You are incorporating the energies that you have been waiting for, praying for and that we have been waiting for and hoping that you would incorporate and accept. But continue to grow the energy, do not stop the meditations, allow them to grow and rest when you can. This is your mission. Focus on each other, on your family, on your friends, on your next door neighbors, on your community and look for the changes there because that is where it counts.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, it’s really great to be with you tonight, I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos and Keeper of Universal Law. Before we get started it gives me great pleasure to share with you that yesterday, 12-12-12, was our one year anniversary since starting InLight Radio and it’s been a real joy to bring you the programs we offer each week. Today is our 191st show with all of the shows we offer and it’s just wonderful to reflect on where we’ve come and we’re so thrilled that you find these shows helpful and it’s our joy and pleasure to offer them to you.

Tonight we will be talking about 12-12-12, what it was, what it’s all about, and what’s likely coming down the road for us and we welcome your comments and questions. Give us a call 323-784-9697 and Suzanne will do her best to bring you into the studio, we hope that we can welcome you into the conversation.

Linda, can you believe it’s been over a year?

Linda Dillon: You know, I’m still somewhere in the summer. (Laughter) I don’t even know where the summer went so to say it’s a year it like oh my gosh, what happened? But it’s a pleasure to be here and I really see tonight, our format, as being a little different than what we normally do in so far as, I’m hoping anyway, that we have lots of opportunity for our listeners to share what they’re feeling, what they’re experiencing, what their insights are. And so, you know, I don’t normally share what I experience in meditation, although Graham you’ve been very good at getting things out of me, you and Steve, but yeah, I think tonight’s going to be just a little different.

GD: Right and I see this as a really great opportunity, folks, to share what’s on your mind. You might be feeling a tremendous amount of bliss and joy, you might be feeling a lot of frustration and really nothing to suggest that things are moving forward. There’s the whole spectrum there and all calls are welcome and this is a journey we are all taking together and so it’s a discussion that we welcome having with you together. And Linda, before we move on I just can’t continue tonight without extending to you so much gratitude for your participation and all of your work and dedication to these shows. We started with An Hour With An Angel last year, Heavenly Blessings came on later in the year and you’re such a cornerstone to what we’re doing so I just want to extend to you my appreciation and my love and gratitude and I know that there are so many that echo that, so, thank you.

LD: Oh, thank you. And you know I wouldn’t be doing it without you Graham. I wouldn’t be doing it without you and Suzy and Geoff West and Stephen Cook and Steve Beckow, I mean, we’re a team.

GD: Oh yeah, oh yeah. And Suzy thanks for helping us tonight as you have been right along with the switchboard. Well, before we move forward, Linda it’s been a little while since we’ve had Sanat Kumara on the show and maybe for those who might not be aware, what is the Planetary Logos? What is that role?

LD: That role, Sanat Kumara is, for lack of a better way of putting it, Sanat Kumara is a really big deal in the Universal hierarchy, the realm, the Ascended Masters and being the Planetary Logos is that he is the overseer, the director, the guide for the unfoldment of the Plan of Gaia, of Earth.

GD: And he’s kind of an important figure in all of this.

LD: He is an amazingly important figure and very often we tend to forget about Sanat Kumara, you know he’s big, he’s golden, he’s from Venus, he’s Venusian and of course that implies he is the bringer of love and part of what his role is is the re-anchoring of the Mother’s Plan of Love upon the planet. So he is, and in addition to that, he is the Master responsible for Universal Law. He calls himself, as do many of the Ascended Masters call themselves the “Keepers” rather than the Master and I think that’s a really important distinction that they make with language.

And Universal Law of course is the law. You know we have all kinds of bastardized laws on Earth that aren’t reflections at all of anything to do with justice or fairness or certainly Universal Law, but he is the Keeper and really helps to maintain, in the universal sense, that balance of what’s going on. And I think sometimes when we get really discouraged or disheartened it’s important for us to realize that that Universal Law is still at work and still at play and that things will only be permitted, if I can say that, permitted to go so far without some redress, without some rebalancing. So, yes, Sanat Kumara, SK. Raj, he’s known by a number of names, he’s an important guy to have on our team and an important figure for us to be turning to during this time of such substantial change.

GD: Well how would you like to proceed? I know that you wanted to be available today to share your process and what you’ve been experiencing. I’ll leave it up to you. Do you want to start with a meditation? Do you want to offer some personal reflection and insight?

LD: What I thought we’d do is start with a meditation, then perhaps you and I and Suzy could share what we have or have not experienced and then open up for our callers to express what they’re feeling and if there are particular questions then to have Sanat Kumara be, he’s here, he’s very here, to answer those questions. But because what I got in meditation was that this is something that we, the human collective, are experiencing, this is really something that we are going through together. It’s not something really that the higher realms are experiencing, they’re long past 11-11 and 12-12 and Ascension, so what I was hearing was that it was important for us to share the good news, the bad news, the sort of the neutral news, so that’s what I was thinking of; but first to begin with a meditation…

GD: Sounds wonderful.

LD: And in order to do that I also wanted to talk, I wanted to preface what I’m going to say: When we work with the Council of Love and the 13th Octave, which is that place of Divine Union, we also work with a system of 13 chakras. And what you can think of as the ‘extra’ chakras are very often the multi-dimensional chakras, they contain several rays and energies that we may or may not have thought about or be familiar with. And one of these primary chakras that I’ve had, in the last 48 hours I guess, phenomenal experience with is a chakra that sits on our lower sternum and that’s basically at the base of our rib cage and it’s in-between your heart chakra and your solar plexus. And that chakra is called the Halion chakra. Now many of you know from our discussions about various planets and rays that Halion was once a planet but Halion is also a ray and a color, for lack of a better explanation and it’s a wonderful color that is a mixture, because it is one of those bridge rays and it’s a mixture of mint green, teal, Electra, not electric, but Electra blue which refers to the planet in the Pleiadian sector, which is like a cobalt, turquoisy blue. So it’s a mixture of all these colors and what I channeled and have been told and what we’ve worked with this chakra over the years is that of course it’s a bridge between our higher and lower or upper and lower chakras, but it’s also a bridge out to our star brothers and sisters. When we’re working to connect to our star brothers and sisters this is a chakra that’s really important and you sort of spring it out like a slinky. But what I’ve also learned in the last day or two is that this is very much our chakra for unity. This is one of the chakras in all of us and I don’t care what you’ve experienced or not experienced, this is a chakra that has been fully activated for 12-12 and it’s part of this unification process. So as we do our meditation tonight I’d like us to pay particular attention and for everyone to have a sensation of that chakra because it’s really coming to the forefront now. So, as we begin, if you can just take your hand and put it at the bottom of your rib cage sort of above your solar plexus and below your heart and just relax as we begin.

GD: Great. Thanks Linda.

LD: So let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of brilliant white light, of the brightest white light you’ve ever seen, of sunshine on the snow, or on the water, of the energy of One and turn up that white light. And as you do begin to relax and feel yourself letting go of the day, letting go of the week, and let’s let go of 11-11 and 12-12, December 21st and January 1st, what lies ahead and what lies behind and let’s just be together here right now in this wonderful light of One. And breathe it in, breathe in the petals of the pure white daisy and of the lily, of the white lily and the white rose, of the white flour your grandma used to bake with, of white sheets fluttering on the clothes line.

Open your crown chakra, that soft spot on the baby’s head and feel that connection coming down from the heart of One, down through the Great Central Sun, like a laser beam of white light, white love filling your head, your pituitary, your pineal, the fissures of your brain, down through your neck, your central column around your spine, your throat, your high heart, your heart. Now bring it into your Halion chakra, but let’s keep going down making sure everything is open, down into your solar plexus, your umbilical, your tummy, your sacral, your root, your sexual, your legs, your feet and feel yourself down connecting with the heart of Gaia. Now bring that energy back up, that wonderful white light into your Halion chakra. And maybe you’ve never worked with this chakra before so I want you to think and feel and breathe these wonderful rays of mint green, of that soft green and smell the mint and taste the mint and breathe it in and bring it down to the bottom of your rib cage.

And let’s do the same with teal, that beautiful blue-green and it’s the color of the robes of Our Lady of Guadalupe and it’s the robes that we wore, many of us, for sacred ceremony, on Galatia. Go to the teal that you see on a peacock or even a black bird when it shines in the sun and bring in the teal and feel it merge and join with the mint green.

Now bring in a shot, literally like sparkles of turquoise and then Electra blue, it’s like that neon blue. It’s the blue of Christmas lights, of stars, a variation of Michael’s blue and the Blue Diamond of the Mother. And breathe in that blue and bring it down and feel all of that merging. Now from behind you and in front of you I want you to feel this chakra beginning to spin and open and we’re going to throw in like a thunderbolt of that white light. Let’s do it together; one, two, three, go. Open and feel this chakra opening and as you do, as you look at it with your imagination, with your intuition, with your third or fourth eye, feel that sensation that you are looking into deep space. And feel that sensation that it is reaching out and connecting with every other energy pattern in the universe.

The work that we’re doing with our chakras right now is more important than ever. And I know for many of us it’s back to basics, that there’s a reason for those basics. And this is part of how we connect with the lights and the points of light on our grid, we start with our chakra system. So breathe in that Halion and feel the energy of the Halion engineers as you open your being to them and with them to come and work with you and with all of us to build and create what our hearts desire. And relax. Good.

So Graham, how did 12-12 go for you?

GD: I spent the day just giving myself permission to be really spacious and really let come what needed to come. I did three meditations on the 12:12 markers and they felt good, they felt very similar to what I usually feel with my morning meditations and I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary except the first one I did, I felt dizzy. And throughout the day I felt calm and peaceful. It was a day of relaxation, it was a day of spaciousness, so I hadn’t really felt anything different. How about you?

LD: It was completely blissed-out for me.

GD: Yeah.

LD: And one of the things as I began, I think I mentioned to you that I had set my alarm for midnight because I, for our listeners you don’t know this about me, but I am a 9:00 queen, so I would wake up and have time to be in the space that I wanted to be but my little dog Eliza woke me up about 11:30 and so I started my meditation…but one of the things that hit me as I traveled through the whole night is that although I do a lot of meditation because of the nature of what I do, but it felt wonderful and it felt selfish in the best way, that I was just doing this for me, like this was just my meditation and my experience. Granted I know it was for everybody and everything in the unity consciousness, but it was just delightful.

But I had experiences that I haven’t, well that I haven’t ever had and I guess a couple of highlights…what happened with me is that every couple of hours the Council would wake me up and this is still going on by the way, every couple of hours they are coming in and they are saying “Okay, now build it, amplify it, amplify it, amplify it.” So by the time morning rolled around I was just wild but one of the things that surprised me as I began, I was having real difficulty finding the points of light on my grid, I mean I was looking and trying to locate all my points of light and my lines and my connections. I wasn’t having any luck at all and so that’s what brought me back, I sort of went back to basics and did the chakra meditation and that’s when my Halion chakra just exploded.

GD: Linda, if I could just make a reference here for people who might not know what you’re referring to, these are the points of light that we discussed on An Hour With An Angel last Monday. So if you didn’t catch that show, this is what Linda is referring to…

LD: Yeah, thank you Graham because sometimes people accuse me of talking in code, but there were very specific things that the Universal Mother, the Divine Mother had suggested that we do and connecting all our points of light, connecting all our points of light and our grid and firing our grid then moving into connecting with the grid of Gaia, then connecting with the grid of humanity, and then allowing them to connect with our star brothers and sisters and then connecting with the universe.

So as I got started I was having a really hard time so I did my chakra meditation and then I started to see and to feel that grid. But it wasn’t easy going and it certainly wasn’t as easy as I thought and I think part of that was because our grid and our field has grown so much. So, you know, you’re searching in Nigeria for the edge of your grid; it’s really quite interesting. And then finally when I got it, I felt, the visual they gave me was as if I was staring down at my grid, but it was like I was looking at the Milky Way and the heart, the heart point was really, really bright, not like the sun or the moon, but maybe like Venus.

And so this went on every couple of hours they’d wake me up and bring me along and then toward to morning what I found was that I was Gaia and everything on Gaia was inside of my grid so that I had grown and I had surrounded Gaia as if I was a bubble and Gaia was inside and then there was another bubble around me and that was our star brothers and sisters and then there was another bubble around that and that was the Universal Source energy, the Company of Heaven, however you think of it. But the one thing early this morning, I felt like I’d just been run over by a truck, I mean, I thought “I can’t sustain this level of energy” but then they had me do the meditation again and they bring me back to this sort of a blissful state is the only way I can put it and it’s been so emphatic that we just hold on to it, then grow it, hold on to it, then grow it. And because it’s a process that they’ve asked us to do right through the end of the year, it will be interesting to see how we do this because this sensation of us holding Gaia was really quite different, quite phenomenal for me anyway.

So that was basically…the only other big thing that I experienced and I’m still experiencing is that I thought the energy of the 12-12, of the Unity Portal would come, I would walk through it and I would feel it externally coming to me, into me, and what’s happened with me and I know it’s different for all of us, is that this has been coming from within me and pushing out not from behind me, it feels like somewhere it’s sitting behind my heart, like between my shoulder blades and just pushing out like a dam breaking and just whoosh! right out. And that seems to be expanding as well. So it’s like us connecting rather than the outside connecting with us.

GD: Well, thank you, thank you for sharing all that. I’d like to bring Suzy on as well to share her experiences. Suzy, welcome, hi.

Suzy: Hi Graham, how are you this evening?

GD: Doing great, doing great and I know we have callers lined up and so we certainly want to get to them as well. As we’re thinking about and sharing what went on for us yesterday, what came up for you?

S: Well okay, I’ll just say really quick that I felt a deepening of the meditations and the visions that I’ve already been having for a while and it just felt like there were less lines, okay, I don’t know how to explain it, umm…okay so, this is hard, instead of seeing like a golden cord connecting my heart with everyone else’s heart and into the earth and the planet and above and all that sort of thing, it just felt like one big glowing ball of light, it’s becoming much more simplified for me and I’ve sort of gone in and out of the wave of sometimes I feel like a…I guess yesterday morning I woke up and thought “Well this is not that different and whatever” but then I got, the sun came out for a little while and I got onto the hammock and did a, you know, a more powerful meditation and it was wonderful and amazing and I can’t even remember what happened but it was wonderful and like everyone else is reporting the unity thing is the biggest part and the peace and I just feel like I’m held in a golden…I just feel very safe, I just feel very safe and that everything is going to be okay, so and you know, today is a different day and I have some worries because I had to pay my mortgage but I’m just going to keep the faith, you know.

GD: Well, as you’re talking about that, as you shared that, what occurs to me is that the, as you talked about one big bubble of light, I’m paraphrasing I think, as opposed to perhaps more defined lines, that seems directly in concert with this Unity Portal of bringing us all, us and everything else, all together in an interconnected way of one. And so the lines are probably less defined perhaps.

S: Yeah. I sort of moved from a tapestry where you could tell the weaving into one unit you know.

GD: Suzy you had one question that we were talking about prior to the show which I think is really important to share and thanks in advance for offering to share it because I think it’s on a lot of peoples minds, we may have peace within, we may have seen progress within our hearts and been following the guidance that the Council of Love has been giving us right along in terms of how to go through this Ascension process in a peaceful and gentle way and to stay in the joy and to stay in the love and you’re also finding that you’d like to see something else.

S: Yeah. It would be wonderful to see a tangible, unmistakable event that and not like I need anything to be proven to me, I want the world to change around me. I know this is all an internal process and I’m doing my best, I feel like I’m doing a great job and I want to see, you know I want to see things change on the outer, I want to hear announcements be made about NESARA and whatever else, you know that’s what I really want.

GD: Yeah, well I think that represents a lot of people’s feelings and perhaps Sanat Kumara could speak to that tonight. Well thanks so much to you both for sharing…yeah, yeah, wonderful. Well what do you think Linda, should we bring Sanat Kumara on or should we bring another caller?

LD: Yeah.

GD: Okay, let’s do that.

LD: Because I think that’s a question on a lot of people’s minds.

GD: Sounds good.

SK: Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara.

GD: Well hello, it’s great to have you back.

SK: I have been here you know, but yes, it is my joy and pleasure to join you in this way tonight and I understand your anxiety, your hope, and yes perhaps even a trace of fear or concern or worry that there are not external markers. But I also say to you, my beloved friends, that you are the external markers and I know this is not what you want to hear but you are the most important landmarks of change that is taking place upon the planet. The change does not come from above and when I say above I do not mean the heavenly hosts, I mean government, decision makers, those in authority. Have you positioned some in places of authority that are your star brothers and sisters and universally led? Yes. But the biggest changes are coming from the people, they are coming from the populace and you are seeing remarkable changes. You are seeing subtle disclosure, you are seeing changes in your monetary systems, you are seeing changes and you will see radical changes in your financial systems; the International Monetary Fund is being worked with. Your star brothers and sisters are on the planet, en masse, and more and more, your neighbors, your friends, your local TV stations are capturing these events. So pay attention. Will there be events of global import? Yes. But the biggest event is the changes we are seeing in each of you.

I understand, for our beloved planet of Venus has gone through a process of Ascension long ago. We do not have such a thing as loans or mortgages, death or disease and so what I say to you as Planetary Logos is that these things will come to pass into the deep, dark annals of history. And it is not that I am asking you to wait years or centuries; I am not. But what I am asking of thee is to pay attention to your neighbors, to your community, to what is being talked about, what is being observed, what actions are being taken, because those are the true indicators of change. It is the foundation of the community and the human collective that is shifting and when these, what you think of as institutions realize that there is no foundation any more, they simply collapse. And that allows for the new to emerge, that allows, without panic, well there will be some, but very little, because you are in a new state of consciousness already, you have been for some time. But, and I do not say this ‘but’ as an aside, we have heard your plea, not only I but all of us have heard and received your plea for significant, visible signs of shift. And we will answer.

What you are seeing right now with the completions and the openings of the 11-11 portal, of the 12-12 unification and with the further advance of Ascension, what you are witnessing and participating fully in is the application of the Law of Within and Without, Above and Below. Understand what I say to you. Yes, I could speak all night on the various Laws, but that is not what you have invited me to do. So I restrict my comments to this very simple application, you are changing your governance, your internal governance within your very core and that is reflected externally in what you think of as your outer world. The outer world is changing their governance, how they operate as quickly as you know, but it is changing and that is also being reflected back into you. The plan of above, of the Universal Mother’s Plan is being beamed down into you and it is shifting you in ways that you are aware of, it is not that you do not have any idea, you feel it. You may not feel it consistently and as strongly as you desire but you are feeling it and some of you can feel nothing else but and as that shift is taking place in you, it is transmitting the energy to above and saying “Alright, give us more.”

So what I say to you, not in the way of patting a child on the head and saying being patient, I am saying this is underway, you are in the final throws of birthing the new. Keep going and if you need reinforcement call on me, that is what I am here for, it is what I have always been here for. Go in peace.

GD: Thank you. You offer such great words of wisdom and reminders and for me, as I hear you speak to how will the invitation to look at our neighbors and to reflect on what we’re seeing. I know for me I’m seeing a lot more peaceful behaviors and peaceful attitudes out there and I’m certainly feeling it within, I’m much more peaceful and much more calm that I’ve ever been as I’ve been following this journey or been on this journey and so that’s such an excellent reminder and I appreciate you speaking to that. If I may, and of course you know this so well and I know I join so many in thanking you for your partnership and your assistance as we bring in the New Age. For the single mom who is struggling and who is exhausted and feels that she is meditating and is in her heart and in a place of love and she has a sick child, she feels alone, the bills are mounting, Christmas is coming, she doesn’t have enough money to buy gifts let alone deal with rent and food, 12-12-12 has come and gone, she feels that she didn’t see anything significant, what can you offer this person in the way of hope?

SK: What I offer is my hand, what I offer is the hand of the Mother, what I offer is the sword and shield of Michael. And you say “Yes SK, that’s all very nice but not very practical.” I am asking you to open your heart. No I am not suggesting…you see, when often we will say this to you, there is a defensive mechanism that triggers, that is why many of the Archangels or the Ascended Ones do not talk to you this way, but I am your Logos, I am permitted. I say “open your heart a little more” and you say “but I am already overwhelmed, I do not want to be trampled.” But what happens when you are in a place of desperation and the situation you have just described could not more clearly outline desperation, unless of course she is also ill and stuck in bed. But you know exactly what I am talking about and so when you are in a place of desperation fear is keeping you company, you breathe it, you sleep with it, you even pray with it. This is not a criticism, this is not a judgment, this is simply a fact and it is a fact of the old 3rd realm that has shackled you to that realm for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

So my guidance, my plea is just please open your heart, and yes your Halion, a little more. And I tell you why, it is opening the door to that knock on the door of a neighbor saying “maybe I could help you. I have these gifts that I bought for my nephew but he’s outgrown them. I still think he’s 3 years old and now he’s 20.” You open the door to the miracles. That is what the unity consciousness is about, it is about opening the door of your heart in physical reality, for the potential for your neighbors, for your friends and strangers to help you. Not for some distant government authority to give you two extra dollars because it is Christmas but for the sweetness of community to blossom. If you are desperate, and we understand desperation and despair, that is why we are so eager to eradicate it and at one point we will talk about the Law of Elimination, turn to me, turn to the Mother, she knows what it is, she has many, many children and she tends to them all.

So I guess what I am saying to you my friend, what I am asking of you, is to continue what you have been doing, so magnificently, is to hold the trust and hope knowing you are loved and you deserve, it is your birthright to be taken care of. It isn’t a privilege, it isn’t something that you have to hope for that somebody notices, it is your birthright, so claim it.

GD: Beautiful, thank you. I’d like to bring on some callers, is that okay?

SK: Yes.

GD: Okay, for callers in the queue, we don’t have a lot of time left so I just invite you to be as succinct as you can with your comments or questions and I’m going to try to facilitate this so everyone gets a chance. I might not be successful but let’s give it a shot. So we’ll start with Ana from Arizona, welcome.

Ana: Oh, hi everybody.

GD: Hi, hi, what’s your comment or question tonight?

Ana: Well I must be going through something really, really, really big because I’ve been in bed a lot and sleeping a lot. I’m curious, my brain is curious, is this a … am I … one of the three rolls that Linda talks about of first wave wayshower or a pillar or a gatekeeper or what is the purpose of all my exhaustion?

LD: Ana this is Linda and I have to tell you that whether you are a pillar or a wayshower or a gatekeeper or just, you know, one of us who are sliding into home base, we are sleeping a lot, we are just exhausted. So it’s like, not in the same way that we talked about months ago about riding the troughs and waves, but boy we are sleeping. And one of the things that the Council is telling us is that we’re sleeping because we’re doing so much work that they’re knocking us out because when we’re asleep, when we’re in bed, when we’re resting, they can just get so much more done. So if you’re in a position at all to take advantage of the rest, please do so and don’t judge it.

Ana: Yeah, I’ve really set my life up where I can have a lot of freedom. So I’m really happy to hear I’m …… a lot.

LD: Oh yeah, you sure are. If you’re exhausted, sleep because you’re really doing something big while you’re sleeping.

GD: Ana, I’m going to go on and move on to other callers. It was a really great question, thanks for your call tonight.

Ana: Okay, thank you Graham.

GD: I appreciate you speaking to that Linda, boy I’ve been feeling a lot of exhaustion too and certainly a lot of other folks have too. Mary Ann from Miami, welcome, what’s your comment or question tonight?

Mary Ann: Oh hello and thank you for your wonderful show. I don’t know where I read this but I read something about the veils thinning even more or coming up and I was wondering if that was coming in with the 12-12 or is that more the 12-21? I did the 3 meditations like you did Graham and I was going to go spend the day in my garden because down here in Miami it’s like 80° but I was so exhausted I never made it out much.

SK: I AM Sanat Kumara and yes I hear this theme of exhaustion. My beloved ones, do not worry, you are exhausted because you are incorporating more light, more love and the bigness of your field is growing incrementally. It was not coincidental that the channel shared with you that she was embracing Gaia and everything upon it, and that is pretty much what every one of you are doing. Now, let us be very clear about this, the veil is gone, the veil is lifted, it is eliminated. If you are not seeing fully and completely it is simply the residual patterning of your belief systems, of what you have been accustomed to. So let your eyes more and more see the miracles of what is around you. The veils have been lifted, disintegrated, removed, allow your eyes to go out of focus, go lazy, look beyond, stare at something until you see the aura, until you see the energy truly that is emanating, let it come, it is there already.

GD: Mary Ann, thanks so much for your call tonight.

Mary Ann: Thank you.

GD: Okay, Sherry from Kansas City, welcome.

Sherry: Hi, oh great. Boy, ups and downs and just way highs and exhaustion but that’s not my question. About two days prior to the 12-12 I had this incredible vision come to me like right before, I was awake but still asleep, and one of them was a diamond shape, gold encrusted, with V’s with a bright blue stone and the other that was really incredible was, it was like two lines of ticker tape downloads coming across my third eye, one with red like straight lines but hieroglyphics and one with green flashing…..

SK: Many of you will be experiencing the ticker tape parade across your third eye and you can even ask your friends to read your ticker tape as it is flowing by them. If they allow themselves to go into the altered state they will be able to see. But it is a download and it is a download that is particular to you, to your mission, to your purpose, and to your restructuring of your grid, your DNA, and your Shift into the higher realities and dimensions. So that is the first thing; the V dear heart is the V for victory and I would like to say to you that it is my gold that you are seeing.

Sherry: Oh yeah. I was just wondering what the blue diamond, because the gold…

SK: It is the Blue Diamond of the Mother, it is the Blue Diamond of the Divine Mother, it is her essence and it is her letting you know that she is with you and helping you.

Sherry: Yeah. I hadn’t heard anybody have that so I was like wow…

SK: No, it is unique to you.

Sherry: Okay and thanks, I felt her heart beat about 4am and blissed out and I couldn’t sleep though. I went out in the afternoon and just like whew, you know way shot up in the air kind of thing, but now back into my really nice place, so…

SK: …and amplifying it, each of you continue to amplify. This is the beginning, it is not simply one day, it is the beginning of the opening of this portal so you have need to continue and continue and continue until you say “I can’t take any more” and then we will give you some more.

GD: Beautiful. Sanat Kumara, do you have any closing comments for us tonight?

SK: Yes. I am asking you, I am guiding you, and I am with you during this time of change, during this time of Shift. It is not simply a day. You are incorporating the energies that you have been waiting for, praying for and that we have been waiting for and hoping, yes we know hope, that you would incorporate and accept. We are here to help, to assist, not to do it for you, for we will not interfere with your free will but if you ask for a helping hand or thousands of helping hands then it is available to you. But continue to grow the energy, do not stop the meditations, allow them to grow and rest when you can. This is your mission. Focus on each other, on your family, on your friends, on your next door neighbors, on your community and look for the changes there because that is where it counts.

GD: Wonderful. Thank you so much.

SK: Go with my love and go remembering the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon