming to conclusion, my Mary wanted, in many ways, to simply come with me. It is often this way, when you are truly in sacred partnership. You even see it now, how people will die close to one another. But our promise was that she would live to teach, to protect and to bring Sarah forward. And that is why — even there were many political reasons and many who would like to have wiped all of us out — but why the Magdalena was brought to a place of safety.

And so what we began in love, in sacred union, continued on, and still does to this day.

I bring you my blessing of love this day, as you begin anew, as each of you are reborn into your totality. I am at the portal waiting. Come join me.

Channeled by Linda Dillon