Who are you and are you willing, are you willing, my brothers and sisters, to truly be who you are in the substantial lineage, in the totality of your energy fields, in your unique place in and on the grid, in and part of the Mother’s plan; are you willing?

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness” and myself Suzanne Maresca. Today our conversation shifts into the higher realms of healing with Archangel Raphael offering guidance and inspiration towards the fulfillment of wholeness for humanity, and if I’m not mistaken, for many others as well.

We have a lot to cover today so we may not get to as many callers as usual but thank you for tuning in and thank you for being here once again Linda, it’s always a pleasure. Good morning.

Linda Dillon: Oh, good morning Suzi and good morning everybody. Yes, it is always a pleasure and I love it when we are talking to the archangels or any one of the archangels. And you know, Archangel Raphael in particular, he’s kind of a quiet one and so, although he’s so powerful and he’s so present, not just on Earth or on Gaia and I our lives but the multiverse. Can you imagine him being in charge of all healing? It’s a really big job so I just feel this sense of awe and wonder and privilege that he has stepped forward and said that he really wants to continue this conversation that we’ve been having for the last couple of weeks around healing and what does it really mean to heal. So, I’m excited.

SM: And that is very exciting and I have to say that there are some people who have written in who have asked questions about the various archangels and what their color is and what their gift is to humanity and what they’re about. So, I wonder if, I don’t know if we can go over that fully today or…but it would be wonderful to have that sort of in a post somewhere.

LD: Well, actually, why don’t we take a couple of minutes and do it really fast; just before the show I was telling Suzi that in the last week, well starting last Thursday, that Isaac and I have been doing a little exercise, ritual, ceremony that I had written about on the Council of Love website (www.counciloflove.com) called Hosting the Archangels and it was about inviting the archangels into your home for a period of five days. And that’s been really wild and expansive and interesting and at first I felt…I start my day, I finish my day and in-between everything I do, I post the archangels and invite them in, so I was curious about this exercise and how it might be different.

And while for me it hasn’t been that different, I have noticed and Isaac and I were talking just this morning about how having the archangels and consciously connecting with the ritual, with the gifts, with their presence, really expands the energy. So knowing who you are working with, and this is as I said it’s on the website and it’s called Hosting the Archangels, so you can go there and read about that, but let’s do the archangels in a nutshell.

The Council of Love primarily works with what they call the 5 Mighty Ones: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, and Gabriel/Gabrielle and the ‘el’s, we haven’t talked about this in a while, actually a couple of years, so the ‘el’ on the end of the archangel’s name refers to their Archangel status or lineage or what have you.

So, really quickly Michael is blue and he is our Warrior of Peace. And you’ll notice when we have the channelings, both here on Heavenly Blessings and on An Hour with An Angel, that they always are consistent in terms of how they introduce themselves. So Michael will always say, “Warrior of Love, Archangel of Peace.” Gabrielle always says, “Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth” and it refers to not only their ray and color but what they do throughout the universe.

So, Michael’s blue and Peace; Raphael is emerald green and Healing; Uriel is silver, beautiful, and Bringer of the Future. He’s very clear. He’s the ‘bridge guy’ anchoring what we think of as the future in the now and he also brings light, his Silver Flame, to situations. So that might be something we’d want to look at in the future weeks.

Then Jophiel, Archangel Jophiel, is also known as Metatron. He is magenta and also brings the future, but he is very much physicality. Archangel Jophiel incarnated as Joseph, the father of Jesus. He’s a powerhouse! When I look at him, you know, everyone else looks archangelic, but to me Jophiel looks like a pirate, black eyes, black hair, flashing, and very muscular. When I get ready to channel and I call in the archangels, Jophiel always takes the position, he’s got my back and I feel his wings just furl and nothing’s getting past, nothing’s sneaking in from behind.

And then there’s Gabrielle (or what some people tend to think of as Gabriel) who is gold. Archangel Gabrielle is Communications and Joy, and the Central Administrator of the Universe. And so, she’s in charge of getting everything organized. But communication, you know Gabrielle, you’ve heard me talk about Gabrielle is my go-to gal, and she has everything to do with communication…she actually, you know how they have these patrons? Well, Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle is the patron of communication, of media broadcasters, singers, actors, etc. So that’s it in a little nutshell, well for people to think about.

SM: That’s beautiful, that’s wonderful. I had no idea that Metatron and Jophi are the same.

LD: Yeah, they are. It is very cool and you know, there’s a world, there’s a universe of information and energy and each one of those archangels and calling on them, and that’s something that I teach and that we’ve done on this show and that I encourage people to do in meditation, I do it before each and every channeling or healing session or radio show that I do and I bring them in and you can post them around your room, around your house, around the plane, around your car. And we’ve all had those nights where, and it usually happens at night, where you go to bed and something feels wonky, you know, and you know it’s unseen energy, that the energy’s just not quite right and you feel nervous and you’re looking for shadows in the dark even though you know you’re protected and loved and there’s nothing there.

Well, what you do is you post the archangels and when you post the archangels nothing, nothing gets through that shield. And so, what I thought I’d do when we’re ready Suzi, is actually go through that little exercise to remind people of how to post the archangels as our meditation this morning.

SM: Oh, I think that’s a wonderful idea.

LD: Yeah! And it’s fun.

SM: Yeah. I’ve been, you know, usually before a show I have this interaction with whoever our guest is going to be for days before and it’s been really wonderful interacting with Archangel Raphael and it just feel that the archangels are extremely present at this time and I’m just sure that’s no mistake in our evolution and where were at right now, so…

LD: They are fully present and so often our listeners will say, like ‘I want to see you and I want to really feel you’ but when you create your sacred space or what you’re saying is you take the time, in the space of a week, even to work with one archangel and to work with that quality of the archangel, or one a month, that you really, you come to know them. And you come to know the difference in energy, yes, we are all one, we’re all integrated, there’s no such thing as separation, but of course, each of us has our own personality, our own scent, our own color, our own sound, and so do they. So, when you take the time out to just make some sacred space for yourself and to allow them to communicate with you, it just changes everything.

SM: It does change everything and something that’s coming up for me is to realize that there may be many humans who are still experiencing a lack of self worth which translates into ‘ah, the archangels don’t want anything to do with me’ or ‘they won’t come for me’ or ‘I can’t talk to them’ or just putting yourself on a level that’s unable to really experience that and just we need to muscle through that and just let it go and just do it, you know…just do it, ask for it and trust that it’s going to be there.

LD: And they will always show up. That’s the thing, is that, you know, you’re right about the shift and the paradigm because now we’re in this sacred partnership and the masters, as we certainly have seen in the last couple of weeks, with St. Germaine, but the archangels as well are very, very present and we’re getting closer and closer and to think that they wouldn’t want to show up for you, or aren’t willing to help you, it’s just, how Gabrielle would say, “Incorrect!”

SM: Incorrect, that’s right. So, that’s wonderful. Alright, shall we jump into the fabulous meditation of posting the archangels?

LD: You got it. Thank you and thank you all for listening, for tuning in and being part of this journey with Suzi and I.

So, you know the drill; let’s begin by relaxing, by sinking into your heart and the chair or the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are. Feel your muscles begin to relax, relax your jaw, your neck, bring your shoulders down from around your ears. Let go of the to-do list and simply give yourself the gift of this time for your sacred self, for your beautiful sacred self, because you deserve it, because you are loved, and because you are love.

So sink deeper into your heart and wherever you are we will call in the archangels and whether it’s the room of your bedroom, or your office, or your house, just as we begin choose where you are going to post them, but we want them around you. So it’s not that you’re solidifying or anchoring another room, even if you’re in your car we will post them around your car.

And we begin with Mikhail, our beautiful archangel of blue, of that royal blue, the bright blue of a summer sky, of delphiniums, and Michael begins this journey by always taking the door, the primary door, whether it’s the door to your house, the door to your office, the door to your bedroom. Look up and see Michael, perceive him, go deeper, that brown curly hair, beautiful sparkling blue eyes, and a grin…yes, he’s smiling today. So, we call in Mikhail and as we do you see him cross from your door, going in a clockwise motion, so to the right, and he takes that first wall and as he does that entire wall is turning into a beautiful sapphire, lapis lazuli blue and it is sealed.

And as he approaches the next corner he relieves Archangel Raphael, our beloved archangel of healing, hair of gold, almost white, gown of emerald green, eyes of sea green. When you look at Raphael there is a sense, not only of healing but of deep serenity, of knowing that you’re taken care of. And Raphael walks from that corner to the next corner and as he walks, that entire wall of your room is turning into the most brilliant emerald green you have ever seen.

And at the next corner of your room he is meeting and relieving Archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now, and when you look at Archangel Uriel he has that beautiful white-silver hair and even though his face is young and eternal, his hair is that gorgeous silver and his eyes are stormy gray. He looks like a poet, scholar, and he works with the movement of energy, particularly when you are doing creation work. So as Archangel Raphael relieves Archangel Uriel he walks across the room again and that wall is turning into pewter, silver, platinum, ice skates, the silver of your sword, and that wall is sealed.

And Uriel relieves Archangel Jophiel, our beloved archangel, our anchor, our guardian, our protector, our safety island. The only archangel who knows what it is to be human and he helps us in matters of physicality and anchoring heaven on earth. And as I said earlier, he is massive! Jophiel, curly black hair down to his shoulders, flashing black eyes, muscular, not live like the others, powerful and his ray is the magenta-amethyst. And as he is crossing back to the doorway sealing this last wall, it turns into this beautiful garnet-amethyst wall and your room is sealed and the archangels are inside and they are facing you and they are present in all their might to assist you, to guide you.

Now see yourself seated in the middle of your room and see Archangel Michael approach you and hold out your hands, cupped as if you are going to drink water, and you already know you have the Violet Flame from St. Germaine in those hands, but see Michael lean over and put his beautiful sapphire Blue Flame, the flame of truth and peace into your hands, into the palms of your hands. And he goes back to position.

Now, see Archangel Raphael quietly approach you and place his Emerald Flame, the flame of healing, the flame of love, of heart, the flame of the 13th Octave into your hands as he returns.

Uriel approaches and places his Silver Flame also into your hands, to light your way through the darkness, to show you the way home. Let it burn brightly. Yes, you’ll feel your hands heating up; that’s perfect.

Now here comes Jophiel giving you his magenta-amethyst, that garnet amethyst, and take it, take it now.

Now directly in front of you, filling the center of the room with you stands our beloved Archangel Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, with her beautiful golden hair and her eyes of ice blue, her magnificent wings that have carried you and transported you so many times. And she stands directly in front of you, now and always, to shield you, to protect you, to teach you, and she is leaning over and placing her beautiful burnished Florentine Gold Flame in your hands and you feel honored and awed.

Now take your hands with this beautiful blue and emerald, silver and magenta-amethyst violet and gold flames and bring them up to your heart, bring your hands up, right now, up to your heart, still cupped, and feel those flames anchored, not only within your hands permanently, but also being placed by your choice, by your power taking this gift of the Mighty Ones and putting it in your heart. Breathe it in and anchor. Again, breathe it in and see this wonderful campfire in your heart and simply give thanks, knowing you are protected, you are guided, and nothing that is not of the highest realm of love gets through these walls.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I am Raphael.

SM: Welcome.

AAR: And welcome to you sweet Suzanne, dear Linda, dear listeners, dear family and yes, I am Archangel of Healing. Now, what does that mean? Because you could really abbreviate everything we say and simply call us the Archangels of Love. For what is peace and hope and joy and healing? These are simply pieces, particles of the love that we carry to you, from you, and anchor deep within you.

My beloved friends, this is a time as never before, not on your planet, not on Gaia, not within humanity; this is a time of spectacular healing and expansion. And what do I mean by healing? I do not simply mean for you to be dis-ease free, to be back in balance; yes, of course, that is the starting point, always, because it is not the truth of who you are, it is not the truth of your being, of your essence, of your substance, of your manifestation, it is not part of why you are here. But when I speak to you this day my beloved family, I am also speaking of the spectrum of healing. We have all talked of this, of the range from feeling ill, disconnected, impaired in various ways, limited in various ways, to the point of wholeness, not only of thriving, not only of what you have in the past thought of as wellness, but to be in the full radiance of your essence of who you are.

Now, I am talking to you about my job, about the promise that I made, the commitment that I made to the Mother eons ago, well even longer; that I would work with all universes, all species, and that I would heal. And what I do with my Emerald Flame, which is the love, much like the Violet Flame of torching, we transmute and transubstantiate that which is not of love and wholeness into the truth of love and wholeness. And it is that simple, so I do not want to speak of science or formulas, of which there are many, in fact, they are infinite depending on what universe and dimensionality you are operating within, but I wish to keep this very simple.

What I wish to speak to is two things…your capacity to heal and I do not simply mean elimination of dis-ease and your willingness to heal. Now, first comes the willingness and what does that require? It requires the elimination of the cancer that so many, not only on this planet but elsewhere it has been witnessed as well, but primarily the cancer of Gaia, of humanity, is this lack of self-worth and self-love. That is the kernel, the beginning, the middle, and the end of healing. So, you eliminate, you transubstantiate what has manifested as illness or dis-ease and you think ‘that’s great, I am healed, and I will be satisfied’, which is being okay. Well, dear heart, that has never been good enough, that has never been the truth and the radiance and the totality of who you are.

I want you to be who you are. And yes, this is a universal theme that we are presenting to all of you in every form that we have the opportunity to speak. Who are you and are you willing, are you willing, my brothers and sisters, to truly be who you are in the substantial lineage, in the totality of your energy fields, in your unique place in and on the grid, in and part of the Mother’s plan; are you willing?

Now each of you, I can hear you across the entire planet saying, “Yes!” and to this I say, “Halleluiah!” But what I find too often is you say you are willing, my beloved ones, and I do not say this critically, I’m reminding you, I’m reminding you as your big brother, you say you are willing then you fall off the wagon. Yes, the worthiness wagon. Why? Because you still have this dis-ease of lack of self-worth. No matter how many times you fall off the wagon you can jump back on. If you feel that you are lying there injured, call me, call Michael, call any of us, we will lift you up and place you back on.

The desire and the deep surrender and agreement, because of the free will zone, the agreement and the surrender to healing is the first step. No, I do not want to hear any ‘buts’, there are no excuses, there are a million excuses and there are no excuses. Why on earth would you not wish to be the magnificence of who you are? We are waiting, we are patient, we are helpful, we will do anything, but first comes the agreement.

So then, the second part of which I speak…the capacity, your ability to heal with or without me, but I would like to be part of it, you know it is my job, your ability to heal is infinite, it is eternal. You have the mechanisms, the formula, the essence, the talent, the abilities to heal, not simply to be dis-ease free but to truly, for the first time in your life, to be who you really are. And while I lead this charge, your guides, your guardian angels, your power totems, your star brothers and sisters and the angelic and archangelic realm, the ascended masters and the Mother, we are all here to help you. So, you may think of me as a case manager, but you, if you never call on any of us, you came with the ability to completely heal and thrive.

So then you say to me, “Well, Raphael, why do I need you?” Well did you ever think dear heart that perhaps we need you, that perhaps we love you so much that we want to be part of this, that we want to tend to you so that more quickly, instantaneously, your brilliance shines through?

So, let us help, we can certainly speed things up. Where do you wish to begin dear Suzanne?

SM: Thank you Raphael for coming and speaking with us today, I really am enjoying this and feeling so surrounded with love. It’s just a wonderful and delightful thing. What I would most love to start with is to get a celestial reading of where the human collective healing process is now as opposed to a year ago when we were recovering from the anti-climatic end of 2012. We’ve expanded so much in our understanding over the past year, yet we almost seem no closer to experiencing all the wonderful things that were spoken of soon to take place in our reality. Have we collectively fallen down on the job or is the orchestration of our transition into wholeness way more complex than anyone anticipated?

AAR: It has always, always been complex. Without even thinking of the variables on our side, think of the variables of coordinating 7 billion people; think of coordinating two people, think of coordinating one. But I wish to say this…many of you have thought of last year as a very difficult year. We will not deny that, but it was also a year of such depth and cleansing, of such magnificent heart growth, the level of expansion of your capacity to love, to hold love, which is truly the tipping point. It isn’t about theories, it isn’t about understanding the mechanics of the universe, or the fine point of the Mother’s plan, it is about holding love and being love and loving yourself in the midst of a terrible storm.

And so that capacity, which we would call healing, has been phenomenal. Now are there some still kicking and screaming? You see, we do not so much care when they say, ‘when we say’, ‘when they say’, ‘when we say’, ‘that does not exist’, ‘I don’t believe in angels and archangels’, ‘I do not that believe we are entering into a new dimension’, I do not believe in Nova Earth’, ‘I do not believe…’ and the litany goes on and on and on. You’d think people would get tired of it. But the truth is…we don’t care! To some extent we find it amusing, no, not in a sarcastic way, just in a shaking our heads…how could they be so blind way.

What we care about is the feelings, the actions, and the living from heart consciousness and love. It has never been about ‘how much information can you glean’; it has always been ‘how much energy and love can you hold, transmit, share’. So from that perspective, humanity as a whole had made massive advances. So, are you closer to where you wish to be? Are you close enough that you can fall, relax, fly into who you are? Because it isn’t merely us coming, we are doing this in partnership; so it isn’t like a make-over, it isn’t like reality TV, we don’t come into your house and fix you up and say, “Okay, you’re ready for Ascension.” You are doing this. Are we asking and begging and offering our help? Yes. But never do we interfere in your choices, we inspire, we definitely influence and that is why our presence is being felt more and more clearly. But another reason why our presence is being felt more and more clearly is because your love quotient has grown, your willingness, your capacity with your willingness to accept the love has grown enormously.

Now, where are you on a scale of 1 to 100 in terms of your capacity to be and hold the love? You are at about a 60; that’s how much you’ve grown. When you started this, oh a couple of years ago, even those of you who had done tremendous work, it was much, much lower. So, you are almost there. You never will be at 100 because it will always going to grow, so there will always be more. That is not a cruel joke brought by the Mother, that is us simply saying, “There will always be more.” So, are you at a place collectively where you are ready to take the leap, where you are ready to be in the tsunami of love? The answer is ‘Yes’.

SM: Wonderful. I love that. You already spoke to this and I’m not sure any human alive knows what it is like to be whole and healthy and so we really don’t have an experience base to launch off of what it even feels like, so could you speak to that a little bit, like how we’re supposed to access that when we don’t even know what it is?

AAR: You access it by surrendering and allowing the growth to take place. And you are absolutely correct, aside from those who have become ascended masters there are very few upon the planet that know the fullness of what I am speaking of this day. Now let me give a practical example and this is something I believe all of you can relate to: there have been times in your life where you have eaten whatever you chose without bothering to transmute it. You have gained or lost weight because you have not nourished your physical body. You have not done adequate exercise, you have not gotten adequate sleep, you have not had adequate relationship, you have not had adequate period…

And then one day you wake up, usually in January, and you say, “I am going to change this. I am going to start walking, I am going to join the gym, I am going on a diet and diets are ridiculous, are they not? But, never the less, I am giving you a practical example. And then you begin to start eating more healthy. Of course for me that would always mean eating more green and eliminating from your diet what doesn’t feed your nourishment, that doesn’t feed your cells or your skin or your emotions, that makes you feel vibrant rather than on an emotional roller coaster or in a mental fog. Food, water, is very important. These are the elemental gifts of Gaia. There is a reason for it. So, you start to exercise, you start to eat better, your shape comes to a place where you are happy with it and you start to feel better.

Now then several things happen and they all have to do with this willingness question: you either say, “Well, that feels better” and then you quit or you become totally obsessive about it and then the joy is robbed and it is not doing the same work or you simply continue on. We are always hoping for option #3 and if you are in option #3 of simply continuing on in what you would think of as a respectful, honoring way, body, mind, spirit, then you will start to feel better and better and better. But you still haven’t reached where we are talking about.

So, yes, at your most vibrant self you still have a ways to go. But from our perspective and what I say to you, not as your trainer at the gym or your dietitian, is this is fabulous work, this is your choice to be who you are not because somebody is saying, even me, “Eat more green” but because you notice that when you eat green, when you breathe green, when you program the purity of your water, you feel like you could fly around the sun and come back with leftover energy. When you look at people and you see their auras and fields and you cherish them and you think “I’ve never felt so loving, so free, so light before.”

SM: Beautiful…ummm…

AAR: You can do this very rapidly.

SM: Okay. Alright. I attended a women’s health symposium last Saturday and there were 4 very interesting speakers, the last of which was a live-out-loud kind of wise women elder. She spoke of herbal infusions that can help with any number of health issues and the day really brought it to my awareness and I’m wondering if human healing will continue to be a combination of energy work and natural remedies or we’ll move into a more complete version of energy healing than we are aware of now? Will we even need those things?

AAR: Need is the wrong word…use is the right word. Yes you will continue to use them and again it is because of this spectrum that I am referring to. So the use may be completely different so let us suggest, for example, many will use St. John’s Wart or vitamin B for a healing of emotional instability or depression, so then you get to that place where you are feeling better. Now in the new realm similar substances will be used, not to give you a high because, trust us, you will be high enough, but to sustain and because you have such a love of the gifts that Gaia gives you.

You know, in other discussions and of course we are always listening in, you talk about money and financial freedom and Michael has said that the existence of currency, money, will go on for a while because humans love to play with money. Think of it in terms of healing…will it be necessary to have certain herbs into your body? Perhaps not in the same way but you will take them because you love the taste of that tea, that it makes you feel rich and nourished, you will eat green because it is an honoring of the bounty of Gaia. But you move more toward the energy medicine because the adjustments that are made are energy adjustments not so much the physical adjustments. So the physical is pretty much already attuned and working harmoniously. Now that does not mean that you will never have an ache or pain again, but if you do it is a signal to you and to all of us that something is awry. And we never want the collective human to go as far awry as they have.

SM: Right, so that brings me to asking about…you know many of us are joyfully anticipating the reunion with our star brothers and sisters in a timely manner, as in any moment would be awesome, how does that work into our current methods of healing? Like will interacting with them make everything we know or think we know about healing the various human bodies moot?

AAR: No. Think of it as expansion. You see, one of the things that you are speaking of is the ancient wisdom, the crone living-out-loud as you would put it and sharing the old remedies which were given to assist in the true healing. Gaia offers up what is necessary for healing, she always has, she always will, both energetically on the grid, in healing places, in the healing springs, in the waters, in the mud. That will continue but there is more light/sound/symbol technology that your star brothers and sisters add to the mix. So some days you feel like you need a light bath, that infusion of all the rays, from a healing chamber onboard ship, which will also be onboard earth. Other days you feel that you need to go and lie in a field of daisies and that is the healing that is required. Do you understand what I say?

SM: I do, I do and I really appreciate this discussion, it’s such an expanding one, as usual. I’d like to ask a question on behalf of our teenage listeners, if I may. It’s not an easy thing for them to be going through this process of unprecedented change at the same time they have to navigate all the emotional turmoil and uncertainty of teen life as we know it. For many adults it’s been challenging, to say the least, but the young ones may not have the coping skills developed over a lifetime of experience and many of them are subject to unconscious parents. Can you offer any encouragement to them as they deal with like acne or longing for a boy or girl friend?

AAR: Yes, I can and I will. But I will also preface it by saying, and I am speaking particularly now to you who are 10 to 20: Your light is brilliant and yes, you are going through the throws of, shall we say, the teenage years, puberty, love, acceptance, relationships, and in many situations unconscious adults but you are magnificent. Now, you don’t always feel magnificent do you? The more that you can connect with Gaia the better you will be. She is your Earth Mother and she is also an archangel like me. Many have terrible eating habits. No, I am not going to preach, but I would ask you to even feel that when you are putting something on your food, whether it is ketchup or salsa or salt or pepper or oil, vinegar, can you simply see it that I am sprinkling it with green? That will help you and the reason that it will help you is it will remind you how much you are loved.

When you wash your face make the water emerald green; that will also take care of acne. Simple enough. When you look at your body, and I want you to look at your body, particularly your western culture has not given the right, yes, right, accurate, attention or presentation to the wondrous array of forms. There is not simply one correct form. That is the diversity and the beauty of being in form and being in a body. But if you are not pleased with your body see that you are taking my laser Emerald Ray and carving your body, either adding or subtracting, carving your body with the laser light the way you wish it to be. I will help you.

But do not, please, do not adhere to what your society tells you is the perfect or desirable form. Find your form and love it, appreciate it, and if you are not in alignment with the form that you believe and know in your heart that is the truth of who you are then yes, use my laser light, I will help you.

SM: Beautiful, very loving and wonderful. Thank you for speaking to that. I’m wondering if what’s happening now is that some of us are living a 5th dimensional life in what we choose to pay attention to right along folks that are firmly rooted in illusion and unaware that there’s anything different. And the question comes up of how that shift can even take place as rapidly as many of us are hoping for without blowing the circuits of said humans? Have we misinterpreted the messages we’ve been getting that drastically?

AAR: You are living in the 5th dimension; some of you are living fully in the 7th. So, that is not an illusion; that is reality. The illusion is those that are still stuck in the old 3rd and that is fading like we say, the mist from a river, a hologram that is disappearing, a bubble that is about to burst. Are you going to fry their circuits? Yes. It doesn’t matter, they will be re-wired in an instant. So that is what your star brothers and sisters are very good at helping with and so are we. So we always tell you ‘do not do too much because you will blow your circuits’ and that is a rule of thumb. Balance is the rule of thumb. But are there some that are going to be thinking that they are simply adrift, awash in the tsunami, that their circuits are being fried? Yes, there will be. Will they be healed instantaneously? Yes, but the more of you that are ready and already anchored in the higher realms as the gate-keepers, as the pillars, as the wayshowers, the better off it is going to be.

SM: Ah, that is awesome. I am so glad to hear that because I have really been wondering how that could possibly take place, but all things are possible, so, wonderful, there you go.

AAR: The starting bell is very close dear heart.

SM: Yeah, wow, I’m excited. Could you tell us where we are in terms of our transformation into crystalline form with possible an explanation of what that even means?

AAR: Yes, because there are two forms, or words shall we say, that get bandied about with a great deal of authority and people not knowing what on earth they are talking about. And that is the crystalline form and the light body and sometimes these are used interchangeably. Over the past, oh, now it is several decades, the human form, think of it as evolution, physical, spiritual, mental evolution which has been speeding up; think of the ages that you went through before, how the Agrarian Age was very long, how the Industrial Age was quite long, then it has been speeding up, well, from your perspective of time and space.

For several decades your body, your physical form that is your Ascension vehicle, has been transmuting from what you think of as a carbon-based vessel to a crystalline vessel. Now, you have contributed to that by holding the higher vibrations, by doing your work, by eating properly, by meditating, by being kind and generous and humble and compassionate. All of these things are not separated; they all contribute to your body transforming. The density of what we have called, not density in terms of negative, that is not what we mean, but simply the density as in heavier, the density of the carbon body as opposed to the crystalline body is significantly different. The crystalline body is being brought in and this transformation taking place so that the circuitry of your energy fields, of who you are, of the brilliance of who you are, of your ability to transmit, convey, hold energy, light, is increased.
So it is the ‘new model’.

Now, within that is your light body and your light body is also within and without and I know that can be confusing to you but your light body is not necessarily limited to being inside your crystalline body. So, your physical structure has been changing and many of you are 90-99% in your crystalline form and that is why you are able to be in the 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions because you are able to hold those frequencies, you are able to transmit. When we have said to you, when all this Council of Love has been saying to you that you are transmitting more and more and more through your crystalline body it is because your field has grown to such an extent and the clarity of that crystalline has grown to such an extent that the transmission features work. So, the transmission of the love, of the compassion, of the passion, of the prudence, they have a clear channel to work on, they won’t get stuck in the sludge. So, you are at about, generally, and I’m speaking now to you who are listening, you are about 80-90%.

SM: So that does not manifest in a physical way that we can really perceive, it’s just beyond our perceptions at this time correct?

AAR: Yes and no. If you truly look at yourself, really look at yourself, until such point as your skin disappears, you can see your crystalline form, you can see it. And how you know it’s there is by this ability to hold and transmit. Now, we have held and your star brothers and sisters have been exceptionally helpful on this, they have monkeyed, jerry-rigged, some of what you think of as technology. So, for example, if you go to have an x-ray, for example, they still see what they believe is the old form, but what they are really seeing is the new form, it’s just not reached full consciousness yet. That is already underway and you have seen more technicians or radiologists who would look at something and say, “This looks strange; this looks different, I wonder what this is?” And then, of course, they want to repeat the test twenty times. You don’t have to.

SM: Wonderful. Okay, I think that covers my questions and I guess we’re ready for callers…

AAR: Your light body is what you take with you when you travel with us at night. So think of it as ‘you are leaving that physical form, that beautiful, evolving, crystalline form lying on the bed, you exit with your light body along your golden or silver strand, and you come fly with us in your light body.’

SM: Wow, I just, I imagine that I just must be incredibly busy at night because I don’t move when I sleep and I remember nothing. So, I’m just trusting that I’m doing some good work out there.

AAR: Dear heart, you are.

SM: Alright, are we ready for a couple of callers?

AAR: Yes, indeed.

SM: Thank you so much. So, you’ve been waiting for a long time and your numbers are showing up as all 1…are you with us? Hello, hello, hello..okay, never mind, going on to…area code 520, are you with us?

AC520: Yes I am. Good morning Suzanne. My question is about grounding all the information that we are getting from the spiritual realms into our earth reality and for me one of the things I would like to do is to be able to open up my third eye so I can see auras. I don’t feel that I can see them; I can see colors and patterns when I’m doing healing but I can’t see people’s auras. And I’m wondering if you can help all of us and explain how we might be able to open up our third eye to perform healings more effectively by seeing people’s auras?

AAR: Yes, but also know that when you are seeing the colors, you are being led dear heart, you are being guided and the information about what is going out of balance in the individual or the situation that you are healing is flowing through you. But having said that, I would be happy to assist you, in fact, this is one of my favorite things that I am teaching this weekend…yes, surprise to Linda too…we want you to raise your kundalini. Now, this is true for all of you, life force kundalini, this also helps further activation, not only of your light body, of your crystalline body, but of your third and fourth eye, your fifth eye as well. Now, let us explain about the third, fourth, fifth, and crown.

Your third eye, as you know is the magenta and it is in the center of your forehead.

Your fourth eye is your ability to see into the I AM, into your guides, into the outer universe, and that is the color of grayelsha, it is ruled by Archangel Uriel, it is the color of gasoline on water with a great deal of grays, stormy grays, mauves, blues.

Your fifth eye is at your hairline, so think of it as being in alignment and it is a tanzanite color, it is a cabochon, and it is a gift from the Universal Mother and your ability to see things with her eyes.

So what we are saying to you is let us activate all three at the same time.

Now, go to the base of your spine, this is where your kundalini sits and most of you have had experience of raising your kundalini, but this is important because it is a time of raising your kundalini in every aspect of your life, not only in the ability to see with your third eye, it is a meditation, but you might want to begin, yes, it is a little difficult but never-the-less, take your hand, knuckles, and rub the tailbone, the tip of your tailbone, of your spine so that you feel that you are warming it up.

Then feel, like the coil, like the snake, like the sacred spiral, that the energy is raising up…pull it up the way you would up stockings or socks or panty hose, pull it up through your central column, over your crown and into your third eye. And pull it, pull it, pull it until it feels like a spiritual orgasm so that you melt into the bliss of that energy, of your kundalini life force coming into your third eye and opening that aperture. We are setting it, even right now, that it will also open your fourth and fifth.
So, just focus on the center of the forehead, let it expand as it will, do this daily, you will be seeing in no time.

AC520: Thank you very much Archangel Raphael and thank you very much for all the light you bring in when I’m doing the healings and I love you and thank you.

AAR: And I love you and thank you dear heart.

SM: Okay, so, that was wonderful. Thank you for that question. We are on to area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Yes, I am. I just have a quick question about what you do in dreamtime? Last night, I know you don’t like to…I know you like to keep it to a collective matter or manner but last night I had a vivid dream I met with someone that I haven’t really been nice to in the past and we embraced and hugged and I said I was sorry. Is that part of the energetic healing process?

AAR: It is absolutely part of the energetic healing process because what you are doing…do not forget that you are also in a time of karmic dispensation as well, but what you are doing is in your night work is that you are healing past relationships and freeing the person and yourself. You are freeing yourself up to go forward on your separate journeys in freedom and in love. Forgiveness is the starting point, so yes, dear heart.

AC810: Okay, thank you.

AAR: You are welcome.

SM: Okay, wonderful. We are now on to David, are you with us?

David: Yes, hello, greetings. Today I want to ask for some encouragement for my life and my question is, Raphael, if you can help me to really heal my whole life because I did what St. Germaine told me and I can be with myself but really feel pretty worthless and I’m 22 and I feel I lost a lot of time with my illness and I totally want to start a new life, maybe you can help me with that. Thank you.

AAR: I would be happy to act as, what do you call it second in command? with St. Germaine because both of us are more than willing and eager to work with you. Sweet David, you have not lost or wasted your life by illness. You have taught compassion and humility and mercy and forbearance and prudence and stamina. Never think that this has not been a service, because it has. Now, is it time for you to go forward, to run, to leap, to play? Yes, yes it is.

Now, this is what I want you to do: I want you to open your crown chakra, and this is in addition to the work that you are doing with St. Germaine, and this is true for all of you, but it is particular to my friend. Open your crown as if you are opening a gas tank on your car. You know that so many depictions of me have me carrying a vase or jug; let me pour my emerald green elixir into you so that you are completely filled with my green flame emerald elixir. It is the elixir of recovery, of rejuvenation, of love, of rediscovery. That is all you need to do and that is how we will begin.

David: Okay, thank you and will I get on my path and will I start all this life by this exercise too?

AAR: Yes. It is the most subtle and profound activation.

David: And is it okay if I go to Italy or to Germany or will it all be alright?

AAR: It will only be alright if you promise to do one thing…have fun!

David: Okay, okay, thank you all.

AAR: Is that a promise?

David: Okay, it’s a promise. I will have fun.

AAR: Go with my love. Farewell.

SM: Beautiful. Okay, so we only have a few minutes left, should we take another caller or would you like to make some closing comments?

AAR: There is someone in urgency. Take the call.

SM: Okay. Area code 250 are you with us?

AC250: Yes, wow, I’m impressed. Well, I’ve been trying to call…well anyway; I am so in awe with everything I hear. My question is ‘I have a mess, I am 74 years old and I’m trying to, I would like to heal, of course, sometimes I get better and after a few weeks again I am incontinent, so I know my self-worth was low when I was younger, what can I do to be better please? Thank you so much.

AAR: You are welcome, dear heart, and you have decided to heal. Now in this case I will suggest Archangel Gabrielle’s gold elixir, as if you are drinking it and that it is going through your system, your digestive system to your elimination system. Allow it to heal the kidneys, the urinary tract, the bladder, then do the fill-up with my emerald green as well, so that you are being rejuvenated. And you have need to trust yourself. That is what is missing. I do not say this in a way of judgment, quite the contrary, but I want you, I am asking you this day to trust yourself the way that I trust you. Go with my love. Farewell.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you, Raphael, for joining us today.

AAR: There is not one of you, not one person, and we have not even spoken about the animals or all the other kingdoms, but there is not one single person upon the planet who is not ready, willing, and able to heal and to heal, not next week, not next month, but right now. Let us, together, begin this journey to wholeness. We are literally at your disposal. We invite you, we embrace you, we give you our flames. Come be with us and let us be with you, sweet angels of light, let us be with you. Go with my Emerald Flame, my emerald elixir, and my emerald heart. You are mine. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon