A beautiful and heart-provoking article by Steve Beckow, of the 2012 scenario.
I mentioned a short while ago that few days capture the world’s attention, But when one comes along – like 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 – I think they should be used to the fullest. I’d imagine that never in human history have so many people been focused together on the same day as they are today.

If Ascension happens on 21/12/12 (and it may not; I really have no direct line to God myself to say with absolute certainty what will happen on that day), then none of us will be watching blogs like this that day anyways. So 12/12/12 is perhaps the day on which we’re most likely to be looking outward – and inward – together. And so I’d like to use this occasion to address you as a family, as one world, as the human collective.

And what else is there to address us on than we appear to need to do as a world, as a planet, as a collective to have our common situation work out and to build a world that works for everyone, with no one left out?

What could it be that we may need to birth today to realize the New World that we seek?

I come from the point of view that everything in this world is God. There is nothing here and nothing not here that is not God. If I’m right, can it not be safely said that we too also must be God?

Therefore, if something is wrong in our world, is it not wrong because something godlike in us is obscured? God is perfect, is that not so? If perfection is lacking, is it not that there is some obstruction, some obscuring circumstance, some blockage that prevents us from acting like God?

And these veils or obstacles that exist cannot come from God because God is perfect. They have to come from us, is that not reasonably accurate?

They also cannot be said to be divine qualities, because divine qualities point to and lead to love and I personally cannot conceive of love as leading to regrettable circumstances such as have plagued our world up till now.

Unfortunately we cannot simply wave a wand and say “Let there be love.” Well, we can, but it may not lead to there being love everywhere, eternally. More seems to be required.

Our vasanas, or reaction patterns from the past, spur us on to words and deeds that are anything but divine and when our vasanas blow, they really blow. Seemingly we cannot stop our vasanas from exploding like sleeping volcanoes. So what to do?

The answer to the situation with vasanas, the answer to our situation with anything unworkable, anything unloving, is to resolve within ourselves not to act upon what the part of us says that is not coming from love.

When information comes to us, we perceive it, then name it, then think about it, then react emotionally to it, and then act on it. If we resolve within ourselves not to act upon whatever is unloving, whatever is harmful, we cut the chain reaction and don’t inflict on the world one more act that contributes to its unworkability.

That action may be what we say or what we do, but somehow, we as a world have to stop the chain of multiplying unworkability. And resolving not to do another harmful act, and holding to that resolve no matter, what is one thing that lies within our power to do and can be done both immediately and finally.

If you think of it, we mostly notice only unworkability. When this table creaks, I notice it. When my computer slows down or stops, I fix it. When the baby cries, the mother runs to it. When anything stops working, it enters our field of awareness fairly immediately.

But when we ourselves don’t work, when we ourselves contribute to the world’s problems, a mechanism that we seldom notice (and then only fleetingly) kicks in – a self-serving mechanism that hides from our view the fact that we’re about to do something harmful.

But now that needs to stop. We need to listen to a second mechanism that warns us when we’re about to do something unloving or harmful – that still, small voice of conscience, which grows and commands ever more attention the more we listen to it and fades away the less we listen to it.

As a society, as a world, we need to resolve for ourselves as individuals not to do another harmful act and then we need to stand by that resolution. And when we break it, we need to make it again and stand by it.

If I had one thing to say to the world on the one day when the greatest number might be listening, this is what I’d say. Cease from unloving and harmful actions. Do only loving and harmless actions. Make only that one resolve and watch the world take one giant step towards a world that works, a world that we must have now if we’re to take the next step for humanity.