401550_256829014388018_179181975486056_634978_1095677872_nOn our Saturday conference call St. Germaine gives us a different perspective of the rulers who are stuck in the old 3rd dimensional paradigm of control, brutality, power, and war and asks for our help in healing these lost souls and Gaia asks that we work on particilar countries around the globe where this negative energy is now gathered…

Greetings, I AM Germaine, I AM St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM, and yes, the Violet Flame, and might I add to your request in terms of working with what we would call the Eastern countries, along with the United States of America, that you bring my Violet Flame and that you torch the heart of everybody and of the land, of the leadership, of the peasants, of those who feel that they are unempowered and let that Violet Flame ignite the hearts of all beings in each of these countries.

What you are witnessing is not only the elimination of the attitude that somehow brutality and force and control, i.e. war, is acceptable but that it is in any way workable or viable. So you are seeing the last vestiges of one of the most destructive paradigms and belief systems of the old 3rd dimension because such belief systems cannot be translated or carried into the 5th, 6th, or 7th dimension. It is impossible. You cannot have the presence of love and the healing at the speed of love and war. These cannot exist together.

And what I say to thee is what I’ve said so many times, there is not one being upon the face of this or any planet or ship that does not yearn for love. It is as basic as breathing, it is as basic as being and whether the individual denies this or not, it does not change the core truth. It is part of your spiritual and your actual physical DNA, it is part of your mental and emotional bodies, it is part of your causal bodies, it is part of who you are. And even those who are dictators, generals, warmongers, they have lost their way, yes, and they think that they will gain authority, admiration, credibility, power through aggressive actions…we do not limit this to North Korea. But really what they are doing is they are like a lost child. Oh they may think that they have power, but in the grander scheme they do not and they’re simply a lost child seeking approval and love, seeking attention, seeking a sense of self-worth.

So, yes, ignite the hearts of all who sit alone in the dark, all who sit waiting for love and not realizing that they are loved and lovable and that they are the essence of love. This is the healing of humanity; this is the core of raising up to the higher dimensions, the higher vibration. This is the Shift. You are part, my dearest friends, of my armada of healers and never have you shied away.

There is an urgency to my request to you this day to work on this issue of the warlike nature because it is false, it is not born of truth, and it most certainly is not born of love. So see yourself, each of you, as your angelic self, as your human self, as your fairy self, touching with your torch that I have given you from my Temple of the Violet Flame and touching the hearts of all beings. And then when you have finished with United States of America, with Japan, with China, with North and South Korea, continue on. Go to the Middle East, to Iraq, to Iran, to Israel, to Palestine, to Egypt, then fly to Africa and South America, particularly at this time, Argentina and Venezuela and ignite.

Gaia calls to you as the co-creators of Nova Earth and Nova Being to begin this work in earnest. I do not call to you because I know you are already there and you are already with me as I am with you. So let us begin in this moment and continue on until this fallacy, this silly belief that control and greed and war is somehow useful. Your star brothers and sisters, and we, are not about to let any form of nuclear proliferation or destruction. This is not the primary concern; the primary concern is the hearts and the minds and the belief systems that feel that violence, in any form, is acceptable.

I thank you for your assistance and I thank you for your love. I thank you for your service, for your tenacity, your fortitude, your persistence and consistency. I thank each of you. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon