There are genuine core constructs, and then there are false constructs, false masks. The constructed self, what you think of as illusion, how have these illusions truly come into being? My dear hearts, you cannot truly, fully, be at peace if you are living and even more traumatically believing in the false constructs that you have brought forward because you think and you feel that they are necessary in order to survive. They are not. These are illusions of the old 3rd, and it is time for you and for all beings to be rid of them.

Suzanne Maresca: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia (dot com) and author of Building Nova Gaia: Towards an Earth that Works for Everyone.

I’m Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for GD this evening.

I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back again. Michael will be continuing his discussion on the constructed self and those elements leading to the birth of vasanas.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Suzanne. And welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Welcome to you, and yes, I welcome all of you this night, and this night of new beginnings and completions, for this is one of the things that you come to realize as you work with the Mother and with I and with the entire Council of Love and the Company of Heaven, that there is always beginnings and endings, and that the cycle is infinite.

And so, as Suzanne has asked you, I invite you, my beloved friends, to ignite my blue flame of truth, within your heart, within your throat, within your being, and certainly within your mind, because that is where much of the discussion this night is taking place.

It is about the constructs that you have chosen and brought forward. And make no mistake about it, it is a choice. So you have brought forward these constructs to have your, what you have designed, or believe that you have designed, as your life. And there are false constructs, and there are constructs of truth, of the genuine nature of who you are.

So we will address both, because both are necessary in understanding the core essence of your being and letting go of that which does not serve you, that which leads to and from vasanas, to and from an incomplete heart. And that is not the purpose of this journey. That is not the purpose of this shift, this Ascension. It is to be in the fullness of your heart consciousness.

So, let me say to you, I come to you this night, and every night, and certainly every week, as the warrior of peace and the archangel of love. Now, what does this mean, other than a title that I am stuck on? Why do I keep repeating myself to you? It is because each time I say these things, each time I declare myself as warrior of peace, I am giving you the gift of my peace, the gift of truth, for these are intertwined, braided deeply within the core of your being.

So, when I say this, it is to ignite that within you, because the heart that is truly, genuinely, authentically at peace and in love and being love is a balm to the soul of the collective. And, my dear hearts, you cannot truly, fully, be at peace if you are living and even more traumatically believing in the false constructs that you have brought forward because you think and you feel that they are necessary in order to survive. They are not. These are illusions of the old 3rd, and it is time for you and for all beings to be rid of them.

So, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin this night?

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. Just before going over where I wish to begin, I might mention that in the last ten minutes of the show I’ll have a few questions on current events to ask you. But the ground I hope you’ll cover, because it’s just such an opportunity for us to hear from you on these subjects, is if you can describe how the constructed self comes into being — the mask, the persona; if you can describe the costs associated with meeting life from inside a constructed self, and if you can tell us how to exit the constructed self; and then, if you can describe what relationship life outside the constructed self has to 4th and 5th dimensionality, for instance, to flow, and to….

I have… I think I have seen — and I may be wrong in this, but — that worry and anxiety and all the rest of these things don’t exist outside the constructed self, they only exist inside. So, if you could go over those questions with us, I’d be very grateful.

AAM: So let us begin. And you may feel free to interject as you wish, and as the thoughts occur to you as well, because this is intended to be a conversation. And I say that because so often within the constructed self the conversation is all internal. And it really does not take place outside, whether it is with another or with us. So let us start.

The constructed self, what you think of as illusion — and I will use this term again and again and again because I wish you to understand that that is really what we are discussing — it is how have these illusions, both of the individual self, the collective self, and what people believe to be reality, how have they truly come into being?

Now, when you incarnate — and yes, I am; I am starting right at the beginning!

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And when you have arrived in the womb, or been exited through the birth canal onto the planet, you are still your miraculous self. And you have that connection to the infinite knowing, not only of this side, but to yourself and to all. It is always quite amusing when people, human beings, will say, “Well, look. The babies can’t focus their eyes at such a young age.” And we would suggest to you that the focus of an infant and of a newborn is sharper than anybody. But that infant… well, let us make an aside.

One of the conditions that the newborn is given and is aware of, that it has about, oh, a period, a span of about 24 to 30 months in which to decide whether to stay or whether to return to this side. For many years in your society, you had a belief that there was SIDS or that there was crib death. It was usually a situation where the soul simply decided that this was not the situation that they thought it was going to be, that they believed it was going to be, and that they were going to exit.

It is also during that time when some of the most severe false constructs come forward, if the child decides to stay but has been abused. And that is when you see the situation of dissociation, dissociative behaviors. But let us put that aside.

During that time, what the infant and then the wee baby are deciding and taking in is information about the environment, about the family, and about the situation that they find themselves in, in awareness of who these beings are, called family, and also in awareness of why they have come, and their soul’s sacred purpose. It is very early that these constructs begin to be formed.

And we do not say this at all in any of this conversation in a judgmental manner. But the child learns to react and form behaviors that they know will bring them love, nurturing, tenderness, cooperation, allowance, so that their basic needs — and love is a very basic need — can be met. But it is as early as that that these masks, as you have called them, begin to be formed.

Now, as the child grows, this is actually reinforced and you know this. And you know this of yourself. And I do not just speak to Steve, I speak to all of you who are listening this night, or who are listening at a later date. And you certainly have seen it in children. You learn to behave and put on, adopt personas that in fact make it more manageable, from your perception, on how to manage being in form and being in your particular environment, and usually a family or an extended family, including what you think of as day care.

The key component to these early masks is the reaction the child gets — the approval, the nurturing, the love, the acceptance. So the child very quickly learns, as you well know, that to behave in certain ways brings forth rewards, and to behave in other ways does not. And this continues and grows throughout every single person’s lifetimes.

Now, let me be clear, because we have begun tonight by saying that there are genuine core constructs, and then there are false constructs, false masks. So I am not suggesting that, if a child behaves in a kind and generous and thoughtful and sweet manner, that it is a false mask. It may be, in fact, the basic truth of that individual. But what becomes false is when that behavior is brought forward as a defensive mechanism, or when that really is not the core essence of the being. And you will see that, and it is neither good nor bad, it is simply an expression of who the person is.

Now, what occurs and how the false constructs grow is primarily not even through direct injury, although that is one aspect, but also through the perceived danger and fear of injury. So it is a survival mechanism on an emotional, mental level, that if I do not behave in such and such a way, I will be hurt, I will be injured. But if I hide away and keep this fear, or this behavior — that you have already judged, very early age, as not acceptable — then, if I hide this away, then I will be safe, and people will love and like me and accept me.

This is the way in which human society has acted for thousands and thousands, and thousands, of years. And with each perceived danger, each perceived hurt, each actual hurt, each actual injury, the mask grows, until what you find is that you are imprisoned. And what begins to occur is that you actually come to believe that this pattern of behavior, of hiding — because that is what it is — is really who you are.

Now, the core of your being, the truth of your construct, of your essence, may very well be what you are imagining it to be, but you don’t know because you are hiding it under layers and layers and layers of protection and misinformation, skewed information, about how you think humans and the world environment — no, not Gaia; we are talking about humans here, so — the societal structures, the educational structures, the financial structures, even the governmental structures, the power structures… you are trapped with these beliefs about how things are, and therefore the face you need to show in any given situation in order to survive and what you think of as thrive.

And the motivation behind that is very basic. It is the core of who you are. You behave in such manners because you believe that it will gain you love. You want to be loved. And yet it takes you so far away from the core of who you are and what you have to offer that you forget. You forget that core truth of your being. And as you grow older and the masks are reinforced, they are no longer pliable; they have become brittle and they have become fixed.

And so what you are presenting to others is not your vulnerability, your sweetness, your love, but what you think will gain you love.

Now, there are many complex explanations about how this occurs, but, my friends, it is actually very simple. You have one drive that is embedded within you, within your core, and that is to be loved, to love, and to be the essence of love. And in that drive is, “I will do anything to keep me on my journey back home, because what I am really afraid of is the separation.”

Now, you weren’t afraid of that separation when you incarnated because there was no sense of that separation. Even when you were an unwanted child, you came knowing, “Even if the human beings act up, I still have my connection to Mother/Father/One, my guides.” But that fades. But that drive does not go away. And it is that drive that continues to nudge you, to nag at you, and to move you back to the truth of who you are and continue on that journey homeward.

SB: Can I interrupt for a sec.?

AAM: You say, “Well, how does that work?” You know that we have had a great deal of discussion about Ascension and making peace with the 3rd. And that is why I have emphasized the gift of peace I give you. And I ask you to accept and reignite within yourself week after week. The peace is what you are yearning for. And it is what is necessary to be fully comfortable in leaving the old 3rd dimension behind.

You have mentioned, dear Steve, that as you progress into the 4th and 5th and onward — and it is not a hierarchy; it is simply a differentiation — that these feelings, these illusionary feelings of worry, of attachment, of lack, limitation, control, dissipate. They are not present in the different dimensions. And when the 3rd dimension is cleaned up entirely and the old 3rd dimension is gone, it will not be present there either.

But how do you let go of all these constructs that you, powerful creators that I not only suggest you are but insist that you are, you have created these. You are masters at creation, and you are not even realizing it as fully as you might. And we keep saying to you it is time to create Nova Being and Nova Earth.

And you say, “Well, I don’t know how to do that.” And I suggest to you that you are creating every moment of every day in every dimension and every reality.

So, how do you tear away these masks? It is an act of tenderness, and it is an act of will. It is an act of surrender, and it is an act of love. You do not need to spend thousands of more years trying to figure out why you adopted such camouflage. The only reason is that you wanted to be loved, and that the environment and the people that you found yourself with were either threatening or fearful to you. And so you adapted just as a chameleon does. You adapted to survive.

So, how do you practically go about letting these go? Well, first, it is by being honest and truthful. And that is why I have asked for this flame of blue to burn brightly in your heart, in your throat, your center of change, and in your head and your mind and in your mental and emotional bodies. It is identifying for yourself — and it can be rapid — “Is this the truth of who I am? Or is this a mask, a false construct, a persona? Is this my ego-speak? Is this simply an adaptation of my being? Or is this the core? Is this the expression that I am in service and love for the Mother?”

If the answer is no, that this is a false grid, a false construct, then it is time, my dear friends, to let it go. This can be done in a variety of ways. It can be done with me, it can be done with your guides, it can be done through detailing — this is not superficial. It can be done through conversation. But it has need to be active listening and therapeutic conversation, because you are needing to access not just the mask but the why. “I behave in this way, I react in this way, I put myself forward in this way because of…” And what you are going to find is that most of these have benchmarks. The early years are very busy in constructing these constructs of who you are.

But there are other benchmarks — the first time you feel rejected; the first time your heart is broken by romance and what you have perceived as love; the first time you have felt exposed and humiliated; the first time you have lost a job, or a friend, or a home.

So, there are very clear benchmarks. And with each of these benchmarks what you find is you added, you added more layers, more masks, more subterfuge, more camouflage in order to get through it. But the price, my dear friends, is too high, because you came in divine perfection, in the fullness, particularly in this life and at this time of Ascension, you came with the fullness of your soul design, your talents, your capacities and your abilities.

We have been telling you that this is the time of your mastery. You have access to your multidimensional self. So it is time for this illusion to simply be eliminated, blessed, disintegrated, released, surrendered, and let go.

It is not as hard as you think. And it is a matter of catching yourself, or having someone that you trust implicitly, and that you care about and who cares about you — we are not talking about 22 years in counseling; we do not have 22 years; we are talking about someone saying, “Is that really you? Is that really how you feel? Or is this simply a construct that you have developed to avoid pain?”

What is the truth of this situation? What is the truth of your heart? And to gently, tenderly, patiently — and sometimes it is very rapid — simply go to your heart, to this heart consciousness that is already awakened within you and simply ask. And if it is not of your core, if it is not of your genuine self, then let it go.

Is this clear, Steve?

SB: Very clear, Lord. Just before we go on, could I ask you, you describe the drive to be loved and to be love itself as being built into us. Is that the same design element of life that Shankra refers to as the longing for liberation?

AAM: It is exactly the same. It is the love that sets you free.

SB: Okay. Thank you for identifying that. I can write about that later on the blog. Can you…. Now, I exited the constructed self. I’m not sure that I exited it forever; I may have come back into it. But I did exit it for a time by an act of will. You described an act of will. And also a deep feeling in myself that I was entirely sick of my mask, of my act or persona. And life outside it was wonderful. And… but I’m not sure that I could say that I was in 4th dimensionality outside of it. I was simply free of all these feelings of anxiousness and worry and what have you.

Can you talk to us, please, a little bit about the relationship between life outside the constructed self and the 4th dimensionality and 5th dimensionality? Can you talk to us a little bit about that ground, please?

AAM: When you are leaving the anxiety, the fear, the old constructs behind, what you are really doing is changing your vibration. And your vibration and what you have access to shifts. It is that simple.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And so yes, you are in the 4th and the 5th, because you are already… your feet are already firmly planted with Gaia. So, as you stay — and it is a practice, but it does not need to be an arduous practice, because you have let go of that feeling of struggle; and let us tell you, surrender is an act of will — so as you have surrendered the old, you are free to enter into a feeling of liberation, as you put it; into a place where your creative self is truly stepping forward, so that you are in a place where you are able to work inside and outside of yourself, where you are in alignment with universal law, and where you are in alignment with the truth, not only of Gaia, of the kingdoms, of the planet, but you are also in alignment with the plan, with your plan and the Mother’s plan.

So what you find is not that you are leaving physicality behind. That has never been the plan for this planet. It is the difficulty is the anchoring of all of this within the physical realm. It has been a challenge for many, and at times including us! But nevertheless, let us be clear. As you are releasing those masks, think of it: you have new spaciousness; you have the joy, the gratitude, the love. And these are the elements of the higher realms.

So, you are living the divine qualities. You are building the joy because it is so expansive and the more you expand the happier, more joyous, the more in gratitude that you are, and the more rapidly you are able to simply create.

Now, this is the key. This is a very important key for you to understand. “Not only do I feel better, but I actually have the energy of the universe to draw upon, more clearly, more readily, to bring forth my manifestation.” And I use that word in terms not of a selfish, self-centered way, but of the larger you, “To bring forward what I came here to do.” And that is not the 3rd dimension. It is the higher realms. And so you begin to see differently.

And so I ask each of you to pay greater attention. So many of you — and we do hear your prayers — ask for your third and fourth eyes to be opened; for that center of vision to be expanded. But when you are in the higher realms, this is already occurring. And what you think you are seeing with your physical eyes has more information and greater perception, so that you are finally able to begin to really see what is in front of you. So you will see orbs, you will see angels, you will see fairies, you will see light, you will see colors differently. And you will be able to access that energy and bring it within you, to utilize it differently.

Now, it is difficult, because you are in a transition phase. So you can say, “Well, I am feeling like I can see for miles, and I see the energy beings.” And yet the person standing next to you, who has still not made peace with the 3rd, is not there. And they say, “Well, no. I don’t see anything, and I think you’re imagining it.”

So, this is also one of those situations where you need to understand that through your expanded field you are helping the person next to you to raise the vibration up to, with you, that you can walk together; that it is not in your highest interest, it is not for your highest good to try and lower your vibration back down to the 3rd.

So you say, “I do not know whether I am in the 4th or the 5th.” Then what I say to you, my brother, and everyone else who is listening, stay there and find out, because that is where you will see us and find us.

SB: Well, Lord, perhaps I could intervene here for a sec and explain a little more of my difficulty in approaching the matter of whether I’m in the 4th or the 5th. And that is, I think I must come from a transformational model born of growth work in the seventies. And that’s that when I enter, so to speak, a higher dimension, there’s a transformative experience, there’s a tremendous Aha! or a get, or some kind of peak moment, and after that experience I am greatly expanded.

So, when I left the constructed self, I… it wasn’t an Aha! moment, it was just simply a falling quiet of the mind, and a freedom from worry and anxiety. And I said to myself, “Well, I’m not in the 4th, but I’m certainly at the bus stop, waiting for the bus.” Now, am I incorrect? Was I in the 4th? And how do…?

AAM: You were in the 4th. And let us refer to this, because there was a great deal of groundwork that was done by the various transformation movements over the last several decades, many decades. But part of being in the 3rd is this joy and this slight addiction to the Aha! moments, to this wonderful feeling of flying up and flying free, and being released. But that is also related to drama and to a connection that the light bulb has to go on.

And what you are doing — and I am not suggesting that there will not be some phenomenal Aha! moments, but — what you are really doing is stepping into ‘new normal’. So it feels as if this is simply the way it is and always has been and always will be, and can be.

So it is, yes, you are at the bus stop. Get on the bus and go exploring. Because what you are doing is you are grasping the energy; you are leaving the old false beliefs and paradigms behind. You are enjoying that feeling of expansion in your heart, your mind, your chest, but you are not asking yourself, “Oh, what’s next? What do I feel? What do I desire to do next?” And sometimes it is a very simple question, of, “Well, I just want to go and sit in the park.” And sometimes it is a very big answer in terms of what you want to do with the rest of your remaining time on Earth. But what you are learning is that your heart consciousness, if you are in your heart consciousness, which is 4th and 5th, then what you are doing is you are already driving your creation process.

And one of the things that you are beginning to realize is that the creation process is happening and occurring, the shifts are occurring so naturally, and without the high drama, that it doesn’t feel spectacular, unusual; it simply is your ‘new normal’.

SB: Hmm. that’s a very interesting way of looking at it. I’m going to have to throw out all the learning that I hope I gained during the growth movement years, because this does not seem familiar to me. It is new ground for me. This gradual…

AAM: Yes, it is new ground.

SB: … gradual Ascension.

AAM: It is not as gradual as you think. So let go of the thought and simply be in the energy.

SB: All right. Now, in two minutes I’m going to ask you if we can switch to current events. But just before then, what would be the giveaway, or dominant difference that we would feel between the 4th and the 5th, Lord?

AAM: The 4th is more playful. The 4th is when you feel that you have awoken from a very deep sleep, and that you can see the colors, the rays, the sparkles, the energies both within yourself…. There is a feeling of great liberation, and you are seeing and perceiving your planet and Gaia and each other very differently. You look at a person and you can see and know, or you can look at an animal and see and know, their truth and who they are. And it is the beginning of accepting that you know, personally, how to work with energy, to begin to bring forward what you desire for yourself and for the collective.

The 5th dimension is a very different sense even of physicality. It is being more in charge of how your form is working and operating, and how you wish to morph it or send it elsewhere. It is a… bilocation is a very easy process. The sensation of being in communication and connection with the different realms, whether it is the Company of Heaven or the star beings, many of whom come from the 5th, is more clear.

It is also the sensation and the knowing, the deep knowing, that “Now I am moving into the fullness of creating and changing and managing change to create myself and Nova Earth.” So, the 4th is more of a bridge, and it is an awakening and delightful. And the 5th is more of a sensation of, “Now, I am getting down to work…”

SB: Okay. Well, that’s …

AAM: “…because I am connected and aware of all of the connections that I have.”

SB: All right, Lord. Well, thank you very much for that. I…. We could go on an awful long time, but you’ve certainly given us a beginning to understanding this whole notion of the self that we’ve constructed, the house that we built for ourselves and how to get out of it and prepare for our further rise into the higher dimensions.

I have a few current event questions to ask you. And one concerns the Iraqi dinar revaluation and NESARA, and the other concerns the Boston bombings, and the last concerns Vladimir Putin. First of all, can you confirm for us that the Iraqi dinar revaluation payout is happening in tiers or concentric circles, please?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. There are various levels that have been in place for some time. And we have said, and I will not go further than that, simply that this process has begun and is underway.

SB: All right. What is the relationship between the revaluation and the commencement of NESARA?

AAM: It is a political connection, but do not draw them too close together. It is a restructuring of your financial systems and your belief systems that are reflective of those financial systems; so it is sequential.

SB: Okay. But it isn’t the case… There’s a line of commentary going on on the internet that says that NESARA is not going to happen. The revaluation will leave the same financial elite in place and we’ll just have some minor improvements. Is that a correct line of commentary?

AAM: That is a completely incorrect assessment.

SB: All right. Okay. Anything further you wanted to say about that, or…?

AAM: Pay attention. We have talked to you not about an event, but a turn of events, plural. And that this is one of those turns of events. So, for all of you who are seeking not only financial relief but signals that the shift in terms of what you perceive as Ascension is underway, this is one of your landmark signals. But it is a turn of events, it is not simply one or the other and we will tell you very clearly, your Earth — the systems, the planet — is not going to remain status quo. It cannot.

And very rarely will you hear me use these words. It cannot remain the same because that is not the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother. Has there been flexibility and adjustment to accommodate the desires and the heart yearnings of the collective human race? Of course. But let us be clear. The old 3rd, of what we have been talking about, of false masks — for systems, for governments, for people — is going.

Now, it can go smoothly, because as you disintegrate your mask, you do so for many, or it can be rather abrupt. It matters not. It is going.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. I’m going to put the Vladimir Putin question ahead of the Boston bombing question. I think a lot of Russian readers and listeners are wondering if they can trust Vladimir Putin. Now, you’ve said he was in containment and he’s coming out of containment. Can you direct yourself to Russian listeners, please, and tell them what they need to know about Vladimir Putin, please?

AAM: Well, I will say that he has been gradually coming out of containment, and reintegrated, shall we say, into society and into his role and positions. So what I say to you is be vigilant and be the observer. Do not get caught in what appears to be the drama of this readjustment of power. So, allow the shifting of the core and the centers of power to be adjusted.

Russia has a very important role to play in the future years, as I have said before. So, stand back, my friends. Be the observer. I am not asking you to extend your wholehearted trust and empathy to this individual. What I am asking you to do is to extend trust to your own discernment, because it is not 100 per cent clean, but it is not dirty either.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Now last question. A lot of people are feeling very confused about the Boston bombings. They don’t know, for instance, if the Tsarnaev — well, I think Matthew has said the two brothers were involved in some way. You have said they have some involvement. But then it’s been said that the people responsible for the Boston bombings are on the far right, and they’re domestic.

So there’s a lot of confusion about whether the authorities have the right suspects in custody, the wrong suspects, people who are partly responsible…. Can you help us clarify the situation with the investigation…?

AAM: The fullness of this action has not truly come to light as yet. And yes, there are many factors, shall we say, that are being, mmm, kept under cover while those in authority, as you put it, take care of what they believe they need to in terms of discerning the truth of this matter.

The boys were somewhat involved. We do not deny that. But it is not as it appears. Stand back. You know this what I am teaching you today…

SB: Yes.

AAM: …to stand back and watch the unfoldment. But do not — in the United States or Canada, Yugoslavia, Russia — do not become involved in the drama.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you very much, Lord. Again, a great deal to think about and reflect on. Thank you so much.

AAM: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-13-13