401550_256829014388018_179181975486056_634978_1095677872_nWe want to thank Christina for sitting in for Linda this week and particularly for sharing her insights and knowledge on a variety of subjects that effect us all at this crucial time. The story of her journey up to this point is inspiring and the work she is doing now for the planet and the collective is tremendous. What a blessing to meet her this way…Again, thank you Christina.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. We’re switching up our format a bit today. Steve Beckow will be introducing and interviewing Christina Mahler, but actually, first, let me speak to introductions here.

Steve Beckow is the editor and founder of Golden Age of Gaia, and the author of Building Nova Earth — Toward a World that Works for Everyone. And Christina Mahler, our special guest today, has lived in Switzerland for the past 25 years, where she has a healing practice based on ancient shamanic practices. She is an avid student of the Course in Miracles and runs breath work meditation groups based on the life work of the late mystic Jeru Kabbal.

Christina’s passion is looking under the floorboards, so to speak, in order to find the truth that’s been hidden from us.

So, it’s great to have you both and with that I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham, and welcome back yourself!

GD: Great to be here.

SB: You bet! Well, I have… before bringing Christina on, I have a bald-faced confession to make myself, and that’s that Christina, along with Graham, is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s a mother of two, a daughter and a son, as Graham said, an ex-pat, American ex-pat living in Zurich and a charter member of the Nova Earth Foundation as well as a shamanic practitioner. So, Christina, welcome to the show!

Christina Mahler: Hello! It’s so nice to be here. Thank you both. And Graham, it is really nice to have you back. Welcome.

GD: Thanks, Christina.

SB: Yes, indeed. Yeah. So, why don’t you start, Christina, by reminding us — because you were on the show once before — of your shamanic background and telling us exactly what a shamanic practitioner does, and how one arrives at this calling?

CM: Okay. I will try to keep this short and sweet. It could be a show in and of itself to discuss this. But a shamanic practitioner, as you mentioned, shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on the planet. And it can be found on every continent to this day. And it exists because it works.

And it is … a shamanic practitioner has the ability to enter into a trance state, an altered state, and move into other parallel universes, other parallel dimensions and contact healing spirits, benevolent healing spirits, that can provide either healing, specific healing on the spot in those dimensions, or messages that can be brought back to heal. We are the go-between, if you will, between the dimensions.

And…how you arrive at it, oh, people arrive at this many, many different ways. Some people are born to it. Most shamanic practitioners, if you dig deep enough, have had near death experiences. I had repeated near death experiences as a young child. This is very common, because spirit literally helps us, and this is how we connect with spirit, helps us to stay in body, if you will.

This you will find throughout the shamanic community. And then you train. You have to train. It is an arduous training involving many initiations, learning many techniques, clearing out a lot of karmic baggage, from this life and other lives. You real… and it’s a life-long practice. It just goes on and on. You’re considered to be a novice until you’re about 90 years old, I think. So… [chuckle]…

SB: Ninety years old! [laughing]

CM: [laughing] Yeah!

SB: How long is… [laughs] how long is the formal part of your training?

CM: There is no beginning and no end. I trained arduous, I mean, really, really, passionately and arduously for about eight years. But I did this every day. I did, I’m at it every single day. It’s a spiritual muscle, and it’s a spiritual discipline that has… you have to keep at it.

SB: Got it. Wow. Would you say that your shamanic practice has altered in any way as a result of the Ascension process? And if so, how?

CM: You know… yes! It really did. And I didn’t notice it until a few weeks ago when I was doing a review of it. And I suddenly realized, oh, my goodness, you know, things were really shifting here, for me and my practice. And I was really activated on 11-11-11. I can say that with…. I mean I had already been working shamanically, but I had not been working galactically, if you will, and I was triggered. It… this was really interesting. I did a very deep meditation on that day, and within a month I was working with the Hope Chest. And Steve, within a month of that, I had met you.

SB: That’s right.

CM: And… so he… yeah. It’s no accident. This is how we get activated. And… and I’ll get to that later on probably in some of the questions, but what I have noticed is there has been a ramping up if you will and an amping up of the spirits that I’m in connection with. And I am now working much more consistently with ascended masters, with the archangels, with the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love, and the quality of the healing work has… well, how should I put it? — has become more intense. It has become more intense, and the results are far deeper and far faster.

SB: What about… what about with yourself personally? What have you notice? What changes in you have you noticed relative to your practice?

CM: The messages that I receive are of a deeper healing quality, and the spirits are able to dig deeper within my own psyche to get down to what I call the bottom of the barrel. And I find myself working more and more on collective healing and global issues. This is coming to the fore. I am now finished with my personal history, and I’m dealing on a planetary level more and more. And I’m also…this has been the most fascinating. I’m having more personal, physical encounters with ascended masters and with the archangels. And this is what I find the most fascinating aspect of it. So I have my eyes on alert all the time. [laugh]

SB: Do you want to talk about any of your concrete experiences encountering ascended masters and archangels on your journey?

CM: Yeah, sure, if you wish to. I think my first… I first became aware of it, I was… oh, this was about four years ago, so this was before activation. And I was doing a ceremony on August 1st here. And they have these huge bonfires here. And I was all by myself. And I was working a lot with witch burning. And I was doing a lot of clearing work for myself personally and also for the collective around this. And I was standing by myself at a bonfire and I could feel somebody staring at me. And I turned around, and there was a bearded man staring at me from about 20 yards away, intensely. And he didn’t look like anybody. I think, he’s not from here. He looked like a wild mountain man. Okay, what is he doing here? And I continued doing my clearing work and my shamanic work, and I turned around and he was still staring at me. And his eyes were burning into me.

And when I turned around the third time he had vanished. He was simply gone. And I knew at that point I was dealing with either somebody from the past… I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with. And I found out later on that that was Melchizedek. And he had come to assist…

SB: Hmm!

CM: … That was Melchizedek. He had come in to assist me. And it work…. I will never, ever forget [ ? ] [ ? ] . It was, it was… it just knocked me off my feet. And since then, I’m, you know, I’m currently working with a twin flame, my partner,Taka, and he and I are doing a road trip here in Europe. And we have so far met Archangel Michael twice, St. Germaine once, and last week we encountered Archangel Raphael on the road.

SB: Wow.

CM: And you know these energies, when you see them, they are… these are… they come through people, and they simply have a different energy. And you’re aware of it almost immediately. If I’m not aware of it, Taka picks up on it right away. And there’s an intensity and a love energy around them that… it’s inescapable, but you have to keep your eyes open because they will approach you as a perfectly… as a human being.

And Archangel Michael has come to me once as a beggar, and once as somebody who was mentally challenged. And…

SB: [laugh] Uh-hunh!

CM: … he… yes, exactly. But they were quite insistent upon meeting me, and they were smiling, and extraordinarily loving. And I… and St. Germaine was more intense, I have to say. He’s a … [laugh] He has a different energy! Very intense. But… and he just looked at us and said, “Keep going.” You know, just keep going on your journey.

But I share this with people to remind them, keep your eyes open! And give your love to everybody. You just never know who it is that you’re meeting on the street, and who is asking you for money, and who wants to share something with you. You just don’t know.

SB: Yeah, I think that’s so true. I, too, have been doing that lately, regarding everybody I meet as Archangel Michael.

You mention witch burnings, and maybe for our listeners we should mention that one of your tasks, I believe, if I’m correct, is to remove the karmic residue from incidents like the false accusation of women as being witches, and their torture and burning.

You’re going around Europe, at least in part, attending to these kind of dark spots, are you not?

CM: Taka and I… apparently one of the things that we have always done as twin flames is we work as a team and we move into hot spots. This is information that has been shared with me. Germany is certainly a hot spot. And all of Europe is a hot spot, if you will, because of the Holocaust and the witch burnings and the Dark Ages and everything that has transpired over thousands of years.

And what we’re doing is, I follow shamanic archaeology, we’re sort of jack hammering, if you will, energetically down through many layers of structure and rigidity and false beliefs, to get to a shamanic bedrock. You know, we — in America, we tend to look to the American Indians for shamanic assistance. We have our own shamanic roots here in Europe that have been burnt out and buried. And one of our tasks is to recover that, to excavate that, so that we can all — since in America most people come from Europe — so that we all know that we all have shamanic roots, and we don’t have to borrow from another culture. We are inherently shamanic; every single one of us.

And so that’s one of the things that we’re doing. And we’re also anchoring Cities of Light as we — as we move along.

SB: Wow. You mentioned that …

CM: Working… working primarily… I’m sorry…

SB: Go ahead.

CM: Working primarily in Zurich right now, because that’s my main City of Light. But we will be moving out to other cities as… as the year’s progress… next year, as it proceeds.

SB: Very good. You mentioned that you were being drawn more and more to global topics, and you’ve shared with me some of your insights on Iraq. You’ve recently received information about the significance of Iraq. Would you like to share some of your insights with us, on that?

CM: Thank you. I really would. And as you both know, I’m really shy about going out and speaking publicly. It’s not my favorite thing to do. And I was really nudged to step in today. And they informed me that they had given me certain messages that they really wanted shared with the public. And that’s why I’m… that’s why I’m here today.

So this was last week, and intergalactic… a group of intergalactics showed up and explained to me that what they were… they were looking for access to certain people’s consciousness so that they could go in and heal the mind because it all starts at the mind level. And they showed me some really extraordinary things, one — and I think this has been spoken of before — our DNA here on the planet is extraordinarily valuable. It is like gold in the universe because we are such a mixture of different … of different societies and different systems. We are an amalgam of the entire galaxy, and then some. And we have extraordinary DNA. That was the first thing they shared.

And then they asked me to look at the pain of children who are excluded, anybody who feels excluded. And I think there are many people in the audience, the listening audience, who know of this feeling, the pain that is involved with it is extraordinary. And so they healed that, and then they asked me to… they said, “Now we want to shift, and I want you to look at Iraq.” And this surprised me, because they normally don’t deal with politics.

And they said Iraq is the excluded child, and has been the excluded child. And they asked me to be with the pain that this country has been living with, as a result of certain actions that had been taken in the body politics. And this is an excruciating pain. I can only… I can only [ ? ] [ ? ] [ ? ] … I could just feel my throat tightening up as I relived that pain. It’s very, very tough.

And then they shared something very interesting. They said Iraq is a metaphor for us, and we should look at this closely. And this is the metaphor of exclusion. And as Iraq is welcomed back into the world community and has merged back into the world community, this is a signal that the healing of our insane mind has begun. Because it is pure insanity to think that you can exclude anything of an organism, and we are an organism here on this planet; we are one organism.

And I had to dwell on this for a while and be with this insanity. And they healed this in my mind. They were working on that. And it took quite a bit. And then they shared with me that we should all be celebrating in our heart, we should all be dancing in the streets, that this excluded child has been welcomed back into the world community. And I’m sharing this now so that everybody can go into their hearts and really throw their heart arms open to welcome this country back and to say “We’re sorry. Forgive us. This was an error. This was an error of insanity of the mind.”

And then they showed me that actual … the metaphor… they expanded it out, and they showed me the Earth, because we have in essence been in quarantine or so it appears. It is insane to think that we are separated from our galactic brothers and sisters. It is exactly the same story. And as Iraq is welcomed back, we will begin the process of being welcomed back into our galactic society and our intergalactic society, because they said, once again, it is insane that any separation can occur. And this is being healed right now. The healing has begun.

So we should be jubilant. This is, as they told me, this is absolutely pivotal, what is occurring. And it’s pivotal not just for the planet but for the galaxy and for the universe.

SB: That’s very interesting, what you’re saying. Maybe I could make a few comments at this point, Christina. Because I’ve been wondering what the significance was of bringing Iraq back, so to speak, and also of revaluing the Iraqi dinar. And I’ve had the sense that some things are not being said, or something… or we’re not being truthful in some regards, and I’ll give you an illustration of that. It’s said that the Iraqi dinar is being revalued so largely, so … in such a dramatic fashion because Iraq has lots of oil and gold reserves. But people who follow channeled messages would know that in the future oil reserves are going to be left in the ground because they lubricate Gaia.

And gold reserves are also going to be left in the ground. The gold that’s going to be backing the various currencies is going to be put into vaults in the ground. And that’s so because there is a spiritual power to gold that Gaia needs. So, so, it cannot be that the Iraqi dinar is being revalued because somehow it’s going to be selling oil and gold; it probably won’t.

So now, you talking about Iraq being an excluded child, a metaphor, is a very interesting spiritual slant. And I must say, too, I must observe that you’re getting some really hard cases, aren’t you? I mean, you’re talking about an area of the world where the Inquisition happened, and witch burnings, and the Holocaust. And you’re also talking about an area of the world that has been conquered, that has been subject to depleted uranium. I’ve never had the courage on the blog to present the pictures of deformed babies. I just can’t do it. But, I mean, they’ve had to go through that as well. They’ve gone through a tremendous amount. So I’m very much interested in what you’re saying right now.

CM: Yeah, I think we… we need to see what has happened and we need to forgive ourselves, and promise that we will never do that again. And heal that within our own minds. And… well, I was journeying right before the interview, and they simply said, please, everybody go into their hearts and heal that, activate that healing within you — the concept that we could literally exclude anybody from this entire organism that is Earth… It’s happened time and time again, but it’s time for that to be over.

I also just want… before I forget, because I do tend to forget things, wanted to say that another message came through, which is, the way we are all waiting for the dinar, the galactics are waiting for us.

SB: What does that mean, Christina?

CM: We are all waiting for the dinar to revalue. Well, our galactic brothers and sisters want us to rejoin them as badly as we want the dinar to be revalued.

SB: It sounds like it has a significance that we don’t really appreciate.

CM: That is the level of anticipation that is going on in the universe. And we can measure that by our own daily anticipation of this re-val. That’s the level of excitement. And they just… I thought that was an interesting… it’s a metaphor, once again. Everything is a metaphor.

SB: It’s remarkable. Well, of course, Earth is the first planet in the universe to ascend… excuse me, to ascend with the physical body.

CM: Right.

SB: So, yes. Well, you mentioned DNA. Why don’t we talk a bit about the DNA codes and the activation process of these codes. I know you don’t want to be taken for an expert, but one of the reasons I’ve asked you to come on the show is that … so that you could share some of the information you’ve received from the other side on this topic and the others we’re talking about.

CM: Right. The DNA codes… I’m not an expert. I just wish I could be. Our DNA is extremely valuable. This I just established. This is clear. And within us, we have… we are coded. We’re all coded, collectively and as individuals. Our activations are coded. And for anybody out there who feels like they haven’t been activated, just wait. Please be patient. I mean, I make a joke that I feel like I’m the football player that’s been on the bench forever and they haven’t called me in yet.

So, it’s a question of timing. And it’s… we have markers on our DNA which need to be removed, markers surrounding abundance, the 99 percent and the 1 percent. We have markers that indicate that we’re supposed to be the worker bees. And… there’s all sorts of markers on our DNA. And this is something everybody can do, is go in and clean… ask help from spirit to clean these markers off. Any time that you feel there’s a severe blockage in your life, there’s a very good chance that there is a marker on the DNA.

And I know I worked to [ ? ] the abundance back in November, and they literally went in and cleaned out my DNA of all markers relating to lack of abundance, so that I could come into alignment with this. And they said the nine… this is true. There have been specific DNA markers put on us to make sure that we maintain the machinery here.

SB: Who put those markers on, Christina?

CM: [laugh] Maybe we did ourselves. I’m not quite sure. I don’t want to point fingers. It feels as if it’s… They indicated to me it is the Anunnaki. It was true that they did scramble our DNA, and alter our DNA and adjust it to suit their purposes. But it is now time…

SB: Right.

CM: … as we move into our multi-dimensional selves, we will also be able to override these markers, just as we expand our consciousness. So, nobody should fret if they feel they can’t get the markers off. This will happen… this will happen automatically. Okay?

SB: Right. I want… I want to…

CM: I just want to offer that… I want to offer that reassurance to everybody.

SB: Go ahead.

CM: We also have codes within us. Some of us are carrying codes. And I can speak to this… Many twin flames are out there carrying specific codes, and are being brought together at specific times to activate these codes. And I know the codes within me have to do with the healing of the distortion between men and women. That there is — how do I put it? — a disturbance in our DNA that was designed to create war, if you will, disharmony, chaos, conflict.

A child learned very early on in the family, by looking at the conflict between mom and dad, that war is okay. This is how it’s programmed in the children. And this needs to be straightened out. And certain twin flames are being brought together — and other couples; not just twin flames — many couples are being brought together now to reorder and clean up this distortion of the DNA. And it can only be done through love, by the way.

SB: Only be done through wealth, is that what you said?

CM: Through love. Love.

SB: Through love? Yes.

CM: Yes.

SB: Hmm.

CM: All of this, all of this can only be healed through love. That’s the case.

SB: Oh, love is the answer to everything, is it not?

CM: That’s it. It’s real simple.

SB: But you… you say… you talk about a war between the sexes. Is this also something that our inheritan… You know, before I ask you this question, I have to acknowledge that when a person is a channel and they receive information from the other side, it doesn’t mean you received information on everything. And it doesn’t necessarily sometimes mean that you understand the information you received.

So, please know that when I ask you these questions, Christina, I’m not expecting you to know everything. And please feel free to say if you don’t know it.

But you talked about the war between the sexes. Was this also programmed by off-planet species from a darker era, like the Anunnaki?

CM: I’m not quite sure. To be honest, I think it goes further back. And I think that this relates to something we were going to talk about anyway, which has to do with our origins here. Because what I am being shown is that… let’s see. We’re 7 billion on the planet right now. There are 10 billion life streams that belong to Earth. So, there’s a lot of life stream here on this planet — out of the whole pot, a lot. And the planet apparently is only designed for 4 billion. So, you know, we’re really full right now. And I think we’ve all come in to do some basic karmic healing.

And my understanding is that this happened with the fall from grace, which is far… it could have happened in Atlantis. I’m not sure. I mean, it certainly was not helped by Atlantis! But I… I think it happened with the arrival of the laggards and we were innocents. We were totally innocents here in the beginning. Anybody who is out there who feels that they are from the original creator race… and this is information that I have been receiving directly from Sanat Kumara… we started out as the most magnificently beautiful, harmonious, loving, gentle creatures imaginable. We were all expressions of God here. That was the original… that was the plan. We all carry the imprint of the Divine.

And what happened is we were infected by negative energies. And we invited in some energies to heal them, and we underestimated the power. And we were literally infected… like… you could almost say like a virus, by negative thought patterns. And then we started to accumulate karma out of that. And this happened about 6 million years ago. That’s how far back we’re discussing. It’s amazing. We’ve been accumulating karma for a very, very long time. And that’s what we’re cleaning out right now.

So, I just want to get that thought out to everybody, that within our DNA — and this is something else that I would ask everyone to, in meditation, to simply activate and remember; in our DNA is a memory of a time on this planet of pure peace and harmony. And we were able to manifest whatever we wanted, whenever we needed it. And there was no conflict between the sexes.

And it was a time of intense and magnificent beauty and we have that memory. And if we can activate that, give everybody the confidence that we can achieve this again…. We are not… we are returning. The golden age of Gaia is a return to our original divine blueprint. Beautiful, isn’t it?

SB: Hmm. Very good. Yeah, it’s very beautiful. I just want to assure our listeners that all the negative aliens like the… well, the Anunnaki as they were then, and others like them, are gone from the planet and cannot approach the planet, and that that is a feature of the law of free will. We have free will and we don’t accept negative behavior on our planet anymore. So, even though we’re talking about the Anunnaki from a long time ago, they aren’t around now, except those who are allied with the Galactic Federation.

Had you finished with that topic of the origins of humanity?

CM: Steve, I just want to say… Yeah, I did…

SB: Yeah?

CM: … want to say one thing. And that is, forget about the Anunnaki, forget about the Greys, forget about anything that physically is negative. What I’m discussing right now is negative thought forms….

SB: Okay.

CM: … that we in our minds have negativity. And this is what we are in the process of cleaning up so that we can actually go back to our original… the purity of mind.

SB: Okay. Thank you for that.

CM: Yes.

SB: If you’re finished with what you wanted to convey that has been given to you about the origins of humanity, and I just want to check in with you that you are…?

CM: I think so, yeah.

SB: Okay. All right. Well then, why don’t we spend a little time talking about Ascension symptoms in connection to the karmic cleansing process, for ourselves and for the collective. Certainly we’ve been going through that for at least two years now!

CM: Yeah.

SB: Intense.

What… what can you… what insights can you contribute to us to assist us to understand what we’re going through in that area, and how to work with it?

CM: That’s a big topic. And I’m not… again, I’m not an expert on it. And I don’t suffer from too many Ascension symptoms myself, but I think that’s because I started doing my work so early on in my life. You know, I started at 18. And so I’ve been at it for 40 years, and it kind of got stretched out. And having said that, I’ve had some very, very intense experiences along the way cleaning out karmic baggage. And it still goes on.

But I think a lot of people are… they’re cleaning out a very long history in a very short period of time. And they may notice that they come in waves? It feels cyclical, or they have a wave pattern to them that’s … you’re riding along fine and then all of a sudden, bammo, you know, you’re in this loop of, ugh! … I feel horrible…. And as I understand it, we’re dealing with short waves and long waves of this creation. And some of the waves that we set up for karmic cleaning go back thousands upon thousands of years. And it takes a long time and many embodiments for us to clean it up.

So sometimes you’re… all of a sudden, you’re cruising along beautifully, and you’ll get hit with a wave that, God knows what the origins are! And it could not just be from past lives here on this Earth, it can also be from other lives in other dimensions. In reality, we’re doing a massive cleaning out for… for everybody. And there are people who are not cleaning out. And so lightworkers are also taking on some of the work for others. And we volunteered to do that.

SB: I’m wondering, it is said that many lightworkers come from higher dimensions. And then people talk about those dimensions, and they could be the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth. Now, I… do people from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth have karma?

CM: Well, I’m from the ninth, and I think I probably have a fair share of it! [laugh] I mean, I’ve been around here for thousands of lives, and I was a fallen angel! So I’m sure I spent many, many embodiments cleaning that out. I’m sure of it. I know that. So, it’s a complicated subject. And I don’t feel totally qualified to speak on that one.

SB: Uh-hunh! Hmm! Well, why don’t we talk then about the different roles of the mystic lightworker, and the activist. You have told me in other conversations that the mystic lightworkers are working invisibly and quietly on the inner planes. I… I… from this plane, like yourself, for instance.

CM: Well, my understand — and as I observe it, there are activist lightworkers, you being one of them, and then there are many, many lightworkers who work very quietly behind the scene. And they do a lot of work in meditative state and trance state. And they really work… they’re working on the mind level. They’re working on the causal level. Because what we are looking at in the world is a reflection of the collective mind. It’s an after-effect, if you will. It’s a shadow. It’s not… The origin of our disharmony is within the mind.

And so there are millions who are working invisibly, and they get no recognition, and they get no reward for this. It is simply what… it is their mission, to move very deeply within, and to look at the causes of disharmony, and to heal that at that level. And to bring forward new imaginings and new dreams that can be manifested on the planet. You know, it begins there.

And then there’ll be activists who also have to be working in the external world to manifest it, to anchor it.

So, I… as I see it, both are required. But I would just like to speak to all of those who feel like they do work behind the scenes. That… my own spirit said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, Christina, because there’s not enough doing it and it’s necessary work. So, no, you are not an activist. We are going to keep you, you know, on the inner planes, and that’s your job.”

And so I just want to just offer that little bit of recognition for all of you out there who are doing work like that, and just to stress how absolutely vital it is because it really pierces the veil. Every time somebody does a shamanic journey it pokes through the veil and makes it weaker and weaker. Every time we go and clean up something on the astral plane, it’s just lightening up the Earth.

So, it’s very valuable work. Both are required. Does that make sense?

SB: It also… it does. And we also have crossovers, because my draw is very much to the mystical, but I also have a very strong sense that in this lifetime I’m meant not to be in the cave, but to be out there in society, working. So it’s a kind of a push-pull for me. Activism is what I’m supposed to be doing, but I waft back to the mystical quite a bit!

CM: Yeah. Absolutely. Yes. You wouldn’t be able to be the activist you are if you hadn’t had the mystical experience, and if you weren’t that at your core. And I think if so many lightworkers have had trouble being activists in previous lives, me being one of them, so I think when we signed up this time, we said, “That’s fine, but don’t put me on the front lines, in the public.” I don’t, you know, I just want to… I want to work behind the scenes.

SB: Right. Can…? You have done a lot of work in… with your dream state, in your dream state. What is the significance of our dream state from the point of view of the Ascension process and the cleansing of karma? Can we all use it more productively? Is there something simple that you can suggest to our listeners?

CM: Well, let me back up and convey what my understanding of the value of the dream state is, because it’s something that really surprised me, when I discovered this through Rudolph Steiner and also through some other literature that I studied, that we…. Cosmic law holds us accountable and responsible for every… everything that happens while we are in this dimension. And that includes our dream state. And that’s something that we’re not aware of. And that piece of education has been withheld from us.

So, we don’t know how to use our dream state to improve our lives, if you will, and to use it for the highest… to use it in service. And what happens — but, by the way, when we are undergoing our life review, at the end, we are exposed to everything that we have done, not just in our waking state, but also in our dream state. So I think it’s a question of using our dream state a little more consciously.

One thing that… that’s what our guardian angels are really here to do for us, is to help guide us during our dream state, to make sure that we don’t wander back to other… to other embodiments where perhaps, you know, there was some mis-creation. We have a tendency to do that sometimes. We get attracted back to more negative embodiments, and we don’t really want to go there.

So one thing to do is simply, as you fall asleep, speak to your guardian angels and make sure that they are protecting you, and just ask to be of the highest service in your sleep. And it’s as simple as that!

SB: Hmm. Very good. Well, I keep — and I think you, as well — keep being told that we’re going in our dream state to Syria, to Iraq, in your case, I think, doing a lot of work in our dream state. And yet I don’t feel tired when I wake up. Is… should I? Should I feel tired if I’m doing activist work in the dream….?

CM: [laughing] No, you should feel grate… you should feel grateful! [laugh]

SB: [laugh] Okay! Is there one tool that you would give people to use, to those who haven’t the resources or time or money to invest in learning more advanced metaphysical practices and techniques?

CM: I started working with the Violet Flame about six years ago, without knowing much about it, to be honest. You know, it’s… but it really resonated for me. And I was working a lot with the CDs from Patricia Cota-Robles at the time. And mantras, a violet — anything that you want to do with your I AM presence and the Violet Flame, and throwing your negativity into the Violet Flame and cleaning your body out at night before you go to bed — and I can give a very simple exercise for that, by the way…. One mantra that I just love, and it’s very short and sweet, is simply this:

Transmute, transmute, with violet fire, all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I am a being, a cause alone. The cause is love, the sacred tone.

I have found that to be the most amazing mantra, as I go throughout my day. And if, I’m, you know, finding myself in a negative state, I sit down and I repeat that until it lifts. And it will lift. It will transform anything. And getting in touch with your I AM presence, simply asking, “I wish to connect with my I AM presence” can transform an awful lot.

And surrounding yourself with this violet fire, and throwing your negativity — if something has happened during the day, before you go to bed, just surround yourself with the violet fire and raise your arms to the sky and connect with St. Germaine, and connect with the Violet Flame, and ask that your hands embody the purifying force, the Violet Flame, and run them over your body. Run them down over your body. Then take your left hand and run it down over your right arm, from the shoulder on down. Take your right hand, run it down from your left shoulder down to your hand, and throw all of the residue periodically into the Violet Flame.

This will clean out eons worth of darkness, and you will find yourself becoming lighter and lighter, in time.

It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Not everybody has the time for that, you know, for the more complicated procedures.

Was that too fast?

SB: No, I… you know, it’s interesting you should say that, because back in the mid-eighties I was working with an imaginative practice of throwing all my cares into a bonfire, and had several powerful spiritual experiences as a result of that. So, I can certainly attest to that being powerful.

When you look back on your life, Christina, do you see phases? Have there been phases of your growth or your spiritual development?

CM: Yes. Absolutely.

SB: Can you discuss some of those with us?

CM: It seems to alternate between a very mystical life, where I’m very much in retreat, and then I move into a more active service. Or an application life, an application phase, where I… I lived an extremely mystical life for six years solid after my divorce. I’m now in partnerships. And now I’m being required to apply all that I have learned during, you know, in these mystical years. And now, I have to apply it on a day-to-day basis.

And my feeling is there is preparation going on and service is coming up next, service on a broader level. And we are prepared for these things. They’re not going to send us out there into the fray without adequate preparation.

SB: Right.

CM: And sometimes they hold us back. You know, I have oftentimes felt held back while they were preparing, and cleaning out, if you will. It can be very frustrating for people who want to be of service.

SB: What do you mean, ‘held back’?

CM: Oh, it’s almost as if you’re just not quite ready, and the opportunities don’t present themselves. Or you make a step in that direction and the [ ? ] dry… it doesn’t seem as if…. The path feels too stony. It feels like there’s too many obstacles in the path. It doesn’t seem to manifest as easily as you would like it to. And sometimes that’s the signal that you’re still in your inner work, you still need to hang back and do your inner work.

SB: Speaking of your active phase, you’ve been a successful businesswoman, have you not?

CM: Yeah, I was, actually! [laughter] It always astounded — it astounds me when I look back on that! It’s like, how did I do that?

SB: How did you do that?

CM: I never… I never felt comfortable in the role, but I did what I had to do.

SB: Right.

CM: I was probably doing an awful lot of work in ways that I didn’t understand.

SB: Uh-hunh. I set out to be a successful academic, actually. And got just a little ways into it and realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do! It was just something I thought I should do, or had to do, or something. And so, I got …

CM: Yeah.

SB: … out of it. But… yeah. It was holding me back, because the academic world was in the grips of paradigms, like empirical materialism, which I just couldn’t work with.

CM: Well, you know, there’s a…

SB: So…

CM: … you’re in your ego until you’re 33. That’s the magical year.

SB: Yeah! Right. Yeah.

CM: Your ego is driving you. And you’re — and you are also doing what you’re conditioned to do by your society.

SB: Ah, yeah, somehow it just seemed like an appropriate career path for me. But it wasn’t, really.

CM: Yeah.

SB: You mentioned the full life review at the end of life. Now, I can just mention to listeners that that’s also called the judgment, and that if they go to New Maps of Heaven, just enter that in your Google search engine with quotation marks around it, you can read about what the judgment is like. It’s not the same as the really rapid full life review that some people have just before death, where their whole life flashes before them. But it’s a much more rigorous examination of everything in one’s life, including everything that others thought or felt.

Do you have any experience with… do you have any more on that, Christina, that you’d like to share?

CM: Yeah, I remember once — and this was during my mystical years where I was given a life review. And I was working with a totem, an owl at the time — talk about rigorous! — and my owl said, “Would you like to see your lives?” And apparently I’m somewhere between two thousand and three thousand, somewhere — Archangel Michael won’t even tell me how many, but it’s a lot. And it was like a fast… a fast moving… I cannot… it was unbelievable. It went through rapid fire, and I was given brief flickers of every life that I’ve had. And he said, “You’ve done it all, you’ve seen it all, you’ve been on both sides. You don’t need to look at it. Just know that there’s no room for judgment, because you’ve been everywhere. And you don’t…” You know, it was really… it was quite remarkable. But he was very merciful. And my understanding is the judgment is rigorous, but merciful.

SB: Yes. And you can also stop it if you need a rest. And you’re always attended by a guide who helps you through the experience, just as Archangel Michael did with you. So…

CM: Yeah. It’s interesting. You do… you suddenly do realize, my God, I’ve had a white hat, a black hat, a gray hat… I’ve been on both sides, and… you know, who am I to judge?

SB: Right. Can we talk about your personal life, for a moment? [laugh]

CM: Yeah, sure.

SB: For instance…

CM: … to a degree, but… [laugh]

SB: To a degree, right. No, this is not National Enquirer.

CM: Yeah.

SB: But I’m curious to know if your children have psychic abilities, or if they feel drawn towards things like shamanism or mysticism?

CM: Okay. My children…. My son is pure Pleiadian. My daughter is Venusian. And they are both star beings, and they have not been fully activated, but they absorb everything that I have to tell them. They would like a little more evidence… sometimes. They get, you know, they get a little frustrated that there isn’t more conc… my daughter’s a bit of a “show me”, I think she was from Missouri, “Show me!”

SB: Like my wife. [chuckle] Uh-hunh.

CM: Yeah. I think she would… I think both of them would, in their souls, really love to have an encounter with their galactic star brothers and sisters. There’s a deep yearning in both of them. And there’s also a fear of disappointment. So they’re very cautious around this. And I think disappointment is a huge subject.

SB: Oh, I think it’s a huge subject for all of us, is it not?

CM: Yes.

SB: You remember a few disappointments that we’ve had as an organization. So… And I’m surprised that not more people in the world are alive and awake to Ascension, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. It doesn’t… it certainly isn’t something that’s magically caught on yet, although it’s spreading…

CM: Not on the… not on the personality level, or on the ego level, but on the soul level, and this is what we’re not privy to.

SB: Yes.

CM: We don’t know what’s going on with people.

SB: Yes. Lots of people would love to meet their twin flame in their physical life. Can you speak to what it’s like to meet your twin flame?

CM: Oh, wow. I had been told about my twin flame for years before I met him. And I was told I would know right away. And I… his name is Taka and I met him in Sedona. And I left…

SB: At the conference.

CM: At the conference. And I knew I was going to meet him there. I had a very good sense, because I had been told years ago by a famous psychic that I was going to take a very long trip and I was going to meet somebody who would have German origins who would not be of my group. And there he was. So I… I was aware. I was aware right away that Taka was a very important person for me.

Taka was not as aware. He didn’t have half the same information. But I had been well prepared, and spirit had done a very good job with me in giving me all of the signals, so that… We had a very small window of time for this meeting to take place. We had literally one day. And I knew that day when I woke up and said, “Today’s the day. It’s got to happen today.” And spirit arranged everything, so that we could meet. And we had an instantaneous recognition.

It was… it was really profound. I’ve never experienced… I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was as if every door opened up in my heart and my soul and went right to my core. It was extraordinary. And he was experiencing the same thing.

Now, having said that, I would also say that twin flames… they’re challenging relationships. They bring… there’s a lot of light involved with them. And so, the light will go into every little nook and cranny of your psyche and you can’t hide anything! And that can be very uncomfortable. And this is why many twin flame relationships implode. They don’t last. They… many twin flame relationships are too intense for people to handle. And this is, I think this has been talked about probably ad nauseum.

But we’re doing okay. And we have a lot of assistance. And we’re working through the intensity. And…

SB: Great. W…

CM: … it’s… it’s challenging. It’s also unbelievably rewarding. So…

SB: Um-hmm. Just to help anybody who was at the Sedona conference to remember Taka, Taka graced us a number of times with music on his didgeridoo — to clean out the room, to set us up for the next experience. So if people remember the very long instrument, the didgeridoo that Taka played, it was quite remarkable.

Do you know if a lot of people are going to be meeting their twin flames? Is it an important part of light work in this particular lifetime?

CM: You know, my understanding is twin flames are being brought together more and more because they have very specific missions in terms of building Nova Earth. They create an energy field which is very, very large.

I was told years ago that the love that I would encounter in this relationship had the power of 100 drumming groups. They just said this is an enormous field. And we don’t have to do anything, we just sort of have to walk down the street and we create a love field around us.

So this is what twin flames will do. And they anchor, they anchor the light net that is around Earth. They’re anchoring the grid at specific points …

SB: Now, would they…

CM: And that’s what I’ve been shown. And, of course, Taka and I go right, right back to the beginning. We’re both creator race. So, we planned this a very, very long time ago, that we would meet at this time and do this work together. This was in our contract. And that we would stay together. We won’t be separated again after this.

SB: Right. Are you saying that you alone, walking down the street, would create one kind of field; Taka alone walking down the street would create another type of field. But when you’re together you create an altogether different kind of field, and an altogether stronger…?

CM: Yes.

SB: Is that the case?

CM: Yes. Yes.

SB: So, what is… do you have a sense of what it is that happens when you’re with your twin flame that has that multiplier effect? Do you know?

CM: No! [laugh] I actually don’t! And I wish they would show that to me. So maybe that is… I’ve seen videos on YouTube that describe it and show what this field looks like, but I cannot say that this has been shown to me. I just know that it’s very po… I can feel within me that it’s very powerful.

And I know when we go out and do our road trip together, and we come back, we have a phenomenal amount of clearing that we have to do. So, something must be going on. We’re clearing at a very, very deep, collective level. So something’s going on. I can feel that.

SB: Okay.

CM: By the way, for anybody that’s interested, Taka is going to be at the Joshua Tree gathering. And so anyone who is going to go there will have the benefit of listening to his didgeridoo and his sound healing.

SB: Are you going to be at the Joshua Tree conference?

CM: Well, sure…. Of course I’ll be there.

SB: You’re not sure yet! [laugh]

CM: No! I said of course I’ll be there!

SB: I’m going to be there. I’m going to be there, and I want all the Sedona participants from last year to come along as well. I want to meet everybody again. I asked Linda if I could be permitted to just walk up and down the aisle and just meet and greet because I really enjoyed Sedona.

Well, we have about…

CM: I think it…

SB: Yeah? Go ahead.

CM: I think it’s going to be a huge gathering, to be honest. That’s my sense.

SB: Really?

CM: Is it’s going to be a very… Well, I can’t see in numbers. It will be huge in its significance and its energy field.

SB: Yeah.

CM: It will be a large gathering.

SB: Right. Yes. Absolutely. And of course I expect the re-val before that. So there should be money in circulation to help people.

How are you feeling about the… we’ve only got about three minutes, probably about two minutes left, Christina, how are you feeling about these times? How are you feeling about what’s happening right now, and where we’re headed in the near future?

CM: I think it’s a brilliant time. Because… I was thinking about this the other day. When I don’t have a day that I’m full of self-pity, which is a trap that we all fall into once in a while, because we’re tired, I look on it, and I say, we have been asked to let go of all expectations of what is to come. You can think about that. You know, we had a lot of expectations last year, and they might have even interfered with certain things. We are now… we’re open, and yet we don’t know. And that is… that is a perfect position for creation.

SB: How does that fit with the statement, often from Archangel Michael, that our anticipation, say, of the re-val, or our anticipation of NESARA, or our anticipation of Disclosure helps bring it forward?

CM: Ah, because it raises our frequency level. You see, the dinar is… the dinar’s so brilliant! The dinar… I love this — has opened up our minds to start dreaming and imagining in a way that nothing else has, because we’re actually sitting down — Steve, you’re a perfect testimony for this — we’re sitting down, thinking, “What am I going to do with the money?”

SB: Absolutely.

CM: And our [ ? ] can sort of blow off, and we can dream big. And dream feeling is something that has occurred on this planet, and this is something that has to be brought back — our ability to dream.

SB: Thank you, Christina, and…

CM: And to dream big.

SB: You bet! And I’m so glad that others have had the opportunity to meet you and know you as I know you. As I said earlier in the program, you’re one of my favorite people on the planet. Thank you for coming on the show!

CM: Likewise Steve. [laugh] Thank you so much for having me.

SB: Okay. Bye for now.

CM: Bye-bye.