I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you ever have and let me also say that every relationship you ever have, is sacred.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning, and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Once again this week we’ll be addressing the subject of relationship, this time with St. Germaine. My feeling is that our guest is revisiting this topic in order to offer further guidance on our more challenging interactions and sometimes the most challenging one is that which we have with the self.

It’s not surprising that we’re continuing the discussion on relationships today because there’s quite a lot to cover. Achieving self-love and mastering interpersonal skills once we’ve done so feels to me to be a priority now, as we teeter on the verge of contact with our galactic family, something that I’m looking forward to with a smile on my face. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: [Laughs] Good morning Suzi, and good morning everybody. And yes, I think that our interpersonal relationships is really not only the new way of the New You and the new way of being, and Nova Earth, it’s the place where we really get to practice our divine qualities, the 13 Blessings and Virtues that we’ve talked about extensively on this very program. But it’s interesting too because the more that we are working on our divine qualities, letting go of our core issues, the more that we really are anchored in the new reality, whether you call it the 5th dimension, the 7th dimension, it really gives us a chance to put into place who we really are, not just who we want to be, but who we really are.

SM: Hmmm, and to let that flow and be ourselves.

LD: And to let that flow and I think that one of the things that we do, is that if we’re not being kind and loving and considerate to ourselves, then that really shows up in our relationships. Because if we don’t treat ourselves that way, then we can’t give our 100% or our 110% of that to anyone else, we may give 30%, we may give 20%, in exceptional circumstances we may give 60%, but we don’t share the totality of who we really are.

SM: And what I think it comes down to is love or fear. Are we able to make our decisions based on love, including self-love of course, or fear and that would be the fear that’s put into us, usually while we’re growing up, about who we are, and our limitations, and what we can and can’t do, usually what we can’t do, and those false, well the false grids basically.

LD: And what we’re capable of. Very often we grow up with these very subtle or not-so-subtle messages from our families, from our educators, from our peers and society, of what we’re not capable of.

SM: Exactly.

LD: Of what’s not possible. And all of that is changing, as we literally define what it means to be human, and that nothing – nothing is really out of reach. And that, I mean even just saying that, I get shivers and it boggles my mind, because at my age I’m not about to become a rocket scientist, but I don’t need to be, I don’t want to be! [Laughs] But what I do want is to be a great channel and I know one of the things that I pray for every day, is to improve my channeling skills, better and better, because I know, I know there’s always more.

You know I think and I really am free-flowing this morning, because this isn’t what I intended to talk about, but I guess St. Germaine is nudging me, one of the things that we assume – this is definitely St. Germaine – one of the things that we assume is that love is easy, and it is a natural state of being, and dear hearts, that is really correct. But it’s like getting a new pair of shoes, it’s like getting a new outfit, and sometimes you have to try on that outfit, and wear those shoes, until they form to your feet or until you’re comfortable in them and then it’s as if it has always been and they are the most comfortable way of being. But sometimes adjusting and being consistent in love takes conscious addressing, takes conscious effort to bring yourself back always to that stillpoint, to that midpoint and to make the conscious decision to be love.

SM: [Laughs] Exactly, I was talking to my beloved just yesterday, and we have an agreement about Valentine’s Day, and not to diss it for anybody else, a lot of people really enjoy it, but from my part, I feel like every day is Valentine’s Day, and I just want to live that, and be that way, and show appreciation and love to my partner on a daily basis. We’re always renewing the love and the expression of love, without having to put it on a day to buy a card and flowers and candy, so that’s just my take on you know, living it. It’s what we’re here for.

LD: You know, that’s so good to hear, because for years, the Council of Love has made Valentine’s Day a really big deal. Like there’s always a special channeling, there’s always something that goes on. And the reason being, and we’re talking like a long 20 years, is that they say that’s the only day on earth when love is really celebrated, and so they try and take it, of course, to the higher octave, not the candies and flowers, but to the thing that we’re actually taking a day to celebrate love. But to hear you say, “I want every day to be Valentine’s Day”, it’s like, “Yes! Here we go!”

SM: Here we go! I mean, it truly is, and not just my partner, but one of the first things I said to him on the phone was, I really am falling in love with everything, but I really love you. And we could just express ourselves that way, in that fearless way. There’s no harm in it.

LD: You know, last night I watched a movie that I thought was just going to be a really cute, relaxing chick-flick, and it was called Time Out, and it was entertaining, but it was also profound and so everyone listening, go on to NetFlix or whatever it is you do when you want to watch a movie, and watch Time Out. It was so sweet, it was about a young man who could time travel, but at the end of the movie, the conclusion is, is that he takes the sweetness of every day, so rather than going back and correcting, kind of like Groundhog Day, going back and correcting and correcting and correcting, until you get it right, it was like living the sweetness and taking the love and the joy and the sweetness in little things and big things, every single day. And that’s where we’re headed and I’m so excited.

SM: Aww, me too, you know it’s a choice, it’s a personal choice we make every day, what we want to pay attention to, are we going to give our fear more power, or are we going to give our love more power and attention. I’m all for the love part, it feels a lot better [laughs].

LD: It feels a lot better, and it’s like, St. Germaine was just saying, once we get used to that new pair of shoes, then you’re not going to want to wear anything else. And it is a choice, it is a conscious decision, and of course that’s where we went awry, if that’s the right word, with the old 3rd, is that we started making a choice not to do the love, thinking that the love would always be there, and we could just grab it and go home when we felt like it, as the greed and control and limitations grew, until we couldn’t just flip out of our bodies and go home, and be in the love.

SM: You know what comes to me about that, in relationships, I’m not going to say quite often, but I guess it sort of is, maybe in 3D relationships, we have a tendency to take one another for granted, it’s a good relationship and we just sort of relax a little bit and we really can’t. There needs to be a commitment and a renewal every day, to really paying attention to what’s going on, and being Love, and it’s not something we can let slide, so what you’re saying is, fits into the bigger picture of, not taking our divine relationships for granted, or our relationships with the masters, or certainly not with our self, but it takes – I don’t want to say work, because it can be a very joyful thing, but it takes commitment and focus.

LD: It takes commitment and focus, and in our reality that we operate, that time-space continuum, it takes time. Like if you never take time out of your day for you, just for you, what I often call not just meditation, but the stare-at-the-wall time, or if you never take time out of your busy day to acknowledge those people that you really love and cherish and let them know, or to share with them, to do for them, to nurture them, then you’re not maintaining. It’s like having a house and living in it until the roof falls down, that doesn’t work.

SM: No, it does not work. It doesn’t work. So, this is good, this is a good timely discussion, I wasn’t really expecting it, but, you know.

LD: No, it went in an entirely different way! But you know, if we have these relationships and we have this relationship with our self, and we have this relationship with each other, it’s like maintaining good relationships between nations and countries, I mean it just extends out and out and out and if you’re continually nasty with your neighbours, or you never smile or say hello and then you wonder why there’s no positivity, well duh! Hello!

SM: I know, exactly. Well, I’m really looking forward to the day when we all have what we need, and we aren’t in survival mode, because that will go a long way towards the whole brotherhood and unity idea, if we’re not really stuck in like, fear mode, of “Oh my God, how am I going to feed my family, or heat the house, or whatever?”

LD: Yup, clean water.

SM: Yeah, yeah.

LD: Clean water, clean food, shelter for everybody.

SM: Yeah, exactly. Alright, so I just know that you have a lovely meditation ready for us today.

LD: I do! [Laughs] And St. Germaine has been coming in so strongly this morning. But it’s interesting, you know I love the way the masters, and the archangels present themselves, and how on different days, when they step forward and they show me their energy, and I’m lucky because I can see it, but however you perceive it, you know, you know it, they change and adjust, not only depending on what’s going on with us, but depending on where they are and what they’re communicating to us. So this morning it’s been very interesting that St.Germaine – who usually comes as a brilliant, almost like a iridescent or a neon violet, is coming in as this, deeper, almost garnet color, it’s still violet but its got more of the red in there, yeah, garnet. So, here we go!

SM: Okay, lovely, thank you.

LD: Oh, you are so welcome, everybody, you are so welcome, and thank you for taking this time to join us.

So relax, and sink into your seat, into your chair or your bed, or the floor, your car seat, wherever you are, and let go of the morning, and let go of your busy week and your to-do list of what you have to accomplish, or believe you have to accomplish, and feel the energy draining out of your head, your throat, your mouth, into your heart, into your beautiful tri-flame. And now through the soles of your feet, see your beloved connection to Gaia, feel that energy streaming up, up your ankles and shins and thighs, your tummy, your solar plexus, into your heart. And go deeper.

And let’s breathe this beautiful magenta-amethyst, this garnet-violet ray, and we’ve all seen amethyst that has that slight darker tinge of the red ray. And breathe it in, breathe in through your nose, and count to four and on the out breath, bring it down into your heart, deeper and deeper.

And again, breathe that Violet Flame and feel as if you have a crown, a birthday crown, a Pentecostal crown of Violet Flames all around your head, that you are like a birthday cake, lit up with a beautiful Violet Flame.

And relax and breathe. Now around your tri-flame and your heart feel that spiral of the Violet Flame, joining at the base of your tri-flame, and just doing the spiral, up and around it, dancing with your pink and your gold and your blue diamond, enhancing it, protecting it, healing it, magnifying, amplifying, because this is our I AM, and it is THE I AM.

And don’t forget your torch, your torch of St. Germaine, that you carry with you always, as the Violet Flame is embedded in your palms, in your fingertips, in your heart, in your third eye, and of course, your crown.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Keeper of the I AM, Keeper of the Violet Flame.

SM: Welcome.

St. G: And welcome to you, welcome to you beloved sister. And welcome to all of you, who honor me with your presence this day. I extend a hearty welcome, a hug, and a blazing flame. Understand, my beloved friends, you are in charge, but I am also here to help you and yes it can be the smouldering ember, or it can be the towering inferno, depending not merely upon what you need, but upon what you choose. And I come here this day, as brother, as friend, yes, to talk to you about the healing of relationships, but also about the joy of relationships, the sweetness, the gift of relationships and how to enhance these, but it all begins with this issue of choice.

And as one who has walked the earth as man, I speak to you as friend, who knows what it is to exercise choice, to exercise your freedom to make decisions, to make those choices in what to pursue and what to leave behind, because even as you are making the choices in what to pursue, what to embrace, what to create, when you are declaring your infinite freedom you are also at the same time making those decisions about what to leave behind.

And my dear hearts, I suggest to you that there is still a great deal to be left behind. And I use those words specifically, a great deal. Now you think, oh no, St. Germaine is telling me I have more work to do! You have an expression upon the planet, that when you hear that someone is getting a great deal, that it evokes this sense of glee, of joy, of someone has got a great deal! So why do you immediately translate it into a burden, and this is exactly the kind of thing I am speaking of today, when we talk about and discuss what you want to leave behind, what you are making room for, what you are creating and co-creating with us, what you are torching, to disintegrate, and what you are torching to bring to fruition.

My friends, when I have walked as human being, which I have done many times, do you really think that every choice I made was what you would term “the correct one”? Not even close. It was a process of becoming and also becoming aware that I really was making those choices and what I was choosing was love. The biggest task always, for me and for you, was reaching that point of loving and honoring, respecting myself.

Because you can do something, you can say, “I love myself”, but now I am asking you, with me, with this entire Council of Love, to also be in that place of deep honoring, respect and might I say even awe of your sacred self. Not awe in the sense of ego, but awe in the sense of the divinity, that you have brought forth from the heart of Mother/Father/One and in that awe there is the honoring and the respect of who you are, and what you are truly capable of, and what you wanted to do, what you chose to do in this lifetime. Because we are not talking about the heroics or the tragedy of Atlantis, we are not talking about the losses of Lemuria, and with the sweetness of my beloved brother Yeshua, we are not even talking about when you have walked with him, and honored him, and served him, but hopefully you have carried forth into this life his message: “Love yourself. Honor yourself.”

This is not new, but the implosion, the explosion of this love, as you hear in every corner, this is new. And so I am asking you, as we discuss this, to go with this flow. Now, just like not every choice I made was sterling, similarly, I would often choose consciously, and perhaps not so consciously, relationships that were difficult, challenging, that tested my metal. Because as I was in the process of surrender, I also wanted to make sure, not that I could work with, love and cherish, honor and respect, those that were sympatico, in alignment with me, but that I could truly love and honor, respect, those who weren’t.

And not in doing that, compromise my truth and my center, the core of who I was. So it wasn’t about accommodation. Flexibility? Yes. Compromise at times? Yes. Understanding that in the nature of relationship, whether it is with heaven or your galactic brothers, or your next-door neighbor, there is compromise. Why did compromise also become one of those disrespected words?

Compromise is the ability for win-win, for the balance of give and receive, within and without, above and below, change. It is in accordance with Universal Law. So compromise does not mean that you are sacrificing your values, your truth, who you are. What it means is, with those you love and with those you don’t love, but are working on, that you are finding the middle ground, to communicate, to connect hearts, so that you can move into that place of unconditional love.

Now does that mean that that person or that group is going to be your best, forever friend? No, but what it does mean is that you can honor each other, cherish one another, and even let one another go.

Because what sticks to you, like burrs to a wool sweater, are those that you can’t reach a place of balance with, those that you cannot acknowledge their divinity. So you say to me, “St. Germaine, I have tried this!” And one of the things that I find in this realm of difficult relationships, be it a child, a parent, a friend, a neighbor, a nation, it matters not, or maybe it is a situation that you continue to find yourself in, because you have not resolved it; what you have to do is surrender, embrace, enfold, not merely because the other person, or the other group, or the other situation deserves it, as all beings deserve love, but because you do.

Because you deserve this freedom and you deserve to move into the full co-creative process with us and with each other, and you cannot do so when you are distracted by what has been created as destructive, or impediments, or obstacles. So yes, think of all of these situations as a great deal and a great deal that you are going to take care of all at once.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, do you remember my friends? how I have given you my torch, of the Violet Flame? I am going to come back as often as Suzi and Linda will let me, until you decide that everything is torched! So take your great deal and throw it on the bonfire, and torch it. You do not need to sit down and pick through every layer. And make sure that you are putting on the bonfire, your preconceptions, about what you think, or believe, are impediments, because they are not; it is an illusion.

I know you are not as yet, fully, you are getting there, but you are not fully used to living in a world, in a reality, in a dimension, in a state of being, that is free of impediments and obstacles, but you are getting there, and you are getting there because you are sick and tired of those obstacles, finally, and that is exactly what happened to me. You reach a point where you say, “I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this, I choose not to do this, I am incinerating this.” Not the person, not the group, but that feeling that you are not in love, that you are not love, and that you are not being love.

So let us again today, build that bonfire, build that towering inferno and let us do it for all of humanity. Now, dear Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh, thank you for that, and for being with us again, once again, St. Germaine it’s always a joy and a pleasure, I would like some clarification on what you just said, on using the Violet Flame to torch something to fruition, if you would?

St. G: Yes. It is not merely for destruction or elimination. Now I have talked, and taught, and shared, and pleaded, about torching in the past, because there has been a great deal to let go of. But you may torch your fondest dream, and out of that Violet Flame it sends the message, like a smoke signal to the Universe and it transforms, transmutes, transcends, transubstantiates into your creation.

So now, perhaps it would be useful if you identified one hand for creation, one hand for destruction. Both equally important, because very often when you are creating something, it also entails the destruction of what you have thought is in the way, but by all means, use the torch of my Violet Flame, of THE Violet Flame of THE I AM, to bring forward what you desire.

SM: Hmmm. I love that, okay, that’s a really wonderful new tool then, new for us anyway. When I read a message these days that speaks of eliminating dark entities from our world, I wonder if that’s really necessary at this point? I’ve been getting that the primary source of discordant energies now, is that which resides in our thoughts, memories and habits. In that way, stepping into right relationship with the self feels like one of the last hurdles we have to navigate in order to be fully present and aware of the light and beauty and perfection that’s already around us. Would you speak to that, please?

St. G: You are absolutely correct. Now let me elaborate.

SM: Please.

St. G: Is it not convenient, and you notice that I speak very bluntly this day, is it not convenient to say that certain discords or difficulties are being created, manifested, or the blame, the fault of dark entities?

Dear heart, that is simply not the case. Most of the dark entities, and I am talking what you would think of as random energies, beings, entities, are gone. That has been part of the cleanup for your Ascension. Now, are there corners of your being, where you may perceive part of you as a dark entity, has existed? Yes. Can you torch it? Yes. Would I love to help you? Yes. When you assign blame, fault, guilt to the dark entities, that is not us, that is not the lightworkers, that is not the love holders, it is those bad people over there, that is not of love; that is of judgement. So how, when you believe that your “enemy” is making your life a misery, how dear hearts, do you move from that into a place of unconditional love, honoring and respect for that energy?

Because once you do that, it has no energy, to hurt, harm or interfere with you. So you recognise the divinity, external in all things, you honor it, and then you let it go. And if you torch it along the way, you are not doing any harm, you are only doing good. Understand, it is not simply the physicians of the Western world that have said, “First, do no harm”. It is I. And so, in doing the work with the Violet Flame, you are ensuring you are doing no harm, because the I AM presence, the purity of the Godhead, can not, does not, it is not possible to have harm within that. And if you are carrying the kernel of hatred, or disease, or harm within you, and then you are invoking the Violet Flame, what happens is that kernel of discordance is eliminated and it is eliminated within you, as you call upon my flame.

SM: Beautiful, thank you for that. Okay so, in the human experience, our family of origin and especially our parents are quite often the source of our chronic negative self-talk. Parental relationships can be some of the most damaging ones, as well as the most difficult to come to peace with. Even if we have achieved forgiveness, we may still be in a situation where we become the primary caregiver for them, sometimes to our own detriment. Can you offer guidance to those having such an experience, and how we can practice self-love while doing so?

St. G: Yes. There are very few individuals on planet at this time, who did not come into their family of origin, biological, or then adopted, that you did not come to your family to give, and to receive, and to experience love.

Now, that was the choice, that was the choice of you coming in, that was the choice of your parents – and your siblings, by the way. Now, in that mix, was there an intention to have a variety of experiences and expansions? Yes. Now, has it always worked this way? Well you know full well that it hasn’t, and this is where the old 3rd and that gift of free-will and choice has entered within.

What happens when you have been in discord or even distance with a parent, who has never fully extended themselves to you, or who has consciously hurt you, and now you find yourself in a position where, in fact, you are the parent, you are the caretaker, you are the one that is responsible? And yet you carry this memory, these wounds, these scars; this is where the flame is very useful.

Because what this truly represents, and I know how difficult this is, but what it represents is your opportunity to nurture your parent the way that you – might I even say should have – been nurtured. And in so nurturing them, you are not only healing them, what you are really doing is you are nurturing yourself in the way and modeling for the universe, and do not think that that ripple effect does not go out to many universes, it does, you are modeling for the universe how it is done, and you are basically rectifying a terrible mistake.

Now you say, well St. Germaine I would like to do that, but my mother is still a crabby old person, who does nothing but complain. And what I say to you is, “So what?” It is not about them, this is about you, this is about you being given the opportunity. It is a re-do in many ways, and whether your person is argumentative, negative, nasty, resistant, they are still receiving your love, your unconditional love, your honoring and your respect, this is also true in many marriages, where the relationship has been far from ideal, and that what occurs is one becomes infirm and the other becomes the caregiver. And it is the same situation, it is the opportunity, not for sainthood, but to rectify what and how it could and should have been.

Now will it be the fullness of the sacred partnerships that are now coming into fruition? Chances are, no. But is it a healing on the deepest level of the soul? Yes. And the healing of one soul is the healing of thousands and thousands and thousands of souls. So it does not give you what you have dreamed of and what you are creating in terms of sacred partnership, but what it does do is it creates this healing and then you will move on, because do not forget in Ascension and in the higher realms and dimensionalities that you are already occupying, that age has a very different construct, the flow of time, why do you think I always look so youthful? So it is because I do not buy and I never have bought into that paradigm of death and disease. It is a joy to maintain youthfulness and your regeneration is already underway, that is part of what the Mother has talked about, as recovery and rediscovery. And so do not think, well now I am going to take care of my ailing parent or partner, and then I am going to be alone and die in misery. No! You are doing your task, you are resolving, you are healing, and then you are flying on to your next adventure, in form.

SM: Mm, beautiful. I love that, thank you.

St. G: You are very lucky to be alive at this time.

SM: I agree. I feel that and very lucky to be one of the ones standing in the Light, instead of doing the, doing the dark thing, because I’ve done that before and I’m really happy that I’m not doing it now.

St. G: You have made your choices, all of you, who are the lightholders, love holders, love-bearers, you are making that choice, that unconscious, subconscious, conscious choice, the heart-conscious choice, to be the love.

I am so proud, yes, I am not in form, but I am still with you! And I am proud to be with you and on this journey with you.

SM: Well, I’m certainly happy to have you with us. Last week, Linda brought up a question about the state of the human collective in terms of whether things are actually becoming more peaceful, or they aren’t. I didn’t get to that exactly, and was wondering if you would address that issue for us please, that there are still wars and terrorism and people doing terrible things to one another, is that shifting?

St. G: It is shifting and it is shifting rapidly. And there are different ways, well there are millions of different ways, literally, in which people clear, surrender, let go, and embrace the totality of who they are. Some people will simply torch it, but I have many of you, as you know, torching humanity all the time, so you are doing the heavy lifting, and they are waking up feeling better, and for this I thank you! But let us say, there are those who can go to bed at night, say I’m going to let go of this issue, they wake up in the morning and it is gone, they are refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who, on a soul level, are deciding that they have need to let go of a certain issue, maybe it is mayhem, maybe it is the belief in violence, maybe it is the belief in abuse, because they have been, had violence or abuse perpetrated upon them, therefore they think it is a norm, whatever it is, what is happening to that end of the spectrum is that it is coming to the forefront, and they are acting it out, so you still see a fair bit of chaos. Now let us say, and this is not something that I had planned to speak of today, but the wave that is coming, will wipe that clean, but even prior to that, the ripples, the Mother’s clarity, the Mother’s purity, the work that your star brothers and sisters are doing with and for you, the work that we are doing with and for you, all of this is having tremendous impact.

Do not, please, this I truly request of you, do not simply look to the chaos and to the mayhem, look to the sense of peace, of balance, of love that also exists in your own heart, in those you know, in those that surround you. Pay attention to how that is shifting, your media, which is a whole other topic, is still tending primarily to focus on the negative and so there is a great deal of information and presence of what is wrong, what is going awry, and the same level of attention is not given to what is going right, what is being elevated, what is being true.

So part of my request, from my heart to your heart, is that you pay attention also, at least equally, to what is going right.

SM: Oh, absolutely. I’ve not been paying attention to any of those sorts of things, and really if my mind goes there, I’ll just… I’ll just replace it with something, quickly.

St. G: And that is holding the vision. It is not only lending itself to your own ability and capacity to maintain peace-focus and balance, but what you are also doing for the collective, is saying, “No, we are not putting the energy on the negative, I am holding for the collective the peace, the wholeness, the divinity, the balance.”

SM: Absolutely. It can feel like it’s very real, the things that are going on, but unless we have it right here in front of our face, I think it’s a really good practice to just be present in the moment and pay attention to what’s around you, in the moment, because paying attention to those things just isn’t fruitful. So anyway, I appreciate that. Is there more?

St. G: And it is not a matter of living in denial, it is a matter of choosing what you wish to enhance.

SM: Yes, exactly. Okay, I have a question about our relationships with star family, asking an extraterrestrial being or two to dinner could pose some logistical concerns, as well as potential breaches of etiquette, but my heart tells me, that being our innately loving selves will be enough to get started with. What can we anticipate about our galactic interactions and relationships?

St. G: Do you not think that your galactic brothers and sisters are fully aware of what you think of as etiquette, or what you would think of as – invite them to dinner! Do not be offended if they don’t eat much!

SM: [Laughs]

St. G: You know, very often there are many tales of how I behaved and very seldom – I would always accept all invitations, seldom would I eat. I always enjoyed myself and the company, so do not be offended if they do not eat, all you need in terms of etiquette, in terms of behavior, is to be in the fullness of your loving heart, to be in the fullness of who you are.

SM: Beautiful. Ah, that feels perfect. Okay, good, alright I’m ready for that [laughs]. Okay, Yeshi gave us some wonderful insights last week on sacred partnership, I’m new to the idea, but I’m learning fast that it’s our natural state, and would love for everyone to have that delicious experience. It just seemed to present itself in my life even though I wasn’t expecting it, and truly didn’t even feel it was possible for me. Can you offer any guidance to those who’ve done the personal work, and are longing for their divine counterpart, yet that person remains outside of their awareness?

St. G: I cannot say that patience has ever been my strong suit.

SM: [Laughs]

St. G: And yet that is what I guide you; it is not to say, well this doesn’t work for me, or I was promised, or I am longing, you don’t want to be in a state… you do want to be in a state of expectation, but not in the way of… in a negative way. You do not want to be in a state of lack, because you lack nothing, so you have to remain in that balance, of the totality of who you are, and like you Suzi, very happy to be who you are, where you are, and content, in the peaceful sense of balance, of being where you are. And then allow it to come forth.

If you are calling, if you are beckoning, it will come. It truly is that simple.

SM: Beautiful. Okay and I know you just said you weren’t planning on speaking of it, but you did mention, is there any chance that we could get a sort of, report on the Tsunami of Love and what the situation is at this time? I know it’s been spoken that, everything that’s not love will be washed clean, is that really, is that really true? I want it to be true.

St. G: Yes it is. It is that simple. It is truth.

SM: Hmm, I love that. So one of the questions that comes up for me is that, I’m sure there’ll be support for the people, because illusion is part of the thing that needs to be stripped away, so I just see, you know some humans standing here and having their illusions stripped away and feeling terribly naked, and okay, so, hmm….

St. G: The illusions are being stripped away, and they are being gently washed by the Mother every day. And if I may speak, for and with your galactic brothers and sisters, I will also share with you something that we have not spoken of before, and they are also washing you in a pink wave of light. So they are beginning to cleanse you as well.

So all of this is already going on, the Tsunami of Love is very close, my friends. Yes, we know and we abide by our agreement with the channel not to speak of specific dates, but let me tell you, if you do not wish to get your feet wet, take off your shoes, right now.

SM: [Laughs] Beautiful. Okay, so I want to say to the callers, we have a little bit of an emergency here that is going to necessitate us ending the show early, so I’m sorry to the callers that have been waiting, and I would ask you, St. Germaine, if you have any closing comments? and also say I love you so much and I really am grateful for you being here with us.

St. G: I love you as well. And I will return any time you beckon me! And sometimes it is me beckoning you and that, my friends, let me return again and again, I am more than willing to answer every caller, and if we want to simply have a show of callers, that is fine with me as well.

SM: Okay.

St. G: But in this situation and on this day, I will leave you. But I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you ever have and let me also say that every relationship you ever have, is sacred.

SM: Oh, beautiful. Thank you so much.

St. G: I love you, and go with my love.

SM: Many thanks.

St. G: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon