You are seeing all over your planet the warriors of light who step forward and demand their freedom. They may think that they are asking for financial freedom, political freedom, social justice, but what they are really asking for is to be free to be themselves, the totality of who they are. And for the systems that have been adjuncts to these false grids to get out of the way! This is core work.

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Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness” and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re here to discuss false grids and Archangel Michael will be guiding us with practical tools to see where they’re located and how to identify and eliminate them. It’s the perfect time to release all that which keeps us bound to the illusion of separation and the idea that we’re anything but love incarnate.

The Council of Love tells us that the release of false grids is an integral part of making peace with the 3rd dimension so that we may truly leave it behind. I can’t imagine there’s a single listener now or later on who isn’t all about doing that. I’m grateful to have this added boost for letting it all go.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzy, and good morning, everybody. It’s great to be here, great to be back. I think that this is a really timely subject that we’re talking about. As I was getting ready and meditating and part of me was thinking “well, gosh, you know we’re doing this backwards. We spent all this time talking about universal law, but part of universal law is invoking what is Truth and how things work throughout the universe and not invoking and not relying and not carrying these false grids around with us any more, because they’re simply completely illusion.

SM: That’s interesting that you say “invoking a false grid” – who would ever think of doing that on purpose? But we do – it’s a very subconscious thing.

LD: We do, and I think we do it all the time. I was reviewing… much of this material that we’re talking about is examined and looked at with channeled material more in depth in “The New You” book, as you know – plug, plug.

Because this isn’t new information, but it certainly has gained momentum and is more pressing information. And one of the things that really jumped off the page at me this morning was this – in the fear category, you know, the fear of failure. And we all know, intellectually, maybe even emotionally, we know that there’s really no such thing as failure.

But, you know, there’s the subtle things that we do, such as “nothing ever really works out for me”, and that’s a false grid. Now that’s denying your Creator self; that’s denying your ability to use the creation formula, use the universal laws to bring in exactly what we want to create. So it’s self defeating behavior.

One of the things – and I’d really like to have a lively discussion on this today because this is a huge issue. This is like a core issue. And people think when they hear, because I know I and the Council are always talking about false grids. And they say “well, I’ve been doing my clearing and I’ve been doing my clearing for the collective. And I’ve worked on my issues.”

But when we’re talking about false grids here today and when the Council is talking about false grids, we’re talking about the foundation, the constructs, the pillars of what evolved over millions of years for the old 3rd dimension. So your personal issues may have a reference point in the false grid system, as it were.

But the false grids are huge. And it’s not just about having, you know, a personal issue or a belief system that kind of went awry or even a vasana, because those tend to be personal and, yes, they have their reference points in the false grids. But the false grids are these collective false constructs that we’ve accepted – and not just accepted in this life but in so many lifetimes.- that they’ve become entrenched in our mythology, in our common mythology.

SM: Indeed. And the one that I would like us most to be able to let go of, especially at this time, is the one that we have to work our butts off in order to survive and be here and, you know, that it’s all about survival instead of joy and enjoying one another and all that. If we can make that shift into letting go of the idea that we need to slave our lives away that would be a great, great start.

LD: I totally agree. And you know what else I find, and I can speak from personal experience, part of that too is how we dress that belief system up is that not only do we have to work and slave away in order to survive, but that somehow – and I guess it comes from part of our Puritanical Christian mythology – is that somehow when you work really hard, like over the top, that it’s saintly, that it’s really a good thing, that you’re earning points in heaven.

SM; Yes, that’s right. That’s right.

LD: Yeah, it’s the martyr syndrome.

SM: Right. I think to one degree or another we’ve all been guilty of that.

LD: Oh, I think we have. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the corporate world or what we tend to think of as the lightserver world or wanting to be a super mom. And it comes from this desire to really be the totality and the best we can be and to reach out, but in there we forgot about the love and the joy.

SM: Right, right. Well, in your book you mention the terms “repatterners” and “New You warriors” and I do know that there’s a segment of the human collective that’s doing the work for basically everyone else. I imagine our listeners all fall into that category to one degree or another, and I hope that through doing this show we can help remove any doubts about that.

It feels to be time for all of us to melt a little and to let ourselves be soft and permeable and fluid during these sacred days and just allow all the energies to come and change us and just let everything go.

LD: Amen. Amen, sister! Yeah, I love that idea of becoming not only softer but more permeable. That’s a beautiful picture, Suzy.

SM: Yeah, it helps with the unifying field, you know.

LD: It helps with the unifying field and the sense when you say that word “permeable” is that we are able to dance with each other and flow with each other rather than banging up against each other.

SM: Yes, yes. Absolutely. Wonderful.

LD: And you’re right – this is the time and these are sacred days. And not just because of the season but because of what’s going on in the Mother’s plan and her unfoldment. And I think that this gift, these increased gifts, of clarity and purity really equip us or open us somehow to be able to look and perceive and receive the information about the false grids more clearly.

SM: Yes, I feel like every single day for me changes life completely. It’s almost like there’s so much more information that comes in. But like I’ve said before, it feels normal almost immediately, so it’s easy for me to forget what I didn’t know last week.

LD: Yeah – it’s the new normal.

SM: The new normal – right. Exactly. And you know what – this is maybe something I can ask about – but I’m feeling like… actually, Saint Germaine came to me in a meditation yesterday and what I got was that we are on the very edge of transformation and that the transformation is going to be so huge that a lot of our old way of being and everything is just not going to be conscious awareness any more. We’re just gonna forget it!

LD: It fades away. It absolutely fades away. You know, over the years with working with the 13th Octave, which was the Council’s original gift and it’s that place of being in divine union and being in body, which is really basically window dressing and words for what we’re talking about, is that people would do the meditation and undergo the initiation and sometimes – not the majority, but sometimes – people would say, and we’d laugh about it so I’m not sort of telling tales out of school – but they would say “well, nothing happened”. And then we would say “except, you know, when Jesus came in or I went to the Heart of God or Mother Mary picked me up. Oh yeah, nothing really happened – oh, except for that one thing”.

But the other thing that I started to notice is that I used to have the 8-week rule, that you’d do the process and the integration over 8 weeks – and even in terms of channeling sessions I feel that people got so much that the Council would say “not before 8 weeks has gone by” because the downloads were that significant.

And when I would go back and I would talk with these folks, I would notice in them and in myself that things would come up and it would be like a distant memory, like “oh, yeah, that used to really bother me or oh, yeah, I do have that memory and that information of how awful that was somewhere in my memory banks”, but it no longer had any currency or any charge. It was just simply a cloud that was way, way off on the horizon and it didn’t have any substance whatsoever.

And I think what you’re saying about what’s going on now with us, and it’s happening so rapidly, like every single day, that we’re really feeling that the expansion is so significant and the shift is so significant that every day is brand new. And we want the markers in terms of “well, how have I progressed”, but there’s a part of us that doesn’t even remember because it’s the new normal. “This is who I am and this is how I simply am living my life. And I have all this new information and perspective.” And it’s completely different.

SM: Yeah. You know, I think some of it’s new and a lot of it – the reason it becomes integrated instantly and feels natural and we sort of forget about what we didn’t know – is that we’re remembering it. It’s all about remembering.

LD: Yeah, I agree. This really is, in so many ways, the closing of the circle. It’s bringing us back to who we really are.

SM: Yes, but some of it has to be new, though. Because we haven’t really done this before – or maybe we have?

LD: No, I don’t think we have. From everything…Or I don’t remember says she …Yeah. I think that when we were created, and I think everyone who is listening, we came in.. well, this was the Mother’s playground; this was the place to have a physical experience of love and of joy. And when we came in, we came in as the Creator Race. Now that, to so many people because of all the atrocities that have happened, that almost has that tings of, you know, the “master race”.

But it wasn’t like that at all. We came in to create this playground, this wonderful, beautiful diverse playground of love, of joy, and of being able to have a different kind of physical experience of those qualities, both tangible and intangible. But we got lost. So if we did it, we only did it for a very short period of time. And then what we did, and what proved that we really are the Creator Race, is we created all these false grids: death, despair, destruction, disease, separation, isolation. I mean, the list is long.

So we got right into creation, but somehow we’re almost like the same situation… We haven’t ever really talked about fallen angels on this show, I don’t think, but the fallen angels – “all those terrible things: Lucifer and Satan and it just goes on and on”. But in some ways, what happened to humanity is very similar to that myth, is that we departed from the Source; we took on this form of human Creator Race; and we wanted to go exploring.

Well, in the exploration, what we did was we created, all right, but we created these illusions – even knowing they were illusions – just to have the experience: “well, I wonder what that would feel like” because we never felt that when we’re at home in the Heart of One. So we created and then we lost it and came to think that it was real when it wasn’t real.

And then it got embodied, literally bricks and mortar and institutions, into the human consciousness. But it never was real, and that’s just exactly how all these fallen angels were brought back home, which some people tend to forget. We’re being brought back home.

SM: Oh my gosh, and I feel like I’m so incredibly supported and finding the love of my life is just an amazing, wonderful thing to help me continue to do my work here and just be a high frequency chick that helps the whole world.

LD: I am so happy for you. You know, and this is the thing that people say “well, did war stop or did the financial system completely rearrange?”, but I’ll never forget because, when I’m channeling I often feel like I’m eavesdropping, I’m sitting next to myself, but when Mother Mary, I believe, or the Divine Mother said her plan was for all of us to fall madly in love. And even those of us who thought “oh, that’s, you know, that’s for someone else”, to see it happening to people I love and care about is just so wonderful.

SM: I can have a whole show about that. I don’t want to go on about it, and I just know that you’ve got a wonderful and practical meditation for us today but, yes, I’m very happy.

LD: I do??

SM: Well, I hope so.

LD: Okay. Actually, this meditation is about and it’s through Archangel Michael – and Archangel Gabrielle is very present today – and they’re standing here. I do this show from my sacred space where my altar is and they’re both standing here in front of me with big – not grins – but huge smiles on their faces. And so they’re both very present.

But one of the things that we do with our issues and our false grids is, and one way in which we can work with them, is to figure out where they are on our body. Where do we carry this energy so that we can let it go? And on what body?

SM: Okay.

LD: This is channeled so, away we go.

Let’s begin this wonderful Tuesday morning. As we gather as a circle of family, of soul family, of lightworkers, of loveholders, it’s so important that each and every one of you realize how appreciated you are, how loved and cared for you are. Because not only do you tune in, you’ve tuned into the frequency of change and of God and of Ascension. And you are doing your work and your service.

So give yourself a little hug. Cross your arms across your body and just give yourself a hug from Michael and Gabrielle. And feel what it’s like to be hugged by an archangel. And let go of the day, let go of the busyness of the season, of your “to do” list, and just allow yourself to be here, as we begin breathing, as always.

And let us begin with the blue of Michael, that beautiful Michael blue, that royal blue, that sky blue, that brilliant blue of Truth and of Hope. And as you breathe in through your nose, holding for a second, and exhaling. And on the exhale, feel yourself sinking more deeply into your heart and into your chair or the rug or the floor or your bed – wherever you’re sitting – and the sensation is that you weigh about 3,000 pounds. So you couldn’t move if you wanted to.

And you are in body but you are out of body, so breathe in that cornflower blue, that Siberian Iris blue, the bluebird blue, and feel that flame of blue from Michael join with the blue diamond of your tri-flame, joining with the (?) flame of the Divine Mother. And breathe blue.

Now let us bring in the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that beautiful Florentine, the old gold, that rich gold and feel yourself breathing the gold as if it is a molten river of gold, in through your nose, deeper into your heart. And feel that gold join with your gold tri-flame, the Divine Masculine, joining with it and dancing with it. Feel the fluidity that Suzy has spoken of.

And in the center of your tri-flame, of your heart, feel the beautiful pink diamond, that sparkly pink, and this is the essence of who you really are, of your divine design, of your truth, of your wonder. And sparkle it up and feel the evenness of your tri-flame, of your blue, of your pink, and of your gold. And anchor deeply.

Now I want you to visualize yourself sacred self as the truth of who you are, a multidimensional being. But look at your body as if it is a grid, a beautiful golden grid, something that you would see on a computer animation so it’s three-dimensional and it stretches far and wide.

Take a minute to see the beauty. See the wonder of who you are. Now, on that grid, anchored in your tri-flame, are there any specks of dirt? Are there any smudges? Are there any holes? Is there any fraying? You are the New You and you are a repatterner, a regridder of Gaia.

Do not fall into judgment, it is never of love. So just look at your grid and see if there is any dust, dirt, holes, rents, tears. And then feel that grid as part of your body, as part of your fields, and look at that. Is it in your emotional field? your causal or your auric? your etheric? your mental?

Where on your grid, in your physical form, are these little dust bunnies hiding? Is it on your back? your forehead? your hip? your tummy? your foot? Simply be the observer and if you don’t see it don’t worry, simply perceive and allow the knowing that is who you are to well up. And often where these little slits or tears or dark spots are occurring is where you’ve had some pain or difficulty in your physical form.

So let us ask Archangel Gabrielle, our beautiful Lily of Love, our Trumpet of Truth, to come with her molten gold and to simply reseal, to heal, to re-grid, any spot that you have noticed – and even those you haven’t – let’s ask her to come in at this moment and polish up and reseal and assist us in the forever maintenance of our beautiful grid, so that as we join grid to grid to grid upon the grid of Gaia and the universe, that we are able to give and to receive, to transmit fully. We don’t want any broken links in our grid. So breathe gold.

Now we’re going to take it a step further. Stay in your heart and feel as if now you are lying on your bed or lying on the floor, but we want you in prone position. The grids, the false grids, are those entrenched belief systems of the old 3rd that have enslaved you, that have shackled you and prevented that freedom of movement that is your right, your birthright.

And so we clear these grids today for ourselves and for each other. We clear these illusions away. And because this is such a core issue, we’re going to deal with this lack – and as I say these words I want you to see how they feel in your heart – don’t judge it, just feel it. Lack. Limitation. Loss. Abandonment. Isolation. Separation. Loneliness. Lack of self worth. Lack of self love.

And as you lie there, and we call these grids forward, these false grids, what do you feel upon yourself as you lie there? Razor blades or nails? Chains or bars? Lilies or ribbons? Cashmere? Not all false grids appear as ugly or harsh; that is why they get to stay around.

Now we call upon Archangel Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, to come forth in this moment to the collective and to each and every one of us, and with his sword and shield and his blue flame of Truth, to lift this false grid from you, to eliminate it right now. Allow it and let him and let go. And for some of you it may feel the weight is lifting or it is simply dissolving into a million sparkles. Let it be what it is. Let go. And breathe. Breathe blue. Breathe pink. Breathe gold and see how your chest is free to expand.

And know that you will do this again and again until you come and you lie on your bed and there is nothing to remove. Until each and every one of us on Gaia has simply allowed these illusions, this false grid, this hologram, to disappear. And give thanks to Michael and Gabrielle and let yourself be.

Greetings, I am Michael.

SM: Welcome.

AAM: Welcome to you. Welcome to all of you. Welcome, beloved ones, my warriors of peace, legion of love. We all bow to the Mother and then we stand upright, in the fullness of our being, you and yours, us and ours, brothers and sisters together, to claim our freedom, to claim our birthright, and for each of you to go forth as the Creators of Nova Earth.

You have been locked in a room and that room is false grids. It is the old illusion of the old 3rd which never had, from our perspective, true substance. It has all been smoke and mirrors and in many ways it has been like going to a carnival or a house of horrors. And there has been distortion. And while you are in the middle of that, enjoying being scared, you have forgotten, my beloved ones, that it is not real and that the carnival will shut down and leave town tomorrow. Well, let us make it today!

SM: Yeah!

AAM: It no longer serves you. It never has, but in the recognition that it does not serve you is your readiness to join with us and with me in the destruction and the removal and the elimination of these false grids. And you do so, my beloved ones, not only for your sacred selves but for everyone, for there are many who are still operating in the illusion.

And as you have said, dear Suzanne, it is completely possible, not only viable, but desirable, that those false grids be removed and the person who firmly believed in them yesterday, tomorrow is not even aware that they existed. It is but a vague impression of long ago.

You are seeing this shift in the microcosm and in the macro. And you are seeing all over your planet the warriors of light who step forward and demand their freedom. They may think that they are asking for financial freedom, political freedom, social justice, but what they are really asking for is to be free to be themselves, the totality of who they are. And for the systems that have been adjuncts to these false grids to get out of the way! And we declare it so.

This is core work and it is not sequential work. Yes, at one time it has been. And it is sequential insofar as you do it, the more that you rid yourself and the collective of the false grids, the freer you are to pursue the truth and the totality of who you are. But you do not stop or put experiencing who you are on hold while you clear. They are done in conjunction. It is the never-ending flow. And the beauty, the experience of the love, the peace, the joy, is what pushes you on, catapults you on, to remove even more.

We are on full alert. We are at your beck and call, your service. We always have been. But you, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters of my heart, you are at a point where you are acknowledging knowing and calling upon us to be in the truth of that family soul relationship. That brings us joy.

So let us venture forth together in this reconstruction, in this restoration, in this recovery. You see, we have our own set of truths and grids. Dear heart, where do you wish to begin today?

SM: Thank you, Michael. It is so wonderful and such a gift to connect with you in this way. I am really so appreciative. I have to admit that I’m feeling so full of love these days that coming up with questions about false grids is a little challenging. In my heart, I know that everyone will reach this place of trust and it’s really only available when false grids have been released and dissolved at least to a certain degree.

You just confirmed for me that our own fear is all that keeps us from allowing the current delicious energies to redesign our lives in accordance with our heart’s desire. What I’m wondering is if each of us individually are the only ones who can truly do this work for ourselves, I see people who just want someone to lift the burden from them without doing the work themselves. And maybe at the core of that wanting is a lack of self esteem, as in “I can’t; I’m not strong enough, connected enough, good enough, etc.” Could you speak to that, please?

AAM: Yes, for in the declaration that you are clearing the false grids – and it has been personal work up until this time – but understand now you are able to do this exercise for the collective. And how you are doing it for the collective is through your field. So basically it is not only for the far distance – because it is only one grid – but it is particularly those that you are intersecting with.

In talking about sacred union and partnership, we have spoken a great deal about the puzzle pieces and how there are points of conjunction between your sacred other and yourself, your beloved and yourself. But what about the rest of your puzzle piece? What about the rest of your magnificent field? What is it up to?

Well, of course, it is out there creating, experiencing, expanding, enjoying, loving. But it is also touching the grid and transmitting your truth, your knowing, across the universe. Not merely a couple of miles, not merely to the human collective, but to Venus and back, to Andromeda and back, and at the same time.

Although, yes, you are receiving the gifts directly from the heart of the Mother, but at the same time you are also receiving these transmissions of unification and, yes, of further elimination of what is not of truth, from your brothers and sisters in Andromeda, from UFOG, from Venus – Sanat Kumara himself has been working vigorously with all of you. So you are doing it and you are doing it for those who think there is no such thing as false grids or, conversely, who wish to cling to that outmoded reality. Well, they can cling until they realize it is simply vapors and then the vapors disappear and the sun shines through.

SM: Okay. Wonderful. So I just have this vision of when enough of the collective has done their personal work that everyone else’s false grid will be washed away in a collective tsunami.

AAM: That is correct.

SM: Aah, I love that. Okay. That’s wonderful. All right, so being in the state of fabulous love that I am, I was hoping to get some information on the nature of sacred partnership. It seems that as humans we’re hard-wired for love and companionship, but finding our divine complement seems to be only possible when we’ve been able to free ourselves of false grids. Otherwise we might not recognize them or be able to engage in a way that doesn’t bring up unresolved issues. Would you speak to the ease and fluidity that our new 5D relationships will reflect as opposed to the old paradigm ones that help up grow through conflict?

AAM: Is it not curious, joyfully, interestingly curious the ways in which the human collective has created in order to find their way back home?

SM: It is.

AAM: So you knew at your very core, and I speak to each and every one of you, you knew at your core that you desired to live in union, in unity, in sacred partnership. But you were being held or believed you were being held hostage by these false grids. So what you have done is you have put the false grids to work for you and said “all right, if I’m going to be in conflict then I am going to be in conflict, to break through the illusion”.

So you have truly built some very strange mechanisms for growth. But, as you say, thank God, Mother/Father/One, you have and you are letting go of them.

Because it is with ease; it is with grace; it is with splendor and graciousness of the 5th dimension, 6th and 7th, that you are simply able to encounter and to acknowledge divine partnership. So that you are seeing that you do not need to go through this struggle in order to reach the place that you have yearned for from the core of your heart since you incarnated.

Because in the physical reality, which is the purpose of Ascension is the maintaining of the physical form – that is what is so unique about it. So it is the closest reflection that you are going to have to being fully home.

And it is sweet. Now does that mean that there will never be any difference of perspective, of our opinion, because you are in this shift and growth? You see differences in vision or perspective, perception, you have often interpreted as leading to conflict. From our perspective it leads to creativity.

So when you are not in a defensive mode of feeling “if someone does not agree with me, that means that I am less than”, you have this conjoining and this discussion of differences that leads to expansion and creativity and new ideas and new inspirations and new creations – concrete and not – of how things can progress.

And there is not this sense of urgency. Is there a sense of desire to simply allow it to transform and happen? Yes. But there is not this sense of what I would call desperation, that we have need to turn the river around and make it go where we want it to go. You are more willing in the new reality to simply jump in, go with the current, and see where it takes you.

There is a wonderful sense of openness and adventure and willingness to experiment with the new, with the unknown, because you feel safe. You feel safe in the knowingness that only love is real and love does not harm. Love does not dishonor or disrespect. It creates that womb in which the new can grow.

SM: Right. Well, honestly I never thought I could have this and it’s taken me by surprise completely. And I just feel like it’s, of course, divinely orchestrated that I find sacred partnership and engage with it fully without fear. And it just feels like it enhances and supplements and… amplifies – that’s a good word – amplifies my ability to do what I do by.. oh, my gosh, a million

AAM: At least! Because it is that amplification, it is the house of mirrors; it is the house of magnification. But let us be very clear: it is the house of joy.

SM: Um hmm. Absolutely.

AAM: So, yes, what it does… you have always – well, for a very long time – you have had this saying and it has variations in different cultures, but it is the same idea: “that where two or more are gathered”. But it is really where two are gathered the miraculous happens. Not “can happen” – it happens, period.

SM: And it happens and it’s happening whether we’re physically together or not. I feel that.

AAM: That is correct because it is the energy merge that is the most important. It is the heart connection, and that is what you are learning, what your star brothers and sisters and other masters in other dimensions and realms have known always. Once the heart connection is there, the telepathic connection is there; the emotional connection is there; the mental connection is there.

So the physical – is it enjoyable? Of course. And that will come to pass as you both jump into the river and see where the next island is. But, no, it is not geographically defined. It is not what we have heard humans say “well, I can’t be in relationship with this person I madly love because they are in a different state”. This is very peculiar!

So now you have learned the universe is your playground, and you are choosing where you want to play.

SM: Yes, yes indeed.

AAM: But first and foremost, you are choosing that you want to play.

SM: Oh my gosh, yes.

AAM: Dear heart, this is the shift.

SM: Yes. My whole perspective has changed, and I just will put in my direct request here for physically together. And, you know, I know it will happen but now would be better than later. Okay, so, … go ahead.

AAM: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all one. So your request is heard.

SM: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Okay, so we have a couple of callers. Are we ready for that?

AAM: Well, I am ready. Are you?

SM: I am ready – yes, I am. I am so ready. Thank you. So, David, are you with us?

David: Hi, Suzy. Hi. Hello. Hi, Linda. Hi, Michael. So I have a lot of questions lined up and I am going to structure them well. So the first one is: I feel that – and I also read that now is the time – where we step into our mission, and I remember that you gave me this meditation where I can fulfill my full potential with your blue flame. And you also gave me a variation of that meditation to step into my mission and purpose and to invoke my passion within myself that I want to do that, because I had a little – how do you call that? fallback? –where I wasn’t that healthy and so I want to balance that with healing my own body.

And this is the second part where I think that I have celiac disease because I can’t eat any more rice and all this stuff, and maybe you also know or can consult your etheric buddies how to heal my stomach and calm it. These are the first questions. Thank you.

AAM: I will steal my sister’s thunder and I will also say that her golden elixir, the golden elixir of Archangel Gabrielle is a gift directly from her heart. And when you drink it, dear heart – actually or etherically – what it will do is reseal, heal, regrid, your digestive tract, and from your digestive tract it will emanate out into your organs, into your bones, into your cells, into your blood, and it will assist with the healing and making you become a golden being of golden light.

Now you can still keep your magenta and blue, but that is what I suggest to you. The other thing I would suggest you is to ingest, sit in passion, and there is no better way to ignite your passion than to sit in the violet flame. The violet flame of the “I AM”. The magenta flame of the Christ Consciousness, which is not only compassion, it is passion. You cannot – listen to what I say: you cannot fully, and I do not simply mean you, dear David, you cannot step fully into your mission and purpose unless you are passionate, inspired, excited, engaged.

If it feels like sacrifice, like drudgery, like dreaded responsibility, then you are working on a false grid. So let me lift those up until the mere thought of what you have come to do is so exciting that there is no stopping you, that you can’t wait to get at it.

And part of this is the healing of the physical form. There are many of you who are lightworkers who have struggled with various ailments, physical ailments, and part of it is it has been very hard to keep you on Earth. And so it is what we have spoken of in terms of conflict and finding relationship through conflict. Well, by having you have to pay attention to your physical reality, it has literally kept your feet on Gaia. Yes, even in the 5th.

So the healing of the body – the body is never to be ignored. And it is never to be whipped into submission. This is a horrid thing for us to observe. “Oh, I am not feeling well so I will make sure I am very rigid with my body. And so that I beat it into submission so it obeys.” That is of the oldest, cruelest, false grid of all.

So love your body into wellness. When you have one hour without pain, celebrate it. Joyously love it. Thank it. You do not spend enough time – and again I mean all of you – saying “thank you” to the physical form that has endured for many of you what has been a very arduous and difficult mission to this point. So thank it. And allow yourself the room, the space, to heal. Because if you are having physical challenges, you may rest assured that that is a piece, not the totality, but a piece of your mission. And it is not the endurance – that has been part of it in the past – but now the piece of it is the healing of it.

I will help you.

David: Am I online?

SM: Yes.

David: So thank you, Michael. That was tremendous. Well, I really feel consoled and understood. And maybe you can tell me two short questions. The first one is a lot of fears are coming up. There are a lot of tools, maybe from Sanat Kumara … opinion on that. And the other thing is I was relocated to Austria and maybe you can give me your short opinion if it’s good to be here and that is part of my mission.

AAM: It is part of your mission because you have been relocated to a City of Light. So it is not coincidental. Many of you will find yourselves being suddenly relocated. It is not something you have need to concern yourself about, but simply know that you are being positioned to do the work of the Cities of Light. So that is what you are doing.

The fear, dear heart… Lie on the bed and let me lift this false grid off you. It is false expectations and fear freezes. It literally cripples you, dear David. Give it to me and give it to me this day. Let us be done with this.

David: Okay. Thanks a lot. Thank you, Suzy, and thanks, Linda, so much for what you’re doing for me. Thank you, Michael. Thank you. Bye bye.

AAM: Farewell.

SM: Bye bye. Wonderful. Okay, we are on to area code 518. Hello? Are you with us?

AC518: Yes, yes. Greetings. Peace and blessings. I was listening to what was going on with the other caller and I used to be in a place where I used to love to pray and meditate and I used to dance and all of that stuff. I relocated to an area, and it’s almost like I feel a presence of being shut down. And it’s been 3-4 years and I’m trying to get up out of it, and I’m only listening to your program the last few months. It’s been helpful to me, but what happened and how do I get unstuck? I was listening about the false grids and all of that. That wasn’t me before and I moved to this new area and it seems like… what happened to me?

AAM: You have to – well, you don’t have to, but you have decided to – prior to birth, to be joyously happy everywhere on Gaia. You have a saying…now, first of all, dear heart, I strongly urge you to either listen to this program again and again or to download the false grids meditation and to do this daily. Daily.

AC518: Okay, yes.

AAM: because there is a great deal to be removed. But what you have done is you have gone to a place where there is some heavier energy and where you have also had past life experiences that, shall we say, were very difficult. But you have gone as a beacon of light and might I say a dancer of light. Now, you think of a beacon as a tower and it is a spotlight that rotates, like a lighthouse. But you, you are jitterbugging, you are waltzing, you are jiving across the grid. And you are a joy dancer.

AC518: Yes!

AAM: Now, you have a saying on Earth: “fake it ‘til you make it”. I am giving you a new prescription. First of all the false grids. Secondly, the infusion of joy every day. And your exercise for the infusion of joy is to turn on a CD, turn on the radio, turn on the TV and to dance your joy dance for 15 minutes every single day.

And as you do, feel your feet – preferably bare feet – connect with Gaia, connect with the elementals, connect with the earth spirits, connect with your ancestors, and be the vehicle of joy that you are. Wear gold. Breathe gold. Be gold.

AC518: Yes. Oh, wow! Wow!

AAM: The joy will come back.

AC518: Thank you. I am so grateful. I used to be a dancer and I enjoyed it. It’s like when I moved here, I couldn’t even dance. It’s like my feet they’re not moving.

AAM: Turn on the radio and get moving, dear heart. We will join you. We love to dance.

AC518: I am so grateful. Thank you.

AAM: Go with my love and go with my music. You understand, originally, I am a musician. I know how you feel.

SM: Thank you for your call.

AC518: Thank you for taking my call. I’m so grateful.

SM: Beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Okay, we’re on to area code 949. Are you with us? Hi, you’re on the air.

AC949: Hi, thank you. Hi, Linda, Michael. Michael, I dreamed with you last night, I think. You were protecting me from the bad guys in my dream.

AAM: You have recognized me; the secret is out!

AC949: Thank you. I see so many people that are creating these false grids still about the economy. Especially some family, friends, they think there’s not enough. And I start telling them “no, no, this is only a transition, but things are beautiful. I love the world, the golden age is here already; we just have to see things more clearly.”

But I still wonder how I can help them? How can I even help myself to let them see clearly the light is here and the prosperity and abundance is here?

AAM: You have raised a very good example of a primary false grid. And it is the illusion of lack and limitation and that there is not enough, that there is not enough to go around, or that you are not worthy enough to participate in what goes around.

Now, chances are, my beloved friend, they are not going to do the false grids meditation with you! But nevertheless, open their hearts and their eyes. If you are able and depending – and I speak to many of you – this is a brilliant question, my sister of blue. If you are able, when your friends say that there is no prosperity, what I would like you to do, given the situation, open your fridge, count the number of things and different things that are in your fridge, be it an apple or milk or ketchup. If that is not prosperity, then what is?

Then open your cupboards and see the wheats, the grains, the lentils. Then open your other cupboard and show them how many different dishes you have, forks and knives and furniture and sheets and covers. Is this not abundance? If you are able, open the door, take them outside, show them the trees, the sky, the many different clouds, the colors of the sky, the variations in the colors of grass, of leaves, of trees, of flowers, of birds. Is this not abundance?

If you are in a city, again take them outside and point to the buildings and the people on the streets and the diversity and the beauty. There is a feeling on the part of many that six, seven billion people, three million people in a city is too much. It is an example of abundance. There is no lack! The Mother did not create a planet, Gaia herself did not morph into a planet of lack. There is plenty for everyone, plenty of everything for everyone.

The only thing that is preventing full recognition of this reality is this false grid of lack and limitation and greed, of this belief that if you do not hold on to what’s yours and try and get some more, that you will be starving and poor and without. So show them. Show them in practical ways. Make a joke of it so that they can start to see the ways in which abundance does flow and that they can translate that to their paychecks, to how they choose to spend their paychecks, to how abundance comes to them in friendship, in love, in family, in the sweetness of Gaia. Start to be practical. That will help them start to shift their thinking.

AC949: Thank you, thank you. I have one more question and this is on a personal level. Michael, how can I remove the false grid that is blocking my artistic creation and the passion that I used to have before? I want it to return to me.

AAM: Then do the meditation. Lift off this grid of limitation and reclaim into that empty space the creativity of who you are. This is one of the most powerful gifts and meditations/attunements/healings that we have ever given humanity. I implore you to use it.

SM: Thank you so much for your call.

AAM: Farewell.

SM: Okay, we have time for one more caller and it’s going to be area code 203. Are you with us?

AC203: I am. Thank you for yet another fantastic show. I’m wondering how do we or I know the reason I’m not experiencing the things that I so desire? And I’m speaking spiritually. How do we know if this is due to false grids or to a matter of frequency or readiness or needing more practice?

AAM: They are all interrelated, so know that as well. It is not simply one area, so you can never go wrong in working with the removal, removal, removal, because it is like the onion. There are many layers to removing the false grids. Until the clarity is of such magnitude that you wonder how you did not see it.

But also to travel and to allow yourself to be anchored more clearly and more constantly, might I say, in the higher realms. So to not anchor yourself, do not spend too much time reaching back into the old 3rd. Yes, it is part of the work and the mission that you do, but it is not where you live. It is never again where you will live.

So practice, yes, allowing, yes, eliminating expectations. Because when you have an expectation that something will transpire in a certain way, it is not that it cannot, but you are being directive and you are limiting how we can assist. So might I suggest to thee that you allow us greater freedom in how to manifest and to show ourselves in your life?

ACF203: It’s wonderful. I thank you so very much.

AAM: Dear heart, you are welcome.

SM: Michael, it’s been a joy, it’s been such a joy having you. And so we’re almost at the end, so is there anything you would like to say in closing about false grids? And could you please speak to where we are as a collective in releasing these things?

AAM: You are washing away, lifting off, disintegrating, dissolving the false grids as a collective. You are still about 50%, but that is a tipping point so it is not of a grave concern for us. As you implement joy, yes, implement, choose, daily the joy, the love, the sense of unity, it leaves no room for the illusions. Because what you are doing is you have left that hall of horrors behind and you have stepped into the house of joy. So they literally are separated.

So I invite you, dear heart, come and live with us in this house and home, the hallways of joy. You are doing well. You are working on the collective right now, and I am helping. We all are helping and, with the clarity that you receive from the Mother, you will spot this instantly so that the sense of struggling to figure out “what is it?” is already gone.

Go with my love and go in peace, dear hearts.

SM: Thank you so much.

AAM: You are so welcome. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

SM: Hi, Linda. Welcome back.

LD: Oh, thank you. And I would really encourage people to do this meditation. We discovered when we did the in length work, the five months class with the false grids, we kept coming back to it and back to it. It really is like the onion, and so we’re doing it faster but it still needs a little work.

SM: Right. Wonderful. Thank you so much.

LD: Oh, you are so welcome. My pleasure, ma’am.

SM: Thank you, ma’am. And to our callers, thank you so much.

LD: Oh, yes. To our callers and to our listeners. You are so appreciated. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 12-10-13