As we approach these times of change, that there is also the release of a great deal of what we call excess energy, of chaos. Be the observer, and in many ways disengage from the Earth even while you make peace with it. Disengage from the third dimension. Anchor within the heart of Gaia, but do not be part of the boiling pot of misinformation…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario.

I’m GD. It’s great to be with you today.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And welcome, Lord.

Linda Dillon: I think, before we get started, Steve, that our beloved Divine Mother just has a few words of encouragement that she wants to share with us. So…

SB: That’s wonderful! Wonderful. Thank you.

LD: … pardon the… yes.

SB: Welcome, Mother.

Divine Mother: Greetings. I am the Mother, Mother of One and Mother of All. And yes, I step before my beloved Michael simply to offer these words of encouragement.
My beloved ones, children of my heart, children of my being, showers of the way, hybrids and angels, starseeds and humans: Do not allow yourselves to be distracted. Hold your focus and be your faith, and know that you are in the unfoldment, and you are the unfoldment, and that all goes forward according to plan, according to my plan and according to yours.

Yes, the changes are rapid at this juncture. And that is why I ask of you: do not be distracted, and focus on the truth that Michael instills in your heart and the clarity that I give each of you, in each of your bodies and in your core. Prepare and be the final event, and simply know I am with you. Do not turn away, for this is the time for you to go straight forward — no, not with blinkers, but with full vision and open hearts, with compassion and joy and the fulfillment of love.

Thank you. I step aside.

SB: Thank you very much, Mother, for that message. And we welcome Archangel Michael as well. Lord, I have a full slate of questions, but I’d like to ask you if you’d like to make any opening comment first.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace.
You know better, my dear friend, than to give me a platform for opening comments! For I always have a great deal to say.

SB: Very good, Lord.

AAM: But I am teasing you as well, for it is a playful Michael that you engage with this day, playful and serious! For, as you know, Sirius has always been misunderstood upon your planet, for it is a planet of play, of delight; a portal of joy.

I reinforce my blue flame of truth within each of you — within your hearts, within your throats, within your third eye, your crown. And yes, it is a time of discernment and of embracing the clarity that the Mother/Father/One has given you and allowing it to expand and grow — not as a separate, distinct part of you, because it is integral to who you are. It always has been.

So, understand, as we approach these times of change, that there is also the release of a great deal of what we call excess energy, of chaos. Be the observer, and in many ways disengage from the Earth even while you make peace with it. Disengage from the third dimension. Anchor within the heart of Gaia, but do not be part of the boiling pot of misinformation.

So, I am ready for you, my dear friend. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, let me just say, Lord, that I intend, if we have time, to ask you questions about Ascension, the Sedona Conference, Fukushima, November election, NESARA, Disclosure, containment. So, so I have quite a few.

And perhaps I could begin by saying that I’m noticing about myself that my focus is narrowing and that I’m more and more interested in Ascension and less and less interested in many other topics. Is this something that I should expect? Is this something that’s happening generally?

AAM: Yes.

SB: And can you…?

AAM: It is something that can be anticipated and it is something that is happening to the collective.

So much of what has and is occurring upon this beautiful planet is based in the chaos, in the drama, and in the shades of information and misinformation. So you understand that. And the interest in participating in that simmering or boiling pot becomes less and less, because what you are interested in and what truly speaks to your being, as it is shifting as well, is simply being on the path of Ascension — your path of opening, of heart, of love, of enlightenment, of attunement.

So, the day-to-day events, as you think of them, as you have thought of them for many hundreds and thousands of years, almost become incidental. It is part of your shift from the 3rd dimensional, old 3rd dimensional human being, to, can we say, to a global, interdimensional, transdimensional galactic human.

SB: Okay. Thank you. I’d like to spend a moment on early Ascension, Lord. I think a lot of readers and listeners are wondering how many lightworkers you anticipate will ascend early. What is it necessary to do to be included among their numbers? And what will their work be as gatekeepers if they return?

AAM: Well, many, many have already gone through the portal. So you have need to understand that. Perhaps a… we won’t give you an actual number, but we will say several thousand. No, not millions; thousands. And their work, in terms of returning — because most of them have — is simply acting as a beacon. Think of it in very practical terms as a radio tower, a transmitter, so that the energy is going out to the human beings in a variety of ways and being infiltrated, translated, stepped up, stepped down, according to the need.
There are also the disseminators, like yourself, of a great deal of information, because there are those who are still in the 3rd dimension who are caught in the information spiral. So, unlike yourself, they want more and more information to reassure themselves that they are on track. They are not at the point as yet — those who are pre-Ascension — they are not at the point as yet as where they are really looking within for what is transpiring within and then allowing the outer world to simply unfold.

So, the gatekeepers and the wayshowers are already underway. And they will straddle those realities. That is one of the roles of the gatekeepers, that they straddle the inter-dimensional reality until such time as all who are choosing to go through this portal have done so. And of course there will be the pillars who are the rear guard, for lack of a better term, who will take care of the final execution of the Plan.

SB: And are there dates associated with when people are likely to ascend early? For instance, the 11-11, or other dates?

AAM: It is each and every day these are occurring. So, are there days where the human beings…? 10-10 was a big day. 11-11 will be another big day. 12-12 will be another big day. But let me assure you, there are thousands going through the portal each and every day, so there is no need to look to a certain day. Simply keep your own individual focus and then choose your day. It can be unique to you, you know!

SB: All right. Thank you. I definitely choose today! [laugh] Thank you, Lord!

What does the [laugh] … what does the Sedona Conference represent to you, and what would you like to see accomplished there?

AAM: The Sedona Conference represents the opportunity of like-minded and like-hearted individuals to come together to explore the truth and to be the love, to raise the individual and the collective vibration to such a level that you simply have lift-off. That is the purpose of the conference.

SB: That’s very good, Lord.

AAM: What I wish to see accomplished is exactly that. I do not wish, and I will make my presence very known and very clear, so that there will not be involvement in fiasco, in drama, in misinformation; in trying to create disharmony. For, as you know, as you go through the portal — and we have already created one; so don’t be worrying about anything — so as you go through the portal, and you begin to engage — and it is not simply in the meeting halls, and I include both conferences and both meeting halls — know, this portal began with your soul decision to participate in this gathering. And that includes those who, for many reasons, some based on belief, but nevertheless who have decided to participate however they can from the comfort of their homes.

But let us suggest that those who have decided to come to this gathering have already begun the shift as soon as they decided the entire Council of Love and the Company of Heaven began working with this group. So our work is well underway. It is not just your group of presenters and InLight Radio and 2012 Scenario that have been busy, dear heart. We have been exceptionally busy.

And there is a series of portals that you each will be passing through. You may well feel like you are going through a revolving door. But simply know, each of those panels of the doorway are portals, and you will emerge on the other side.

The opening of this energy is not simply, as we say, within the halls of the meetings. It is in the location, it is in the town, it is in your heart, it is in your room, regardless of where you are staying. It is in, within, within each one of you.

SB: The great…

AAM: Within, and within.

SB: The great majority of our readers and listeners will not be at Sedona, Lord. Can they participate in this as well?

AAM: Yes. And that is why we have said it is not just those who have chosen and who have had the opportunity to come to the actual gathering. We include in this those who will participate from the comfort of their homes. So what we suggest to them is to simply keep anchored in their hearts and open their hearts, their beings, to receive the energies that will be sent and transmuted and part of this gathering.

So do not be brokenhearted, dear ones. Do not be discouraged if your circumstances are such that you are sitting in India or China or New Zealand or Canada. Do not be discouraged that you could not come. Because you are holding the energy and you are also receiving the energy.

Will you know all the various pieces of what is being said and what is being presented? Well, eventually you will. But know that you can focus and receive the energies and participate in that way, and get the information, the transcripts, et cetera, at a later date. Do not be discouraged.

As our Mother has asked of each of us this day, hold your focus. So, know that if you are sitting at home you may receive, but also know that you are holding the energy, hand to hand to hand, heart to heart to heart. There are millions of you that will assist in the work that those are coming together in Sedona… helping them to do this undertaking.
And each of the persons that are arriving in Sedona, those who are attending in physicality, are representing somewhere between thousands and millions of people. So they have their work cut out for them, too.

Now, is it going to be hard? Absolutely not. Is it going to be playful and joyous? And that is why I say to you, it is a playful Michael that joins you today. Often I am very stern or serious or concerned with the Middle East and war throughout the galaxies, but not today. I come to you as a brother, and I beckon you, come and play with me. It is time for us to be joyous and laugh together, all of us.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. That’s wonderful. I’ll try to get that up on the 2012 Scenario site right away.

Can… just before we go into our round-up of news of the world, could you tell us, please, how many views the Disclosure video has now had on YouTube?

AAM: You are in excess of a million.

SB: All right.

AAM: Just slightly over.

SB: Okay. And how many views has the video had totally? Never mind just on the one YouTube place where it exists, but on the other sites that it exists?

AAM: Oh, then you are looking at about double that.

SB: All right. Well, that’s wonderful. And the impact…

AAM: It has been Disclosure, and you have just begun.

SB: You… Lord, you mean InLight Radio as a group, or the world?

AAM: I mean InLight Radio, I mean Disclosure, and I mean the world.

SB: Oh, very good. All right. Now I’m going to be asking a series of questions on news items.

The first is that… is a question that just came up this morning. There are rumors about a 3.9 magnitude earthquake having hit Japan and caused, having caused a plutonium leakage which some sources say will spread to other parts of the world. Is this a real situation, or is it a false flag attempt to spin and exaggerate fear in the world?

AAM: It is a false flag event. There has been a minor quake, but it has not done any further damage than was already occurring, and had occurred over a year ago.

SB: All right. I thought that was probably the case. And thank you for confirming that.
The election on November 6: Will it be a clean election, or will the dark ones try to steal it through fraud and corruption?

AAM: Well, you have already seen a great deal of game playing, have you not?

SB: Yes.

AAM: Now, I am asking each of you, you know that we have been very busy, because this is a… an important election. Now, we have said it matters not who is elected, because Barack Obama’s role will continue. But let us be very clear: it is our plan that this election be in his favor. We would ask each of you to send the blue flame of light, of truth, of integrity, of change, of hope into the heart of the electorate, not just the candidates, not just all of the candidates, but to every single person who is voting.
There has already been a great deal of distortion and outright lies. There has already been a great deal of what you call, of manipulation, hanky-panky. That is me being playful. So, yes. There is a certain degree of distortion, and there is a certain degree…. It is based on the desire not so much of the dark forces, but of those who are greedy, who wish to be in control, who cling to the old.

It is not that necessarily they are part of an organized force, although some of them are. But it is a desire of people who, out of fear, are afraid to let go of the old. Well, that is unfortunate, because it is time to let go of the old. And we want them to have as much help as possible, to simply see what is of truth, what is of hope, what is of promise, and what is of change.

SB: Okay. Thank you. Are the opinion polls concerning the election trustworthy, or have they been manipulated?

AAM: They have been manipulated.

SB: So the ones that give Romney the lead, are they correct, or not?

AAM: No, they are not correct. But the… you see, this is dangerous, to ask me this. And the whole undertaking is dangerous. And of course that is the whole quality of subterfuge, and the element of lies and darkness. Because when people read such opinion polls, then they take it to be truth. And of course it has the impact upon them of doing a second think… not a feeling, not a trusting, but a second thinking of their opinion, that maybe they are wrong in their choices and maybe they should follow the masses and vote with the opinion polls.

So, what we are asking is you look to your heart rather than to external forces that are jaded.

SB: All right. That’s good advice.

I’d like to turn to NESARA and Disclosure. My wife walked into her bank the other day and only two tellers and a manager were on duty. And they… the manager said that people had been laid off, but I suspect that they’re being trained for NESARA. Which is correct, Lord?
AAM: People are being trained for shift and change. That is absolutely correct.

SB: All right. Well, that’s good to know. What accounts for what seems like a delay with NESARA, given your last update?

AAM: The human beings, and their… And I am not really speaking to your listeners, because I can hear them tonight. I can hear them from all over the world saying, “This is not so, Michael. Bring it on.” And, my beloved friends, I am in agreement with you. But there is also a great deal of the human race that are still living, and clinging — including lightworkers, light-holders — that are clinging to the belief that they are in lack, they are in need. And the core of this of course is deservingness.

And many of those who are living outside what we would say the lightworker community, who either believe they want to hold on to what they have, that they do not want any form of equalization. And then there are those who, of course, also hold on to the belief that they are impoverished.

So it is the letting go of all the preconceptions. Because the, what you can think of as the mechanics of restoration — notice I do not use the word of NESARA or NESARA; I use the term of restoration — the mechanics of restoration, of fulfillment, are already in place. So, know that. So if you find within your heart any wisp, any shadow, any doubt, can I ask you, my beloved brothers and sisters, ignite it with my blue flame, ignite it with your pink flame, ignite it with St. Germain’s violet flame. Give it to the Mother, give it to me, but do not hold on to it.

SB: All right, Lord…

AAM: We are almost there.

SB: Okay. Does NESARA figure in President Obama’s election campaign? Is it being treated as a part of that campaign? Or restoration?

AAM: Yes. And that is all we can say about that.

SB: [laugh] Okay. I won’t ask you any more! All right. Thank you for that. What is the latest… what is the latest update that you can give us on Disclosure, please?

AAM: Well, you understand, because your star brothers and sisters are not only very busy, they are very impatient! And you know, if there was a quality of impatience that was known on our side, I could tell you that we are impatient, too. But we do not have that experience. But do we have the quality of excitement, of anticipation, of joy? Yes, we do.
And understand what we say to you this day, that NESARA and Disclosure are braided, are twinned, are happening very much in tandem with one another. Will we sit here and tell you all the details? No, because we do not want anyone interfering. This has happened too many times. No, we are not affected by dark forces, and in fact, most of the dark forces are in form of containment at this time.

But let us just say that both of these are very close. Let me go back to what you have done and what you are doing. And I want you to feel, in your hearts, with us this night, how this community — and I speak of the broadest community, the holders of love, the servants of the light, not just on the 2012 Scenario, not just on the InLight Radio, although you have been the standard bearers — all of you are pushing forward regardless. You are not allowing what you would think of as the status quo, as the status quo of old Earth to slow you down, let alone stop you.

You have gone forward as my legion of blue, declaring yourself, assuming responsibility, taking the lead. That is where the change is coming from. You are the shift. So it will not be stopped. That is why the Mother is emphasizing your plan within the Plan, the importance. You may think that you are but one small person, one individual in the middle of the morass of humanity, and that so many don’t want to hear what you have to say and won’t listen or don’t want to know what is going on. But you continue to hold that energy and to declare it anyway.

This is effecting the change. This is the new. You are the Nova Being, each of you. It isn’t that you are waiting for your star brothers or sisters or some governmental agency to say, “Oh, your star brothers and sisters are here.” You have known this, in your heart and in your bones, for decades. Yes, it is wonderful to have confirmation. And you cannot await the day when that is clear and free. But you aren’t dependent on it. You have gone forward, and you continue to, because we are in partnership.

And it is changing the entire landscape, the environment, the facade of where you live on Gaia. Do not underestimate what you are doing, even if all you are doing, or all you think you are doing, is simply holding the light and love. Remember, the key to Ascension is love. Are there other actions you will take? Of course. But the key, the ticket, is love.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord.

If we could turn to containment now, as a way of understanding containment better, could you take the case of Myanmar, or Burma, and explain how containment has impacted the military regime there and helped it to open up?

AAM: Well, you are seeing the changes, and sometimes they are not as rapid or as quick as you would love to see. And you will see this actually… some of the most virulent, or stubborn, regimes are those that are military juntas, dictatorships, along with those that are based in a belief of control.

Now, also understand — and Burma is a very good case — that when a group of military, whether it be a small group, a large group or an individual, come to an understanding through containment, through being penetrated by the light, which is very intense, that they have shifted, then none are so adamant about implementing the changes of light as those who are converted by the light.

So, what you see, and what you are starting to see, is a complete turn-around. And you look at it, and you wonder, “How could that be possible?” But because they already have the predilection to being very emphatic, shall I say, about putting their belief systems on others, when they are converted to the light then they are also very anxious at sharing that and letting go, but making sure that everyone is in step with the light.

It is kind of ironic, if you really think of it. But it is effective.

SB: All right, Lord. I have a reader who wants to know if British Prime Minister David Cameron is in containment.

AAM: He has been in some very mild containment. And we have used the analogy before of various levels of … that you have on Earth of imprisonment. So you can think of David Cameron as simply being on a day pass.

SB: Day pass. How about that? The recent decision to not extradite David [Gary] McKinnon, was that an impact of containment on the Home Secretary?

AAM: Yes, it was.

SB: So that’s an example of an action that’s been influenced by containment.

AAM: Yes, it is. And you are going to see many of them.

SB: All right.

AAM: What you also don’t see is the aggressive actions, the warring actions, that would have taken place should many of these people not be in containment. So it is a negative proof, which is very hard for human beings to understand because it is not obviously available to you. We do not say that in a critical way, but there are events that could have taken place that would not occur because of containment.

SB: Can you tell us what general types of events we might want to watch for as evidence of containment?

AAM: What you will see is a gradual — well, not very gradual — restraint from the use of force and violence against the populace, in particular, restraint of violence, withdrawal from aggressive war, a softer feeling on the part of leadership towards those that they believe that they rule or are responsible for.

SB: All right. And I would assume that the entire organization called the Bilderberger and the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations are all under containment. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct. What you see is less civil unrest. And where you see civil unrest what you are seeing is also the populace saying — not because of containment, but simply because they are also going through the shift, and they are being filled with love — so you are also seeing, similar and parallel to containment, the populace saying, “We will not accept control.”

SB: Right. Lord, you said some time ago that there were no clones on the planet. But it was said maybe three years ago that Hillary Clinton was a clone, and other people were named as being clones, including George Bush, I think. And photos of him in China were adduced to prove that. Were they ever cloned? And if no clones are here on the planet, have some people disappeared? Have they been replaced by walk-ins?

AAM: There are walk-in situations. There are no clones as you are thinking of that term on Earth at the moment, because everybody who is on the Earth at the moment is at some level of hybrid combination, which we have spoken of before; everybody that is present is available to go through Ascension. Will everybody choose so? We definitely hold that opportunity open. Clones would not be appropriate for Ascension, so they have been removed.

SB: All right. Well, two questions about that: The people saying that Hillary Clinton and George Bush were clones either say or imply that those people are dead; only the clones remain. So that’s the first question.

The second question is there are few people who are here as starseeds who exist in a clone body. And I cite Ellie Miser as one example. She’s still here. So I assume you’re only speaking about clones — dark clones. Is that correct?

AAM: You are talking about dark clones, but we are also not using… for example, the starseeds who are in a form are full walk-ins. So let us not make that differentiation. Hillary Clinton is herself. George Bush has never been himself!

SB: [laugh] I know. Some readers will misconstrue the last comment, Lord. He is not a clone, correct?

AAM: He is not a clone.

SB: Okay. [laugh] Thanks. So, were you joking when you said he is not himself?

AAM: You know that there have been a few walk-ins in this situation. So, the being that is George Bush at this time will remain until such time as the Ascension occurs.

SB: All right. I presume what you’re saying is that George Bush is in a walk-in situation.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord.

Can you tell us the reason why the civil war in Syria continues? Is it about karma being cleared? Or what is the reason for it?

AAM: No, it is not. There is some residual karma, but no, it is not about that. It is to… it is a sacrifice. It is a very brutal undertaking, and it is to act as an anathema to many human beings upon the planet that simply declare that this type of behavior, this type of repression, of slaughter, of abuse, is not acceptable. So it is not a cleansing of karma, it is a catalyst for absolute change of heart.

SB: That’s a great sacrifice, is it not? The temper…

AAM: It is a tragic sacrifice.

SB: Thank you. The temporary governments — can you tell us a little bit about how that’s going to come about? There’s going to be the temporary governments, there’s going to be a relaxing of borders. How will that materialize?

AAM: We cannot tell you all the different scenarios that will come. What you are thinking of as temporary government is a bit of a misnomer. So yes, in some places will there be people, leaders, who will be put in place to assist with the transition to a more peaceful, generous, loving world? The answer is yes. But it is not that we are bringing people and just dropping them into place.

These are individuals that have had meaningful roles and helpful roles within the… and their area of interest is politics and government, but not politics and government of the old realm, but of the new realm.

So there are many lightworkers who will find themselves in roles of, can we say, temporary stewardship. We are not talking about individuals who have no experience or understanding how peaceful transition can take place. And I mean peace in its truest sense.

So, the temporary governments, where necessary… and it’s certainly not necessary in every country, because there are many governments that have already known that there is a shift underway, and that will be more than cooperative and eager to assist in the changes that are necessary. Because, also remember, as we talk about this, you are talking about collectives that have been elevated to a higher realm of understanding, to a higher realm of being, to a different realm of heart.

So all those desires, all those attachments to what you think of as the false paradigms, the false grids, the false belief systems attached to old forms of government are gone. Now, may there be many who, as they go through the shift, say, “I have absolutely no interest or calling to participate in government”? Yes. There will be floods of people who say “I have been putting too much energy in that and I wish to hand the reins over to someone else.”

So there will be a great deal of flexibility in terms of who is running what. But the purpose of this is not to create mass chaos, not to create fear, because that is of the old. So when you think of temporary governments, simply think of citizens stepping forward with the expertise, the knowledge and the right frame of mind and heart to assist in anchoring the new.

What you think of as political processes will be very outdated. No, we do not mean that what you think and cherish as democratic processes will not be in place. Of course they will be, because it is the only way when the collective is in a unity state of heart. But what you think of as government will shift enormously. It will be far more a role of stewardship than a role of authority or custodian.

SB: All right…

AAM: So therefore the type of person interested in governance will be dramatically different as well.

SB: I look forward to that. We have — I have two remaining questions for you. I’ll mention them now and you can divide the next ten minutes as you wish.

One is, there are people that seem to hate, or look down on other people. And sometimes we call them racists, and sometimes we call them fundamentalists. They may hate people of color; they may hate people of other religions; they may hate people they consider to be terrorists or whatever. But they come from a position of dislike or looking down on others.

How… what is going to be their fate in the next two months? Are they going to have a difficult time, for instance? How can we assist them to move from that position to a position of love? That’s my first question.

My second one is, you’ve said often that… well, I think you may have said to me, “Steve, you’re in 5D.” I’m not… I’m not aware of how I’m in 5D. What does it mean to say to somebody that they’re either in the fourth dimension or in the fifth dimension, or even higher, when they’re in a physical body that isn’t perhaps transformed… I don’t know?

What… what… how do I know I’m in 5D? How do others know that they’re at the place they’re at? So those are my two questions for the remaining time, Lord.

AAM: Let us speak first to the terrible — and I use “terrible” in its truest sense — terrible issue of racism, of hatred, of control. Because all racism, all fanaticism, whether it is political or religious or economic — and there is a great deal of economic fanaticism on your planet still, and you see it every day, and it is bred from a very peculiar mix, and it is bred from fear, entitlement, and what you may choose to call karma and what I will refer to as some past-life bleed-through.

These people are going to have a very hard time if they choose to resist and fight. And that is why we ask each of you to make sure that you are the transmitters and the beamers, but that you are not becoming involved in that morass of chaos, that they undoubtedly are creating and will create.

It is all stemming from a lack of self worth and self love, an unknowing of deservingness and of worth. Because when you are in your heart and you know, innately, deeply, fully of your connection to the One, of your divinity, and that you hold that love not in a superficial way that we so often witness upon your planet… it has improved, but it is still there. Because when there is really love there can be no hatred or disgust with those that you deem or designate as less than.

It is such an absurd construct that, did we not understand the various levels and the emanations, we would simply shake our heads. So, will this be wrenched from them? They have a choice, and if they choose to continue to cling, then of course the choice is they will be relocated elsewhere. But what I am also saying, individually — and you think, “How can you do this, Michael, individually to millions upon millions of millions of people?” Well, I suggest you leave that to us. They will have their confrontations with their egos, and they will also have their opportunities to see their divinity and to acknowledge the equality of all beings.

For many, it will be extremely uncomfortable. But it is necessary. That is why we have encouraged so many to do the work, so that you are not at the last minute being wrenched in this way. That is partially what Syria is about. That is what Mikala in Afghanistan is about. It is the choice, for people to look at that and say, “How can this be? And how could I hold such hatred in my heart?”

Now, these examples have been brought up to you time and again. The shootings, long ago, Martin Luther King, the freedom fighters, the executions, in Iraq and Iran. These are the mirrors that are held up to those who think they are better than, because that is the end result of hatred and entitlement.

It is pathetic.

SB: Lord, could I intervene at this moment and say that photos have been produced that suggest that Mikala’s shooting was staged. There’s a photo of her not having any throat wound. There’s a photo of her walking to the helicopter. Was it staged, or not?

AAM: No, it was not staged. It was a brutal attack.

SB: All right. Thank you.

AAM: Was it staged by us? Yes!

SB: What do you mean by that, Lord?

AAM: I mean it is an opportunity. Is it real in physical form? Yes. Is it real in terms of an opportunity for people to say, “This type of persecution has need to end”? Yes.

SB: All right. Well, in the three minutes that…

AAM: Now, how you know you are in the fifth dimension is your lack of interest in the third.

SB: That’s helpful. So I’m not to assume that I will suddenly be able to create by thought, and bilocate, and…
AAM: You already are.

SB: I am? [laugh], Lord.

AAM: Look at what you have created!

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: And look what you are creating every day with me!

SB: Uh-hunh. Okay.

AAM: Dear heart! How can you say you are not creating?

SB: Well, I guess, I guess my sense of what it means in the… to be in the fifth dimension is not well developed.

AAM: And all you have to do is dream bigger.

SB: I will.

AAM: And you are already practicing that.

SB: Yes! I will dream bigger. Okay. And you’re saying if I dream bigger I will see the results being bigger?

AAM: You will see the results. So I am asking each of you, just as I have asked you to take on the entire electorate of the United States of America. Now, that is a big dream, to put truth into their hearts, not to tell them who to vote for, but simply to instill love and peace and truth.

SB: Thank you, Lord. It’s wonderful to have you here.

AAM: And I am grateful to be here. Go with my love. Come and play with me, dear ones!

SB: We will, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon