What is a Ray? This is unique to you and it is an expression, a demonstration, not only of the Mother’s love for thee, but of your love for the Mother. It is an expression, that when you have been within the heart of One/Mother/Father/All, it was the energy, the quality, the vibration of what you cherished most deeply, of what you wanted to represent and preserve and communicate, and carry on behalf of the One, until such time as you fully and completely returned home.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning, and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Archangel Gabrielle will be joining us today to offer guidance on the 12 Divine Rays which correlate to our sacred mission and purpose in this life and in every other timeline. The human collective is in the process of integrating all our aspects, so speaking of the ray upon which we’ve travelled may very well serve as another divine tool towards that end.

Until now, I have to admit that the sacred rays have not captured my attention. It’s always exciting to learn something new, or at least be reminded of something that we’re actually intimately familiar with already. My questions will have to be kind on the fly today, so this ought to be fun! Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everybody! I think this is going to be one of the more fun programs we’ve done in a long time! This came actually as a result of a listener’s suggestion, asking about the rays and the colors. But it’s also something that I know the Council of Love has spent a fair bit of time focusing upon and talking about as it’s one of the fundamental keys to who we are. We talk about it and work with it a lot in The New You, both in the webinar series and in the book, plug, plug!

But it’s important for us to talk about the rays and to play with them. I mean, don’t get too serious about this issue, because it’s part of the foundation of who we are and when we talk about the rays and where I’d like to take our conversation today, it is more about how we use them. Think of the rays as colors, no more elaborate than that and the colors and rays that we travel on, that we work with, that we utilize in various parts of our day-to-day functions and our mission and purpose.

The whole idea of understanding the ray you travel on is that it is basic information about who you are, what your commitments are, what your lineage is, who you work with and who you serve, who you’re attracted to, where you live in your body, and so on and so forth. Now, there’s a lot of literature, both channeled and what I would call esoteric or spiritual literature out there that talks about the Masters or the Chohans of the various rays, but that’s really not where I want to take our conversation and I’ll tell you why.

There are various systems of classifications, and many of the systems only work with 7 rays, but we all know there are a lot more colors in the Universe than just the basic 7 chakra colors. So I don’t want us to get stuck in those classifications of who’s the Master of this ray or that ray, and if I’m working with a particular ray for example, if it’s white and purity, spiritual discipline then I’m working with X. I want us to be more free-floating and expansive than that.

And it’s unusual that any of us are just simply monochromatic. I have a nephew, whom I’m crazy about, and when I looked at him I was shocked because he’s blue, blue, blue! Now what do I mean by that? Usually, when the Council or guides are addressing someone, they give at least two or three colors. For example, some of the very first words that Archangel Gabrielle Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, who is VERY present today ever spoke to me were to say, “Welcome, soul of blue, aura of lavender, heart of green.”

Now, just that little sentence really puzzled me because I had no idea what they were talking about! But over the years I’ve come to understand that basically what they are saying is that my soul ray is blue and of course that’s really true as I’m a communicator. Another way they address me is as “Angel and Agent of Change”, and that’s all about throat chakra stuff, that blue of the throat chakra.

We tend to think of our auras as changing and shifting, depending on what’s going on in our life especially so with this magnificent expansion we’ve been having over the last couple of years. You go to those spiritual fairs or events and sometimes there are those fun aura-picture machines; you take a picture and one time it’s gold and green and the next time it’s purple and red, and then you get a little interpretation by a reader about what that’s about. But basically, we see what our base color is in terms of our auric field. So mine tends to be lavender, and then our heart chakra often will come up as green.

But to get back to what I was saying about this one time I was looking at my nephew and he was blue, blue, blue, which is really unusual his soul color is blue, his aura is blue, and his heart is blue! Do you think that he might be working for Archangel Michael? And it’s as simple as that! One of the things we’re doing in our work with the InLight Radio team is breaking down old paradigms. We’re expanding the way we think about things, and one of the things we’re doing is moving way past that “Age of Gurus.” I hope it’s really clear to everyone who’s listening that the biggest guru we ever want you to align yourself with is yourself!

SM: Exactly.

LD: Everybody has to be their own “guru”! So when one is of the Blue Ray, and therefore aligned with a particular Master, you may feel an affinity because of the Ray but we don’t want to limit ourselves. We are huge, magnificent beings, and we tend to work with different Masters or guides at different times. I’m always surprised when somebody says to me, “Well, I’ve got new guides.” You may become aware of new allegiances with different Ascended Masters or Enlightened Beings, but that just means that they’ve stepped forward to work with you at that particular time as they may have been there with you forever.

People say, “Well, what’s my color and what does that tell me?” The reason we’re having this conversation is that as you get to know more about yourself and what Ray you primarily travel on it may be a mix because a lot of the new chakras are mixed colors, mixed rays it gives you some understanding about why you’re here and then lets you dive deeper into the details of why you’re here. How do we go forward if we don’t really understand what our starting point is, what our foundation is? And it’s not just to say, “Well, I’m blue and therefore I’m a communicator,” because the expression of that can be so different.

For example, I mentioned that I’m blue. Now, when I look at Steve Beckow, he’s very blue. We’re both in service to the Mother, we both have attachments or service contracts to Archangel Michael, but Steve’s line to Archangel Michael is a solid, thick line, whereas my line is to Archangel Gabrielle and our expression of being that Agent of Change and the communicator couldn’t be more different.

I’m the channel and the voice for the Council of Love, and Steve is this very strong, masculine writer/information person. We’re very different interpretations of basically the same ray, so it’s a matter of discovery and self-discovery. What I do with that and how that interprets for me in this lifetime will be different from Steve’s process.

SM: Am I understanding it accurately that the ray on which we travel remains constant throughout our experiences and incarnations?

LD: Yep, it sure does! That doesn’t change, just like our guides don’t change. Those are the beings with whom we emanated from the Mother, as did the ray; that’s what we chose as we were emerging in our expression. Now, even throughout your lifetime, or sometimes even in a day, that ray varies. Sometimes you can be really pale, pale blue, or you can be that really deep, midnight blue and again, it just depends on what you’re working on.

SM: Like a mood ring?

LD: Yeah, exactly like a mood ring! And you meet people and think they’re very ‘Buddha people’, very ‘Jesus-Sananda people’, or very ‘Quan Yin people’ and even that tells you something about the ray. When you look at the Buddha energy, it’s very different than, say, the Archangel Gabrielle or Michael energy, and it’s in alignment with their rays… that deep magenta and rich wine color is very different.

SM: We have a different channeled guest every time for these shows. When we were doing the Universal Laws, Sanat Kumara was very much present with me. When Saint Germaine is going to come on, he’s very much present for days before we air. Is it just that maybe the rays of these Light Masters integrate somewhat with the rays that I normally have, like a guide stepping forward at a particular time and then stepping back again?

LD: Exactly. And all of us work with all the rays. It’s not because I’m blue that I can’t work with the green or the orange or the red. Quite the contrary. We all work with all the rays, and that’s why there’s such an emphasis on balancing and opening your chakras. It’s important that we be open to and balanced in all those energies. We may anchor in one of the rays, but in fact what we’re learning now is that we really do all our anchoring in our heart, regardless. I mean, most of us are emerald green in our hearts, so we’re even switching it up in that way as well.

And sometimes knowing your ray color is basically about where you live in your body. So think of the chakra systems and when you work with the Council of Love, you work with a system of 13 chakras. But if we want to be expansive about this, there are even more colors than 13, for sure. If you look at someone who is completely an artist, they have that bright orange of the sacral, of the creative center of the tummy or at the pubic bone which moves down the orange ray into that rich red clay of Sedona or the Mississippi.

And when you look at someone who is fully in their artistic energy, and that’s their mission and purpose, very often you’ll see or perceive them wearing or working with these colors of the creative centers. Whereas if you look at someone whose whole life is around healing, they may be very well working with the upper chakras, the amethyst and the magentas. But it also reflects in terms of where you live in your body.

It can be that those centers aren’t open, but generally speaking, the downside can be that if you are a green/heart person, an Earthkeeper person, a love person, then you may tend to have heart issues in your life. That’s where the energy centers, and when you’re out of balance or something hurts you, that’s where you feel it. You may get heartburn or heart palpitations and that kind of thing. If you’re a creative person, you may have digestive issues, stomach problems, ulcers, etc. A lot of blue people will have issues with their throat. Or if you live in your head, you get headaches, you get that occipital thing going on. So these are all hints for us about what our ray is, or what’s trying to get our attention to open, open, open, open bigger.

SM: Right. So in our evolutionary process then, maybe we can think about moving toward the rainbow aspect of things. When I’m working and doing my breath work now, I’m just gathering in all the various colored flames and using all of them instead of just one.

LD: And that’s absolutely perfect. Just because you say you’re, for example, a purple person doesn’t mean that you don’t wear blue or yellow. Sometimes it’s as simple as what you’re doing in terms of bringing that energy into your life. People will ask, “How do I know my soul color?” We’re really obsessed with this “knowing” business! But often, it’s just about what your favorite color is. It’s as simple as that, you know! What is the color that for your whole life you’ve wanted to paint your bedroom, buy your sheets, your towels, your clothes, your favorite T-shirt? It’s always that color!

SM: Kind of like our animal allies. What are the ones that you dream of and feel really connected to? It’s kind of a no-brainer, but you just have to give it a little attention and you’ll work it out.

LD: You have to give it a little attention and the reason you give it a little attention is because it’s information about you. So you don’t want to just come into your life and go merrily along and never take the time to really look at you, who you are, why you’re here, and what this journey’s about. That’s especially true to know when we’re in this Ascension process.

SM: Oh, absolutely, and I’m sure that there are many people really wondering, “What am I supposed to be doing now?”And even for those of us who were really solid on our mission, it just seems like everything has shifted now. I know I’m headed into something really big for my next one, but I don’t know what it is yet. I guess we just have to, once again, be comfortable with not knowing. Woohoo, okay!

LD: I know! It’s an amazing feeling. It’s exciting, and a little scary, because even when we think we know what’s coming, we don’t know! It’s bigger than we can possibly imagine.

SM: That’s true. So, you have a fabulous color meditation for us today, right?

LD: I do! I’m going to do the Soul Color Meditation for people to be able to connect with their soul color. This is one of the meditations that we use a lot in different classes or situations. So away we go!

SM: Lovely, thank you.

LD: You’re welcome.

So relax and let go of the day, of what you did on the weekend and what lies ahead in your busy week, and feel yourself sink into your chair, your bed, the floor, your car seat, wherever you are, and just relax. Take this time for you, and thank yourself for taking this time for you. And go, anchor in your heart, deeper and deeper, and feel your beautiful tri-flame, burning equally with the golden flame, your beautiful pink diamond, and the Mother’s blue.

And this is a meditation to assist you in finding and knowing and exploring your soul color, your soul ray, and go deeper into your heart, and agree and ask and surrender, to this knowing that you have always carried.

You’re all by yourself, and you are out in the country, it’s twilight, that time of day when light casts a golden shadow, you feel warm and comfortable, even though it was hot during the day, and you’re crossing a meadow. See the golden grasses swaying, the dirt under your feet, the birds singing, the robin and the meadowlark, the crickets and the bees, listen and feel the heartbeat of Gaia. Feel it through your fee, and in the very air and sound that surrounds you. Listen to the sound of the universe.

After a while you find yourself coming to the edge of a clearing, surrounded by beautiful tall, magnificent green pines, green; it’s cool, it’s inviting after the heat of the day, and there is that wonderful scent of pine.

You feel a deep sense of peace, and harmony. You feel safe. It’s very quiet, as if nature is getting ready to go to sleep, to kiss the golden day goodbye. You walk to the center of the clearing, where there is a pool of crystal-clear water. There is not a ripple upon this pond, it might as well be a mirror; the surface is flat, reflective, and yet this pool, this pond feels deep and mysterious. And as you feel yourself in this place, this place of cool pine, this pool, you know that you’ve been here before. You’re curious: What has drawn you to this place today, and why does it feel so familiar?

Kneel down, by the edge of the pool, and look deep into those clear, still waters. Gaze deeply. Deeper. Plumb those depths. Deeper. And as you do, the most amazing thing is happening. You see a set of eyes looking back at you, not merely any set of eyes, these are familiar, known and recognized always. These are your eyes, staring back at you. Look deeply, and see your self, your being, your soul self, staring back at you. Welcoming you.

Your eyes are a gift. Not only to see the world, and the beauty of this planet of green, but to see your self, to view your own radiance, your own splendor, your own soul color, to view the oneness and the wholeness of this universe. Take a few moments, and really look at your self, this true reflection, of who your really are.

Look deep, deep inside those eyes, and see the color, the ray, that emanates through your eyes and through your third eye, which is wide open and shining back at you – see your soul color shining in your eyes. Feel it. Feel the power and its penetration of your entire being. Each ray, each color, each vibration is sacred, and it is a reflection, a different reflection of love, and the infinity of the universe. It’s a gift, this knowing, this knowledge of who you are.

Your soul color is not something ever to be judged, but simply to be loved, and incorporated into the wholeness of your being. It’s the essence of who you are, so truly feel it. Allow it now. How does this color that you see or taste or perceive or know, how does it make you feel? Do you feel stronger? More cherished? Surprised? Loved? Allow it to come to your core, to your heart, allow it to penetrate your entire being, allow your wholeness to be fully communicated and present right now.

As you gaze deeply into your pool of water, you see that the water is changing, and the entire pond, the entire pool, is becoming your soul color. Maybe it’s ruby red, or blue diamond, magenta, glorious purple or emerald. Maybe it’s not a color that’s found on Earth. Or maybe it’s a combination of rays, lurion or siron, or the silvers of grayelsha. Maybe it’s a color of another dimension. Allow and witness the pool turning into your color, your color. Now cup your hands together, and put them in the water. Scoop up the water, take it and drink it. Drink your color. And notice the taste. This is your soul. This is the essence of who you are. It’s important for you to know this, it’s one of your keys to wholeness, and the acceptance of your wholeness.

If other colors come, let them join in and dance and play together. None of us are monochromatic; we’ve lived too many lifetimes, too many experiences. We are a blend, united in Oneness. Now dive into the pool, into your color, play, splash around, lie around, float, stare at the sky, dive deep. Feel your self expanding and filling the entire pool, until you ARE the pool, you ARE the water, you ARE the Earth that touches the water.

Feel your connection to the heart of Mother Earth, to Gaia, and feel the joy, that she knows of your expansion within this sacred pool, and your sacred opening to her energies. Feel yourself becoming a spiral of light, reaching and tunneling downward, in through the passageways of the heart, to the heart of Gaia, all in your color. Touch her heart, and tell her you’re doing this because she and you are One. There is no separation, and no difference between Gaia and you. And feel that energy of Gaia, of Earth, meld with your color, with your spiral, and travel back outward to the surface of your pool, blazing away for expansion and saving Gaia the trouble of ripping open her seams.

Now take that color, that ray of who you are, and feel it begin to spiral upwards, just past the top of your pines, past the top of the mountains, further than the clouds, up into the stars, far beyond the ships, and feel your spiral begin to meld with the spiral of white light, so that you become a spiral and an opening, a portal for the light of One to come in through you and to Earth so that you are a portal for all who are walking Earth, right now. Then come back down that spiral, float back into your body, into that pool of color, that is one and the same as your connection to Gaia, to your connection to your star brothers and sisters, and to the One, Source.

And again, feel yourself expanding and filling your pool, releasing any tension or dis-ease in your body, and now shrink it, shrink it to the tiniest point of light, and then expand it again, until you are a giant or… play with it. And then bring it into your physical body, into the you that is sitting there, lying there, relaxing, traveling. And know that this is part of your sacred being and that you welcome this ray, whether it is amethyst or ruby, or garnet, it matters not, it’s you and it’s a part of who you are.

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One.

SM: Welcome.

AAG: Welcome to you, welcome to each of you, this glorious day, rainbows of color, of every hue, of every frequency and vibration, for what is your ray, except the sweet expression of the energy, the frequency, the gifts that you have carried from the Mother. Let us go back, let us go back, beloved ones, to the beginning, to when you have been part of the One, and when the Mother has expressed and you have begun to germinate, as it were, your expression of light, to travel throughout the multiverse. This is unique to you and it is an expression, a demonstration, not only of the Mother’s love for thee, but of your love for the Mother. It is an expression, that when you have been within the heart of One/Mother/Father/All, it was the energy, the quality, the vibration of what you cherished most deeply, of what you wanted to represent and preserve and communicate, and carry on behalf of the One, until such time as you fully and completely returned home.

That is how the rays have evolved. The Mother is all things, in union with the Father, or what you think of as the Father. So it is all rays, all colors, but you have said, I will take this and this, and I will blend it together and I will shade it, and I will carry it always, for you Mother, but also as my expression of you and my reminder of how deeply I cherish you. And it is not that you do not cherish the whole, because of course you do, you always have. But it is that beginning point of free choice, of will; it is that decision point of how you will travel, how you will reflect, how you will emanate, how you will serve. And so some of you have become magnificent angels of pink, defending the Throne of One, and some of you have become emerald and have carried the love, the purity of that love of heart, throughout the multiverse, and some of you are the rich ruby of vitality and awareness, (.?.) of being in form, of all form, not merely human or humanoid, throughout the multiverse.

You have asked us this change, when you go back, at the end of your long journey and you reunite within the Heart of One, if you are ever to decide to go exploring again, you might at that point decide to go on a different ray, but it is highly unlikely – of course in that we are talking, billions of years. Your expression is unique to thee. Think of it, my beloved ones, as your spiritual fingerprints. There is no one like you in the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse. Are you all related and on one grid? Yes. But your ray, and the combinations, the variations, the sweetness, is a reflection of your soul design and pattern. It is your spiritual DNA, it is what you have decided, how you have decided to be birthed, in the very beginning.

And so yes, this does not change, life after life after life. Does it vary? You would be amazed at the variation that you are possible to have, even within the space of one moment. You have days and of course I am gold, so you have days where you feel like you are a bright yellow daffodil in the center of a daisy, or mustard, and then you have days when you are the deepest molten-gold, that you are almost traveling into the bronze. And do not forget, what we would call the metallic rays, because these are important as well, the bronzes, the coppers, the silvers, the platinums and yes, the gold, the white, the purity.

Why do we encourage you this day? Because we want you, as part of our sacred partnership, as part of our joining together, for you to understand, to witness, to feel, to perceive, it does not matter if you do not see, child, it is to receive that wonder of you magnificence. We want you to know, even in a glimpse, we want you to know yourself the way that we know you. When we look at you, and work with you, and I speak now for all of us, for the Ascended Masters, for the Company of Heaven, for all the various Angelic and Archangelic realms, we do not simply look at you, in your physicality, which is wondrous, but we look at you, almost as a collection of color, of sound, of scent. So why would you not wish to know yourself in this wondrous array? Of course you do.

So do not limit the exploration of your being. And witness, and enjoy, and relish how this is expanding and yes each of you are being tinged with the Mother’s blue topaz, with her clarity, and the purity of the white light, and the pink bath from your star brothers and sisters. So if you are feeling slightly more blue or pink these days, that is why. And these changes, I have given you my bubbles of gold and when you immerse yourself in them, do you not think that you take on a tinge? Of course you do. Play with this. Play with this, my beloveds and let us play with you. Come to this pool, of expansion and wonder, again and again. We will be there as will your guides, your totems, your flowers, your fairies, your elementals, we are all in the gathering. So come, and be with us.

Dear Suzi, what questions do you have for me, this day?

SM: Thank you Gabrielle, I’m delighted to speak with you on this lovely, cold winter morning. The snow is falling, once again.

Okay, I have to say this topic brings up, even stronger for me, a subject that’s been on my mind regarding the levels of creation. That may be quite a lot more than can fit into one show, but I wonder about this a lot. A great deal of what’s taken place and what is so now is steeped in mystery. And I recently watched a documentary called The Pyramid Code that triggered some memories and realizations for me. It’s also piqued my curiosity about the levels of creation. I’ve heard somewhere that each of us has also always existed and that we always will. That’s a simplified version of something that I really would love to understand, can you offer any insight on that?

AAG: You have asked about 12 questions, dear heart, and I am glad to respond.

SM: Okay, lovely, thank you.

AAG: Let us begin at the end.

SM: Okay.

AAG: Of course you have always existed. But let us be clear: First of all think of timelines and timelines occurring simultaneously, that there is not one timeline, then another, then another. And the existence of you, especially for many of you, is so long, elongated, that you do not have any memory of not existing, existing in a form, one form or another. But also understand that even within the heart of One, you have existed, and you have been part of that existence. So it is almost – well, it is, very challenging, if not nigh impossible, for you to even fathom not existing. So even when you are within the One, you are existing. I am glad you have brought this up.

Because there has been some chatter, look how modern I am, some chatter on your plane about dis-creation, and the dis-creation of self, or of others, or of certain energies. Even in dis-creation there is creation. You cannot expel your self from the Source energy. Now how that expresses, how that exhibits, how you would experience it, can feel like nothingness, but that would be an incorrect assumption.

So have you always existed? Yes. Will you always exist? Yes. There is truly no such thing as death, and many of you are coming to understand that more and more clearly, as the fear around death also dissipates, that you understand that you are simply transitioning or morphing from one form to another and leaving what you have thought of as a physical vessel, behind simply because you have chosen to experience something different, or to move on to a new expression of your mission and purpose. We do not say that those behind do not miss you, and that there are not such things as grief, but there is no such thing as death, and finishing up as many have thought of it as.

Now, within each of you, think of your kaleidoscope of your soul color, your soul ray, your soul design, as having aspects that perhaps you have not fully discovered or explored as yet. And we say as yet, and that is part of the partnership that, and co-creation, that we are actually in the middle – we are further along than the middle, but regardless – that we are in the process of formulating.

Now there are things, that you have blocked, or denied, or simply haven’t opened as yet. So there are many rooms, many aspects within your design that perhaps you have stored away. And I am not merely speaking about memory; you say well, Atlantis was horrific, so I have stored that memory away, so I do not have to re-live that tragedy. But often what has happened in that storage process, is you have often stored away some of the talents and abilities that you also had at that time.

Now we, Michael and I, and the Mother, have said to thee, repeatedly, that in this lifetime you have brought with you the fullness of your design, the fullness of your ray, the fullness of your portrait, your kaleidoscope and that you have anchored this, because dear heart, for this lifetime, for this Ascension, you need, you want, you desire, but you knew that you would be using all of your talents, your abilities, your knowingness. So what does that mean? It means that codes, what we would call creation codes, that have not been activated or looked at, perhaps for hundreds of lifetimes, are being reactivated, brought back to the surface, so that you may call upon these energies to go forward in our co-creative partnership.

So yes, there are things within you, that perhaps you are not fully aware of yet, but that is why we ask you, we invite you to this pool of wonder, and we say dive deep, splash, because in those splashes, you will see the droplets, as if they have formulas within them, codes within them; drink it, so that you will activate this awakening. Does this answer your question?

SM: Sort of…yes, in a way. I think maybe we could devote an entire show to the levels of creation, because it seems like such a mystery. Thinking about the multiple aspects of ourselves in terms of there being so many people and with more are being born all the time and of course there are more beings in creation than just humanity, so it’s just a little mind-boggling to think of everything that exists and every being that exists now has always been in existence and always will be. Is there a fluctuation in population and all that sort of thing? I guess this doesn’t have to do with the rays, but it’s just what’s coming up for me.

AAG: But you think in terms of a limited universe. You think of population growth, so for example let us look at Gaia, and you think, well my goodness, the population on planet has exploded, particularly in the last several decades, so if all these beings have been in existence continually, where have they been?

SM: Exactly.

AAG: Well, they have been elsewhere! They have been on other planets and on other journeys. Some are just sheer energy and are crowding the planet, let us say, because they all want this experience of Ascension. They know that the more who are doing it, the ripple effect throughout the various planets that they have been on will be better.

SM: Okay, so those being born now are here specifically to help with the evolution of humanity? It feels like babies being born now would have a long wait to be old enough to effectively change the world.

AAG: Oh no, that is not so at all.

SM: Oh, okay good.

AAG: Now, the babies that are being born, and that have been born for quite some time, yes, you have had various waves, but let us just suggest that certainly right now, the children that are coming forth are very pink and magenta. Yes, you have had some forerunners but they come in fully awake, fully aware and so they are not waiting until they are 32 in order to begin to activate what they came in to do. They are aware of what they came in to do. Is there some frustration at times about being trapped in a small body? Yes. Is that why some of them leave? Yes, but understand the impact that these children are having on the various families that they are being born into, into the communities they are being born into is phenomenal. So they are coming in working their mission from the first breath.

SM: Alright, beautiful. Have the rays evolved along with humanity? Specifically I’m wondering since so much of what we think of to be true is shifting, are the Divine Rays consistent in what qualities each represents and all that?

AAG: There is consistency in the rays, there are more rays than many people think of but they are consistent with almost infinite variation. But, yes, they are consistent because the Mother is consistent. So do they change, expand, grow, because she is also, eternally changing? Yes. But you may think of the rays truly as being the aura or the essence of the Mother.

So that does not truly change, shift or evolve. Now what human beings are doing with the rays, in terms of accessing the purity or the essence, the fullness of that divine vibration, is most certainly changing. And St. Germaine would be the first to confirm that!

SM: Alright, good. I just have one more question, and then we can go to callers. Are the rays part of the divine plan towards unifying humanity with higher dimensional beings?

AAG: Yes, because all beings are traveling on various rays. And so it is a way in which people can unite, identify, join and conjoin. So yes, it is part of the unity consciousness.

SM: Alright, so we can use the rays to help connect us in our telepathic communication with our guidance, so that’s good.

AAG: Yes, and it is also a way in which to connect you through guidance with the various Masters, with the Angelic realms, with the Divine Beings. And if you are not sure what ray to go to, it is simply “think white.”

SM: That’s the all-colors ray, right?

AAG: Yes.

SM: Alright, beautiful. Okay, are we ready for some callers then?

AAG: Yes, we are.

SM: Wonderful, thank you. Okay, we are onto area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Hello.

SM: Hi, good morning, you’re on the air.

AC810: This question’s been on my mind for awhile, when we’re doing these meditations, is it something that we should be seeing, or just feeling, like for example if I’m in meditation and I call on Archangel Michael’s blue flame, is it something I should be seeing? That’s my question.

AAG: Dear heart, the only color you should see is my gold. (Laughter) And of course I am teasing you. And I am teasing you to make you laugh. There is no ‘should’. There never has been. Some of you have chosen different blessings. Now will the time come when all of you will see, hear, taste, smell? Yes. But there is a differentiation of what you have chosen to activate at different points in your journey. So some of you see, some of you actually hear, for example the hum of Michael, and do not forget my beloved brother is a musician, and his favorite instrument is the harp. So very often – contrary to the Warrior of Peace, when Michael announces himself, you hear a high vibration like the plucking of harp strings, it is quite angelic.

Some of you will have the sensation of smell, or simply of knowing – do not judge the way in which you perceive, if you wish it to expand, then focus on your various chakras, chakra balancing should be a daily activity. And that will open you up to your ability to perceive in different ways. But it is not that you should see, or hear, it is how you proceed in the knowing. And if you feel, that you don’t see or hear, do not worry about it. Your job, your mission and purpose, is to open your heart, my beloved friends, and receive.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

AC810: Okay, thank you.

AAG: You are welcome, dear heart.

SM: Alright, we are onto area code 608, are you with us?

AC608: Yes I am, hi, hi Suzanne, Linda, and Archangel Gabrielle, my name is (?), and first of all I would like to say that I really love your name, Archangel Gabrielle. My question is that I have always been attracted to the white color, and I love colors, I have always been attracted to all sorts of colors, and I am also attracted to flutes, which I see myself as a blue-ray being, and I’m very attracted to the blue color of Archangel Michael, and also I am also attracted to the gold, your gold, you know, so for me it’s like, and especially during this of Ascension, I really am very attracted to the blue and the gold ray. And so my question is, what does that speak to me at this point, because I love colors, and I’ve always loved colors, I love white color, but right now I feel an attraction to blue and gold, so what does that speak to me right now, if you can speak to me, the significance of what’s going on [laughs], as far as colors is concerned, thank you.

AAG: So what it means, dear heart, is that you are working with these vibrations at this point in time, anchored fully in your heart, and yes in the purity, and clarity of the white ray, but you are working with the gold of joy, of universal law, of creation, with the blue of change, of nurturing, of hope, of bringing the peace of Michael, so that is what it means. It does not only speak to the issues and the divine qualities that you are calling unto yourself, it also refers to the beings that you are working with, at that moment in time.

AC608: And so am I a white-ray being originally?, or am I blue-ray?, because I have all colors, so I can’t connect with any one, I can’t take a color, like I am this ray or that ray.

AAG: Then go with your heart. Do not limit yourself.

AC608: Okay.

SM: Okay, thank you very much.

AC608: Okay, thank you so much. Thank you.

AAG: You are welcome.

SM: Okay, beautiful. We are onto area code 203, are you with us?

AC203: I am, thank you.

SM: Hi! Good morning.

AC203: Hi! [Laughs] I am quite certain of my soul color, of blue, but I don’t feel much like a communicator, and in fact this time, I think I am less and less of a communicator, and in fact sometimes I feel a catch in my throat, so maybe I’m looking at this in too small of a way, so you can tell me that, but I’m just wondering, what if there’s some confusion about what we feel we are, and yet what we see ourselves as not doing, that would be in alignment with that ray color, does that make sense?

AAG: Yes. Now let us speak to this and we will use blue only as an example.

AC203: Yes.

AAG: So, when you are working with a ray color, whether it is gold or magenta, or amber or red; do not use simply one word to describe what that center is. The blue is peace, it is hope, it is change. It is communication on every level, it is the nurturing of the Mother, it is the alignment with Michael in his mission of peace, it is the blue of many of the Masters, El Morya. So do not restrict yourself and say, “Oh I am supposed to be a communicator!” If you are feeling tension in any area of your body, it simply is that chakra point, saying I want to break free! So when you are balancing your chakras, sweet love, take extra time to bring in that ray, or the pure white light, or the gold lightning bolt, whatever you feel needs to come into that chakra point to expand and release the tension, so that that energy can move and support you in the ways that you desire.

Some of the blue people are amongst the most quiet, behind the scenes, nurturing people, who will never be on a podium, who will never speak publicly, and yet who are communicators on a grand scale. Do not forget, most communication takes place through your field, not through your voice.

SM: That’s right.

AC203: This makes perfect sense, thank you so much.

AAG: You are welcome, dear heart.

SM: Alright, beautiful. We are now onto area code 949, are you with us?

AC949: Yes.

SM: Hello, good morning. You’re on the air.

AC949: Okay, thank you. Hi Gabrielle, well since I was 18 years old, I see this beautiful eye inside of myself, very green, beautiful eye, that blinks on me, and to this eye I see these universes, you know like a wormhole, like a tunnel, you know with universes, but then it’s like, all this green color is like a laser-green color, with like a red color too. I was always wondering if this is the Eye of God, can you tell me?

AAG: You are connecting with your I AM. Think of it “I, AM. And through that I AM, to thee I AM.” So the green eye, we would not ascribe one color of eye to the God source! It would need to be a panorama! It would need to be a nebula! It would need to be the aurora borealis. It is beyond magnificent and it is beyond tone or color. So what you are witnessing, is your I AM, and you travel through that wormhole, throughout, to the universes and to THE I AM.

AC949: And what is the reason why I see so much purple and gold right now, especially right now in the Ascension process.

AAG: Because that is what you are working with, the spiritual hierarchy and teaching of your crown, and the gold of universal law, and of joy.

AC949: Mm, joy. Thank you, I appreciate it.

SM: Thank you.

AAG: You are welcome.

SM: Alright, so we are now onto David, are you with us?

David: Yes, I am with you, hi Suzi.

SM: Good morning, hi.

David: Good morning, hi Linda, hi Suzi, hi Gabrielle. So I want to say, I feel this partnership that we all have, and I really love it. And I want to ask, for maybe, I feel already really connected and I even cried a little bit before the call, with you Gabrielle, and maybe you can give me something that I can, well, do or be, to include us also in this great partnership that we all have in this unity and oneness.

AAG: I would be pleased to, on behalf of all. So first you are resting in your heart, now it would never occur, that because you are connected to me, that the day would come or the time would come, when St. Francis, or Sanat Kumara, or St. Germaine would walk in, and say, today I work with thee. But there are certain bonds of love and of partnership, just as there are in the human realm, that run deep and eternal.

This is what I ask on behalf of Michael, of Jophiel, of Uriel, of Raphael, and all beings of light: And it is a way for you to come to understand in a lighter way, than feeling like you are pushing, against the tide. And during this time of Tsunami, it is important for you to be used to the currents. Why do you not say to me every day, “Gabrielle, what shall we do together, today?” It can be as simple as that. And all you have to do is listen with your heart. You say, “Well I do not hear” and then it is sudden inspiration, and some days it will be, “Today, let us take ten minutes, and look at the moon, and the brightness of the robin’s breast.” And other days it will be, “Let us today, in partnership, heal the people of Syria.” “Let us today, send patience and awareness and love to our star brothers and sisters.” “Let us today simply place our feet upon Gaia.”

Why can we not have a visit and a task, every single day? Years ago, in your time, and I make this offer again, I asked of thee, of all of you, ask for a gift a day and write it down. So you would write down the date and what the gift is and then another page for the next day and simply ask for presents or activities. And then when it is done, go back, and make a notation, so that you remember, because what happens with human beings, is that things come to pass, we have a joyous time, and then you forget. We don’t forget.

So can we begin this, activity a day, a gift a day, to you and to me, and to the higher realms every day? And in this way, you get to understand and we get to understand how we reach you best, how we work with you best, how you express to us, what you really mean, what your heart dictates, so that we do not interfere. Can we do this together dear David?

David: Yes, I am joyfully looking forward to it, I will do that. Thanks Gabrielle.

AAG: You are welcome.

SM: Great question and thank you for that information. Okay so Gabrielle, in closing, is there anything else that you would like to let us know about the rays?

AAG: There is so much that we have not talked about. And the specifics, but the thought – and I would be happy to come back and speak of this again, I am delighted to be your guest, dear Suzi, and listeners, but what I ask you to think of is to discover the uniqueness, not the flat, bland color, but the radiance, the depth, the expression, of your spiritual fingerprints, of your ray. And to know that in that is your expression of what you cherished, and will always cherish, in the Mother/Father One. It is the essence you have chosen to carry forth, as that mirror, as that reflection of love.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you so much for joining us today and we’ll definitely invite you back for more.

AAG: Go with my love and go with my joy. Go in peace sweet ones. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon