So many of you think of Ascension as a journey into the new. And it is. But it is also a return. It is a return to the original plan. When the Mother created — and Gaia volunteered! — to assume this form, this magnificent, diverse planet, orb of beauty, it was the place for angels and other ascended forms to have an experience of physicality. It was a place to experience, mostly to play. Often we have said to you, in this life, and this incarnation, you have brought with you all talents, all abilities. Your complete soul design is anchored and you are ready to go forward…

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is host Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West sitting in for GD this evening. So with that, I invite you to bring in the blue flame of peace to surround humanity and our planet as we welcome back Archangel Michael. I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And before we bring in Archangel Michael I’d like to give Linda an opportunity to take on some matters relating to channeling and other matters she’d like to speak to. Linda?

Linda Dillon: Hey there. And it’s great to be with you all again. And what I wanted to say isn’t very lengthy at all. But I know that there’s been a lot of discussion over the months, maybe over the years, about the validity of channeling and what channeling can and cannot do, and with particular emphasis on the fulfillment of events or dates.

Now, as all of you who are listening with us tonight know, that certainly following the December 2012 non-event — although it was an event, but that’s a whole other conversation — that I really had struck an agreement with the Council of Love and with those whom I channel that we weren’t going to talk about dates any more.

I want to back up just a little bit and talk about what channeling is and what channeling is not. I channel a group of beings called the Council of Love. And their name is just exactly what it implies. And their purpose, and therefore my purpose, is to instill love into each and every one of your hearts.

When we look at the messages that come forth from the archangels and the ascended masters, the Company of Heaven, in terms of the spiritual teachings, the insights, the downloads, the quality of information is incredible and fabulous. And we can learn and expand so much. And that’s my purpose.

Now, when we look to channeling — and I would suggest that it wouldn’t matter whether it would be my channeling or anybody else’s on the planet, although I have to tell you I don’t read a lot of other people’s stuff, but — there is always an element of fallibility. And that element of fallibility comes in because it’s being translated through dimensions, through various realities, to the human race that has a full spectrum of free choice.

So, when the Council, when Archangel Michael or even the Divine Mother says that something is about to transpire, what they are telling you is that everything is in place, from their perspective — and they’ve got a much bigger view than we do — but everything is in place for that unfoldment to happen. Now, what my experience has shown me and taught me over the years is that sometimes the dates are way off and sometimes they are exact, right to the minute. But for us to rely solely upon Tuesday, Thursday or 2015 is probably not a really wise thing to do. And because of that reason, and because I hear about people being disgruntled and disappointed and hurt, I have really asked not to speak so much about dates or even events.
So this is going to be a slight shift, I think, in some of what we talk about. But what I’m hoping is that we can glean, from the Council of Love, from those who are with us in such sacred partnership, to really understand and integrate into our hearts what it is we’re talking about.

So, take the information that is channeled, whether it’s with us on the show or on Heavenly Blessings, and give yourself the opportunity to go to the next question. Always ask the next question, and then the next question after that. And you say, “But, Linda, I’m not a channeler.” And I say, oh, yes, you are. Because if you listen to your heart, if you listen to your core, you will get exactly the information you need.

So that’s what I wanted to just bring up for discussion and for setting the background of what it is we all [?] together.
SB: Okay. Well, thank you, Linda, for that discussion. And I think it’s now time to bring Archangel Michael on.
Archangel Michael: Yes. Greetings. I AM Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of the Blue Flame of Truth. And yes, dear Geoffrey, I thank you for reminding all to instill this Blue Flame of Truth within their hearts, within their minds, within their bodies, within their communities, within their homes, within their actions, because it is the truth of One, and it is the truth of love. And it is the balance between the love and the truth that brings forward not only the stillness, but the movement forward into action and into the unfoldment, because even when you are in stillness, dear ones, you are in action.
I wish to elaborate a little bit on what the channel has said to thee…

SB: Please, Lord.

AAM: … and when we have spoken recently with my good friend, Einstein, he has explained, as has Serenia, about the concept of time and space and how space is a current, never-ending movement, and time is a construct adopted, given and useful to the human beings, to the human race as they have evolved and gone forward. So, time is where you try and position yourself and anchor yourself so that you do not feel overwhelmed or, quite literally, lost in space. And this is an important element.
But let us also say to thee, my sweet beloved friends, that as you become more fully acknowledging and embracing of your interdimensionality that what you think of as time also shifts. It changes and its usefulness, its applications, are and will shift as well.

So you say to us, and particularly to me, “Michael, my dearest brother, why is it that you cannot tell us with pinpoint accuracy the when and where and how of these events that the humans are interested in? Why can you not be clear with us?” And there are some of you who are disappointed with all of us, with the Company of Heaven. And some of you turn away. And some of you are persistent. And some of you listen with your hearts and receive the true import of what we say.

One of the reasons — and we do not wish, because we do not have need, and when I say we do not have need to make excuses, that does not mean that we do not value or recognize your feelings, reactions, emotions and thoughts; but we do not have need to justify this. But we want to understand, and we want you to understand this new framework of partnership.

So, when we say to you that an event is in unfoldment, first of all, very seldom do we even speak of events that are outside the scope or perimeter or boundaries of human experience, because they mean nothing to you. You do not have the framework, as yet, to fully understand or comprehend what we would be saying to you. But when we speak of events, seldom do we speak of an event that has not already begun in its unfoldment. And whether that unfoldment is a million years or 10 minutes in your time, it is still an unfoldment. So, first, we say that.

We also say to thee — no, not be patient; we know that patience is a virtue, and patience is a quality that many of you have already been practicing. What I say to you is when we say that something is the unfoldment at such an hour or a day, what we are sharing with you is from our broader perspective, on high, on low (it is simply bigger and wider) that the likelihood, unless there is human free will interaction, that this will transpire.

We don’t particularly enjoy dealing in percentages, but perhaps that is something that might be useful to you. Now, you say to me, “Well, Lord, that is a really great excuse. So something doesn’t take place” — an event, or an unfoldment of a spiritual nature, and I wish to differentiate between the two — “doesn’t take place because the human beings got in the way. You mean to say, dear Lord, that we do not know this?”

We deal in the millions, millions and millions and millions of scenarios of unfoldment, and what we speak to thee about is the most likely. And yes, at times the one that is in most direct accordance with the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother. So we give you a little hint. We give you a little nudge. Sometimes we give you a very big nudge. But when it comes down to your decisions, the collective and the individual, we do not interfere.

There were times, particularly in the density of the very dark times, when the illusions of humanity were so dark and so enmeshed that we were permitted more what you would think of as interference and what we would think of as protection and intervention. But those paradigms, those false grids, those false belief systems are disintegrating even as we speak, as you begin — and you are already underway in your Ascension process.

So, are we in greater partnership? Yes. Are we in less what you would think of as interference or intervention? Yes. So we proceed.

Now, let us be very clear. We have always told you, but it is important to all of us, as I speak this day for the Council of Love, I tell you, each and every one of you who listen this night and thereafter, I tell you how much we love you, not the idea of you, but the totality of you, your personality, your manifestation in physicality, even your sweet egos. Can they not be amusing and delightful?

We see and embrace those of you who still suffer alone in the dark and who cry to me and say, “Am I not worthy of support? Am I not worthy of your attention?” Of course you are. Of course you are. And this is why we are in partnership. But we do the Mother’s bidding — always, eternally, and infinitely. And when you are in the full alignment with your interdimensional, higher self, your universal self, you also do the Mother’s bidding. And it is on that level of alignment that we wish to connect, because it is also on that level of alignment that the knowing is present, and the dates simply become inconsequential because the full knowing of the unfoldment is apparent.

I know I go on about this. But, my beloved friends, we want for you to understand how we work and play and serve with thee. We want your knowledge of us to be as full as our knowledge and understanding — and love! — of thee. And you cannot have that understanding and love and trust of us if we do not take the time to explain and to find the meeting space for us to come together in this co-creation, not only of Ascension — that is well underway — but the co-creation of Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, Nova Being.

Many have gathered from throughout the multiverse to assist in this unfoldment. So, do not think for one moment that we are backing away. We are not.

So, dear Steve, we know that you have brought many questions this day.

SB: Well, Lord, you know that I like to point out to readers things which I call evidential, things which are evidence of certain things. So I’d like to point out to listeners that you’ve answered one of my questions. And you do this frequently. You… I’m not sure what the word is…I imagine you know what my questions are. So, so you have answered my last question of today. So, let’s turn to the first question of today, if I may. And there’s a dawning awareness that’s happening with me, Lord, it’s a kind of a growing thing. And I’m turning to you for confirmation of it or to tell me that I’m off base.
I’m getting the sense, because of your comments through Rona Herman, that we don’t know who is here right now. We don’t have any idea who is here right now, specifically who the great masters are. You have said, “Beloved masters, the Ascension process is not new to you. You’ve accomplished it many times before. You are all masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as starseed wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing.”

Who is here, Lord? Can you say for the listeners, can you give them an idea of who they are, that they might not have? I mean, they may think, “Oh, no, no, no, no. I’m just a day laborer who was contracted to come here and prune the tree, or dig in the field.” But I’m getting the sense that that’s not the case.

AAM: You are correct. That is not the case.

SB: Could you give us an idea in any way that [ ? ] …

AAM: Oh, I would be pleased to.

SB: Oh, thank you!

AAM: And we have said this before to you…

SB: To me personally?

AAM: … but in different ways. Even the Divine Mother herself has spoken to you. There is a very peculiar attribute amongst the human beings. On the one hand — and we are back to the seesaw, teeter-totter — but on the one hand there is the ego and the sense of self importance, and on the other hand, at the other end of the seesaw, there is this sense of false humility and lack of self-worth.

Now, what you do and what you have all done in this incarnation — and yes, I am getting to your point, dear one — is you work on the issue of self-worth. You come to acknowledge the truth that you are worthy, that you are loved, that you are lovable, and that you are the essence of love. So that brings you toward the middle. And then you work on letting-go of ego and arrogance and false pride, and that brings you to the middle.

And that has been a human process for a long time. Let me be crystal clear, because this is one of the things we really can talk about.

SB: Wonderful.

AAM: To use your phraseology, there are no day laborers on Earth at this time. None. Now, do you realize what I am saying to you? That the mother who sits by the brazier burner in India or walks the Kalahari in Africa or dances in the street in Rio all have chosen to congregate on this magnificent planet, Gaia, at this time.

That is why we are always teasing you and saying, well, you are hybrids, or you are Earth-keepers, or you are starseed, et cetera. It is not a matter of simply self-selection, although of course that is prominent in this process. But when the Mother, in this process of unfoldment — oh, for about a hundred years, so think of it in those kinds of terms… there has been an in-migration of those whose soul purpose in a variety of expressions has been to be present on Gaia during this time of the restoration of love, during this time of Ascension, in physical form, in physical, what you think of as physical reality, because it hasn’t been done before.

It has been done… there have been variations on a theme. But what you are doing here… and that is why I have begun by saying we are in service to the Mother, but so are you. And your purpose, regardless whether you are the head of the World Bank or a political figure or a janitor or homeless or a housewife, your role in this wonderful mosaic is the knowing of your core ability to be in your mastery that you brought with you, your wholeness, your true Ascended self.

And if this was not the case you could not — well, it would never have flown; let me put it that way — you could not have made the joint decision that you would all go together, because there would have been a very clear understanding of that sense of separation. But there isn’t. Because whether you consciously are realizing it or not, unconsciously, sub-consciously, soul-level, you are realizing, this is the circle. This is the circle of 6 billion-plus that I chose to do this with.

So, yes. You have gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from Zerase, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing.

And what does this mean in practical terms to you and to us? Often we have said to you, in this life, and this incarnation, you have brought with you all talents, all abilities. Your complete soul design is anchored and you are ready to go forward. If that does not imply and directly speak to mastery, then I do not know what does.

So then you say to me, “Well, Lord, why have you not spoken of this before?” Because you weren’t ready. Period. Within that sense of lack of self-worth and the ego out of control, you weren’t ready to have this conversation. You weren’t ready to be in that place of the balance, which is the place that you create from. So you have all had differing periods of time where you have been able to have the old experience of being human in the old 3rd dimension, enough so you are really sick of it, and now you turn to each other, not just to us, because the pivotal point, the turning point is you turning to each other and saying, “We can do this. We can create. We can sustain. We can ascend. We will and are creating the new.”

Now, are there moments when you feel that you are getting dragged back down? Yes. That is when you reach out your hand, your arm, your mind, not only to us but to each other. So you are correct in your growing suspicion, dear friend.

SB: [laugh] Thank you. And I just, in what you said — excuse me for rattling my paper there — but what you said, I want to underline that you didn’t say that we are going higher, higher, higher, or, you know, going over to one side; you said we’re coming to the middle. Because I think people don’t necessarily get that the movement, the really important movement is not somehow higher, or not, you know, it’s not to one side, it’s into the center…

AAM: That is correct.

SB: …where balance exists. I’m going to keep hammering on that theme on the blog, Lord, because I think we really…

AAM: If you think of it, and we do not want… we use this for practical purposes of illustration, but not to enforce the issue of higher and higher. But if you are trying to create movement and you are not in the center of the ladder and going up the rungs, you have to be centered within the sacred spiral, within what you think of as the portal, within your heart, within your being.

If you are — excuse me — if you are too extreme in your physicality and that is why we refer to events, if you are too much in your mental body, if you are completely existing in your emotional body, it will not work. Let me be very clear about that. It will never work. And you will never have that sense of the mastery that you brought with you. And then you will be really angry with me. And you will say, “Michael, why did you not say so? Why did you not point the way?” Well, I am pointing the way, dear friends, and it is to the middle. It is to the place of balance, and it is the balance and the still point of your beloved heart.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Now, you said it hasn’t been done before. You were talking about Ascension. And Sanat Kumara said earlier that Earth was the first in line, the first planet in the universe to Ascend. Can you flesh this out, too, please? In what way are… Ascension has happened before, so this isn’t the first Ascension. But is Earth really the first planet in the universe to ascend, and if it is, what are the implications of this?

AAM: It is the first planet in this universe, most certainly. And let us explain. You know of other planets that have ascended, but they never maintained or assumed physicality. So, for example, you will have the Halions, or the Tralanas, or even Galatea, which was a twin to Earth. They did not maintain any form of physicality.

SB: Right?

AAM: So, the idea, the plan, and the restoration. So many of you think of Ascension as a journey into the new. And it is. But it is also a return. It is a return to the original plan. When the Mother created — and Gaia volunteered! — to assume this form, this magnificent, diverse planet, orb, of beauty, it was the place for angels and other ascended forms to have an experience of physicality. It was a place to experience, mostly to play. That was lost. And the twelve dimensions and the twelve planes and the twelve levels within each plane were lost.

And that was tragic, not only for Earth, for Gaia, for humanity, but throughout the universe. You tend to often think of what is gained, but you have not looked so much at the history of your beautiful planet in terms of what was lost. Here there was this magnificent dimensional reality, and you got clogged — well, not you, but many who have been on Earth — and the illusions became so dense as to assume form.

Now, do you understand — well, I am emphasizing this so that you will understand! — the amount, the quantity, the tenacity of energy, of dense energy, of less than pure energy that it takes to assume form and stick you into that illusion of the old third is beyond imagination for humans?

SB: Lord, could I interrupt for a moment?

AAM: Yes.

SB: I understand the density of the human body and how it lets very little of the spirit through. Is that part of what you’re saying now, or no?

AAM: It is part of what I’m saying, but it is also the expressions then that emanated out of the human body.

SB: Okay.

AAM: So, for example, rather than knowing — and yes, you have these mythologies, like the Garden of Eden. Well, that in fact is not a myth. It is a symbolism. But rather than feeling that Gaia would provide you, as she always has, with everything that you need — to eat, to clothe, to warm yourself, to quench your thirst — you thought, no, now I will create densities of greed.

I am not suggesting that there have not been companies and undertakings that have been enormously creative. But I would suggest to you that war is not one of them. So it is the inner density, but it also manifested in the outer density. So, for the return of the plan, much had to be broken down. And you have lived in a period of time, particularly for the last 27 years, where the intensity of the energy and preparation for this renewal, this Ascension — unique, because it is in the physical — has been phenomenal.

Now, there are some who simply came long ago, who have been hanging around Earth for, oh, thousands of years and said, “It will never happen. We’re here just in case because we know of the ripple effect. We love Gaia, we serve the Mother, but we don’t think this will ever happen.”

They have helped, they have coddled, they have assisted, and many of you, who came thousands of years ago, said, “Well, wait a minute. I think I’ll incarnate on Earth and be in form, because I am in service to the Mother and I can bring that quality to Earth.”

The ripple effect for this to happen with Gaia, with all the kingdoms, all the what you think of as levels of being, including humanity, to have this completion — now, I say completion, but of course it goes on infinitely; but you probably do not want to hear about that — so to have this completion has the ripple effect. Your star brothers and sisters are here to assist, but they’re also here to observe and to learn.

This has not happened before. So, why? Why do you think it’s that easy? Well, on the one hand, because it is, and on the other hand, it is the most difficult, arduous undertaking. And that is what some of you have been experiencing and saying, “I give up.”

We plead with you. You may feel, some of you, my lightworkers, love-holders, you may feel battered and bruised. You may feel that you are in that place of the dark night of the soul. I plead with you on behalf of all, do not turn away. Do not give up. And reach out your hand. Reach out your heart, in purity of who you are. Reach out to us and reach out to each other. Because this way is what creates the catalytic movement in space, in dimensions, for the Shift.

SB: But, Lord, if I may interrupt, you realize how confusing it is for us — and I mean no disrespect in saying this — that we’re already into April, which means that we’re four months beyond December 21st. And for us lightworkers on the ground there’s a lot of discussion about how things will move rapidly, and the galactics are saying, “We’ll make ourselves much more visible,” and what have you, but there really isn’t very many tangible signs around us, that things are getting better, or that relief is on the way from the, well, increasing financial difficulty that we all find ourselves in. So we are really holding on by faith alone.

Is it not possible… and speaking to your PR department of the Company of Heaven; so, to the PR department, public relations department, I say, could you not have a few more wonderful UFO displays, or other kinds of things that we could point to and say, “Yes, they’re here!” to just give us heart, spur us along?

AAM: But I also say to you, go out, go outside at night and look up, and you will see your starships and star brothers. One of the things that is occurring — and yes, the PR department is very busy these days; I grant you that —

SB: Uh-huh.

AAM: … one of the things that has occurred, it is the same as you not recognizing, or just beginning to have the glimmer of your wholeness, of your mastery, is that you do not fully acknowledge or recognize the many star brothers and sisters that are already amongst you.

So what we would say, if there was a PR request, it would be to ignite more your third eye that you have the greater capacity to see who’s standing in front of you.

SB: Well, I hear you….

AAM: Now, there are signs and events, but yes, you… it is true, we operate in some respects very differently. Because — and this is not meant in any way of judgment or criticism — but many of you are information driven, and you want information.

SB: Yes.

AAM: We understand that, and we do not say, dismiss that at all. But we are also saying, at the same time, what we want to bring you, to guide you, to share with you, is not merely information, which changes daily, but the true knowledge, the knowing. Because once you are anchored, dear heart, in the knowing, then the information, the true information, such as the codes, the formulas, what is occurring, will be self-apparent.

So, at the chance of sounding like the broken record, it is also the issue of coming back to that middle point of balance, where you say, “Lord, if we do not have signs, then we do not know that we are on track, and we do have and suffer a crisis of confidence.”

Now, you could point to some situations where the human beings are acting out, and you would say, “Now, this is proof that this whole discussion, of Ascension, of Shift, of higher dimensionality, is ridiculous.” We have told you that we will give you many signs. They are in the sky, they are in the air, but mostly, dear heart, they are within yourselves.

We have discussed the issue of density and the inner density expressing in the outer density of the planet. Your greatest litmus test is the inner density lessening. Are you feeling lighter? Are you feeling more love? Are you feeling more bliss? Are you perceiving differently? Are you detached?

These are important signs, because they are important to you. And the more that you see that, the more that you will also witness in the outer world the truth of what is shifting.

SB: Well, may I interrupt for a sec?

AAM: Yes.

SB: I have a suggestion to make. Since this is the first time, and we’re kind of improvising — let me put it that way, we’re improvising as we go along in some respects, not in all respects — perhaps there could be consultation with us, here, in the body, with our present consciousness, not presuming that our third eyes are open if they’re not, but consultation with us in our everyday consciousness that would allow us to say to the Company of Heaven “I think we need more of this right now. I think we need a little bit of that for the lightworkers to take heart.”

AAM: But that is exactly what we are doing, right here and now.

SB: Well, okay. Then let me say to you [laughs] I think we need more visible displays of galactic ships, for instance. We have had in the past entire flyovers over Peru and London and New York, but we haven’t had one of those for several years now, as far as I’m aware — a couple of years. Could we please have a very visible flyover? I think that would electrify the population. You may say to me, “Well, no, I think that would scare the population.” If that’s the case, okay, let’s not do that then. But something dramatic like this that would give lightworkers a tremendous boost and maybe a wake-up call to the rest. What do you think of that suggestion?

AAM: We hear you, we receive the request. That is what I say.

SB: All right. Fine.

AAM: It is absolutely heard and received.

SB: Okay. In the time remaining, can I ask you to amplify on a comment you made to me in a private reading on April 4th in which I gave you my picture of what I thought it would be like to be in the 5th dimension. And it was a picture of bliss and all knowing, and a total feeling of satisfaction and what have you. And so I said — because you told me that I have moments of 5th dimensionality — and I said, “Well, I haven’t felt like this,” — excuse me — and you replied that there are sub-planes to the 5th dimension. There’s the first sub-plane of the 5th dimension, which we are touching right now, but then there are other sub-planes where my description is more apt.

Could you repeat that, please, for the listeners? Give us a little more detail about the sub-planes and perhaps what the first sub-plane may show up like or feel like to us?

AAM: As I have said earlier, that within each dimension there are 12 planes of existence. Now, these are not hard and fast, because it is not physical, but very often…so you can be at one and a half or five and a half, or four point three, for example, but yes, you are expecting this sense of Nirvana and bliss and capacity as you are beginning to enter into the 5th — well, your feet are on Gaia. Therefore you are in the 5th.

Now, let me give you a visual. There are circuses and clowns where they will be upside down. Their feet may be on the ladder rung, but they are upside down, reaching down, and it looks as if they are falling down the ladder rather than traveling upward. Many of you are like that. Now, I do not suggest you are clowns. I am teasing you. But you are — your feet are in the 5th, but you are reaching back, arms akimbo, into the 3rd, the old 3rd, and assisting many who are… the other ones who are trying to climb the ladder.

So, yes. Is this a sense of increasing knowingness? If you wish to think of the 5th dimension, think of it as a quality of knowingness, and the ability to deal, to create, to manage and to manifest change.

One of the first ways in which you know that you are firmly in the 5th is that sense of detachment, of joy for no reason.
Now, let me do a sidetrack here, and say to you, you… what we used to call, if you recall many months ago I have said this to you, that we used to call you M&Ms, masters in the making. We do not do that any longer. So what you are doing when you are expecting this elevated sense of bliss, of knowing, of expansion, isn’t just defined, dear ones, by the interdimensional, multidimensional reality. What it is is you are remembering your mastery and wondering where the heck it is and why it hasn’t manifested.

So it is not singularly this dimension or that dimension, it is also the core of your being saying, “I know I have these capacities. So, where are they?” But yes, you are climbing that ladder. Think of it. We have used the analogy before, that it is not a hierarchy, it is like a circle — dimensions, each with their 12 levels. And you go into a new classroom called the 5th dimension. But some of you are there staring in the window at the door, some of you have opened the door and are looking in, some of you have crept in but you haven’t even found your seat yet, some of you went directly to the back of the class so you would feel comfortable. What we are saying is come to the front of the classroom and be the teacher.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. I like Archangel Gabriel’s name for the archangels. She calls then Sooners. [laugh] We are the M&Ms and you are the Sooners. Thank you very much, Lord. That’s a lot of very good information for us to reflect on, ruminate upon. Thank you.

AAM: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-08-2013