wowwowwowLift Your Spirit is back – with a special edition of the show, presented and produced by Stephen Cook, going live THIS Sunday, July 28.

Lift Your Spirit: Who Is the New You? will feature guest Linda Dillon, channeler for the Council of Love and host of the upcoming conference The New You, and air at 5pm (Pacific) / 8pm (Eastern, US).
“We’ve all been doing a lot of talking, reading, listening and learning this year about the New Earth, the New Paradigm, the New Energies. Yet many of you have asked ‘who – or what – exactly IS the New You’?”, says Stephen.

“So if you wanted more clarification, or even have any questions about the New You, then this is your chance. “Linda and I are going to take you on a journey through the origins, the meaning, the development – in other words, the hows, whats and whys – of the BEing that is the New You.”

Listeners will also get practical advice on and learn about expanded fields of consciousness, false grids, re-patterning, the Creation Formulas and the various Universal Laws that are part of the co-creation of the New You. Plus, if you’ve got a question about the New You, please don’t be shy – Call in on (323) 784-9697.

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That’s Lift Your Spirit: Who Is the New You? with guest Linda Dillon, this Sunday July 28 at 5pm (Pacific) /8pm (Eastern, US) on InLIght Radio

Thanks to Suzi Maresca for looking after the switch.