Wave The Tsunami of Love team at Linda Dillon’s Council of Love site are collecting testimonies of experiences of the tsunami of love that people have sent in. They’ve been receiving them for a bit over a month now, and they’re up at the Council of Love site, here.

I’ll be posting some of these testimonies here, on Golden Age of Gaia; some in condensed form, in order to allow us to see a broader picture of what’s being reported in our community. [These links may be found at the end of this post.]

But first, I’d like to share my own short summary of what I’ve been experiencing.

For me personally, it’s been intense. This intensity has been on both extremes, but allow for me to speak to the positive side of it to begin with.

I began to experience intense waves of bliss, and these actually preceded the announcement of this Tsunami. The initial showing of this for me was around the Sedona Conference in October 2012. They were few and far between, but there nonetheless.

Some of these waves are so intense for me that I feel like I’m either going to faint, or perhaps have a toe-curling climax. Oh my, did I just say that? Yes, I did. This has me feeling rather silly I can tell you, but this is my honest report.

Exactly like a tsunami, these waves build and build in intensity and sweep my resistance away with their power. There was nothing I can do but swoon, and quite literally pant, trying to stay with myself instead of going into unconsciousness. All of my bodies are affected, mental, emotional, and deeply physical.

This went on nearly daily for much of March and through to mid-April. While the intensity seems to have fallen off in the last couple of weeks, I can say the level of my everyday or baseline vibration is higher than it’s ever been at the previous highest highs.

There’s no way I can deny these experiences are phenomenal and unusual. I’ve never in my life had any experiences like this before, and I find it fascinating that this should happen in nearly exact conjunction with the Company of Heaven’s announcement of a ‘tsunami’ of energy consisting of Love arriving.

Following these waves, I struggle to keep myself grounded. There are expansions on the heels of each wave, of mental, emotional, and physical capacities to ‘hold’ relentless waveinformation about what’s occurring.

These magic moments are so full of “aha’s,” I have a hard time staying with my own body. To say I’m ‘moved’ would be the understatement of the day. I vibrate with these incoming energies, and the power of them shake me to my core.

All this is occurring without once doing the meditations offered by the Council of Love, by the way. I’m personally not much of a formal meditator. I’m just one who is here doing my best to pay attention to what’s happening for me.

Now that I’ve outlined the positive side of this, I’d like to speak about what I’d describe as the flip side. There’s been some intensely uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms in this as well. Most of this to do with what I thought I’ve already dealt with in the past.

Along with this, I feel exhausted much of the time. Even after all the work I’ve done for so long, for decades, these dregs from the proverbial deeps of my being are here again to haunt me. The main shift in my perception has been that this old business isn’t mine and isn’t true to begin with. To say this is a major shift is also an understatement.

I see this not only in myself, but also in those around me. Somehow, more up-in-my-face than the love waves, this old (and even ancient) business is what is presenting itself to be attended to in my relations to others. All this has been going on in conjunction with the love waves, but this invitation (read: demand) for clearing has increased, though this seems impossible, since the beginning of April.

This passage has been the most challenging one in my life. It feels to me like the master’s lessons are here, and are here to stay. Remembering that I’m a master, and so is everyone else, has me pinching myself constantly to stay aware of it, but I feel strongly guided to do so, and to do so in a way that makes it obvious that this is how I see it.

Nothing seems the same as it did even a couple of months ago. It’s all the same business as usual in so many ways, yet none of it is seen from the same perspective as it was before.

If this is the ‘ring-pass-not’, the proverbial one-way valve into the new age, I can totally see how it’s impossible for everything to go on how as it has up till now. The shifts in how I perceive everything are such that there can be no going back to the way it was before. It’s caused me to re-e-value-ate everything, the value I place on everything has shifted in significant ways.

So, this is my short report and testimony on what I’ve experienced so far as this Tsunami of Love. There are many more intriguing details on a personal level, but I wish to keep this short and general, as an invitation for others to take a close look at what they are experiencing too.

My personal blessings go out to all of us at this time in full compassion for whatever it is that’s ailing us. May we find the way to release whatever this is on an individual level. I offer compassion for all our collective exhaustion, particularly.

And thank you to everyone for participating in this magic moment.

If you have some personal testimony to share which you feel is related to this Tsunami of Love, please address it to the Council of Love website at: https://counciloflove.com/. The loving team there will be thrilled to receive them. The Tsunami stories page is here: https://counciloflove.com/category/tsunami-of-love/tsunami-experiences/.


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