This channel has asked me to speak about the quality of generosity and it is truly a 7th dimensional quality; it is part of the Christ Consciousness but it is also part of your heart, of your DNA, of your construction and fiber and essence.

Greetings, I AM Francis, I AM St. Francis and you can call me Frank. Welcome, welcome my beloved, joyous friends. Yes, Archangel Gabriel, our beloved Gabrielle, Sanat Kumara, Yahweh, they all bring you the gift of joy this day, they all bring you the gift of gratitude. But I am honored and pleased to be the one to step forward during this season of celebration. There is so much to celebrate; Solstice, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Ascension and that is just the beginning of the list; that restricts it to events. But truly what is to be celebrated is your existence. My dear friends, we celebrate and give enormous gratitude for your existence and partnership upon the Earth, upon this beautiful Terra Gaia at this time. We give gratitude to the kingdoms, to the unseen forces – well we see them, you don’t, well some of you do – that are with you and that are becoming more and more and more attuned and aware of.

Give gratitude for the air you breathe, the water you drink, the experiences you have, and I include in that experiences that you have judged as difficult, as trying, as depressive, as unfair, because they have taught you so much. And perhaps it is just that it has taught you what you truly deserve and what you desire to create and that what you desire to create has no element of pain or suffering or sorrow within it. And for the human collective to learn this is a quantum leap and shift.

This channel has asked me to speak about the quality of generosity and it is truly a 7th dimensional quality; it is part of the Christ Consciousness but it is also part of your heart, of your DNA, of your construction and fiber and essence. Generosity is a partner or a twin to compassion, not gratitude, although when generosity is expressed to you you often will give gratitude. But in fact, it is closer allied with compassion and it is the ability to extend one’s self, one’s heart, one’s mind, one’s being, one’s physicality and it can go on to one’s community, one’s nation. It is the ability to give selflessly; it is the ability to give and to extend one’s self without desire or expectation of recompense. So there are very few nations, for example, that truly practice generosity because they will extend aide or help, but it is always tied economically, it is always tied to political agreements, it is always tied to the benefit of the giver.

Now the benefit to the one who practices in their heart, in their life, and in their being, the one that practices generosity, the one that extends themselves selflessly, generosity is its own reward. So, it does not come with an expectation that there is any return. The return that is received is the joy and the sense of rightness, of balance that is coming from within, and then the blessings that are bestowed upon the individual from above, because generosity on our side is greatly, greatly valued.

Many of you think in terms of generosity, in terms of money, power, or goods. That is only part of it and it is such a small part that is not what I wish to address. Generosity is when you extend yourself. Compassion is when you send energy, when you understand the situation, the needs, the dilemma, the evolution, the journey, of another. You do not try and insert yourself into their situation, you hold space. But generosity is literally when you infuse your energy, your being into that person’s heart, situation, environment and it is done quietly, calmly, and very often anonymously. Generosity is a form of healing, but it is a form of healing that is practiced by everyone. Yes, it is true, at this time there are very few consistently generous souls upon the planet. That does not mean that there are not acts of generosity from time to time, but that is how the individual tends to think of it, as an act rather than a state of being. And let me also share, generosity is that rose-gold, it is that pink-gold of Gabriel, it is the pink-gold that sweet Marianne speaks of so often, it is akin to grace because within grace is generosity.

So you say to me “Francis, Frank, why are you talking about this today during this time of Thanksgiving, during this time of expression of joy, of celebration, and of gratitude?” Because I am asking each of you to expand into the truth of your 7th dimensional self, into the highest realm of who you are. You are already well underway with your Ascension, so that is not something we need to really even discuss. What I am asking of you is to open your hearts and to be the embodiment of generosity, to be the extension of love on Earth, acknowledging it is about your being, it is not about money.

You know that when I left my father’s home, well they weren’t very pleased with me and particularly, initially, although my family had enormous wealth, they cut me off. So I moved to the countryside because that is where I was missioned to go; it was the choice that I made for my journey. And first we lived in dilapidated, old churches that had been abandoned and bit by bit we would reconstruct and we would have the help of the kingdoms, of the elements, and what we knew was that Gaia and the land would support us because her heart is infinitely generous. So it was not simply the generosity of Mother/Father/One that allowed myself and then the community to grow, to thrive, to become; it was the generosity of Gaia, the animals, of the plants, the plants that willingly gave up their life to feed us.

It taught us, yes of course we were still learning, it taught us so much about what is possible in the sharing. And so when one would come to join us they would be joyously welcomed, generously supplied. And if it was just a mendicant or a family passing through, the generosity, the taking care was always extended and then we gave gratitude for the ability to be generous, not with things but with our souls, with our smiles, with our song, sharing whatever we had. It is a quality that in so many of the earthly cultures currently have been lost.

And so I’m asking you in this time of great awakening to remember this and to embrace your sacred, generous self. And what is the first assignment that I give you, my beloved ones? It is the request that you be generous with yourself, with your beloved sacred self. Generosity does not judge; generosity does not seek reciprocity; generosity simply extends and allows and is. Can you do this to your own being? Yes, your expression ‘warts and all’. Generosity is healing because it allows you to see, in every realm, how deeply you are cared for, how rich you truly are. So during this time of gratitude I ask you also to add generosity. Give of yourself and receive unto your sacred self the balance that allows the continuity of energy to grow, to shift, to change. When you hang on too tight it stops the flow, whether it is of love, vegetables, roofing materials, money. Stop holding on so tight. Be generous with yourself and with your brothers and sisters of Gaia.

Go with my love and go, my beloved friends, in peace and laughter, in play. Go and play with the buttercups, the birds, the snow and the wind. I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-17-12