So it is tricky because the depression, we won’t even say anchors, it acts as ballast, it acts as a clamp, a bondage of your very soul to the old reality of illusion. So we will talk about food and drink and what can assist your form in holding a vibration that is of joy, that is of wholeness.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening. It’s a pleasure to be with you tonight, I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Archangel Raphael and if you’d like to join us in the discussion you can call 323-784-9697, press #1 and Suzanne will do her best to get you in to the discussion. We’re glad to have you; it’s quite a topic tonight. Hi Linda, welcome.

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham, hi everybody, it’s good to be here. Yes, we have chosen a very fiery, controversial subject tonight; well we haven’t chosen it, Archangel Raphael has chosen it for us and as he indicated in the information that we forwarded out before the show is that he said that “Depression is the soul’s cry for freedom”. And I don’t know, that just, you know resonated would be too mild a word, it really struck a very, very deep cord inside of me and you know last week of course we talked with St. Germaine and talked about torching things and freedom and this just, in some ways, feels like the next logical step, next spiritual step…

GD: the time where it can be really challenging for folks, the holidays, you know we often hear…we have less light in many parts of the world as winter settles in and people often connect that to Seasonal Affective Disorder, coming upon the new year and this is independent of the Shift and global changes, what we’ve been talking around Ascension. The new year when people reevaluate where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing, life reviews which is happening anyway and you add all of that to the significant earth changes that are happening where the old paradigm is changing and is changing rapidly and stepping into the unknown can be anxiety provoking and so, depression, anxiety, it’s certainly a relevant topic for tonight.

LD: Yes, and I’m hearing in my private sessions from a lot of people who are experiencing depression, who have never really experienced depression or what I use as high anxiety before but I do know it’s part of the Shift and it’s part of what we’re dealing with plus, as you say, it’s also part of that time of year, that cycle in our year where many of us are examining “okay, what did I accomplish this year?” or “ how am I feeling about what’s just transpired?” or “what’s coming up?” or “where are the signs of what’s coming up?”, “Am I ready for Ascension?” And so often on our show we talk about the very light things and the joyful things and the need for joy and to be in the love, but I think we also have to make room, and that’s why I’m hoping a lot of people will call in tonight, we need to make room to talk heart to heart about how we’re really feeling and the struggles we’re facing because somehow even by talking about it and coming together in this way as our community, I think it helps, I know Archangel Raphael will help so, yeah…

GD: I really appreciate what you say Linda and this is the opportunity for us to come together, a willingness to be vulnerable, a willingness to share while our own journeys are very unique and different, we are a human family, part of a larger multiverse family, but we’re experiencing a lot of the same things and it really does help to share and to connect and to talk about “hey, how are you doing and how are you dealing with that?” and just to share and so I really appreciate tonight’s topic and we’ll see where we go and folks you heard Linda’s invitation, you heard mine, we encourage you to call in and feel free to share and ask your questions if you feel inspired to do that or you can sit back and listen and take it in. So we’re happy you’re all with us tonight. Linda, I never get a chance to thank you for the meditations that you do at the start of these shows because it goes right into a channeling and it feels like it would be interrupting that process and flow and I want to let you know and I know there’s so many out there too that I really value, we really value the meditations you offer and so thank you for that. So, I’m thanking you in advance and I’m covering future shows and past shows as well.

LD: You’re welcome. It’s a blanket and it will do for a long time.

GD: Do you want to start us…alright it’s a deal.

LD: So, shall we begin?

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Okay. So, in honor of Archangel Raphael tonight we’re going to work with the emerald green and it’s that really beautiful deep emerald green, it’s a dark green but it’s got that bluish tone rather than just the yellowish tone. So I want you to relax deep into your seat, into your chair, into the carpet or the floor or your bed, wherever you’re sitting and let’s start tonight by just wrapping your arms around you, either by your shoulders or across your chest and give yourself a hug, love yourself up. And green is the ray and the color and the vibration of the heart chakra. It’s the color of love. So let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of emerald, in through your nose and bringing it down on the out breath sinking into your heart, letting go of the day, letting go of the week. And just allowing yourself to be.

But also tonight to feel, to give yourself permission to feel whatever it is, however it is and if there is any emotion, any feeling that you feel that you’ve been tapping down, just allow it to flow, not judging it, not holding onto it, just letting it flow. Make sure your crown chakra is open, this wonderful white light from the heart of Mother/Father/One is streaming down and it’s intersecting with the green light, with the emerald, as you breathe in and they’re both traveling into your heart, expanding your heart, relaxing your heart. Deeper and deeper. Your heart is the engine, not only of your body but of your being and your heart chakra, the love, has the ability to bring forth, to magnetize and then to bring to you an electrical current, what you desire through the stillpoint. Just sit in your heart as we begin.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I AM Archangel Raphael.

GD: Welcome.

AAR: And welcome to you sweet friend and I thank you and I honor you for having me this night. You know that I am the Healer, not only of the multiverse, of this planet, of this beautiful planet Gaia, but of the collective of humanity. And my dear hearts, what this means is each and every one of you. It is not a task, it is not a job, it is my service and my joy.

I see that many of you, as you move forward in your spiritual journey, in this journey of change, of growth, of becoming, are also feeling the densities and the excitement. But tonight we speak of the densities, of letting go, of letting go of the old emotional baggage, debris, experience that has been associated with the old 3rd dimension. And it is coming to the forefront, yes it is part of your making peace with the 3rd, but it is coming to the forefront for acknowledgement, for embrace, for love, for release.

Depression has many sources but it always emanates from the kernel of feeling lack and it is lack of love, lack of self worth, lack of willingness and when I say lack of willingness I do not mean that you are not willing to change. It is more severe than that. What happens, depending on the severity of the depression, is that it is a lack of willingness to engage, it is a lack of willingness to participate in movement and as you know, the movement is necessary for the release.

Yes I have said through this channel, it is your soul’s very cry, it is your plea for freedom, and it is a call in the dark and desperation for help. That is why I am here. There are a million reasons, a million and two situations that you feel, and I speak to each of you who are out there, who feel that there are situations that cause this depression. But that is only the structure, the housing that you have put around this emotional, mental, belief system, this experience that you are not loved.

And then in many ways, that we in our sacred partnership, in our union that can never be violated, it is your feeling that we have not kept our promise, that we have not honored what you would say is our side of the deal. So it is tricky, is it not? because the depression, we won’t even say anchors, it acts as ballast, it acts as a clamp, a bondage of your very soul to the old reality of illusion.

I wish to assist you, all of you, not only in letting it go but in healing this very far to common condition, not in a way ever, my beloved, that is dismissive but in a way that is honoring of you and your journey, but that allows you once and for all to relinquish this ball and chain.

Now there is an attendant dysfunction that many of you are also experiencing, of anxiousness, of what I am referring to as high anxiety. And I want to be clear as well, especially with the high anxiety, but with the depression that many of you are feeling these things, experiencing these conditions, this state of being, who have never in your life been either depressive or anxious and yet all of a sudden you are feeling this and you do not understand where it is coming from, where it is leading, what it is doing, and how it is serving. Well, let me be very clear to you, it is not serving anything.

So do not think, do not feel, do not believe, as we begin this night that you have need to cling to this because in some ways it is serving. Even if you believe, and some of you are, serving the collective of humanity to help with this release, then let the service be right now. I do not wish you to carry this burden one day longer.

The depression, the high anxiety, they are like opposite ends of the same fulcrum. So there is sleeplessness and there is wanting to do nothing but sleep, there is lethargy and there is so much energy that you feel that you are coming out of your skin, there is the anxiety that you are not doing enough and therefore you are running hither and yon and then there is the feeling that you are so exhausted that you do not have the energy to even make your bed, let alone conquer the world. There is a range of experiences, and they are unique to you, but they are not precious to you. They do not need, there is no requirement, it has never been part of the Mother’s Universal Plan of unfoldment that these situations, these sensations, these emotions sit within you.

So I am asking you, respectfully, to allow me to heal these with you, not for you, but with you this night and to also give you tools, methods, strategies that you may share and use should this ever rear it’s head again. And I am going to be the practical Archangel; do you notice, my friends, so often when I am depicted that I am carrying a vial of sacred water, of elixir?

So we will talk about food and drink and what can assist your form in holding a vibration that is of joy, that is of wholeness. So, let us begin. I will give you several exercises as we answer the questions. How does that sound to you, dear Graham?

GD: That sounds terrific.

AAR: Then let us start.

GD: A number of people are likely thinking about anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication that they are currently taking and oftentimes we hear the questions about drugs and medical assistance, particularly western medicine, how that is impacting one’s ability to ascend and of course in the higher dimensions depression and anxiety doesn’t exist and so these symptoms, these experiences will fall away eventually, but in the mean time can you speak to the use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, please?

AAR: Yes, I can and I will and first of all yes, you know I am the Healer of the Universe, I have many helpers and some of those helpers, some of those healers are even western medicine doctors. So let us not throw out the baby with the bath water but let us speak of what you think of as medication, as drugs, as forms of assistance that has been given and that I would call in many ways poison.

No, I do not say this to be melodramatic, I simply say it to put it in the proper category of understanding. Now, I am not saying, my sweet friends, to run to your bathrooms and to throw away your medications. What I am asking you, with me in this moment, and yes let us lean on my brother St. Germaine, let us torch the very heavy judgment that you and so many, particularly lightworkers, carry around this issue of medication whether it is heart medication, whether it is for epilepsy, whether it is for pain, whether it is for release or holding of depression.

My only objection to some of these medications is that it masks for you what is going on. Now if it is helping you get out of bed then I say “go ahead and take it.” If it is making you numb then I ask you please reevaluate but the first step in discussion of medication is to throw away and torch the judgment.

Then when you are taking the medication and it seems that all of us have spoken of this and yet it is still not transpiring, perhaps we do not speak strongly or clearly enough. There is nothing whether it is medication, water, food, supplements that you put into your body, bring into your sacred vessel and into your field that you do not hold for a moment and bless, love, and transmute. And I am not talking about a sacred ceremony that lasts tem minutes or ten hours, I am talking about a moment of gratitude, of love, of honoring, and of transmutation because even when you believe that you are taking something that is a manufactured chemical, it still began it’s essence on Gaia and if you connect the essence of that medication to the essence of Gaia it will give you what you need and it will remove what you do not need, what you tend to think of as harmful side effects.

So be very prudent in what you are taking. But if you are also taking medication for depression, for mania, for high anxiety, for the topics that we are discussing tonight, they have a human requirement and my deepest request that it be accompanied by adequate supplementation. And you say to me “Raphael, what do you mean by this?” I mean food and water.

Are you programming your water so that your water is completely filled with the joy that will wash away the depression? Are you programming the water that it is filled and instilled with calm and the ability to embrace change so that the anxiety is lessened? Are you eating green, my beloved friends? Green is not simply adhering to vegetarian diet, green is essential to Ascension; green is essential to your health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Green is the vibration of recalibration, rejuvenation, of reconstruction; it is the vibration of love.

The other thing that is necessary in your food groupings if you are depressed or with anxiety is red, from deep pink to deep red because your tendency is to not be in your body. Even when you are aching from depression or you feel that you are coming out of your skin, the tendency is to not be anchored either in your body or in the heart of Gaia. The red is going to build that connection of being anchored in your body and build your life force and vitality. So if it is tomatoes, radishes, cranberries, cranberry juice, anything, strawberries, strawberry ice cream, do not judge it, enjoy it.

So it is not just to bless the medication, it is also to support your structure so that it can handle the transmutation and assist you in getting off the medication.

GD: Such practical guidance, thank you very much. And I wanted to make a reference, just to go back to how you spoke to St. Germaine and torching, cleansing, using the Violet Flame, for those listening if you have questions around what that’s all about, I encourage you to refer to last weeks show where we discussed at length the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence.

There are a couple callers I want to bring on Archangel Raphael, and thank you again for being with us. I do want to ask just one question among many of course, we could spend hours on this topic, there are a lot of people out there that are feeling really helpless, they’re feeling like they’re struggling, to your point it’s hard to make the bed and so the idea of getting to a place of feeling empowered, we are very powerful beings and we forget that, we’re not taught that and I think you said on previous shows that we can heal instantaneously…

AAR: That is correct.

GD: …by our thoughts, by our feelings, but for some who had been experiencing depression or anxiety and the struggles and challenges associated with these experiences, the idea of instantaneous transmutation seems impossible. Can you speak to that please?

AAR: Yes and I also want to preface what I say because when I speak of instantaneous healing, instantaneous transmutation, what it does for many, particularly if you are anxious or depressed, you say “Well there’s another area where I am failing; there is another area where I am not competent” “Why am I not healing instantaneously?”

So is it possible? Yes and that is a huge part of what I wish to accomplish with many of you tonight. But healing can take time but it takes time because the human idea, belief system, is trapped in that span of time to recover. So, ‘I have been depressed for years, I have been struggling and I have been praying and I have been asking and I am not feeling better so, of course I am not going to feel better in five minutes.’ It is subtle and it is insidious and it is also very defeating when I say this because then you say “Then I’m not accomplishing this.” But my beloved friends, you can and I can with you.

What is the requirement? What is that magic formula that assists you in that spontaneous healing? It is permission and it is a deep desire and willingness to let go, it is a recognition that you are Creator Race. That is why you are on Earth, that is why you are here at this time, this magnificent time of unfoldment. So let us suggest that it is possible; let us just plant the seed that it is possible because one of the qualities of depression is that there is a tendency to give up hope, there is a tendency to be in overwhelm.

So I am asking you, I am pleading with you, can you allow me to simply plant that seed of hope, of awareness, which I am doing right now within each of you? I do this, not because I think you are not capable of healing yourself, of shifting, of ascending, I do this because I love you, not as the collective of humanity, I love each and every one of you. And it is my service and my desire and the reward that I seek is that you know and feel my love; that we share this love, because that is what the balance is. I do not want you to suffer alone in the darkness any longer. So I plead with you to let me in.

GD: Terrific and just to emphasize what you are saying, it’s a free will experience here on Earth and we have as individuals here on Earth plenty of guides and angels to assist every one of us, but they cannot help unless we ask them.

AAR: That is correct.

GD: Right, right, so folks, ask for help, it’s okay to ask for help. I’d like to bring on Sharon of southern California. Sharon, welcome to the show, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Sharon: Thank you for taking my call. This is an honor.

GD: Absolutely.

Sharon: My question is “I find myself often at both ends of the spectrum, sometimes my joy is abundant but then other times I find myself in a place of isolation, doing a hermitage kind of thing and then having a hard time finding my way out of that. And I will happily take whatever you can give me…..”

AAR: Sweet angel of light, yes you know where you are headed and you are targeted for the joy, for the hope, for the trust and in that, through that, into the creation and co-creation of what you truly desire. But then what you feel, it is like the pendulum is it not? and then it swings back, and we are not talking in psychiatric terms of cycling, let me be very clear about that, it is simply the pendulum, because you are moving in between dimensions and realities as well.

Yes, every single person listening to this show tonight or archive is moving between the dimensions. And when you come back to the 3rd, that is often when you find the depression biting at your heals and then you do go into what you call hermit mode. Now let me suggest to you there is nothing amiss about being a hermit, but it is not a time upon the planet when being a hermit is producing what you want and being a hermit because you are depressed will never produce what you want.

So dear Sharon, I wish for you to be my example as I walk our listeners through this. I want you to feel your entire body and I want you to locate, because it is not just in your outer fields because it is transmuted into your physical form, where in your body do you feel your depression? And I don’t mean that I feel that I have a headache, although it may be that, I feel a stomach ache, I feel lethargy, find out and help me and every listener, where on your body, on your leg, on your breast, on your tummy, on your shoulders, where have you stored this quality of depression? The old rules of ‘I have stored it in this chakra or that organ’ no longer fully applies. So can you tell me, my beloved one, where have you stored your depression?

GD: Well it looks like our caller is not with us any more so that’s an open question for people to reflect upon.

AAR: And then I will continue because I want them to know this. Say you have stored it on the ring finger of your right hand. Hold that, hold that spot and simply feel my Emerald Flame, right now, burning it away. It is a cool sensation, my flame does not burn hot, it is a cooling, little tingling sensation. Allow me to remove it and allow me to remove it and I will be working in your emotional, mental field as well, but let me remove it from your body right now. I offer this to all of you. Yes I am pleased to take the next caller.

GD: Thank you very much. Kathy of New Mexico welcome, what’s your question or comment tonight.

Kathy: Yes, I am so honored to be able to talk to you, Archangel Raphael. I’ve been on anti-depressants for twenty years and I got off of them last May, but since June I’ve still been struggling with depression and high anxiety and I’ve tried so many different things and I still struggle with lack of interest and enthusiasm and doubt and I used to really feel I could manifest working with the Abraham-Hicks works and now I have so many doubts and I just want to get back to feeling good again.

AAR: Can you use my Emerald Flame? Can you accept the gift of joy?

Kathy: I really want to so badly.

AAR: Let us transfer that from ‘I want’ to ‘I do’.

Kathy: I do.

AAR: When you see a doubt, when you feel a doubt, because there are many floating around you, and this is very common and it is particularly prevalent during this time when you are shifting, when your entire community is shifting into the unknown, yes we have given you many visions, much information about what is transpiring, but we also know it is a walk of faith. So of course doubts are raising their heads but, dear heart, do not let these doubts be about you.

Can we transfer them? Because immediately what you can do is if you have doubts that are external to you, you can blow them away, quite literally, as if you are the west wind. See the doubts as puffy white clouds and simply send them with your west wind breath, send them, send them to me, I will dissipate them. But as they empty out, as you externalize them, look at them, thank them and wave goodbye.

If necessary sweet angel, do not say “I will never take the medication.” I have given you ways in which you can transform but you also, and this is true of many of you, you need more protein. I am not suggesting that you go out and harvest a cow, that would not be of love; but you need more protein, so when you are eating all of the green that I am suggesting and the red, please insure that there is adequate protein. What we know to be true and what your science does not quite know yet, is there is also a tendency with depression and anxiety to excrete unusual amounts of protein. So you need more.

Kathy: I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last four months because it’s been hard to eat with anxiety, too.

AAR: Yes, so begin what I am saying. Also I suggest strongly again, blue-green algae because the spiral content of that supplement will help enormously.

GD: Kathy, thank you so much for your call, blessings to you.

Kathy: Thank you.

GD: I really identify with what you’re saying Archangel Raphael, I’ve had a daily practice now of handing doubt over to the universe and it’s really melted away where I don’t feel, there’s discernment, there’s questioning, but in terms of overall arching doubt that’s really melted away so handing it over has a lot of power. I’d like to bring on Muriel(sp?) of Nevada City. Welcome, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Muriel: Hi, can you hear me?

GD: Yes, sure can, welcome.

Muriel: Thank you. I missed a little piece of the program but what I’m calling about is not so much depression, it’s more something that Archangel Raphael spoke of which is about ‘asking, asking for help.’ And I do this on a regular basis, it’s kind of…I don’t seem to be receiving the responses at all and that makes me not anxious so much, not really depressed but just a bit
hopeless. I do ask and I understand that is the first step and I do have difficulty receiving and I’m just wondering if the help that I ask for, whether it’s with physical pain or frustration or lack of joy isn’t because of that, because of my difficulty opening, being vulnerable?

GD: Great question.

AAR: You have already answered, sweet angel, your question because it begins by asking, because what you are really doing, that is a heart and soul-felt plea for help. But now we need to go deeper and it is a very common, it is a good question because it is a tendency that has been shared because, as I have said earlier, the issue so often with depression and anxiety is the lack of self worth. And what happens when there is a lack of self worth, there is an inability to receive. You, as many lightworkers, are stellar at giving, you give and you give and you give but you almost cripple yourself, quite literally and it is sad, because you cannot open your hands and receive.

Muriel: And that’s what I’ve asked for help with.

AAR: You receive and then you can’t hold on because you think that there is an issue of selfishness. And that is not so. Now I am instilling my Emerald Flame right now into each of your thumbs and your heart. All I am asking is for you to say ‘yes’.

Muriel: How can I say yes on a deeper level than I have because I do say yes that I’m aware of and yet things do not seem to be shifting, I do not seem to be able to receive, still?

AAR: Go deeper and deeper, not only into your heart but go in your field, you know the layers, but even if you do not know the layers, as I speak to the broader audience, just put your hands out to about a foot or two outside your body, locate where you have put that refusal to receive, where you have put that “I can’t say yes” and hold it. And in that place, hand it to me and in that place of refusal let me put my brilliant flame so that it is not in your field or in your body at all. You have stored it in your hands but there are others who have stored it in their shoulders, in their necks and very often about six inches outside the body. So for example, if it is you are locating it, your refusal, in your hips, your right hip, then go six inches out from your body and feel that energy and release that too. I will help you and I will help you right now and I will help you tomorrow and I will help you every single day.

GD: Muriel, thanks so much for your call tonight. I want to try to get to other callers.

Muriel: Okay, thank you so much.

AAR: Be blessed my child.

Muriel: Thank you, I am.

GD: Okay, Alex from Pennsylvania, welcome, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Alex: Thanks for having me on, I really appreciated hearing some of the things he was talking about medications earlier and I just wanted to know how I can best approach close friends of mine who are taking medication for depression and things of that nature and approach them with information about this, whether or not they have a little bit of knowledge about the Shift or no knowledge at all, what would be a good way to start off a conversation like that?

AAR: Whether they have knowledge about the Shift or not doesn’t matter, I do not say it is inconsequential, but you start where you can. The practice, in all cultures, not religions, cultures, of blessing and giving thanks for food, for the birth of a child, for a windfall, is very common. So where you can begin with your friends is: ‘You know I’ve heard of this idea about blessing not only our food or our water”, and there are many physical evidences within your realm about the water and what happens to the transmutation. So say “Have you thought of really blessing and thanking the medications that you are taking?” And I say this to not only those who are dealing with depression, and notice I am not saying ‘suffering’ because my idea, my mission, my purpose is to eliminate suffering.

Do it on your parents who are on far too many medications. First begin with having them bless it; they will start to feel better immediately. Then say, have you thought of being able to cut back because this medication is so refined and so helpful, perhaps you do not need so much. Are you supporting it with other methodologies, with other strategies? Have you thought of simply asking the universe, the kingdoms, Gaia, the sun, the moon, the stars, your star brothers and sisters, have you thought of asking for help? Then the tears will come because that is when the issue of deservingness and worth emerges. Allow the tears to come; they are cleansing, they are transformative and what it does is reveal the level of hurt and that has need to be acknowledged so that it can be given to me.

Alex: Thank you very much.

GD: Thank you Alex. Thank you very much for your call. I’m going to move on to Jean from North Carolina, I think we have time for one more quick question, Jean, so go ahead, if you have a comment that’s welcome too.

Jean: Archangel Raphael, thank you for being with us tonight. I have been guided to create glyphs, symbols, that help people remove some of their emotional trauma that they are holding, grief and sadness, and I have made that available to people which are being used all over the world right now but I’ve made that available to people through my website at I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but I just wanted to mention this and also I wanted to mention and get your opinion on what you think of St. John’s Wort as a helping aid for depression? I found when I went through my divorce I used a St. John’s Wort tincture and I found it very helpful.

AAR: St. John’s Wort is exceptionally helpful, so yes it is one of many compounds; the flower essences are very helpful because they get to the root. So, the alternatives, which we have not even begun to discuss, are instrumental tools, beautiful tools, tools that I have inspired, the glyphs, the sacred `symbols, the sacred sounds, even the crop circles are healing tools. Yes they communicate a great deal, but for the collective it is also a healing tool. So Sacred Geometry and your glyphs are very powerful and I bless you and thank you for the work that you are doing. I bless and thank those who are working with the plant kingdoms.

GD: Thanks so much for joining us tonight.

AAR: We will continue later then. Go with my blessings and healings, go with my flame. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you so much and thank you everyone for joining us tonight.

Channeled by Linda Dillon