401550_256829014388018_179181975486056_634978_1095677872_nRaj, SK, reminded me that in most faiths and most religious practices that there is a process that is a reflection of this very Law of Dispensation. We have days of atonement, we have days of fasting, we have – in the Catholic Church there is confession, and redemption, forgiveness…all around us there are examples…What we’re really asking for is the activation of this Law of Dispensation – of compassion and forgiveness…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re discussing the Universal Law of Dispensation with Sanat Kumara. The Council of Love tells us that it’s working with this Law that we really see the interconnection between the Universal Laws and the divine qualities. Dispensation is simply an allowance of compassion and mercy and the divine quality of forgiveness.

I think that this topic will include how we tend to judge ourselves rather harshly for what we may see as our human shortcomings when the company of heaven makes no such judgment and in fact wants nothing more than for us to love and appreciate ourselves as much as they love us. Good morning, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi. How are you?

SM: I’m doing good, better than you, sweetie, and thank you so much for coming on with such a terrible cold.

LD: I really didn’t want to leave people hanging and lose the continuity of our discussion around Universal Law because it’s so important. It’s one of the next steps that we’re really utilizing in terms of our stepping forward into the New You and certainly into our creation work. And this Law in particular, I think, is very interesting and it has such human application. I think that it speaks to us in terms of understanding who we are and how we operate in some ways more than the other laws.

When I was meditating this morning and getting ready for this conversation, in talking with Raj, SK, he reminded me that in most faiths and most religious practices that there is a process that is a reflection of this very Law of Dispensation, only we haven’t really thought of it in that way. So, we have days of atonement, we have days of fasting, we have – in the Catholic Church there is confession, and redemption forgiveness – so all around us there are these examples, very human examples, even when we say to somebody when we’ve hurt them, you know, “Please forgive me.” What we’re really asking for is the activation of this Law of Dispensation – of compassion and forgiveness.

So it’s in our spiritual DNA and I know the last time we talked a couple of weeks ago we talked about that Instantaneous Transmission and the ability to turn on our markers. But this is another signal to us that we have this innate knowing, of calling upon this Law of Dispensation already within our fibers, within our hearts, within our knowingness. We know that if we misstep or that if we err that we can ask for help, for mercy, for compassion and to get set back on track as it were. And sometimes we forget that.

SM: Sometimes we do. And sometimes we’re acting that way and not even realizing it. For example, I’ve been asking for special dispensation for my ex, because he doesn’t really get these things and he’s a very concrete linear thinker but he’s a very good provider and he’s a good dad and he’s a really good human being, so I’ve been asking the Divine Mother and the angels for special dispensation for him to have a little extra boost.

LD: Interesting. Because this Law of Dispensation also includes and speaks to the element of forgiveness and compassion; not only for what we do, but for what we don’t do. And I think particularly as light workers – or love holders as the Council likes to call us – is that so often what we fall into is, if not strong judgment, certainly feeling badly about ourselves, or less than, because we think we’re not doing enough, or that we’re not completely in every moment of every day fulfilling our mission and purpose. And I can speak to this up close and personal. I am completely guilty of this one. And that’s an old grid isn’t it?

But I do, I feel this drive to make sure that I’m fulfilling my mission and purpose. As if, you know, the Company of Heaven or the Council of Love is somehow holding a stopwatch to us, and of course they’re not. It’s a journey and sometimes when we make these deviations, that’s part of the journey. It’s a law that also teaches us to be gentle with ourselves.

SM: That’s true. We are way, way tougher on ourselves than anybody else is, and especially the Company of Heaven. They love us and hold us in very high regard and if we feel like we’ve done something in our lives that is shameful or not of love, that really sticks with us. And it seems like it marks our belief of who we are and what we can be and that we may or may not be forgivable and all that sort of thing. It could be from some past lives as well. I don’t know how many of us there are who haven’t done dark things, always in service to the light, in the past. And we have to integrate all those parts.

LD: That’s very well said. And yes, sometimes it’s from our past lives. But I tell you what I see so often is, right up there with the grid, the false grid of lack of self-love, lack of self-worth, which is that feeling of isolation, abandonment, separation from the source, is this sense – the other false grid – which is fault, blame, shame, guilt. And we think that we have done something that is so heinous that somehow no matter what we do to try and make up for it, that we can never really be forgiven or made whole.

And that’s really sad. And I think all of us at some point have been in that dark place. So it’s time to let that one go because as they say ‘judgment is never of love.’ It just doesn’t come from that place. So therefore it’s not a quality that’s known in the higher dimensions and it’s certainly not a quality of the divine.

So, it’s funny how we cling to these; we have no trouble clinging to these lower opinions of ourselves, so we need to elevate it. And that’s the biggest part of this Law of Dispensation that we’re chatting about today – the biggest application of it is the Law of Karmic Dispensation. And certainly for those of you who have taken the webinar series – the New You – or for that matter are reading the book, we spent a fair bit of time on this particular law, because this is the time in our evolution that it’s important to know about, that there is a karmic dispensation in place for all of us. And the last time such a huge dispensation took place was when Jesus – Yeshua, Yeshi – died and one of the things that he did, I guess as he transitioned, is he gave, bestowed this gift of karmic dispensation upon the entire planet.

So at that time, what we think of as our karmic debt, so when I say karmic debt I mean everything that we owe and everything that’s ever been owed to us, not only from this lifetime but from all lifetimes, was wiped clean. And that was huge. But of course being in that transitional phase we didn’t all take such great advantage of it.

But that offer of karmic dispensation is back on the table, not in the same way, but it is being offered to all of us right now. But it has to be requested. So there’s a shift here, and I think that shift is very reflective of the fact that we are in such an advanced or a higher state of partnership with the higher realms.

SM: It speaks to the fact that it’s vital that we do that and we’re getting the extra help to make sure it happens.

LD: To make sure it happens and that we participate so that we do it in a very conscious way so that consciously we know we’ve wiped that slate clean and it’s time to start over.

SM: So we’ll give a little heads up to our listeners that we probably are not going to go for the full hour-and-a-half today in the interest of keeping Linda happy and healthy and relaxed, so shall we launch into a meditation here?

LD: Thank you. I think what I’m going to do – what SK is asking me to do – is that we will do the meditation for the karmic dispensation. So we’ll two things at once here. Multi-tasking.

So let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold, of that bright, beautiful, platinumy color gold, that very light, shiny gold. And that’s the gold of Sanat Kumara and then if you bring it down a couple of shades into that rich, burnished, Florentine gold, that’s the gold of Archangel Gabrielle. And that’s the gold of joy.

So, as we begin and you relax sinking into your chair, your bed, the floor, your car seat, wherever you are, just feel yourself letting go of the day and your to-do list and thank yourself, thank yourself for taking this time for your sacred self and to receive this gift of Dispensation. And as we begin I ask each and every one of you to give yourself a hug; cross your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug and love yourself and know how worthy you are and how ready you are to accept this gift and to implement this Law of Dispensation.

Now let’s take a nice deep breath of magenta, the color of compassion, the color of mercy, the color of Yeshua and Lord Maitreya and the Buddha. And breathe in that wonderful magenta, that blend of blue and red. And as you do bring it down into your heart and feel your heart expanding and feel the energy come up from Gaia as she sends you life-force and be in your heart.

And now let’s take another breath of blue, of the beautiful Mary blue because what’s the point of dispensation, of allowance and forgiveness without hope and restoration? So bring it in, bring in that beautiful Blue Diamond and go deeper.

And once again I want you to fly through that pin-prick of light in the center of your heart; fly through that portal to your interior chambers where we do this sacred work with Universal Law. As you enter these chambers of gold and you see your mission and purpose etched on the walls, your dreams and desires, your creations of what you are choosing to bring forward in this lifetime. And relax and find your chair or pillow, your place in the sacred chamber of your heart where we do this work together because all of us are one.

Today we invoke the Law of Dispensation, and more specifically, the Law of Karmic Dispensation. So this wipes the slate clean of all the things that you have done or not done, of all the debt that you have owed, but more importantly that is owed to you. So you are cutting the cords, you are wiping the slate clean but it is important that this dispensation be requested.

Feel yourself standing outside a rather judicial looking building and we do not ask that you do this alone. So feel your guides around you and Sanat Kumara, perhaps Archangel Gabrielle, the Universal Mother, whoever you need to give you support and courage, reinforcement, to ask for this gift for yourself, this gift that you so richly deserve.

Feel yourself going up the steps and going into this building and walking down a long hallway until you see a door with a beautiful golden plaque that says “Karmic Dispensation Board.” Take a moment and breathe the gold and breathe the magenta and feel your readiness. Knock on the door and enter; remember to bring your friends, your guides. Be modest and respectful for this is a request.

As you enter the room you see that there is a long table, somewhat like a board table, and on the opposite side of the table from thee there are five beings seated. They look serious, available but serious. Take a moment and look at each one of them for these are the beings that comprise the Karmic Board. As you are doing that you are going to feel yourself being examined, a little like being under the microscope. Just breathe and allow.

The entire key to receiving this gift of karmic dispensation is asking and requesting it from your heart. So make sure you are in your heart; bring all the energy to your heart center. And the words that you say for this request are always the same. So take a deep breath.

These words are: “I request that all karmic debt that is owed to me and that I owe and have incurred be forgiven, erased.” So feel yourself saying this, “I request that all karmic debt that is owed to me and that I owe and have incurred be forgiven, erased.”

And look at the judges and receive their blessings and this gift of wiping your slate clean and by inference, by affecting the slate of so many others as well. Express your gratitude, your thanksgiving. Now turn around and walk out of the door with your guides and Raj. Feel that burden that has been lifted from your heart and from your shoulders. Hold your head up high. Walk down the hallway and out of the building, down the steps and back into the chamber of your heart. And give thanks.

This is a gift of new beginnings.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

Raj: And welcome to each and every one of you. It is a gift of new beginnings and it is a gift of forgiveness and in this situation it is also an opportunity for each of you to understand that you may also forgive and to forgive not only those who may have harmed you or hurt you or in some way made you feel poorly, but it is also the opportunity to forgive your sweet self. And to know this gift is freely given and therefore my friends it must be freely received as well.

There is no payment. There is no debt due. It is important during this time of transition that each and every one of you be set free and not hindered by the past or even the future and this gift that has been bestowed this day does that. So I would ask each of you not to cling to old grievances or hurts, to not cling to old patterns of behavior or actions or thoughts or ideations, belief systems that do not in any way serve you.

You are newborn. And yet you are newborn with the wisdom and the love and the knowing of who you are and of the journey that you have completed thus far and that you intend and will complete. This frees you to ascend. So often when we have spoken to you about Ascension and about the timeliness, the choice, of Ascension you have said to us, “Yes I am ready to go, I want to go, but I do not wish to leave my friends, my family, my dog, my cat, my horse, my chicken behind.”

Now we understand that. And certainly your decision to go forward as a collective has been miraculous and has been celebrated throughout many universes, far more than you know.

But it is one thing to say to me, “Raj, I want to wait ten minutes for my friend or my beloved and it is a very different thing to say I cannot go because I feel a karmic tie, an obligation, a debt.” That is gone. Those ties are cleared. And so this is one more step that we give you to fly free. Now we want you, if we were to have a say in the matter, we want you to fly through that portal with everyone that you love because it makes it more joyous, it is freeing and you are not looking back. But dear hearts, it is time.

Now you say, “Raj I have made my decision to ascend and to go forward.” And so I say to you, each of you this day, “Then beloved ones what are you waiting for?” We beckon you, Gaia has stabilized you, you have relinquished the old third; come, come and be with us.

Do you have questions for me this day, dear Suzanne?

SM: I do. And as I hear Linda speaking, my heart goes out and I just appreciate the love and the service that she’s doing and coming on the air and continuing these Universal Laws. So I hope you guys are going to take really good care of her.

Raj: We are trying.

SM: In contemplating the Law of Dispensation, what I wondered is in regards to what used to be so as opposed to what is so now; not so much having to do with karmic debt as it does with compassion. For example, the truth as we’ve known it so far holds that only a very powerful shaman with many years of practice would be able to physically shapeshift to assume another form. The Council of Love has represented that such things will be available to us as a matter of course when we reach higher dimensions. I have a couple of questions about that.

Is it the Law of Dispensation at works here that allows such a thing to take place, or is it a matter of course that all higher dimensional beings have such abilities? I almost added take place so easily but that’s an assumption. Will that be something we train for or can it be imparted through touch?

Raj: It can be imparted through touch or intent or simple telepathic transmission. It is not simply the Law of Dispensation and as we have suggested to you many times, the Laws work in congruence with one another.

So in particular, what you are doing for example when you are shapeshifting or assuming different forms, you are using Instantaneous Transmission, you are using Transmutation. And you are utilizing your intent as well. So it is not simply one or the other, it is the combination of several factors, several laws.

Now you do not sit there and say I will take a tenth of the Law of Intent, I will take a cup of the Law of Change, I will take a pinch of Unification; no it does not work that way. You simply work with the Law and in accordance with the Law and let us say the purity of intent; that is very important. Just as the purity of your intent this day to receive this gift was very important. So it is the purity to shapeshift or to bi-locate or multi-locate to be in the continuity of the higher realms in the vibration of love and the various expressions of love.

So for example, you would never use this ability – which is freely available in the higher realms by the way – it is not something that you need to really train for, but it is generated by the energy of love. So the fuel of it is love. So it cannot be used, for example, in your universe and in these circumstances in the human realm to be used for dark. And that is the shift, that is the difference.

In the old third when there had been beings who had achieved this capacity, there was still the opening to use it as they chose. That is not so in the higher realms.

SM: That’s wonderful as there can be a very thin line between shamanic practice and sorcery.

Raj: Yes. But it is actually a very thick line because the purity is there.

SM: Well, that’s true. So, thank you for that. That’s very exciting really. We’ve all been getting downloads of information and it feels to me like a steady stream of light in the form of sound. When I perceive that taking place, I wonder at what point all the new data will be activated, comprehended and used. Is it all new information, remembered information or a combination of both?

Raj: It is a combination of both. And it is not something that is downloaded, activated. It is pretty much simultaneous or instantaneous. So what you are finding is that your capacity to think, to understand, to comprehend certain things is more readily available to you than it has been in the past. So the scope of your understanding, the lens of your understanding and of your capacity to create has opened.

Now will it continue to open? Yes.

SM: I really get that because it’s a very subtle thing. We have such expectations about what these things are going to be like, like a popping instantly open so we really notice it, but sometimes these new things just get integrated into ourselves so seamlessly that we kind of lose sight of the fact that we can do these new things.

Raj: Yes, and you are quite correct in so far as we are not using what you would refer to as the “pop” method. Because it would be abrupt and startling. That is not to say that some of you, in fact many of you, are having experiences or situations that are abrupt and startling. And the reason that happens is to give yourself confirmation. We are really not needing confirmation at this point.

What is truly happening with the downloads and the higher frequencies is that it is increasing seamlessly as you’ve put it. And therefore it seems like a dim memory to you when you think “oh I did not used to be able to do this.” But it is forgotten basically.

SM: And we just become our beautiful mighty light-being selves and we don’t even remember what we used to be like. And that’s okay with me.

Raj: It is okay throughout the universe, actually.

SM: Would you please speak to the use and invocation of Universal Law, having shifted along with humanity as we evolve. I am just thinking that we’re getting this detailed information now because we’re ready for it and ready to ask for it, whereas before it may have been largely unconscious and by default that this dispensation is given. Mostly outside of our awareness. I might call it by grace, actually.

Raj: And it is still a gift of grace. But you are quite correct in assuming or understanding that this is a gift of conscious grace. Because before many things that were transpiring, understand these upgrades as you have called them, or these attunements, these downloads, these have been happening continuously for thousands of years. Not in such a dramatic or strong frequency pattern, but certainly they have been downloads of grace, as you have but it, continually over the millennia.

Now in the last, can we say, fifty years of the human experience, the frequency has been constantly upgraded with the last couple of years, several years really, being a very strong intensification of the energies that are available. So what was unknown and yes, done to and for you, is no longer the case because it is being done with you. And this is the indicator, not only of your growth and spiritual evolution and maturity, but that you are in sacred partnership with us. Yes, you are in sacred partnership with one another as well. But you are also in partnership with us. And because this partnership has reached a level of conscious awareness then we ask you to step forward and to participate. Rather than to be the student you are the intern.

SM: Wonderful. Are we ready for some callers?

Raj: Yes, we will take some callers.

SM: Area code 604 are you with us?

Caller 604 (Kathleen): Good morning. Hi Linda, hi Sanat. I am Kathleen. Could you speak to us about the words I AM? I feel for many of us, the last years were just designed to intensely clear ourselves for the collective and the global work we are moving towards. And I feel like now I’m moving out into the community and that’s a good reason to know, really know, I AM.

And also I was wondering if you could, when others are making judgments, how do I quickly get an understanding across so that they can see what they are doing? And I was wondering also if the energies are high enough that we can actually heal people? If I can, say, hold someone’s hand and invoke you so that they can release the emotional energy that they’ve held onto for so many years so that they can release their pain? Could you speak to us about this?

Raj: These are twenty two questions, Kathleen. (humorously) When you use the words I AM, what you are doing is claiming and declaring your divinity and your alignment with the I AM. So it is bringing yourself into alignment – your heart, your consciousness, your mental and emotional bodies if you wish to think of it in that way, your physical body which is a very important aspect of this – you are bringing it into alignment with your universal self which is your personal I AM. And then think of it as a straight line into the connection and alignment with the I AM, with divine mind, heart, will, presence.

The more that you think of yourself, act as yourself, be yourself within that I AM, then the more you will be.

Now. I jump to this issue of healing. Healing occurs at the speed of love, which is exactly what we have taught consistently. It is instantaneous and immediate. The rate at which an individual chooses to incorporate it is particular to that person.

You do not heal anyone. But you act as a vessel of healing by allowing the source energy of love, of the cosmos, of the One, added with your love, to flow through you to that person. For some it is adequate and enough and accepted that it can be done simply by holding a hand or two fingers to the heart for that matter.

For others they need more, shall we say, coaxing. So is it possible? It has always been possible. This is the way in which the Magdalena and Yeshua healed. It is the way that all what you think of as unusual or spectacular healers have worked. And it will become the norm.

The more that you are in the unity/community consciousness the more this transmission takes place. Because, for example, if your neighbor or your child is out of sync you immediately feel it because the unity is out of frequency and so therefore you correct, you balance, and then you go forward. So this will become more and more commonplace.

Now about the judgment. We cannot be too strong in speaking about judgment. And there are situations where we have asked you to be the observer and this is not one of them. There is no room for you to be the observer any longer where there is judgment. And you can do it in a humorous way. You can say to the individual, “Well, gee, this sounds like judgment to me. And you know, I don’t do judgment. I’m allergic to judgment. Judgment makes me feel sick. So can we just let this go?”

And then do so.

What you are doing is you are teaching the person you are having the conversation with that there is no payoff, there is no reward, and there is no real tolerance in judgment. It is one thing to discern and discernment is vitally important in your journey.

But judgment is cruel. And the history of cruelty on the planet of Gaia has come to an end. There is no room for it. People think that they say something casually and it is judgmental but that it is not harmful and that is simply not so. It is very harmful and it speaks to a lack of love, a lack of compassion, a lack of allowance. You do not have permission or the wisdom to judge anyone.

Kathleen: Thank you so much.

Raj: You are welcome, sweet angel.

SM: Thank you, Kathleen.

Raj: Farewell.

SM: Thank you for sticking in there. Caller 810, are you with us?

Caller 810: Can you hear me? I’m just, for an individual who’s kind of surrounded by, I’m not playing victim, but it’s not a very good support group in any area of my life. Some advice, Raj?

SM: Some specific advice?

Caller 810: Yes, how do you find a good support group?

Raj: You ask for help. Yes, from us, from your beloved guides and understand my dear friend that also today what we have done is wiped the slate clean so you may actually feel more at loose ends because all of these ties have been cut. All the debts, the IOU’s quite literally have been dissipated and disappeared.

Seek out the support groups that you need. Go to the community, whether it is electronic or physical, seek out and ask for the helpful people to appear in your life quite literally and then it is very important to engage with them. Give them a chance, take time, make the effort to get to know them. Allow the new friendships to form. We will help you. Because you need, you are not to be on the earth alone so you need, yes need, those who are like-minded and like-hearted in physical reality. We will assist you. But you have need to begin to seek them out as well.

Caller 810: Thank you.

Raj: Farewell.

LD: I think, Suzi, I’ve just about had it. This is Linda again. I’m running out of steam. But I wanted to, I was listening to the chap who just called in.

And you know, sometimes we’re reticent to join. You know, it was one of the things I’ve seen about a lot of light workers is that we can tend to be real loners. That we’re so absorbed in our spiritual life that we don’t really do a lot of physical things.

But over the years I’ve found, like people joining the I AM Discourses or the Course in Miracles groups, or the discussion groups at a Unity Church that is completely non-denominational, or even a twelve-step program, but go and get what you need. Don’t hesitate. And if it doesn’t feel like a fit, then what have you lost. One evening? It’s worth the try of putting yourself out there.

And just starting to engage and I know on the Golden Age of Gaia there’s all kinds of chats that people can really engage in, so that you don’t feel alone; and I know that’s why over the years, oh my gosh too many years to mention, that we have the Saturday conference calls with the Council of Love because so often we’re isolated and when we come together – in this case on the phone – we feel like we’re not alone and we’re not crazy and we find what’s happening and I know in the chat rooms – I only know because of the Golden Age of Gaia, the Council of Love doesn’t have chat rooms – but there are places. But it’s increasingly what I’m seeing is that it’s important for us to physically also be with people.

So find out what’s going on in your community and even if it means a bit of a drive, go and check it out. Drumming circles, meditation groups, there’s lots out there if you really start to dig around. Take a yoga class because yoga class is a great place to find people who are also into other things. It might lead you somewhere. Take a tai chi class or tae kwon do. But get out there and start looking for your peeps.

SM: So Linda, I just want to say thank you for your act of love and service and coming on the air when you feel like this. And apologies to our callers.

LD: It’s my pleasure. And next week with a normal voice, we’ll be talking again with Raj about Attraction and Repulsion. And that’s a big one because many of us know about the Law of Attraction and we’ve worked with the Law of Attraction but we have missed the flip side of that, the balance, which is the repulsion, which is keeping things at bay that we don’t want to experience and that we don’t want the planet to experience or the collective to experience. So that should be a really interesting show.

SM: So, callers thank you for getting in the queue, sorry that we didn’t get to you. But we’re sure you understand and hope you’ll be with us next week.

LD: Yes, I’m really looking forward to seeing you again next week. I love you all.

SM: Yes, I love you too. And thank you to Raj and thank you to Linda and all the callers. Have an awesome day.

LD: Thanks. Bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon