…let me say to you, each of you, and to the collective of humanity: not only are you on track, you are on the racetrack, and you are moving forward — healing, becoming, expanding, creating at the speed of love! Let us also begin by saying ‘what we are describing is also a prelude to where you are heading’…

An Hour With An Angel Radioshow

Archangel Michael Discusses Ascension, Radiation & An Organization Chart of Heaven

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You — Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth — Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham, and welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. Yes, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Warrior of Peace, Archangel of Love. Welcome! Welcome, my beloved friends, to this time of renewal, of rediscovery, of bathing in the golden light of Gaia, and might I suggest, my beautiful blue.

I also ask of you, as you have been requested so many times, as we begin this day, this night, this journey of becoming together that you ignite your Blue Flame of Peace; that you anchor in your Blue Flame of Hope, of Truth, of Unity, of Connectedness and Balance. For we are not merely limited to one quality, one aspect, one attribute… and my beloved friends, neither are you!

One of the things that we have been speaking to you of — and there have been many — is the way in which you exist as you go through this Ascension process, as you begin this transmutation, this transformation, washed clean by the tsunami of love, raised up by the love of the Mother, enlightened by her clarity and purity.

But what are you doing as you go through this process? Yes, I know you are curious about what we are doing through this process! But let that curiosity, that sense of adventure, of exploration, of sheer joy extend to your sweet beloved self as well, and go exploring — go back, go forward, and remember who you are.

Explore the edges, and might I suggest, the core and the essence of your being, not merely as human, which is magnificent and beautiful, not simply as angel or archangel, earthkeeper, warrior, communicator, starseed, star commander; come back and rediscover, remember, and anchor in the truth of your original essence, in the idea and the plan of you… of you, sweet angels.

Steve, brother of this platform, we have communicated about many things, and each of them, even when you have not recognized it — and I do not mean you specifically, I mean all of you, the listeners, humanity, but particularly this audience that I address and I love, that I offer my service to — there has been a plan to this unfoldment and awakening, the growth of understanding and the growth and reawakening of love, not only for we who are in this sacred partnership with you but for yourselves. And in that love, in that valuing of yourself, you are at a place — and you have begun already; as the Mother has put it — of falling in love with each other, with the entire planet, with the entire collective, with everything.

And as you do that, in some ways it makes you oblivious and blind to what you previously felt was so important, while simultaneously it makes you more clear, more alert, more perceptive, more receptive to everything that truly is of import. You are doing well. So yes, we know that there are moments — well, sometimes days, weeks, months, and years — of frustration, of wondering if you are on track, of wondering about the timing and the approach and the key elements of this unfoldment.

But let me say to you, each of you, and to the collective of humanity: not only are you on track, you are on the racetrack, and you are moving forward — healing, becoming, expanding, creating at the speed of love! So do not hesitate and do not doubt, because what doubt does is it takes you out of that race, it takes you out of that flow.

No, we are not suggesting, nor would we ever ask, for you to set aside discernment. It is one of the finest qualities that you have been equipped with. But be the observer. Be the discerner. Be the mover and the shaker that you are.

Now, beloved friend, where would you wish to start this day?

SB: Thank you, Lord, and I certainly did get the applicability of what you said to myself.

Before we begin the main part of the program, which is on the Ascension plate, on the Company of Heaven, can I ask two questions, please, from listeners? One question is, “Has the Tsunami begun?” And I’ll get to the other question as soon as you’ve finished with that.

AAM: Well, there, that was the starting bell, was it not?

SB: [laugh] Behind me, yes. Thank you!

AAM: I am feeling very jovial today! And you would say to me, “Michael, my friend, my beloved brother, where does this joy come from?” And it comes from you, and it comes from the beginning of this Tsunami. So think of it this way: the trickle is well underway. Well, the trickle is actually already a river. Is it the tsunami as yet? No, but you are already feeling the changes in the energy as this is gathering momentum.

So the answer is, has it begun? Yes. Is it in full force yet? No. Get ready!

SB: Good, okay. Well, thank you. That’s very helpful. The second question… it’s actually from two readers. And there are many people who continue to fear the impact of leaked radiation from Fukushima. Some people wish to know if it’s safe for their children to go into the waters off North America, for fear of radiation. And there was a big article posted today in a local newspaper saying that we should avoid eating sushi because of Fukushima radiation. Are these fears justified?

AAM: Well, let me put it this way to you. And we have talked about Fukushima a fair bit.

SB: Yes.

AAM: What you are asking me is a riddle, because what you are asking me is: “Is fear justified?” and I can never say yes. Now, is there need — always! — for caution? Have there been some radiation leakages that Gaia is taking care of, that Pacifica is taking care of, that your Star brothers and sisters are taking care of? Yes.

But if you were prudent — and I know, because parents, by their very nature, by the sweetness of what has been entrusted to them, are prudent; they are also strong; they practice patience and fortitude and stamina. So practice prudence.

Now, we say this not only… The children are safe to go into the waters. Stop worrying about it! But I wish to take advantage of this opportunity. When your child — and whether the child is 5 or 50 — goes into such a powerful body of water, or whether they are just getting into the bathtub, do you not wrap them and ensure that they are in their bubble of protection?

I have not declared, nor has the Mother declared, that Gaia and everything that has transpired and continues to transpire on Gaia is completely safe. Human beings, the collective, is not fully anchored as yet in the fifth dimension. So there is still a great deal of engagement, can we say, with chaos.

Now, in addition to that, if you are going into the Pacific Ocean, where there has not been peace and harmony fully restored, where the sharks still are teaching humans lessons, as are sea urchins and jellyfish and currents and rogue waves. Of course, you place yourself in a bubble or a cocoon of protection, and being in that bubble of protection allows you to engage fully in the love that Pacifica has to offer.

And you send out the love into every single molecule of water in that entire ocean, and it is received. So we would never suggest to you that you go in the water and communicate fear and mayhem to the oceans, to the streams, or to your bathtub.

So, discernment, prudence. Be careful.

Now, the same is true of the food. And right now, quite frankly, we would say sushi is probably not your best choice, but also, in addition to that, you are forgetting — and yes, I know; you are being prudent for your families. I understand, but I am taking this opportunity to be on my platform and to say, “You, sweet angels, are master transmuters.”

Now, so many of you who hear me say this — and I feel your energy this night — say, “Oh, Michael, I wish that that was true. I do not see myself in this light. I do not see myself transmuting much of my situation. So why would I take the chance that I would eat irradiated fish?”

Let us start small. Let us stick with the question of water. Dear hearts, are you loving your water? This is the lifeblood not only of Gaia but of your very vessel, of your body, of your form. It is fundamental. Now, many of you, as lightworkers and loveholders, know the importance of having enough water and adequate hydration, but so much of the water that you drink is not of the level of purity and not at the same level of purity and clarity that you are now holding as a result of the Mother’s gifts.

So ensure, my beloved ones, that as you take a cup of water, a glass of water, a bottle of water, you are taking a moment to love the water and to raise the vibration as high as possible as you drink it. So be careful of the fish, and work on the water.

Now you say, “Well, Michael, how will I know that I am doing this correctly?” When you are drinking the water, you will feel that it is more alive; you will feel that there is a tingling, a dancing, as it goes not only on your tongue but down your throat and to your body. You will feel a sense of joy as if the molecules are joining with you and celebrating. So you will feel, “I had a glass of water and I feel better, I feel lighter, I feel refreshed.”

So, begin with that, please. Is this an adequate answer?

SB: Well, just two supplementary questions, just very, very briefly so we can turn to the subject of the program. One, who is Pacifica? And two, there are bound to be some readers, and listeners who will say, “I don’t know whether Archangel Michael said the sushi was irradiated and I should watch out, or whether he was speaking generally about sushi.”

AAM: Pacifica is the name, what you would think of as the soul name for the Pacific Ocean. There are some fish that have been irradiated who have chosen as part of their mission and purpose to absorb the radiation and sacrifice themselves. Now, they are not generally offering themselves up to be caught in these factory ships or the nets for sushi, but what we are saying is that there are some that have offered this service and so you have need to be prudent. So, during this time, simply avoid the fish from the east.

SB: Okay. Well, that’s very good. Okay. Thank you for that.

Now, how can I outline generally what I’m trying to get at today? I could say generally that I don’t think many of us know how decisions are reached between the Celestials, the Ascended Masters, and the Galactics; between the members of the Ascension fleet above us; between the Ascension fleet and the people on the ground; how decisions are arrived at by President Obama when he consults with you, if even telepathically or whatever. We don’t know anything about how decisions are reached, how timing is reached, or how events are coordinated. Could you talk to us about that, please?

AAM: I will attempt to, and I will welcome your input into this discussion because what you are really asking for, in a very human way — and I am not being dismissive, dear heart…

SB: I know. [laugh]

AAM: …you are asking for an organizational chart!

SB: An organization chart, exactly! But I also know that it doesn’t work that way…

AAM: No, it does not!

SB: But I can’t get my head around how it does work.

AAM: Well, let us try to put this — with that proviso that we will try and put it in terminology that makes sense to the current reference points that most people, humans, have about how organizations work.

SB: Okay.

AAM: We have been called many things, you know! But this is not one of them! I tease you, and I tease you all, because how I wish to approach this is with a sense of playfulness. So often, when you have been developing — you, collectively — have been developing org charts and flow charts and decision pathways, it has been filled with angst and anxiety, power struggles, vying for control, monetary concerns… So we had none of that.

Do not worry, I am not going to be knocked off my role as Warrior of Peace because of reorganization!

SB: [chuckle] Okay.

AAM: But let us begin. First of all… and let us also begin by saying that ‘what we are describing is also a prelude to where you are heading’… so it is a timely and planned discussion that we have this day, and we are completely in a unified field, as are you, and as are you with us. And when I say “with us”, I mean what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, Ascension Command, your Star brothers and sisters, the Ascended Masters, the Universe… so this is a massive question.

Now, let us start by describing how we work. And again, I will attempt to translate it. We have never varied, we have never departed… and when I say “we”, now I am speaking of the Angelic and the Archangelic realms, with the exception of the fallen angels who have had the experience of variance. But we are aligned with what you would think of as the Heart, Mind and Will of One, and therefore the design and the Plan in all its infinite glory of the Mother. And we can speak specifically to two weeks or two thousand eons.

You have a term on Earth, a word called ‘entrainment’, and the example is when you see schools of fish in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean — where you are all headed spiritually — that swim one way and then without explanation, as a collective, change direction. You see it in flocks of birds, and you see it in human behavior. You tend to think of it as trends or patterns of behavior.

But think of it in this way — that we are in complete entrainment with the Mother. So we do not vary from that flow, from that ebb. If there is a thought, a desire, that then becomes a creation and a variable in the plan, then we are all flowing with it continually. So there is never any discord.

Now, that does not mean that we do not have unique and specific roles within that field, because we do. And that is part of our joy and part of our service to the Mother. So if you were to think of it as an org chart, you would think, of course, Mother is the CEO and Father is the Chairman of the Board. And the direction is set, obviously, by their collaboration and union — and I suggest to you, they are always in agreement.

Archangel Gabriel — Gabrielle — is the Central Administrator. That Lily of Love is actually a very powerful being. So we do have roles. And you can think of Gabrielle as being responsible for administering the Plan. Now, we are not speaking of someone who is doing a great deal, but rather overseeing — yes, there are incursions now and then — but she allocates various responsibilities to where they are most appropriate. And again, there is never — well, I should never say never — occasionally there has been discussion, lively discussion in your terms, about who does what, but that might be for another discussion when we share family secrets!

So, through Gabrielle, an element, a fragment of the Plan is assigned — and these assignments, as we say, sometimes are very brief but generally are very lengthy. We tend to think of ‘time’ in far greater spans than you do, but within that span of time, there are very specific goals, outcomes, and benchmarks that the Mother anticipates to have come to pass. So you can think of that as Divine Timeline.

So, Gabrielle will say to me, “Well, Michael, there can be no Ascension, there can be no movement of the entire collective until there is greater peace.” Now, she does not guide me or direct me on how to do that. She simply says, “You take care of it,” and if you know my sister, she expects me to do just that! And so that is an element. And I will come back to that simply because I can explain it as it is my forte and my sphere.

But then, she will say to Ariel, who is in charge of Beauty and the Angels of Pink and Defenders of the Throne: “Now, we are going to have to have, for the fulfillment of this Plan, a greater appreciation of the Divine Qualities of Beauty, of the inner and outer beauty. And by the way, while that is taking place and while you are taking some of your Angels of Pink, they also need to be assigned to the Star beings so that they do not feel ignored, and to Gaia and to several other planetary systems. But that is your task. You take care of it.”

And so on with Raphael. Go ahead…

SB: Well, if I can intervene for a minute, the Angels of Pink are Seraphim. So right there, you say something that probably collides with current knowledge, because I wouldn’t have thought of the Seraphim… in fact, I’m hearing more and more about the Seraphim being involved in our Ascension, but ordinarily, before that, I wouldn’t have thought of the Seraphim as being involved.

AAM: The Seraphim have never…

SB: But you’re saying…

AAM: …been involved before.

SB: Hm-hmm. What has changed?

AAM: The Mother’s desire to have completion of this Ascension process.

SB: Okay. Please continue.

AAM: So, similarly, she will speak to Raphael and ensure that the healing, in every aspect, is going to be addressed. So, we as Archangels know what our role is. Uriel is charged with anchoring enough inspiration and planting enough of the energy of the future to create that bridge, to bring light where there has been darkness. The imagery I give to you is with philosophy and the cave — and humanity has been in the cave looking at the shadows and believing it to be reality for a very long time. So Uriel brings you out of the cave.

Then she turns as an Administrator still and she collaborates — note what I say, “collaborates” — with Sanat Kumara, with your beloved Raj (mine too!) as well because he is charged with the unfoldment of this Plan for Earth and for humanity, and this is not merely esoteric or spiritual.

Sanat Kumara — and that is why he says, at times, that he can speak more bluntly, more specifically, more freely because he is addressing human concerns, human behaviors, human patterning, human change, human timelines, and the listing, alteration, transmutation of that to the higher plane — and so he is charged with “How is this going to unfold?” in very practical… What is the logistical plan for this? So you would think of it as equipment, food… “How does the army travel? Are they fed? Are they clothed? Are they ready?” And this is a massive undertaking.

Now, each of us, of course, has legions that we work with. And many of you, of course, are part of those legions, and some of you are part of several legions. You have volunteered, you have been seconded, you have worked in various roles and are working in various roles, particularly during this lifetime.

Now, there are allegiances and alignments. So, for example, St. Germaine tends to work very closely on many projects with Archangel Raphael. And you would say, “Now, what is the connection, Michael, between you and Raphael because is healing not the same as finding inner peace and the expression in the outer world of peace, of non-violence, of communication, of love?” And yes, all of our roles overlap. That is not a problem for us. We are not tripping over one another. We do not have stringent, what you would think of as job descriptions. But we have these very broad parameters within which we work.

Now, the same is true of your Star brothers and sisters. Are they — and you tend still to think of levels — are they at the same level as the Seraphim, as the Archangels? No, but they are part of that alignment. They are living in the higher realms, the dimensions. They have made that alignment with love, with peace, with healing, and so their mission and purpose have become to spread that love and that service to others — and their primary mission at this point in time, in this Universe, in this reality, as we are talking about Ascension, is to Gaia and to humanity.

Everybody is collaborating. No, not by memo, but telepathically, energetically. It is… like the finest ballet or the sweetest orchestra. The symphony is heard throughout the Universe. And when there is a single discordant note — and normally that comes from humanity — it is addressed immediately.

Now, in this past year— your time, not ours  — we are adjusting and translating a huge discordant note. Now, do not think of a discordant note as something that is bad. Sometimes it simply gives the entire symphony new meaning and new direction. The discordant note was humanity’s choice to ascend together. That required, on our part, might we say, some major adjustments. Now, were we taken by surprise? Yes and no! There’s very little, my friends, that takes us by surprise!

You were well on your way in terms of your Ascension path, and you had been preparing for it really for thousands of years… but in earnest, for decades. And the preparatory work, particularly, had been done by Raj, and had been done by Raphael, and done by your Star brothers and sisters that kept Gaia stable so that she did not wobble off her axis. But that discordant note shifted things, not in a negative way, in a delightful way that informed us — and when I say “us” I mean all, and therefore, of course, the Mother, who knows you best — that you were further along the entrainment path but also the opening to love… that while you may have been in the hologram, while you may have been in the cave, that you, in fact, saw the light and that you had decided collectively to move out of the cave into the light and claim the truth of who you are and why you came.

This could have gone several ways, and there are always a number of pathways. The Plan of the Mother has so many variables and accommodates so many variations that it is not possible for you to conceive of this. We do not say this in a derogatory way. It is simply that the human brain isn’t there yet. Not even your supercomputers are there yet.

But you received the inspiration and you declared yourself. Now, what did that do to the timeline? It created some delay, it opened the door for more — and to make a higher quantum leap, by the way, which is something we’ve never discussed — and it truly marked a shift, a very significant shift in what we perceive and how we act in partnership with you.

Now, we have been talking for a couple of years now about our partnership, and we have never truly emphasized how the nature of our partnership has so significantly shifted in the last year or two. You are not simply junior partners. Do you have the same overview, the same capacities as we do? No, but you are almost there. And the reason why we are sticking so close and making ourselves so available, from the Ascended Masters to your Star brothers and sisters, to the Archangels, to the Mother, is that you are doing this while in form. You are becoming your divinity — interdimensional, transdimensional, divine, whole selves — in form. And that is the truth of Ascension.

It is the reunification not only of you but of all of us. Now, does it mean that you are completely reunified and back, that you have traveled all the way back to the Source of One? No, but you will have those moments of ecstasy and bliss to remind you, to catapult you, to inspire you.

So now we are in a different phase of partnership. You are no longer — think of it as a low-level manager. You have been promoted and you are senior VPs — yes, all of you — and you are working on a very high level. And then you say to me, “Well, Michael, if I am working in concert with you and the Ascended Ones and I am a senior VP, then I expect to be paid that way!”

SB: [Chuckles] Absolutely!

AAM: And we agree!

SB: Lord, can I….

AAM: Yes.

SB: Please, continue. No, please continue. If you’re going to talk about that subject, I welcome it. [Laughing] When do I get my paycheck?

AAM: Well, you know there are many forms of currency, and we have harped and harped and harped — even to our ears we have harped — on spiritual currency. We pay you in the currency of love, in the currency of joy, but we also understand currency. Do you really think that the Mother does not understand money and gold? Of course, she does. She created it the same way she created time. So you will be paid!

SB: Okay.

AAM: And you will be paid…

SB: Can I ask you…?

AAM: …timely. Yes?

SB: Okay. Thank you. A lot of people tell me, anyways, that they try to imagine how you all converse. So, here is Ashira on the bridge of the Neptune, and he has a conversation with you. And they say, “Well, is Archangel Michael in the same room? Is he half the Universe away? Can anybody see that Ashira is communicating with you, or is it only Ashira who knows he’s communicating?” We’re trying to conceive of how the discussions aboard the Ascension Fleet might take place. Sorry, go ahead.

AAM: Very rarely are we in the same room.

SB: Um-hmm. Okay.

AAM: Now, if we want to be, we can be, but usually we are hither and yon, going about our business. So it is very telepathic. It is like the same way that you would pick up a phone and say, “Ashira, this is Michael. Have you thought… your landing plan seems to be perfect, except have you thought of how these locals are going to react, and do you think you need some backup in terms of assistance? Yea or nay?”

There is a cholera outbreak. Raphael will talk to Ashira or someone and says, “Ashtar, there is a cholera outbreak. They are going to need some assistance in the healing chambers. Do you also need some backup?” Or we will call them for backup. It is back and forth, seldom in the same room, although we do visit. But there is…

SB: And what about a conference call?

AAM: No need! Oh, yes, there are many, many conference calls. There, if you wish to think of it in this way, are regularly scheduled conference calls, particularly, hmm… if you want to think of it this way… by senior management — again, generally coordinated by Gabrielle and Sanat Kumara.

SB: And it may be that the conference calls, they’re participated in by many, say, ship commanders or fleet commanders…

AAM: That is correct.

SB: … and they are all telepathic?

AAM: They are telepathic.

SB: They don’t…

AAM: Sometimes they see us on screen, sometimes we see them… well, we don’t have to have a screen as we can see a million miles away!

SB: Okay. But the commanders don’t necessarily get together, right?

AAM: No. Now, do they convene now and then? Because we have learned and they have learned — do not forget, they are still in a form, and the lessons of the intergalactic wars were well learned, so that getting together, as you think of it and as you do, to talk, to update, to heart-share, to express the frustration of when are they going to really see us…

SB: Uh-hunh.

AAM: Yes, getting together is important, dear heart.

SB: Okay. Uh-hunh.

AAM: I would like to continue this conversation…

SB: Oh, please.

AAM: …when we next meet.

SB: Let’s do that. I look forward to that.

AAM: We have only begun to scratch the surface of this organization chart.

SB: So to speak! Thank you very much for that. [Laughing]

AAM: You are welcome, dear heart. Go with my love and go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

AAM: Farewell.